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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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after already splurging on pre-Christmas discounts.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the political commentator, Jo Phillips,


and the Political Editor of the Sunday Mirror


A picture of George Michael dominates the front page of the i -


with the paper focusing on the charitable donations made


Meanwhile, the Mirror has speculation about how


The former Wham frontman, is also pictured in the Telegraph.


But the paper's main story, is a warning from England's chief


nursing officer that the NHS should spend more money looking


And finally the Express leads with a report from a pro-Brexit


campaign group which claims that the UK will be at least


450 million pounds a week better off,


The Times's main story claims the nuclear safety regulator has


turned a blind eye to dozens of serious mistakes at power plants


The Guardian says NHS services for children with mental health


needs are so substandard they are prolonging their suffering.


And the Sun dedicates its front page to George Michael -


showing a picture of him in his heyday, the headline says


The papers, the tabloids were not always particularly kind to George


Michael but in death they What is interesting about The Sun


and the Daily Mirror is that they choose to different front pages. The


Sun shows George Michael in his heyday, the picture is some years


old. The Mirror has chosen a picture of where George Michael is looking


fat and bloated and it is all recent picture. The Sun, inside, shows that


picture also but it isn't the way they chose their front pages. Over


the years, George Michael has done enough things to keep himself in the


news. One would argue that what happens with celebrities is that


when he was finally caught by a Los Angeles police officer in a lavatory


in LA, the job until then had been beefy, heterosexual man and that


helped him to come out. From what he has said since, he was quite pleased


to come out because he worried about what would happen to his career if


people knew he was gay. The Mirror front page, they say they have


details of his death. As Nigel was suggesting, quite different... It is


veering into the not quite so a a idolising. His lover told the paper


told him how he found him dead on Christmas Day and revelations from


apparently friends saying he had been hosting wild all-night parties


before his death. The inevitable commentary of local people who


spotted him in a restaurant. And that is probably where that teacher


came from. That picture they say is George Michael in September.


Exactly. In The Mirror, from Tony Parson, who was George Michael's


higher refund but he wrote this in 2011 when George Michael was


actually dying from pneumonia in a Vienna hospital and it was about the


30 years he had known him and he says that George went from being too


fat, Ron Smart too stupid, from straight to overtly gay, from a


responsible driver to someone who crashed into a shop. It is that


celebrity and all the interviews I heard from George Michael, there was


this conundrum, this lack of self-confidence despite this amazing


talent. "In The Mirror, in his words, there is no such thing as a


reluctant star, stars are almost always people who want to make up


for their weaknesses by being loved by the public and I no exception. It


is interesting he had that tag. What he really wanted was claimed, that


he craved it, never thinking what fame brought and what it meant. With


an came a nice big house, any car he wanted. In a sense, he was quite


naive about his celebrity and then discovered some of the advantages.


He was never quite sure of himself. But he found it hard to cope with


fame, having achieved it. Yes, that's right. And a lot of the


things he kept secret. One of the interesting quote from the Daily


Mirror is that everything had been very complicated recently. We did


not know what that means. What was quite behind George Michael's death


but there seems to be something going on. The high talk about what


an amazing philanthropist he was. The Blakey did for charity without


being noticed. Again, it goes back to that being, that is the


conundrum. Someone who wanted fame, as someone who got huge wealth


through his fame and then was giving money away and millions and millions


of pounds to charities. He gave all the royalties from Jesus to a child,


a huge hit, to a charity. Apparently he gave a complete stranger, a woman


he watched on TV programme he was trying to get money for a programme


and he gave her money. He gave a lot for the NHS. Generous with text.


?500 to one. We did not know his wishes but there is a different


picture of him. I had that dominates more than the bloated... A wonderful


singer and star who sadly died at the age of 53. The Times, their main


story is about the nuclear industry and the safety regulator they say is


accused of turning a blind I? The things they turned the blind eye to


on the surface - a torpedo going up in another. The radioactive material


involved in accidents on the roads and this stuff spilling out which


they said was not dangerous at all and everything was fine. But the


idea of a torpedo floating around does not sound that harmless but,


again, that does not know. I do not know whether it patted out or


whatever. But the Times have a lot of instances they have here that are


enough that if you were a campaigner against regulate loads being hauled


up and down the countries in trains on roads, this gives your own -- an


awful lot of ammunition. Still in the Times, you can plead guilty


online to speed the wheels of justice? This is part of the prison


reform Bill. To keep minor offenders out of the court system. Offences


like TV Licence evasion, motoring, traffic events, fare dodging, the


plan is that some of these could be Internet based administrative and


you would be able to logon, view the penalty, accepted the conviction and


pay, rather like you do, I think, for most fixed penalty parking


fines. But the association is concerned and say it is justice


being done outside public scrutiny and some offenders will plead guilty


when they should not but on the other hand, this could free up the


delays... Surely you can say that pop, guv and Payet online. -- payee


it online. But if you are not guilty... Presumably you can contest


it. Fair point. The Telegraph have a story about how Bottas in towns and


cities with large Woodland communities were there are about


electoral fraud may need to show their passport or driving licences


before they can vote? This is a scandal. First of all, targeting


Muslim areas but what they would argue is that they are targeting


areas where there is a lot of electoral fraud and they happen to


be Muslim areas. But the bit that gets to me is that people should


bring ID to vote. Voting is a bright and the right people in this country


who do not have a passport, driving licences, credit card and you cannot


say you disenfranchise these people. Having a new system of voting,


whether it is electronic and a secure, is one thing but the idea of


making people produce things they may not have two exercise of the


right to vote is not on. ID cards via the back door. It is this


targeting of particular ethnic areas that will mean an outrage. This is


not acceptable. We are reaching the end of the Brexit a year... I think


2017 will be pretty much about Brexit as well! The Express have got


the EU - Brexit is going to save us ?450 billion per week. Oh, yes and


if you read it the story is for change Britain which was Vote Leave.


They are sensible reputable people by this report is like saying I have


been to the sale, I have got this fantastic bargain look how much I


saved but not looking at how much you actually have spent. It could -


could, deliver and free burdens and regulations and allow the UK to


Fords new trade deals and they say figures are very conservatives and


GDP could be boosted by another 80.5 billion and so on and so on but none


of this talks about what we get currently from the EU in terms of


research grant... It is a wish list. If we do a deal with the Tahrir, if


we do a deal with Asian economies... We have to do the deals first. I am


sorry to sound sceptical but we saw that on the buses during the


referendum campaign. Do you think Theresa May will keep to the


timetable of triggering Article 50? I can't see why not, if they vote


then MPs will go for it. They might try to turn on the odd amendment


here and there if they can. But yes, I think she will. We will


have to see whether or not she gets forced into a general election. You


were mentioning the sales as a metaphor, but let's talk about the


real Boxing Day sales. ?4 billion bonanza as foreigners boost the


Boxing Day sales. Foreigners, we like them now! This is the Daily


Express, that's OK then! Why are foreigners coming? Because of the


pound! It is astonishing. We were talking before we came on air about


the old days when there would be a very posh person from the BBC who


would interview a young couple sitting outside a department store


somewhere and they were going to go to Safer for ?20. There's a woman


quoted here who bought two pairs of shoes that were reduced from ?630 to


?90 a pair, if you can afford to spend that on shoes then you


probably don't need to go in that crash in the sales! I find it


astonishing. But it is good for retail. You're not a salesperson? I


hate shopping, I can think of so many things I would rather do. I'm


not going to the sales. I don't know why people would want to do this


when you had so many discounts before Christmas. During the


Christmas shopping was astonished to see how much was cheaper, as if it


was a perpetual sale. Great for the retail sector if people want to go


out, but not for me. Many thanks to both of you. I guess it is the last


time we will see you this year. Bargain basement, we are! Our very


own Boxing Day sale with Joe and Nigel. Thanks and happy New Year to


both of you. Coming up next on BBC News it is time for Sportsday.


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