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They announced God in public. The latest epic from Mark insults Martin


Scorcese. -- from Martin Scorcese. Welcome to you both. We have to work


a bit harder this time. Before we look into the stories, let's look at


the front pages. The Financial Times leads on what it would call a ?24


billion expedition on closing oil rigs in the North Sea. Theresa May


says her comments on Brexit is the biggest key yet that we will be


leaving the single market. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is calling


for another independence referendum for Scotland unless the UK holds on


to single market access. The Telegraph reports that Boris Johnson


is in New York meeting some of Donald Trump's top team. A star is


forecasting an Arctic blast that these UK as freezing weather that


has killed people in North America and Europe heads here. The Queen


makes her first public appearance since a heavy cold has caused had at


cancel Christmas engagements. The Sun says it to NHS patients die


everyday from first. Compensation is demanded from Volkswagen over the


company's omission scandal. Boris Johnson has gone to New York. That


is where we will start. Johnson in the US as may speaks out on Trump.


The Foreign Secretary heads West. Theresa May was asked about Donald


Trump's misogynistic comments during the election campaign. Boris Johnson


was critical of Donald Trump as well and then changed his mind. He might


have had some patching up to do? Boris Johnson was clearly out of his


mind, is what he said, when he was talking about the ban on Muslims


entering the US but then he quickly changed things around. He said no,


the billionaire was a dealmaker and he wants to change the


whinge-a-rama. I think it interesting, Theresa May speaks out


on Trump, she didn't actually. It was about his comments about ladies.


Where men, not ladies. -- women. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.


She said she didn't agree with it. It was unacceptable. However, he


said it about himself and has already apologised. Headline here


isn't quite right. It's not like Johnson is out there because she has


spoken out. Johnson is out there to meet the team. How important is the


Trump administration going to be for us? Obviously very important. This


is quite a surprise story because we didn't know Boris Johnson was going,


we didn't know Theresa May's chief staff had been to meet the Trump


team. Theresa May, once again, has on the quiet refused to give a


running commentary and has been doing important work in the


background. To be fair, she is without doubt known as an incredibly


hard-working individual. She does her homework before she announces


things. It does not surprise me a jot that she is doing the work. She


has had phone calls with Trump himself and he wants to be the new


Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher relationship. They want to build on


the special relationship. She couldn't be more different, really,


could she? Considering how little she is on Twitter. This is the


interview with Sophie Rich on Sky today, giving us a clue, or not,


John, on where we are heading on Brexit. Not much of a clue. The


problem with these big interviews with the Prime Minister is that she


did not depart much from the previous script and she made it as


clear as she could without being utterly defective. Britain is not


going to be a member of the single market after we least because


controlling immigration is more important to her. But isn't that


clearer than what she has been for some people 's tastes? She is not


clear as to whether access to the single market is on the table or


not. People knew that you couldn't have Brexit and stay in the single


market. David Cameron clearly said it, to stay in the single market


means that you would accept freedom of movement, except paying into the


community and accept laws made by them and people said that they don't


want that say she said very clearly today that we can't have a little


bit or take little bits of what is on offer of the year you. We have


said we are coming out but what we will do is get the best deal for the


UK on trading. That is what she said going forward. It was a lot clearer


but you are quite right, she is a poker player and hasn't really


revealed her plans stop she will need those poker playing skills when


she goes into deal with the other 27 countries. It is taking quite a


while for the penny to drop. A lot of people who voted remain don't


like the idea of not being part of the single market will stop she is


being asked about it all the time and just want to be completely


definitive because she is entering a constipated negotiation. In the


Telegraph, schools will be trying to spot mental illness in pupils. We


are expecting an announcement from the Prime Minister tomorrow about


extra help for people with mental health. She wants to end the stigma


of suffering people have. She is giving a big speech on social policy


tomorrow which will take further what she said in her sky interview


about wanting to end the stigma of mental illness. This is very


important. A good thing to say. Very easy for a new Prime Minister to say


because she hasn't had time to have to deliver on it. Delivering on it


is going to be more difficult and we look forward to seeing the details


in the speech. There aren't many details in the Telegraph story. More


to come. There is an element of best practice in here. I have a friend


who said what she did in her school of which they have much ... They had


someone like this looking out for girls, this was a girls at school,


eating disorders, whether it was depression, anxiety. She said they


had increased within that school and had already Internet abyss and was


showing really positive results. -- -- implemented this. They want to


expand it out to everybody. I think it is 50% will have had a mental


disorder or illness by the age of 14. They say to a young and support


people. But you need them to have child mental health services which


is chronically underfunded. It is one thing to spot them but we then


need to treat them. Listening to Theresa May's interview. She said


this isn't all about money. A lot of it is about prevention. She talked


about what she had done when she was in the Home Office and what she had


done in prisons. This is about preventing it and saying whether


help is needed, speaking to the parents, getting support in schools.


What can we do to join the dots? I think it is a positive start. Let's


look at the Son. Shocking figures here on the number of people who


malnutrition has caused their death. A dramatic front page. Not directly


related to the stories from the Red Cross. It is about the sort of


rashes on the NHS. Not quite as dramatic as it seems -- pressures.


Did I every day of its burst or malnutrition is overdoing it. First


or starvation is on the death certificate as a factor in these


people but it is obviously, as people are dying, their bodies are


shutting down so water and food are going to become issues. It is not as


clear-cut as Sun is making out. It is saying the NHS staff are so


overworked they don't have time to help people eat and drink when they


need that help. I think it is a much more placate a picture than what we


were talking about it earlier. It also refers to the Liverpool pathway


which was stopped in 2013. Where food and drink was removed, wasn't


it? Absolutely. If it is through negligence, that is awful, what can


we do? That is not a way for a relative to pass away. But if it is


chosen path to go down, it is very different. That is why we have here,


although deaths have gone up this year, they down more than 1000 from


the preceding decade and that is because they stopped the Liverpool


pathway in 2013. Again, read the item, it is far more complicated and


not as drastic as apes as on the front page but I can tell you, any


of these people who have not got compensation who have seen their


parents not looked after properly, is wrong, it needs to be stopped.


Let's look at the mail. Give us ?3000 each. British drivers tell VW.


Why? Why do they want this money? BW was done for cheating emissions


tests. In America, owners of the VW cars have been given compensation.


-- VW was done. British and European drivers think they should have some


as well. Big bill. It is also surprising that the states not part


of the EU have got their money straightaway and if you are part of


the EU, you haven't got anything! Wait for two years and you might get


it. Just thought I would mention it. It is amazing that nobody in the EU


has got compensation and America has already done the deal. Just saying,


just putting it out there. Draw your own conclusions! Finally, the Times,


thousands of British holidays face ruin as drought is declared. U2


don't care for this story. Why not? -- you guys. It is not snowing in


the Alps and it is snowing in funny places like the Greek islands. That


is a more interesting story. We could also have freezing


temperatures. But for a little bit less of snow in I know you are


interested, but we were not as interested. I'm naturally curious


about so many things. I think as you said to put the juxtaposition that


that freezing conditions in Greece but not in a snow in the Alps made


it an interesting story. Thank you, I'm glad you listened to my appeals


to try and say something. I could have talked about that story myself


but I thought I would give them a hand. The point is, there have been


so little rain but they are not even allowed to make fake snow! Which you


can normally. Fake snow? How can you be so keen on skiing that you will


actually go to the lengths of creating fake snow on the mountain?


There is a lot of money involved. Water could be used from the


mountain reservoirs. Those pictures were of where there is too much of


snow or smelling odd places. Turkey and Greece, causing enormous


problems for people. And fatalities, of course, as well. That is the


papers for tonight. John, Esther, they give very much. We always like


you. You can read a decal review on our website. -- details.


It should be on iPlayer as well. No doubt you will tell me if it isn't.


From all of us, it's good mate. Coming up next, the film review.


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