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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


Are you comfortable? Yes.


Good. Fidget! With me are the political columnist


for the Independent, John Rentoul and the former


Government minister, Esther McVey. Nice to see you both. This is a


quick hit, we will do a longer one later on. Some of the stories


though, at the front pages that have come through.


The FT leads on what it says will be a ?24 billion cost


to the taxpayer of closing oil platforms in the North Sea.


The Metro says Theresa May's interview today


on Brexit is her biggest clue yet that the UK will leave


the single market when it exits the European Union.


The i warns that could lead to the break up of the UK,


with SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon calling for another independence


referendum for Scotland unless the UK hangs on to membership


Tamara's Telegraph reports that Boris Johnson is in New York meeting


some president-elect Donald Trump's top team on talks on a post-Brexit


trade deal. And the Star forecasts and Arctic blast that has killed


people in Europe and North America head here too. Let's talk about


Theresa May and the interview she did with Sophy Ridge on horror new


programme on our competitor channel, Sky. Very well done it was,


actually. May - I am not in a model -


how much clearer it do you think we are that Brexit means Brexit?


Not very much clearer, which is why the Metro has to use the sort of


headline that I remember learning in journalism skill, you should not put


the word not in a headline, because people misread it as now, it changes


the meaning of the headline. If you want to get a quick message across,


you don't use the word not. George Orwell, use a positive rather


than a negative when you can. I am not in model, what is she? That


is, actor, there are some of that interview. She did not save much


that is new. Do you think we are clearer?


I thought it was a good interview. I thought Sophy was wonderful, and so


was Theresa May, because, at the end of the day, when people voted for


Brexit, even people like David Cameron who are out on the stump,


said we will not be in the single market, because if you remain in the


single market, you have freedom of movement, was set by Europe, and


also be paying into it. That is why people voted to come out. So she


said very clearly, Brexit means you can't have a pick 'n' mix of


different things you want within the EU. We have got to come out, and


that is why she said let's not get hung up in the process, let's get


the best deal for Britain within the EU, what can we do? We're still


neighbours, still together, but that's what we have to do, we're


coming out, let's get the best deal. I thought she was very clear.


She still refuses to give a straight answer to the question, are we going


to be members of the single market. Everyone knows we're not, but your


refuses to say so. To do with the model, but she is not


in a model, this was a parting jibe on the civil servant who, for all


intents and purposes, wasn't the guy to be in charge Brexit.


This is Ivan Rogers, who resigned last week.


As with David Cameron, he played a very good hands badly and left us in


this state. The i extrapolates from us, and says


the UK faces a Brexit break-up, because Nicola Sturgeon Sergei wants


Scotland to have access to the single market, and if it is a


complete break, she will say that as a green light to have another


referendum on Scottish independence. It Brexit therefore means the


break-up of the UK, do you think that is the case?


Know, and we had the paper straight afterwards which expires why, and


that is the Financial Times. Really, it Nicola Sturgeon has much to


everybody to the top of the hill, saying Scotland could be


independent, but never, ever expect how we could afford to be


independent, which it couldn't. She thought the money from the North Sea


was great to be billions and billions of pounds forever -


actually, it is already in a deficit because people are closing down some


of the North Sea oil sites. So they can't have at independence, because


they couldn't get into the EU. They couldn't be a member of Europe, they


won't even know what the currency is. And as it happens, England,


Westminster, the UK, is paying for Scotland.


The FT talks about there are massive decommissioning costs for closing


down the North Sea oil platform. And they are bigger than the USA


thought. Which wipes out, as Esther says, any benefit that an


independent Scotland could expect. -- then previously thought. This


isn't new either, Nicola Sturgeon always goes on television and says,


I'm not bluffing, we are going to have a second referendum if you


carry on like this, you naughty Southerners. But the FT story is


very important, because it makes it ever harder for Scotland to do that.


There is the evidence that the Scottish Biba had changed their mind


or will change their mind when the UK leads the EU. -- Scottish people


have changed their mind. I wondered had the decommissioning


costs came about, and they say it allows oil companies to claw back


some of the 330 billion of taxes paid since no seed production, and


it was a form of tax relief, so they got the money back for


decommissioning. Already, this year, it is 500 million this year in


deficit. A couple of other stories before we


finish this time. Firstly, the Telegraph, Boris meets Tron's top


team in boost. We have said it was a surprise visit, I hope it wasn't a


surprise to the Americans! That is what is important about it,


people complained that Theresa May doesn't provide a running


commentary, work has been going on behind the scenes to build a


relationship with the incoming trump administration. I thought the most


interesting detail in that story was that Theresa May's Joint Chiefs of


Staff had been over to America to talk to Cadillac Tron's people. To


bed away for Boris and Theresa's visits thereafter.


No doubt, Boris Johnson will have said something about Mr Trump's


attitude towards Russia and China? I think you have two straight


talking people, I think that was probably a good precursor to Theresa


May going over there. They have had several phone calls, and I believe


Trump has suggested what he would like is a Galician ship like Ronald


Reagan and Margaret Thatcher - he wants to build on the strong


relationship that we have. I can't see that happening, can you?


I mean, Donald Trump, Mr motormouth, tweeting all the time, meeting


Theresa May, Mrs reserved, polite, proper...


Well, they say opposites attract! Let's have a look at the


Independent, this is the lead story in the online page of the


Independent - terror injuries was at -- terror in


Jerusalem is. Benjamin Netanyahu suggesting links with Islamic State,


a group that would normally target civilians rather than military


figures. We don't know, I think it's to early


to say that. It is interesting, because the sort of thing hasn't


happened in Israel much since the building of the separation wall.


Which everyone has condemned, and is, obviously a terrible thing, but


it has led to a reduction in this kind of terrorist attack on Israeli


civilians. Except, I think there has been a


rise in different forms of attacks on soldiers. So it had been more


stabbings, more, I don't know, a hijacking and various other things.


This now, I guess anyone can go on the internet, anyone can see how you


can cause mass carnage with a very simple car or a wagon. You've seen


it, you have ideas, and it has now been replicated elsewhere to


horrific effect. They haven't said what this evidence


is, of a link to Islamic State. There is no evidence of a sale of IS


within Israel. It could just be a person?


Except, when you look at the link between Hezbollah, Lebanon, going


out to Syria, and how they're connecting up the various Islamic


groups, that was one of the fears in Israel, what was coming back, what


ideas of how to attack people, and here we've just seen the latest


incarnation of those attacks. That's it, BBC papers light. We will


get the full version at 1130 ppm. In a few minutes, Michal Hussain


will be here with a full round-up of today's news,


but first it's the weather.


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