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Now on BBC News here's The Papers


Hello and welcome to the The Papers - a look through what the Sunday


With me are Prashant Rao, Deputy Europe Business Editor


of the International New York Times and Shyana Perera,


The Observer says the Prime Minister is under pressure this weekend


to announce an emergency NHS rescue plan to parliament.


Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Theresa May says the Government has


a duty to step in and tackle injustice.


The Sunday Times leads with Britain's former


ambassador to the EU, Ivan Rogers, meeting


with David Cameron before Christmas to warn him that Theresa May


The Sunday Express says the man set to become Donald Trump's ambassador


to the EU has revealed that he supported Brexit


The Mail on Sunday features Israeli officials allegedly caught making


a vow to 'take down' Boris Johnson's Foreign


And The Sun on Sunday feature a story of a man,


who was born a girl - twenty years ago, being


Let's have a look at them. Theresa May, we know she will make a big


speech at some point on Brexit, but this is an article she has written


for the Sunday Telegraph which they feature on the front page saying


that it is now the sheriff society not the big society. I think if you


read the article which is tucked away inside the Sunday Telegraph,


and the size of a normal column by any columnist, all it says is a


shared society means a shared society. It does not tell you


anything. We will act across as really society to restore the


furnace which is the bedrock of the social solidarity that makes our


nation stronger. What on earth does that mean? I cannot see a big


difference between this and big society which was all about active


citizenship and all of that is embedded in this. It is just...


Shared his three letters longer than big. It is and to reason may maybe


has not actually got a single idea to deliver. That is the problem, we


know the political mood not just in this country but across the western


world in democracies is very sceptical of politicians and the


promises so when you view the big society or shared society and you


wonder if going to hospital is a good thing and if you will be seen a


lot, there is a disappointing between the reality that many others


live in and the politicians. As people are increasingly sceptical of


politicians promises, interestingly there is this one sentence that


struck me, which was championing this idea of the people just about


managing at the idea that these people need an act of governance


that. Up, I think that is currently a throwaway phrase but could be


interesting about how a Conservative government could be more activist


when it comes to industry, added more interventionist than it comes


to markets, she talks but intervening in failed markets, that


is not the typical rhetoric a year from Conservative government which


places more faith in markets and more faith in businesses to figure


things out and this kind of line which I find just a little unusual


as not quite in keeping with the Conservatives. I thought that was


interesting and that the target audience was not the poor but those


who some would describe as jams, but normal ordinary working people who


think that things have got much more difficult and also our society is


quite unfair. To reason me is a great strategist and has crept


crab-like across the social spectrum to the side that is normally brought


by the Tories are classified -- pacified by the Tories and she's


making all sorts of claims about think she will do that do break the


model of what Tory prime ministers do but there is not a single piece


of information behind any of this, it is like a Miss world contestants


saying I want world peace. It is just where is the basis of any of


this? It has been six months, we have not had a single policy that


has any value. Is it about changing the subject from Brexit? I think


that is interesting, a lot of front pages document Ivan Rogers who


continues to dominate headlines,... Right back this is the British


diplomatic weight. We see on the front page of the Sunday Times that


he secretly met with Cameron at the end of last year, we have stuff here


about the front page of the Observer has an op-ed from a Canadian trading


official who said it will be difficult and Sir Ivan Rogers was


correct, this is still a dominant narrative. I think one of the


accusations that has been levelled against the Prime Minister is that


the whole Brexit thing has sucked up all the oxygen and has not been


enough discussion on other that are happening. The NHS, the education


system, all these things ever pressing issues. I thought the front


page splash of the mail on Sunday was terrific. Colleagues in Al


Jazeera were behind this but the story is as real plot to take down


Tory minister. A video cat is the diplomatic conspiring with deputy MP


eight two slam a fully minister. You can see let's take down bodices


deputy, -- Boris. They have done a good newspaper job. We have done a


good newspaper job of ITV job. Let's give credit where it is due. I found


this interesting because I did not know Boris and Allen about that


important any more, it felt like that is the ministry where we have a


couple of puppets and it is being run by someone else. The Israelis


suggested that Boris is now was an idiot. That is the court. It is


quite interesting, it has been passed on to us and the upgrade


relations with visual, everything is fine, which is usual the poetic


speak for there is a row behind closed doors. There are two things


you, one is the grey minister after Secretary Kenny's speech the


pro-minister was more strident in support of Israel, and I think with


with British history it is a little bit, its alliance with the US given


that she was so critical of the secretary, secretary Kenny, was


unusual. We are now hearing more and more about foreign countries tried


to intervene in politics. I think this is something of countries


elsewhere in the world often suspect of the US and Britain, but now we


have the situation with Russia doing things that the allegations that


Israel tries to do things in British politics, this is becoming more and


more of the narrative. What is interesting about that is to take


down a government minister whatever you mean by that, to take down a


government minister for believing that Israel's policy of settlements


in certain areas is wrong is something that will shock people.


Not the side bar stuff about what you think of Boris John is not the


idea of destroying someone because you don't like the logical ideas and


it is a foreign government doing it, that is the core of this. That is


right, but has a long history with Israel and a long leash and ship


with Israel and the idea that whether it would be a foreign


government intervening to take down a government minister, it is hard to


tell what exactly has been done, if anything, with regards to this by


the Israeli embassy but even the mere suggestion that this is


something that they would want to do. Can you imagine if this was a


French diplomat saying they wanted to take down some government


minister because they wed in favour Brexit. And you imagine the row? I


think there would be a huge row and I find it odd because we are friends


of Israel so the idea that they feel they need to take down members of


our government is worrying that it makes me think someone has always


sat on the fence about as real that perhaps we have gone too far into


bed with Israel. Maybe this is a shot across the bow for those of us


who have been complacent about it and think it is obvious why we have


eggs in this particular basket and are ignoring others. I think it will


tip the balance just as I think the Russian hacking as you said will tip


the balance. We start to understand, I have just spent the whole


Christmas period watching that fact that this is just like homeland.


Happening every day in the newspapers. Suddenly you realise


that these outlandish narrative you have been watching are happening all


the time. We await the French and German elections. I was taken by the


study, the Sunday Telegraph says that universities are worn over


quoted snowflakes to the hand to Snowflake students in controversial


-- is controversial changes to the ranking systems will be approved, it


means that student voices as to whether they like the university the


art will be taken into account. To dismiss a whole group of people as


snowflakes because they happen to be young and have views about how they


are mentored -- about how they made doesn't post per year tuition fees


are being spread as the raiders. There are two different elements to


this that are, I told you about this, as you arrested becomes more


expensive because one of a financial decision, it is reasonable to say


that, they are kind of customers in a way, that they have some say over


the product they are paying for. But at the same time there is also the


element that university is a place where you're meant to be challenged


and you have to ask questions of yourself and questions the -- that


you ask of others that are demanding. The ability to be


challenged is a fundamental part of it you come across ideas you don't


like. Yes but the ship your views. That was something about my


experience in university that I treasure and if that is eroded you


lose something. Take your point but the idea that this is a generation


of tender little plan to cut the top of this, there are some people who


complain about people having different views having a platform.


Yes and that is that I would disagree completely about bowing to


Snowflake students demand, if they are basing their satisfaction on


whether and not the university allows free debate or not,... Or


doesn't challenge the prejudices. I am looking for similes but it is


like going into Falkland and Mason and complaining they have kangaroo


nose and potato root on the shelves. Say well I know it is a well in or


to the fancy food store but actually I don't want you to get me fancy


food. Whole point of education and I envied each of people now, not the


fees are lass but the fact that so many are able to go to university,


to be stretched, to be challenged, to be forced to look of things they


don't like. To be fair to most students that is what they want.


That is the point I was trying to make, it is a very small minority


who would fit into that category of so-called snowflakes. That is true.


The danger is to castigate an entire group of thousands of aspiring young


people who want to be challenged as snowflakes, but there is a decent


number of anecdotes that make you a little bit worried about people who


are, we see this all the time, people who want to stay in the


bottles and don't want to be challenged. It is coming to the NUS


which is not a small, might be a small organisation as a whole


likeable and many members at hazard has a huge voice and huge influence.


The one thing I worried about as being one of those people who say it


was better in my day! Don't want to be that person but that is my


concern. Fish stocks if I can find it, the story says, it is somewhere


in the Observer, the point of the story, thank you very much, how


warming seas are forcing fish to seek new waters. And not by a number


of things about this. Climate change is affecting the fish we have in


British waters, cold is further north and this is more difficult to


get. That said coming soon, squid suppers. We are plenty of squid, not


so much cod, will be changing dietary habits because of this? Are


you? I'm not. You will live cod suddenly goes up in price. I suppose


the Scottish will start on it and pass it down, they like haggis, the


like squid. Pass over the border and we will all start eating it because


there is no more cod. I am a Scottish squid lover so I am happy


to have squid and chips. How about you, Prashant? It is interesting


because cultures cuisines do change over time depending on what is


available economically and as the climate changes, so wouldn't be


surprising. It would be unusual and fun to shake up some of these


recipes. Can you imagine it with vigour can? Whatever Sunday roast


was built around squid? What would that is why? The Sunday roast is not


something that people have on Sundays very often any more. It was


something 50 years ago. Our tastes have changed. The Indian


subcontinent, her favourite meal is supposed to be checking taken the


salad. And it probably is. -- chicken taken masala. This is harder


because if you cannot afford because you can go for something else.


Whenever fish has become fashionable it has always been fish that we


have, sea bass has become fashionable, then monkfish, you


don't really see the local fish becoming fashionable. Cod you tend


to get into peace, hadn't you get in chickpeas, so I guess the squid will


go into the chip shop. Is squid is good? You're Scottish. Don't hold it


against me. I am not of the snuffly generation so I can take it. To


pursue the fish angle, Salmond has made a huge comeback. 50 years ago


it was expensive and now it is quite cheap, it is a good fish to eat. I


preferred the Atlantic salmon. Farmed salmon is a bit flabby. I


don't know quite where going. The other big story this month is


obviously the presidency of the United States. Club tweets in the


world jobs, this is inside the Observer. Now, the Sunday Times.


What is interesting about this issue is a man who makes the news by


sitting on his phone and quite often if you follow the news he is making,


commenting on TV programmes and new shoes he is watching, this is a


president unlike any other we have ever seen. It is easy to talk about


that, the more concerning stuff is his tweets have aside from the


lyrical impact, we saw the past week he was tweeting about General Motors


fortitude, the company had to dramatically change the strategy or


at somatic changes, otherwise, it is easy to forget that these companies


employ hundreds of thousands of people with real jobs, and being


affected by 140 characters that the President-elect puts out. Maybe the


share price of these companies bounces back but they suddenly have


to veer off course. The impact of these tweets are fascinating because


how does the PR industry do with this? If you are the PR for Toyota


and you're waiting on tenterhooks for what the President-elect might


tweet, it could completely upend your strategy overnight. It is


fascinating. And also he has been, Mr Trump has been derided for using


these tweets, I would suggest he is very smart because you don't get


challenged or you ignore the challenges, everybody takes this as


news value, and he cannot be interrogated on it. You can't


question. He tweeted about how delighted he is to meet Theresa May


later this spring, but is a great ally. Well that is fine but when it


comes to what Toyota should do, what car company should do, we get into


different territory. He has the ballast of being himself, so we


can't write it off as easily as we would if it were seen President


Obama who was tweeting. It is interesting because he's absolutely


a president for the modern age, he is able to first of all encapsulated


things and short pithy sentences and he is able to control and terrorise


via Twitter which is really a gift I think Mrs Thatcher would have been


like this. This is a man who doesn't sleep. In mind that is cause of the


working sometimes it is making -- working positively and a lot of the


time it is working negatively in some danger not sure it is working


but the result was something going on and I think this is exciting and


interesting, because I'm not affected by it I guess, the moment.


I find this endlessly interesting and entertaining and enlightening,


actually, that somebody can be so powerful and there must be some


truth in some of the things he's saying for companies and people to


respond in the way that they do. The other but I was struck by if we have


a look on this, this is the Telegraph cartoon and you will see


the President-elect of the United States being sworn in and he is a


glove puppet with Vladimir Putin with his hand inside a glove. That


is a very interesting, obviously a cartoonist 's take on a very


interesting story. Relations Russia in 2017. It is like with it the


tweets, it is anyone's guess. It is clear that the President-elect is


certainly more open to good relations with Russia and sees


Russia in a different way than I think most are at least the loudest


portion of the US foreign policy community views Russia, I think this


will be tricky because his nominee for Secretary of State has garnered


some opposition from within his own party because of Rex Kellas and's


relationship with Russia. As time goes on and this is going to be one


of the fascinating narratives of the Trump presidency, he really should


chip in Russia that will be arguably the most important relationship and


how it stays -- shapes the security climate. The sound ramifications for


the whole world, doesn't it? It is a Mexican stand-off between these two


superpowers. I think there's something that is incredibly


positive about it actually, I like the fact that Trump is suggesting he


is open -- using opening, what is scary as the curtain suggested that


perhaps he's been manipulative, but if ultimately there is some sort of


agreement, if there is some sort of, think the word I looking for is


Congress but I don't think that is the correct word, but finding that


equilibrium between the two superpowers, think it would be


fantastic. On that happy note, that isn't the papers. Our FAQs to


Prashant and Shyana. We take a look at tomorrow's front pages every


evening on BBC News. Good morning. Another fairly quiet


weather day, it is misty and create the Iliad have some freezing fog and


avail of York but it will be all change this week. Already the


elements line up to the west of the UK every cDNA of low pressure


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