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Hello and good evening. Welcome to look ahead to what the papers will


be bringing us tomorrow. Hello to you both. Before we talk to them we


should look at the front pages, starting with The Daily Mail says


the Prime Minister has threatened to cap funding to GPs if they do not


offer appointments 12 hours a day, seven hours


days a week. It is all part of an attempt to cut keys and hospitals.


The Times is carrying the same story and that is also believed in The


Daily Telegraph, which reports comments from the outgoing US


ambassador to the European Union, who suggest that President Trump


wants to bring down the years. The Mirror carries the news of the baby


that was kidnapped two decades ago in the United States, now found and


returned to the mother. The Guardian is claiming an exclusive after


talking to the EU chief Brexit negotiator about future relations


with the City of London and the financial structures suggesting that


the EU is blink first. The Daily Express is looking at the life and


times of Lord Snowdon, the former husband of Princess Margaret who has


died aged 86 and some great to grass in the papers today off-load


Sludden. -- of Lord Snowdon. Theresa May has a problem with the long


waiting times at any and one of her solutions is to get doctors


surgeries to open longer hours. Problem is putting it mildly. It is


a sticking plaster on a gaping wound, to use a medical analogy. She


was saying she will with draw funding from GP's surgeries. She's


going to withdraw money if they cannot prove they can open and


delivering longer hours. Is this going to solve the problem in


hospitals? The first week of January, 95% of bets were full and


this week we heard that 40% of hospitals had issued alerts. -- 95%


of beds. This is not because people cannot get to their GP after 5pm. To


May has to be seen to do something. She is very weak on the NHS. Simon


Stephens, the head of the NHS in England, has had a pop at her. She


needs to be seen to be doing something. But she is putting the


money in the wrong place. It is shifting the blame onto the


patients. Jeremy Hunt blames people going to a need for broken


fingernails for the whole crisis. In defence of the GPs who work every


hour, what might be the reasons for a GP surgery shutting at TPM? Lots


of reasons. My GP is the only GP in the practice, so he cannot be


expected to work from ATM to 8pm, although it would be great that


evening appointments. In rural areas doctors may have to go from one


village to another. They also have other responsibilities, such as


admin. I was looking at the national audit report and its 92% of those


with that in two kilometre is a GP's surgery, which I thought was all


well and good, I live within two kilometre is but I cannot get an


appointment for two weeks. It is also axis. It will do not work near


to their GP, so for most people going to be GP means taking a day


off work. Another option would be to let people register at other GPs.


Some people have GPs at their work which means people can pop out. Is


said they are trying to shift the blame onto the public, but don't we


have a responsibility to try and take the pressure of accident and


emergency? That is not the problem of why the beds are full. NHS


hospitals are bursting point because of bad locking. There are lots of


patience and you cannot be dismissed. Theresa May needs to


address those issues as well. We are an ageing population and the bulk of


those slots are taken by older people who for argument's said they


may be alone, they may not have anyone to talk to as younger people


would. It is quite understandable, but society is changing quite


significantly, both for GPs and AMP surgeries. At a slight is not just


about hospitals and GPs, it is also about term care and older people


having good social care and someone coming in to see them. They might be


less likely to take a GP appointment. This is a solution that


doesn't involve spending money... There giving them extra money, 500


million. 500 million in funding. The order get the funding that she is


good with joy is GPs do not offer the hours. They are getting extra


money to operate a seven-day service. That will be hanging over


the heads of the GPs. Lots of people have got on that. Another story from


The Times. It is the resignation of Tristram Hunt. Smart guy? Young guy?


Surely they can gather labour should be hanging onto. Jeremy Corbyn has


been very calm in his reaction, but I think it is a headache for him. He


has been critical of Jeremy Corbyn and he refused to serve in his


Shadow Cabinet will. I don't think any Labour MP can resign at the


moment but they're rocking the boat. He probably thinks that labour is


going nowhere and he is so young. He just said in his resignation was


nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn. Jamie Reid is going to work in the


nuclear industry and Justin Hunt is going to work and art. He was on the


list of the selection targets when the boundary changes coming.


Stoke-on-Trent Central, his seat, is under threat. He's probably thinking


he should jump before he has to. They only had a majority of 5000. He


was opposed to many of his constituents because he bolted to


remain. This by-election will be very indicative of the voting post


Brexit. It could be Richmond in reverse. In 2015 Ukip were second in


the constituency and there is speculation that poll not will stand


in the seat. I think it was one the highest Brexit boats in the


referendum. This is Ukip Central. It is northern and Brexit. It is


working class. I'm from there, actually. It is where they had been


taking boats of labours of them I think they have a good chance there,


but this would people tonight... It has been a labour seat since it has


been created, since the 1950s. By thin Jeremy Corbyn does face a


challenge from Ukip, particularly up a little stands. If that happens it


will be indicative of Ukip putting everything into it. One problem for


Ukip is that Nigel Farage is still there. He was one of the first to


comment today and he is the quotes that the media carry. You do not see


Paul Nuttall is often, although he has a big figure. This would be a


good platform for him. Just a word on Justin Hunt, turning to the arts


for a second, he did a good thing on the English Civil War for the BBC.


He is well-educated. If you do write peck for the Albert and Victoria? He


did oppose free entry and said that these should be reinstated, but the


Victoria and Albert has said today that night he agrees with free entry


and he seems to change disease. He was a historian and he is an


intelligent guy. He is well-known for his energy but I'm sure there


are a lot of people in the art world to be eyeing up that role he might


be missed. -- might be annoyed. To The Guardian now. This is an


interesting story. We have the chief negotiator for the EU who has been


toying with but as politicians and saying there is only hard Brexit,


but according to this article he has blinked and said that perhaps we


need a better relationship with the City of London. This is one of the


few good Brexit new stories we have had for a while. Essentially what


this is saying is that Europe needs our city more than our city needs


Europe. They are saying that the UK city, our banking industry, is like


an investment bank of Europe. We are too big to fail. So they get all the


money for the projects? Some people are saying that the minutes have


been exaggerated, but if true it could be that we have our cake and


eat it. The timing is very significant because Theresa May is


giving a speech on Tuesday outlining the nuts and bolts of Brexit and she


has been talking and hinting that we will go for hard Brexit, that we


could leave the single market to have more control over immigration.


I think the timing of this is significant because if we are moving


towards a hired Scott back hard Brexit, and they are saying we can


do a special deal... This is great for me because she has been


criticised Bailey for not giving up the on Brexit and she has held firm


and said that she will not give away our negotiating stance. He has


blinked first. The fear is that EU members and companies would find it


harder and more costly to raise capital that they were denied access


to the city. Which is what the Eurosceptics have been saying all


along. The question is whether there will be any you to fight over


because according to The Daily Telegraph, the outgoing US


ambassador saying that Donald Trump wants to prove the EU down from


within. It is no surprise to hear that. Here's not keen on the EU. The


first politician that he met after being elected was Nigel Farage.


During the American election campaign he said that they were


going to call for Brexit plus, plus, plus. Marie Le Pen with the Trump


Tower yesterday. He has been comparing his movement to Brexit for


a long time and he sees itself as part of the antiestablishment. It is


the same as considering any big conglomerate a threat to him. The


problem with the Americans is that if you want to speak to Europe who


do you call? But the ambassador for the US makes the point that can be


in the interests of America to fracture and split Europe, so you


have to speak to everyone of them. Definitely not that it may be in the


interests of Donald Trump. I don't imagine he knows a lot about it.


That would be my guess. He likes to make sweeping comments. That is not


his priority just now. We have been talking about old people in one of


the stories in The Daily Telegraph is that the government is looking at


ways of shifting people out of larger houses. The kids of left and


they have big houses, how do we get them to downsize. The idea of one of


two people in a huge house, which is a problem with younger families need


bigger houses and they do not have access, and... What does that have


to do with the government? It is quite nanny state. They are trying


to coax people into it and add them to behave in a certain way but you


cannot tell people to do that. People may have lived in their


houses for decades. They will have a lot of family memories and may not


want to move. Especially if someone has lost a partner. If you get the


top of the housing market moving, will the rest of the move? If the


government want to get single people out of big houses to free the way


for younger people... The younger people can't afford them anyway.


Real estate has gone through the roof and it is the older generation


that have benefited from this. I wonder how many older people are in


the big house was living with the grown-up children. The Scottish


Daily Mail says there is a march of workers aged 80. We are trying to


control the old people, but they are all working apparently. 1.4% of


people aged over 80, which is a big increase from five years ago, they


are still in work. The tone of the story is disapproving. There is the


suggestion this should give way to younger people. Young men are


finding it difficult to find full-time work and many of them are


resorting to part-time roles. Should they be given way to younger people.


If people are capable of working the should be allowed to continue. A man


in his 80s put an advert in a local paper because it was widowed and was


bored at home sweep put an ad in a local paper and got her job in a


local paper and got her job at a local cafe. I remember that. There


is an argument that if they do not need the money then they should not


be working, can they not do charity work? If it is just for


entertainment. A final 1-2 finish, but a great story. This little girl


was snatched from a hospital 18 years ago, there is a picture of her


on the front page, she has turned up. Imagine finding out 80 years


after you were born but actually your whole life has not been the


life you were supposed to have and you have a different biological


family, albeit the family that raised you would be those that you


thought of this family. The biological family described being


elected, but I'm not sure she will be elated. To realise you have led


your whole life alive. She was eight hours old. Someone will have reared


this little girl she will think of those people as her parents that


they are the criminals. We do not know much about how she was found or


treated, we don't know. Who knows what was going on and we do not know


the circumstances. There must've been a tip-off her be found. There


was also a lot of the any testing. They tried to cross matched the DNA


and then something like this might turn up. She has found out she has a


hall other family, but it means the people who are effectively


criminals. They are out of time. That is all from the papers. You can


see the front pages from the papers on the BBC website. If you miss the


programme this evening you can watch it again on the iPlayer. Thank you


for your company this evening and that is us.


The cold weather continues into the weekend but some of us have other


concerns, like scenes like this in eastern England. We


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