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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Political Editor of the Sunday Mirror


and political commentator Jo Phillips.


we will be going through the newspapers in a moment, but first,


the front pages: the Observer says cancer patients


are feeling the brunt of the NHS crisis with operations


being cancelled on a regular basis. The Mail on Sunday suggests cutting


the foreign aid budget to fund It claims more than three quarters


of voters support the idea. Theresa May's Brexit strategy


is the Sunday Telegraph's focus. It says the PM is prepared to lead


Britain out of the single market. The "Brexit Battle Plan" is how


the Sunday Express put it, saying May is going to get


tough with Brussels. And the Sunday Times carries


an image of Prince William, who it says will be


leaving his position as an air-ambulance


helicopter pilot very good evening to the both of


you, let us begin, starting with the Telegraph. "Brexit". All the way. We


seem to have new "Brexit", we have had soft and hard but now the


Telegraph is talking about a clean "Brexit". What is the difference?


Good question, it looks very hard to me, according to the Telegraph, but


when Theresa May makes her big speech on Tuesday where she is meant


to outline her position at last, what she will say is that we cannot


stay in the single market necessarily, that we will not stay


in the customs union, which means the free movement of goods, the


reason being, that would interfere with our chances of doing trade


deals elsewhere in the world. Obviously single market is a problem


because she has a firm line on immigration, freedom of movement is,


she cannot compromise on that. Seems to access that those two things,


that side of the trade deal will be done. In a sense, you feel she was


always going to get here because when you think about it, she did not


have much to negotiate with. This idea of keeping her negotiating hand


quiet, did not make sense. The paper describes it as going for the full


works. It is going to be some reassurance to the hardliners, and


in fact a lot of this material has come from an article written by


David Davis, Secretary of State for "Brexit", and so it is probably an


indication that he and his colleague Liam Fox are weaned the debate, and


I think the growing... She has been there six months, what is going to


happen, it is hitting home, that she will come out with something. What


will happen to the economy on Tuesday when she makes this... This


is the briefing from Downing Street, and as we say, an article by David


Davis, but the reality, when she delivers, as Nigel and I both know,


you can be given a draft of a speech and it is different when it is


delivered. What will it do to the economy and what did it mean for the


people who are not so keen, who want for us to still be part of the


single market, because this is... There is no other way to say it,


this is hard. Delivering on what she promised the people. That is how the


newspapers are saying it, that is how they voted, she is going to try.


People worried about single market and Customs union, when they voted


for "Brexit" they expected a hard Brexit. Turning to the Observer, we


have two stories, but we start with, well we are carrying on with


"Brexit" but there is a poll on the Conservatives "Brexit" steel, voters


backing the Tories to deliver the best "Brexit" by 3-1. 3/1 against


Labour, things are not that impressive, 30% of people said they


most trusted the Conservatives to deliver a successful Brexit compared


with just 13% for Labour. I'm surprised it is not higher about the


fact that they thought the Tories would do a better job because all


the polls, no matter what you ask them, if you ask them who is more


competent, Theresa May always comes out top. Jeremy Corbyn is not doing


well in polls, anyway. With all the confusion we have seen from the


Labour Party, we can understand why they would not really want him


handling the negotiations. There was a poll earlier, this was a comrade


's poll, which also picked out that people trusted the Conservatives to


handle the NHS. Over Jeremy Corbyn and labour. -- ComRes poll. Jeremy


Corbyn is the architects of his own confusion, comes out with something


in the morning, changes it by lunchtime, by tea-time, it has gone


around the houses. This is a man, we don't even know what he stands for,


we do not know what the policies are, we are in very difficult times,


domestic, at home, with the health service, and on the foreign state.


It is not surprisingly the Conservatives are doing well. Very


quickly, the health service, this is the lead story all day... And it is


yet another story about the emotional side of this, health


service in crisis, cancer Ops cancelled, what we do not have is


any detail about the number of operations being cancelled all the


reason why stop the inference is that it is because of a shortage of


beds. Very emotive, Cancer. The whole health service is emotive,


that is part of the problem, as we have seen in the spat between the


government and the GPs, what somebody needs to do is take a hard


cold look at it and do some number crunching and go to an Accident and


Emergency and go around and find out why are you here, did you come


because you could not get a GP 's appointment, did you come here


because you are not registered, did you know you could go to the


pharmacist? Did you come here because you think even though there


is nothing that can be done for the cold, you think that you will jump


the queue? Until you get that sort of information, you cannot target


the messages to say to those people, stay away, AMD is not the place to


be. Very basic questionnaire, is it being carried out? -- A This is a


very Daily Mail front page. Any thing to have a go at foreign aid,


they have asked a question, would you prefer your 13 billion crowns


which goes abroad to stay at home and find the NHS and surprise


surprise, when you ask a question like that, eight out of ten voters


say, that is what they would like to happen. Is part of the Daily Mail


agenda that they had been running a campaign against overseas aid, I


think it is a bit sad, it may well be that we need to make sure that


foreign aid is going to the right places but the idea that we take it


away from foreign aid and stick it into the health service is not


tenable. The health service needs more money, bigger budget, you might


decide you want to drop any play submarine to do that. There is a


host of ways to do that. Moving on, very quickly, to the Sunday Times,


because we need to cover Mr trump... January 20... He would like a


summit... Similar to Reagan. Same place, Reykjavik, in Iceland, the...


His aides, nears diplomats and his team are planning to have this to


repeat what Ronald Reagan did with Mikhail Goebel chuff, 40 years ago,


and have a meeting with blood and feuding, outside, America and


Russia. -- Mikhail Gorbachev. It is a thawing of the relationship, but


there are concerns among diplomats that it would further isolate


Britain if America gets closer to Russia, and America is seen to


basically sanction what blood amid Putin has done in the Ukraine and


the Crimea. What do you think are the benefits of being a friend of


Vladimir Putin? -- sanction what Vladimir Putin has done in the


Ukraine. LAUGHTER We do not phone each other that


often(!) the idea of Trump getting along with Vladimir Putin cannot be


a bad thing, it depends what he gives away, Vladimir Putin is very


shrewd, as we can see, it is quite clear that if Trump goes to a summit


and is hoping for a nuclear deal, a wonderful nuclear deal, there has


got to be won over Ukraine, Syria... It is what Vladimir Putin once at


the end of it all which is the tricky bit. Is he likely to stick to


it, like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin is someone that you cannot


second guess. He has played a blinder recently. Quite clear, what


Donald Trump has said about Nato would be very convenient for


Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin is probably smarter strategically than


Donald Trump. And probably has more to gain because what he really wants


is US sanctions to be lifted, that was the whole thing with the dossier


and everything that has been going on... He has been around playing


politics longer than Donald Trump as, we will see what happens. Will


stick with the Sunday Times, and Prince William. Handing in his


notice. He is going to stop being a helicopter pilot, he will become a


full-time royal. What does that include? Who knows, we will have to


look in... The court circular! LAUGHTER


Shaking people's hands, and awful lot of that. He has come under


criticism recently over last couple of years for not really pulling his


weight. The Queen is 90, still working hard, she has been laid low


with a cold like so many people over the Christmas period. Princess and


is in her 60s, William's father is in his 60s. It is about the Royals,


the younger royals, taking it on, he will be king one day. It is king


training. His brother is already out of the Army, full-time royal as


well. Moved to London, take on the job. You have to feel for the young


royals, they have tried military life, Harry was devastated when he


had to come out. But they cannot have it all. Nigel, Jo, thank you


very much. You will be back again. We will be back very soon! That is


it for the newspapers for the moment, join us at 11:30pm. Coming


up next, Reporters.


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