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Hello and welcome to our local head to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are former Labour adviser


and comedian Ayesha Hazarika and Neil Midgley,


media commentator at the Telegraph. Metro leads with


Boris Johnson's comments France's president was behaving


like a WWII camp guard over Brexit. The same story is on


the Express front page. The newspaper also


quotes David Davis, the Brexit Secretary said


he would stand up to the EU if it threatened Britain with


retaliation over leaving. Britain's informal trade


negotiations is a Telegraph lead. According to the paper's sources,


ministers and officials are in talks with 12 countries,


including China, India, Australia and South Korea,


as well as Middle Eastern nations The Guardian leads on President


Obama's explanation of why he commuted the prison sentence of


former US soldier Chelsea Manning. We are going to get into that use


conference in a moment, but first the Metro, Ayesha, EU fury at Boris


Nazi dig, what on earth is this about?! Yesterday we were having


Theresa May saying that we were going to take a very constructive


approach with our Brexit negotiations. Right... That seems to


have come to a bit of an abrupt halt today! Because Boris Johnson likened


Hollande, President Hollande of France, to being like a World War II


guard, and ministering punishment beatings to anyone chooses to


escape. Has not gone down well particularly well with our friends


in Europe, the lead negotiator has called his comments abhorrent, but


Theresa May's people are saying it is all fine. We know they do not


think it is all fine. I think they probably do think it is fine. I


think they have taken a calculation that this will probably work for the


people that they needed to work for, the people that they needed the


speech to talk to yesterday. Only at the weekend we were still calling


our esteemed president Theresa Maybe. She has shown in her speech


that there is a Thatcherite backbone that we never knew she had. As she


talks us out of the single market. And then Boris goes off and, you


know, in votes World War II, it is a bit like Dad's Army, Union Jack


arrows extending over the continent. So Theresa May has managed to get


the 52% on board, that is what the speech did, and that is what these


headlines suggest, that she has done well as far as the majority of the


right-leaning press is concerned. But what about the 48%? I think she


is making a very strong political calculation. She is not really that


bothered about the 48%, she is very much sending a kind of


patriotically, nostalgic, British message to those people. And she's


trying to attract voters from different parties, sending a message


to people in Labour heartlands that voted leave, that they can stick


with their because she will deliver on immigration about everything


else. And she tried to send a message to Ukip supporters as well,


saying, don't go to Ukip, stick with the Conservatives, we will deliver


on immigration. The only thing she cares about now is immigration, it


is a political calculation. Neil, the Daily Express, we won't be


bullied by EU, is what Ayesha is saying fair about the 48%? I


disagree about the 48, there were some vox pops on the news last


night, people from the 48, they were quite encouraged, because it is


strong, it is patriotic, and people can see that there is a worst-case


scenario where we just walk away with no deal, we go back to WTO


rules, like the US and everybody else. They are not brilliant. The


tariffs, as they keep telling us, will be cancelled out by the fall in


the value of sterling for our exporters. There are all sorts of


things like financial passporting in the City of London, but people are


now seeing that Theresa May has now raised that, this is the prospect,


we might have to walk away if our partners would do a deal. And the


markets have not fallen, employment is OK, economic growth went up in


the second half of last year. People are not feeling the Brexit disaster.


My feeling is we have all got to calm down the rhetoric, that


Remainers should not make everything a catastrophe, there has got to be a


middle way. And also, I am not a Remoaner! This threat of walking


away is what the 48 worried about, because Theresa May said, at the


beginning of a speech, I am going to protect workers' rights, but, at the


end, if we don't get a deal, we will walk away. You could be talking


about a Britain that as the come a bit of a tax saving and cuts


business regulation, red tape. -- that has become. She has said that


she will protect them, are you calling her a liar already? I think


she is facing in two different directions. The 48 were told before


the vote that it was all going to come crashing down immediately after


June the 23rd. George Osborne... People believe there are going to


get that money for the NHS from the bus! I had enough of a headache


during the campaign, not tonight, please! Let's go to the Telegraph,


Britain on a trade crusade, the international Trade Secretary, Liam


Fox, is already scoping out the lie of the land, you would expect that,


wouldn't you? He's doing what is called trade audits, starting to


prepare the ground for doing deals, in talks with about 12 countries,


and EU leaders have tried to say, you can't start doing any trade


deals now, but they are saying... It is a bit of a grey area, surely we


can be talking to anyone we like. To me, that makes sense, I don't think


that is unusual, and lots of sectors are doing trade emissions all the


time outside the EU, so I don't think there is anything surprising


in that. But later in the article, David Davis, the Brexit Secretary,


says that the government is really keen to bring back that target of


net migration to be low 100,000. It is quite a tortured history, these


migration targets, and I think this is something that has coloured


Theresa May's view of it, particularly having been Home


Secretary, and it was said that she did not hit those targets. So make


no mistake, immigration is absolutely central to this, they are


making a calculation which says this is an argument about the politics of


immigration, rightly or wrongly. Well, I think that there was, again,


a viewpoint about by the Remain campaign, I am eight Remainer, by


the way... Same as me! Part of the 48% and happy! I am happier... I am


Scottish, I am never happy! There was this view that there will be


this price that we would have to pay for entry, for access to the single


market, once we leave, the Europeans would exact a price. And there was


be a price the other way around. And be a price the other way around. And


now, for access to our market, first of all, the fifth largest economy in


the world, and now the government is getting, after months of paralysed


indecision, is showing a bit of spirit and a bit of humour, with


Boris's comments, and with Liam Fox, who was not really supposed to be


doing trade deals when we are in the customs union, but what are they


going to do, fire us? I was going to say, what are they going to do?! Two


of these 12 countries, by the way, where he is doing early talks, China


and India. If you get them, you are doing all right. And that is why


Boris is there now, making comments about the Nazis! The Guardian, OK,


Neil, justice has been served, Obama defends Manning leniency. Chelsea


Manning is the former soldier who leaked classified documents to


WikiLeaks and a Julian Assange's name at the time, sentenced to 35


years in prison, and this is a thing that American presidents do as they


leave office, they grant leniency to, I think it is 209 people that


Obama has granted leniency to. So Chelsea Manning's sentence has


ended, she will be freed, and people are up in arms, saying she got a 35


year sentence because she did the biggest breach of data


confidentiality, classified data confidentiality in US history. And


there is a really interesting article in the New Yorker saying,


when you look at it more carefully, she has already served a lot longer


than anybody else has served previously. And we might need


leakers in the Trump administration! That is a very good point! Ayesha,


Julian Assange has said he would give him is of up to the United


States if Chelsea Manning was released. Let's see if the honours


his word. I did see somebody outside the embassy, no sign of life in


terms of him, but the other interesting thing about this final


press conferences, look, we are already mourning Obama not being


there, his exit approval ratings are very high. 60% plus. We have become


accustomed to his grace, his humour, but he said his daughters are not


planning, very disappointed about the result, they are not planning to


follow him into politics, but he doesn't say anything about his wife.


I still wonder why you would want to do the job after you have seen your


husband do it. What, be the most powerful person in the world? There


is a bit of a downside to that as well! The Times, British bubbly, we


have finally got... We can't call it champagne, that is already taken,


Ayesha, we have got a name, it looks like. We have, it is called British


phase, we have to have our names on everything. -- tempt the. I thought


we could have called it something like brolly! I am not sure about


British fizz. They have try to come up with also lots of names, one was


named after a scientist in the 19th century. British fizz does what it


says on the tin - or bottle, doesn't it? Apparently it sounds good to


eight New York Wine merchant who came up with it. It sounds like the


sort of thing you get in a can! Oh dear, OK, all right! Thanks very


much indeed. Enjoy some British fizz tonight! That is the papers, you can


see the front pages of all of them online.


If you have missed the programme any evening, you can catch and later on


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