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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Tony Evans, sport columnist at The London


Evening Standard, and Anne Ashworth, assistant editor at the Times.


Theresa May. Talking about her upcoming meeting with Donald Trump.


The protesters make the front page of the Observer. Theresa May will


tell Donald Trump do not insult women. And a new deal on Nato. And


Downing Street covering up nuclear weapon mishap. Apparently one went


off course during a misfiring in Florida heading towards the United


States. That would test relations. The Telegraph. One of many papers


which are looking at the beginnings of the Donald Trump presidency and


what it might mean for us in particular. Donald Trump's new deal


for Britain. Getting down to business despite global protesting.


What might be in it for Britain? A new relationship under which Theresa


May becomes as Margaret Thatcher was to Ronald Reagan. A profound


transatlantic relationship. There will be a trade deal and an


agreement we will spend 2% of GDP on defence. And possibly something that


Theresa May could use as a very strong bargaining tool during the


Brexit negotiations. Security has cropped up in the run-up to this


week. Although if Britain was to leave the European Union, and we are


meant to be going, Theresa May has always said it was important for


security, along with Nato. Nato is crucial. Especially with the spectre


of Vladimir Putin and Russian Imperial ambitions in the east. The


problem is that Donald Trump has dismissed Nato on a number of


occasions. He believes America is under too much strain to provide


security for the world. Frankly, the way he is acting, he will not pay


it. What we have here is the special relationship. We always have special


relationships when it benefits Americans. It is only when it suits


America. Judging by what Donald Trump said yesterday in his


inaugural speech, this is rather hopeful that there is a new deal for


Britain. Because it is America first, and everyone else will come a


long way behind. According to the Sunday Telegraph, there will be a


state visit for Donald Trump in the summer. The Full Monty. All the pomp


and circumstance. Wouldn't you want to be a fly on the


wall when Prince Philip meets Donald Trump and Melania is probably


already planning the outfits. Another extraordinary thing in a


week that becomes more and more extraordinary. It will appeal to


Donald Trump's team. I can imagine a huge production. This is the sort of


thing he has dreamt about, being the central figure in this. What we have


to remember is something that Kissinger was writing about what he


expected Donald Trump to do. He said do not judge by what he said or did


on the campaign, it will be entirely different. He could bring a whole


new world order. We should expect surprises. Yeah, because he has got


Congress to deal with as well. The Mail on Sunday. Cut out your sexist


insults, Mr President. Theresa May will apparently tell him to not be


insulting to women. I wonder whether she will wear one of those pink hats


that we saw out in the demonstrations today. A specially


knitted one. Has been a call to arms for people to knit those pink "pussy


hats." So they were not made in China as I feared? It took me six


months to knit a dish cloth. Can you imagine Melania wearing one?


Margaret Thatcher would have given him a talking to. I do not believe


Theresa May would do that. Donald Trump apparently calls her "my


Maggie." A streetwalker in the Liverpool folksong. I would say


Theresa May would be able to take on Donald Trump, or The Donald,


whatever we want to call him, and tell him he cannot behave like this.


I feel he can do that. I do feel that will be remotely on the agenda


when he comes. We will be looking for America's scraps, if Brexit


happens, which I am sceptical about. What would you like? We will see.


Theresa May is not to be trifled with them is she? The Observer.


Hundreds of thousands of US women unite to defy trump. There they are


in those homeknit hats. Huge crowds, not just in America, but around the


world. It really started with women and minority rights. People are


meeting up for all sorts of reasons. People are collecting together who


just do not like Donald Trump and everything he stands for. It is men


and women. What will be most interesting is how the Donald Trump


administration decides to deal with this. Will they decide these are


merely affluent people who can afford to travel to Washington or


another capital and demonstrate and carry banners with sometimes quite


clever puns? Or will they think these are people they need to take


account of? I am sure the Donald Trump administration is saying how


true supporters could not afford to take a day off from a job if they


could afford one. The reality is this is important because people


voted for Donald Trump to legitimise this sexual predator. He downgrades


women. The worst thing about what Donald Trump said is that... He said


it was locker room talk. I have been around locker rooms from Sunday


league to the Super Bowl... That is not true, some groups of men get


together and it does get a bit ripe. That is different. He says when you


are a star you can do this. What it was was the bullying and predatory


instincts of someone rich and famous and fearless because of it. That is


what we have to confront. The most interesting thing is loads of women


voted for him knowing that. Finding that this tasteful but nonetheless


seen him as their saviour. They did because in America there is a


feeling of, a sort of, estrangement from the political process, that


means that people are willing to vote for almost anyone. What they


have done is they have this intellectual blankness that they can


put their own views on. He did really well among the evangelists.


This is the least religious man on the planet. He is a political


outsider. He is not a political outsider! He has no shame! He lives


in a gold room! He has not come up through the village. He is nothing


but a rich kid who inherited wealth and somehow appealed to people by


saying, look, I am an outsider. I tell you what, if he is an outsider,


I would like a look at his bank account. People want someone from


outside politics. Entered Jackson, a great populist, Donald Trump is in


that model. -- Andrew Jackson. The Sunday Times. Women diss The Donald.


We are puzzled by that. It is not a headline word. If protest of these


proportions is merely dissing, I am not sure. It is useful in a literal


sense. Shall we talk about something else for a minute? The Sunday Times


is also talking about the Number 10 missile fiasco. An extraordinary,


extraordinary story. Douzable thigh it, they tested out the missile


unarmed, and it veered off course towards America. -- To simplify it.


This was not mentioned when the Commons that to make its


extraordinary vote on the Trident programme. Whether it should be


renewed. Last summer, it was one of the first things Theresa May did in


office. I would think this is going to have a big fuss about it because


some MPs will say, hmm, I was unsure about Trident and an even more


unsure now. But let us emphasise it was unarmed. This HMS Vengeance, the


submarine, was returned to use after a four-year refit. When they did


this, obviously it did not work. It was the first time in 16 years it


fired a rocket. How are they meant to test them? You would expect more


than that. Will Trident work well? Is it an effective deterrent? It


looked at it isn't. Downing Street and the MOD have issued a statement.


The effectiveness of the trident missile is unquestionable. They said


it was a routine unarmed test launch from the HMS Vengeance to certify


the submarine and its crew. It was successfully tested. Decertification


went ahead. So the HMS Vengeance can return to service. They say they


have confidence in the nuclear deterrent. A couple of minutes left.


The Telegraph. I will do it. Don't fret. He is pleased. Were are we?


Paul Nuttall. Why UKIP could win over betrayed voters? This is Paul


Nuttall, the new leader of UKIP, who will sit in this by-election in


Stoke-on-Trent. A big by-election for Labour. Labour have conceded the


political ground to UKIP for years. They will not address the


fundamental problem in this country, racism and xenophobia. They do not


want to alienate their own voters by saying this is what you are voting


for. Now it is clear and upfront. If Stoke-on-Trent votes for Paul


Nuttall, they are voting for racism and xenophobia. That is very, very


simplistic and an offensive narrative. I do not think it is


simplistic or offensive, it is reality. Couldn't it be that people


want something different and somebody they have not seen before?


They are sick of the status quo and they want someone who will stand up


for their rights? This is part of the country devoted to leave the EU.


They may want somebody entirely different to a patrician. It would


be very, very embarrassing for Paul Nuttall if he does not win this seat


because he will immediately be seen as weak in his position. But we are


in... There is this massive mood that we want politicians who are not


politicians. We do not want a professional in the job. Well, do


you know what, this is where Labour have an opportunity, they are


talking about austerity. Why you are struggling is because of austerity.


The reason that foreigners is taking jobs is because the safeguards for


Labour have been destroyed over the years and we will fight back. Thank


you. You can go on line to see more. We repeat the actual review on


iPlayer if you want it. Lovely to see you both. I cannot think of


where I would rather spend my Saturday, can you? Coming up next,


it is the film review. Goodbye for now.


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