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That is all your sports are now. Now it is time for The Papers.


Hello and welcome to our review of the Sunday morning papers.


With me are the journalist Yasmin Alibhai Brown


and the Political Commentator James Millar.


The Sunday Express leads with news of Theresa May's upcoming meeting


The global protests against the new president makes


The Mail on Sunday claims the Prime Minister is set to use her


meeting with President Trump to tell him to stop insulting women.


While the Sunday Telegraph says the president is planning a new deal


with Britain to reduce trade barriers and reach


The Sunday Times leads on a story that Downing Street covered up


a nuclear weapons mishap which apparently led to a Trident


missile veering off course during a test firing near Florida


and heading towards the United States.


So, let us get started. We will stop the Sunday express. Theresa May is


my Maggie. The Prime Minister will be the first world leader to meet


the president. The relationship is expected to be as close as Margaret


Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. A lack of imagination. Theresa May and a


right wing American president. It will be like Reagan and Maggie all


over again. It really does suggest a lack of imagination. This is not


Ronald Reagan and this is not Maggie. Clearly different people. I


think I might end up missing Margaret Thatcher by the time this


period is over. Honestly! That would be a first. Would be. Listening to


Theresa May's speech I thought, my God, she is hard right in some ways,


which Margaret Thatcher never dared to be quite that way. She wasn't so


in your face. But one of the things in this story, it's all about


wanting to go to the palace! He is like a little boy, isn't he. He


wants a bigger party, a big reception. More than Obama had. This


is where the Queen will do the nation's business and will welcome


him, whether it is Buckingham Palace, golf at Saint Andrews or


whatever. The Queen will fly the flag for Britain. She always does,


which is nothing in a way. Publicly it will be very level and all the


rest of it. The question is will the rest of them meet with him? Prince


Charles is a champion of climate change. Donald Trump does not


believe in it. It is off the White House agenda. No, he said it doesn't


exist. It is not happening, you know? It is a plot by China. It will


be an interesting meeting. Let us move on. I was struck by the Daily


Mail headline. Cut out your sexist chat, Mr President. First of all, I


don't know how much of it is too much imagination or wishful thinking


or whatever, but I don't know if she can. If she does, good. But do you


really think that the first meeting, and they will curtail to him because


of this trade deal, that she is going to say that? I doubt it. I


hope so. If you are a grown-up place with a bully who is offensive to


women, she should walk into the room and so, please don't do that. Can I


point out, he got half the women's Bob. That is why I am fascinated by


the headline. The mail on Sunday is not a champion of women's rights,


shall we say, as a title. But it does have a lot of women readers, so


they clearly think the readers are offended by Trump's sexist insults.


Whereas as you say, a lot of women in America when so offended that


they couldn't bring themselves to vote for him. I'm intrigued by the


fact that the Daily Mail thinks that the readers, if they work in


America, would be Trump voters. That is very interesting. Also, the mail


on Sunday is a very different paper from the Daily Mail. The mail on


Sunday was four remain and the Daily Mail was for Brexit. Maybe they have


a different place they are coming from. And I suppose we will hear


this tired phrase about the special relationship, which every British


diplomat who has worked in Washington can't stand. There is a


special relationship. We have to be quite careful about how we use that


phrase. But Theresa May will be the first foreign leader to meet him on


Friday, we now know. It is a koo. Mr Farage will take the credit for it.


I think the British ambassador in Washington might take the credit. He


will get that within the diplomatic service. And Theresa May's team went


over a few weeks ago. Beyond this, we have the Sunday Telegraph who


have the substance of what we think might go on. Trump's new Deal for


Britain. President's teamwork on deal, despite global protest. A deal


to reduce barriers between British and American banks. A working group


to identify barriers to trade and a joint statement on defence. But the


context has got to beat America first, hasn't it? It is. That's a


striking thing about his inauguration speech, that if any


other nation thinks that he cares at all about anybody else, I don't know


what they are thinking. And there is also this small problem that we are


still in the EU, so we still can't go around signing agreements until


we are out. Or even formally discuss agreements. It is against the rules,


but honestly this man doesn't understand anything about


international relations and how the whole world works. But a warm


personal relationship, if that is what Theresa May can establish, is


important? What we have seen over the last few days suggests Trump


might be absolutely crazy. He is still a bit of a mystery. Is he


crackers or is it a big plan to distract people with one thing


whilst something else is going on? Theresa May, whatever you think of


her politics, is a grown-up. She is a very serious person. To have a


grown-up men him who has his ear and can possibly have some control over


him... She is a woman. Him dancing with his wife. His wife seem to be


curling away. So Theresa May, don't dance with him. He is not Ed Balls,


in terms of the dancing! In so many ways he is not Ed Balls. I think


another interesting point over the last few days is this sensitivity to


things which other people might think are less interesting. Like the


size of the inauguration crowds. We have seen the pictures, but we are


now told that it was the most viewed inauguration in history. Maybe on


TV, but the crowds look thinner. He hates it. He is a bully in


everywhere, but if anyone criticises him what he thinks he has achieved,


then there is this real anger that erupts out of him. They are not


able, I mean they have controlled messages for long enough, but we may


be entering a time when there is proper coverage of what this man is


and people are less scared of his tweets and his bullying. But the


White House press spokesman has made it clear that they will hold the


media to account. This is what I mean about is it all part of a plan?


Quite clearly the crowd was not as big as previous crowds. He said it


was. Is it because he is mad, which is a worry because he has the


nuclear codes, or does he want us to worry about the crowd was he is


trashing Obamacare behind the scenes. He wants to control


everything, including the story and that is what we now have ahead of


us. It is a plan. So you're talking about the crowd instead of talking


about Obamacare. No, talking up the crowd. That is crazy. There are


millions of Americans who distrust the so-called mainstream media. They


don't regard it as reflecting the views. They look at Donald Trump's


tweets and think that it reflects their views. I have a problem with


the term mainstream media. And we have two admit, the mainstream


media, we hate each other because we are all competitive. Sometimes! It


doesn't really matter in a way because the bottom line is, there


were only so many people there at Trump's inauguration. It doesn't


matter who is reporting it, it is a fact! In one breath he said what he


said about Muslims when he was campaigning. And then the next day


he got up and said, I like Muslims, they are good people. Some of my


best friends... I think he even use that term. He said he didn't mock a


reporter with disabilities. Yes you do, we saw it. The Observer talks


about the protests. Does it change anything at all? It is important


because if we are not going to let us get into the situation of a new


kind of neofascism, one way or another, individually or as


collectives, we have to resist or at least be cut because otherwise I


don't know what is going to happen to be world. The whole world, not


just the United States. Remember, this happened during the Iraq war.


On one day the world came out. They could not stop the war, but nobody


has ever forgotten that in one of the reasons Blair ended up when he


did was because of that coming out against the war. So it is important.


How do you see James? As one who was on the march in London yesterday, I


don't know how much it achieves, but it does make you feel better being


amongst like-minded people. I was struck by the number of men who were


either on the tube on the sidelines of the module are saying exactly


that in an aggressive way. Why are you doing this, it won't change


anything, your ridiculous. I shouldn't be surprised by it, but I


was. No, it's not going to change the fact Trump is president, but it


sends out some sort of message, either to him to like-minded people


that you not alone will stop that there is hope if the lee-macro. --


that there is hope. But he is being skint. More people turned out for


the protest marches than his inauguration. And that will really


affect him. It's a strange story. They've reported on the American


march and not the British one. At the top of the front page of the


paper be leader line, this summarises absolutely clearly what


many of us feel has happened. Let's move on to the Sunday Times. They


have an exclusive. A really good story. House covered up Trident


fiasco. -- number ten. There was no nuclear tipped on it, but it clearly


malfunction. The head of all of this has said it is safer we know what we


are doing, but we will never know if it happened and how it happens, I


don't think. I think the contrast with the Observer, that is a story.


It is exclusive. Some people will be reporting tomorrow and the next day


because the Commons want to know what were wrong. The protest were


reported on the story. I thought one of the most interesting stories was


about 10% of people not owning a single book. Would you make of that?


I believe it and I find it terribly depressing, especially as now


libraries are closing down, you know? I just find it really sad that


there are people, I know people, I have got some rich friends who have


artificial books. They look like books? They look like leather bound


books, but they are not, so that is where we are. I am suspicious of it.


It might be fake news. It is a PR survey will stop if it is true, as


you say, the worst thing is if people don't have books, you can't


go around to the house and judge them on what they read. People have


e-readers on the trainer. He has got an e-reader, what is he reading? Is


it something dodgy? I'm talking to an American -- I remember talking to


an American teacher and she said that they determine how well a child


is going to do based on if there are books in the house. That is an


important determinant. I helped a young child to read. She had a


typical home life. The first time I gave her a book, she was six and she


did not know which side to open. It was very sad. But she did learn and


within three months she was reading fluently. It's just the opportunity.


Does it matter that much these days with e-readers? You can read books


online. Are we terribly old-fashioned? I am glad we are


old-fashioned. I am in favour of newspapers as well, something you


can pick up and read, but the kids are not necessarily reading, they


are reading something else. I do think you can give a child be hungry


Caterpillar on an e-reader. Most kids started with comics. There is


only BB note left. Dandy went online a few years ago. I don't know is a


simple answer. Not ideal for a pundit to say that. We will leave it


there. That is it. And a reminder, we take a look at the front pages


every evening, here on BBC News.


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