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Welcome to our look ahead to what The Papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. We have Matthew Syed. The Financial Times leads on the Bank of


England's upgrade the growth forecast for the economy. The


Telegraph says the human rights lawyer accused of pursuing a


witchhunt against British soldiers is facing calls to be prosecuted.


The Times leads on the possible end to the train drivers strike on


southern real after one union won what a paper calls as a significant


concession. The Guardian says Nato must counter Russian hacking. The


Express says exercise is the solution to back pain. The meal sees


healthy eating faces rationing after extreme weather.


The Metro, we are going to start with that. Things can only get


better. Davis, the Brexit secretary, predicts bright future as Brexit


plans are published. There are some suggesting things could get a lot


worse. Yes, indeed. A sub editor with a sense of her study because 20


years ago, about know, somebody was coming up with things can only get


better as the theme tune for the general election campaign of the


Labour Party, Tony Blair's first election. You were there at the


beginning. I was there. It feels like ancient history. But a very


pro-European Prime Minister who was hoping that he would be able to


transform Britain's attitude towards the European Union and note the same


catchy headline is being used by those who want to pull us out, or


who have succeeded in convincing us that we should be taken out of the


European Union. David Davies as saying that Britain's best days are


ahead of us but it is still a degree of wishful thinking, he has not


produced any evidence to show that is going to be the case. He has got


to see that. It is his job to see that. He has produced a White Paper


today which MPs had the chance to see, which does not tell us much


about why he is so convinced that things are going to get better.


Matthew, we are going to be striking out on our own, having these goods


trade deals, we are not going to be shackled by all the red tape and the


problems with the European Union, we can control our borders, the


European Court of Justice is not going to be ruling us, it is going


to be great. I have never heard that fit so well. I think he is wrong


that better days are ahead because I voted remain and I thought it was in


the national interest to stay in the European Union but I am delighted he


is good to get a chance to prove me wrong because the British public


took a view, Parliament is that they rightly has allowed the Government


to trigger article 50 and he has got to see this, be optimistic and


dynamic stock he must of negotiations will be tough. The EU


will not be as compliant as some people are thinking but it might be.


Not least because a fantastic deal where we can opt into things we like


but not things we don't like would incentivise other nation states to


leave the European Union. This is going to be fraught with


difficulties and negotiation terms. But the British people have spoken.


David Davies is on the stump. I had forgotten the catchphrase for that


Tony Blair campaign. How happy was I or that day when he won? People


accuse us of spin back in 1997. There is spin going on here. Having


offered a book called the spin Doctors diary you should know what


spin this. I have read it. Onto the Financial Times. Bank of England


raises growth forecast again but remains wary of Brexit impact. We


know that the Bank of England governor did not think that things


were going to get better after the vote. He is eating humble pie for


the third or fourth time now with a raised forecast. It is quite


interesting. Note the GDP forecast is to draw 2% this year, same as


last year, up from 1.4%, the forecast in November, but the


forecast after the decision to leave the European Union was only 0.8%,


saw the bag forecast, this is going to be damaging in the short term.


The reason is the thought this would affect consumer spending and


confidence. What they did not factor into the equation is that when 52%


of the voting public think they have got their way the confidence grows.


Maybe what we have here is people who really believed that Brexit was


going to be good for their pocket and therefore are spending more


money, building up a bit more debt which might not be good. That is the


problem. It is all onto. I think it is more of the phlegmatic attitude


of the British public. It has not happened yet. I change attitudes


until that is a reason to do so. There is a danger that those who are


in favour of leaving the European Union may think these two stories


and because the growth forecasts have been upgraded that does not


prove that things are going to get better because we have not yet left


the European Union. Just on economic forecasts, it is remarkable, it is


difficult to make accurate forecasts, the result of complexity,


lots of people behaving in unpredictable ways,. What amazes me


is how little economic forecasters update their predictive models in


the light of events. Unless you do that and improve, there's not a lot


of scientific method and forecasting. There is a very good


book on exactly that. Visit your book? But none of this matters


because we do not care about experts anyway. An expert who self justifies


their existing assumptions because the eagle is bound up with an


existing idea, that is a disaster. Those who want to revise the


judgments in the light of experience. The points made here by


somebody else, whose name I cannot find at the moment, there has been


such a consistently wrong forecast, they are updating its too gradual


Stickley. Let us move on to The Times. I do not door if you use


southern real. All the time. You must be happy. The end in sight for


rail strikers union claims victory. There will be a lot of happy


commuters. I do not use it to commute every day. I used to see my


parents. But can be chaotic as we all know. That is not fall over. The


CHEERING Drivers appear to have settled. We


do not know the details of the deal. But the conductors themselves in the


RMT have not yet settled so it is not necessarily over and there is


the risk of real Mac strikes heading to another part of the country where


people will look at the deal and said they want that as well. A


disgraceful strike. When The Independent rail it was saying that


driver only trains would be safe, and these strikes have caused


massive disruption, massive dent to the economy, even though the economy


is still growing, this concession is too much. They have given guarantees


that a second staff member would man every chain, the idea was to cut


costs in a strange way, this guarantee, this could have a


contagious effect. That you cannot cut costs and have a worse service.


This is the kind of deal that seems to have put a smile back on faces.


The Express. Inside page here. A lawyer who has been struck off, who


was basically ambulance chasing, Tank chasing, some would suggest,


hounding according to this newspaper, Gulf War heroes, to get


prosecutions against British soldiers. I am so angered by this.


It is disgraceful that this person, Phil Shiner, who held himself up as


a great defender of human rights, has trampled over the rights of


British soldiers who were putting their lives on the line for our


nation in the Gulf. According to the tribunal today the allegations found


that Phil Shiner's attempts to malign our soldiers were entirely


without foundation. Deliberate lies. Reckless speculation. Ingrained


hostility. Enriching himself duplicitous Lee at the expense of


our soldiers. He deserves everything coming his way. Yes, he has been


struck off. Some of the cases did prove to be true. There was


mistreatment. Not an excuse. Some people might suggest that if this is


taken too literally then perhaps some soldiers out there, who have


been responsible for some problems, may not get prosecuted. That is a


danger of that and that is another reason why what this month it was so


awful. Those people who are genuinely trying to get at the truth


rather than someone like this who was using shocking measures to


profit from the process, those people who genuinely try to get to


the truth, will find their work much harder and people will be less


willing to listen to them. Before we go to our final item, The Telegraph,


French toast, Francois Fillon feels the heat over wife pass back row. He


is a leading contender for the French presidency but problems


concerning over whether his wife was paid for what she did not do has


stymied the entire thing. It is a complicated story but it is very


important because he was seen as the most likely candidate to prevent


Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far right, at the sickest campaign is


toast, whether he has to pull out or whether he limps on. It is good news


for a centrist candidate, a sort of Blairite candidate. He is impressive


and has no outperforming Francois Fillon Somerby things could get


better for France. Financial Times. Trump, it is time for tough call. He


is having a Barney there. He fights everyone. He is angling for a fight


with Arnold Schwarzenegger who took over his job as the host of the


apprentice. Viewing figures are plummeted. Arnold Schwarzenegger


hits back by saying, but us swap jobs. Let us hear the very clip from


Mr Trump himself. They hired a big movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger,


to take my place. We know how that turned out. The ratings went right


down the tubes. It has been a total disaster. Never bet against Trump


again. I want to pray for articles for those ratings. That was at a


pre-breakfast -- that was at a prayer breakfast. I want to remind


people that is the leader of the free world. Here is the response.


Donald, why do we not switched jobs? You take over on TV and I take over


your jobs and people can finally sleep comfortably again. I would be


less skilled with Arnold Schwarzenegger as president. Arnold


Schwarzenegger was Republican governor of California. And


eventually very successful. Toxicity whether he might change the


constitution. In five words, maybe ten, first week and a half of Trump,


sum it up. He has followed through on his campaign pledges and


therefore is behaving in a way that you could describe as democratic but


he is exactly as dangerous as many people thought he would be. He has


been true to his words but his words are as distressing and disturbing as


ever, he is going about diplomacy and a completely different way,


slamming down the phone on other world leaders. Let us see if it


works. But as Matthew pointed out, he is doing what his followers


wanted, the people who voted for him. Before we go tonight I wanted


to show you a change to tonight's The Sun. They have a bespoke


masthead on the paper. He has taken the name of the paper quite


literally. A collectors item. You can see the front pages of all The


Papers online on the BBC website. If you missed the problem bat if you


missed the programme, any evening you can watch online. Thank you for


watching. Goodbye. Good evening. It has been a


turbulent day. Rain but particularly with the winds. They are


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