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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are journalist Mina al-Oraibi and the


Good to have you both with us. Let's begin with...


The Commons Speaker John Bercow's opposition to President Trump


addressing Parliament during his state visit to the UK,


is one the top stories for the Telegraph..


While the 'I' says 'Speaker silences Trump' on it's front page.


The Guardian's take is that senior figures have accused


The Times has a picture of the tight security for the Israeli Prime


Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Downing Street.


While the Metro leads with the death of Stefano Brizzi in prison,


the man jailed for murdering a police officer and


The FT says French bond prices have fallen to their lowest


levels in 18 months, coming amid fears that


a scandal surrounding the centre-right candidate


for the Elysee Palace Francois Fillon paying family members


for work they allegedly didn't do, could bolster populist candidates


And finally, the Daily Express reports on a terminally


ill man with cancer, being cured by a new wonder drug.


Let's begin with one of today's big talking points. John, the Speaker 's


bid to silence Trump. It is extraordinary. It is, not just him


saying, I will not have this guy speaking in front of the Houses of


Parliament, but it is because he is sexist, racist, and unfit to speak


before MPs? It was outstanding, many people believe that the Speaker of


the House of Commons is meant to be neutral in such matters, they are


there to moderate the political debate. But apparently, he is saying


no, I'm only neutral on domestic matters, not foreign affairs. This


is foreign affairs. The language that he uses, he effectively said


that Donald Trump is racist and sexist, and we, in this country,


believe in an independent judiciary and liberty for all people and


respect regardless of colour or creed, and stuck it to him, quite


frankly. MPs applauded, they are not meant to, a huge round of applause


from the SNP and a lot of Labour that benches, not so many on the


Tory side... I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall that


Number 10! In one of the other papers, the Parliamentary sketch


writer for The Guardian newspaper, you said that he hates Theresa May,


John Bercow, and there is no love lost between them, and Theresa May


has always treated him like dirt? And I think this is his way of


saying that, as Speaker committee gets a say on manner. -- he gets a


say. This is not an automatic right, but an honour that must be earned,


and someone like Donald Trump is an unfit for the honour. It comes with


debate about the state visit. Definitely channelling a lot of


anger that some people feel about this. President Shi of China, he


locks people up in Chinese gulags. He does but does not claim to be


leader of the free world and the special relationship... It is


interesting. The Daily Telegraph repeated in their article about this


special relationship. He's not the only person who can make this


decision. Three people can but, having said that, he has effectively


ruled it out. Clinton came here and made a speech in Westminster, so did


Nelson Mandela. And Barack Obama. He has been around for longer than


Trump, but I also heard today, on one of the channels that this notion


of him speaking to Parliament, it has been mooted, when Mrs May went


to the States, and word came back that it was not his kind of thing. I


did not know if it was there. Let's move on. A story that we were


talking about earlier on, Brexit, Donald Trump and the trials and


tribulations of the NHS, they have tended to push a lot of news of the


front pages in the last few weeks. Including Syria, and the front page


of the Times newspaper seems to be back,


Assad hangs opponents? Credit to the Times for covering this story,


Amnesty International says that there is document had evidence that


these prisoners have been killed. And they are referring to a military


prison which is not warriors before the war started in 2011 and the


uprising, if you went in it would be unlikely that you came out, or if


you did it would be many years later with torture. It comes after a push


for a renewed diplomatic effort, there have been talks in Geneva over


the last couple of days, to put this on the table to remind people what


the Assad regime is capable of, it is important as we go into these


talks. Recently, there has been an effort to make it seem as though the


regime and opposition are on an equal footing. While both sides have


committed a crime, various sites, it is to say that by far, the Assad


regime is responsible for them. And the killing of this kind, on this


scale, and coming from Amnesty International, we assume that it is


well sourced? Yes, and it comes at a time when the attempt to


rehabilitate President Assad, or legitimise his rule, is gaining


momentum. Donald Trump made overtures to the Russians, and we


have the guy who was the frontrunner, we will talk about it


later on, Francois Furlong, said that he would be willing to talk to


the Russians and Boris Johnson has intimated that perhaps the price for


peace is President Assad staying in power -- Francois Fillon. It reminds


us to be careful? And it reminds us that a lot of these decisions are


made at the top echelons of power. Some would argue saying that


President Assad should be removed before any change in Syria


happening, for five years ago, but to say even if he stays in power, or


does not commit you have a security of power, where you've been involved


in such worried atrocities committed cannot ignore them and keep them


there. But everyone for Turkey to the USA are changing their tuned but


in the end, if it stops the killing and this kind of massacre, then


anything could be acceptable. It is difficult to believe that the person


in charge of this is capable of turning a page but we will have two


C. Staying with the Times newspaper, more homes for new buyers in housing


plans. I was on duty here in the newsroom yesterday and there was a


suggestion that the Conservative Party was moving away from the idea


that everyone should own their own homes, and they would push the idea


that renting was a good thing because you cannot get a decent


house in this country, there are not enough of them around as people


cannot afford them. Now, another housing plan? I would suggest


respectively that you could have been on duty at any time over the


last ten years and seen this headline! That was my reaction,


we've heard it all before and the truth of the matter is, successive


governments have been moment Bill in their efforts -- lamentable. The


reason we are in this mess is because they have failed


disastrously to get it off the ground. Credit where credit is due,


they are having a crack, according to this press release now. Land will


be earmarked to fix the broken housing market, that is their word,


not mine, broken. And what it will apparently end is a system whereby


local councils can determine themselves how many houses are


built, and they have different criteria. We don't have a uniform


plan across the country. And they want to revive the high Street, boy,


does it need that? In my community, estate agents and coffee shops are


the only shops left. Chicken shops and nail bars? Around my place! In


my high Street, it's not disappeared but it has been diminished. If it


works, but when? France, let's head over the Channel, Francois Fillon


and his mistake. This was the centre-right politician who shoo-in


to win in the Eliseu Palace to win the elections in April, a scandal


concerning whether or not he was paying family members for work that


they did not do. He has come back? Yes, he apologised but is still in


the running. It appears that we are seeing French bonds reacting and


people and traders are worried about getting predictions wrong in 2017


again! You see them reacting more than they would ordinarily, almost


compensating for a lack of judgment. We are seeing this, and it is


interesting because of the scandal, talking about 900,000 euros. They


said that he is taking it out and the uncertainty is that it helps the


far right leader, Marine Le Pen, because she is pushing forward in a


way that nobody expected. That is what they are scared of. They are


scared that his staying actually hurts everybody else that is trying,


at this moment, to be someone like Marie Le Pen who one year ago we did


not take as a serious threat to reaching the Eliseu Palace but it


seems it could happen. I'm not sure that many people would cry about


traders losing their shares, but there you go! Ooh, I'm particularly


worried about the millionaires in the city who might be losing stuff!


That was a joke, by the way... John, you suggested to me that you were


around for the coronation of the Queen? You are looking good on it, I


have to say! I vividly remember the headmaster of my primary school near


Huddersfield gathering us together and saying that the king had died.


And he had died on this day all these years ago. I was five or six


years old and my reaction was, OK, can we go and play now? Does that


mean we have a day off? And I remembered the coronation, because


like my parents and thousands of people in the UK at the time, they


bought their television sets to see the coronation. The Sapphire true


belief. It's the kind of thing that way, probably, will not see for a


very, very, very long time -- the Sapphire Jubilee. You need to be


came from a young age, or Queen,. I find it amazing that it is the


day, as you say, that her father passed away. While she marks the


day, it is interesting, as John was discussing with me earlier, that she


always marks the day in private. Because there is a lot of reflection


also about losing her father. Indeed, she was at Sandringham


today. Congratulations to the Queen and to you guys, for joining us for


The Papers. Many thanks for that. Do not forget


that you can see the front pages of all of The Papers online on the BBC


News website. It is their seven days a week. You can watch the programme


later on BBC iPlayer. Thank you to all of you at home for


watching. Goodbye.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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