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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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cinema. We will guide you through some of the new releases including


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Robert Fox, who's Defence Editor


at the London Evening Standard, and the former Conservative


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with -


the Daily Telegraph leads on analysis by the Health Service


Journal of plans to close A and E units in England


It reports that up to one in six casualty departments face closure.


Health is also the focus of the Times' lead story -


It reports that hospitals will be legally obliged to charge foreign


patients - before they're allowed access to NHS health care.


The Express also leads with the crackdown on health tourism


writing that the responsibility will lie with hospitals to charge


foreign nationals wanting medical treatment.


Rent Revolution - that's the headline on the front


of the Metro, referring to a shift in tone by the Conservatives'


from their 'right to buy' policy, towards affordable homes to rent.


The FT has a picture of the French far right leader Marine Le Pen -


as she launched her presidential bid today.


But the newspaper leads with comments from some leaders


from Britain's biggest companies warning that companies are already


The Guardian looks at the controversial travel ban imposed


by Donald Trump, but rejected by a US appeals court.


And staying with Trump - the I reports that some Mps


And staying with Trump - the I reports that some MPs


are threatening to boycott a state visit by the US president.


Blackmailing Beckham - The Mirror reports on an apparent


one million pound plot over hacked emails from David Beckham.


Plot, it is a word only journalists use. Let's start with Marine Le Pen,


one of several French president shall hopefuls who launched their


campaign this weekend. Leon seems to be the city of choice. Marine Le Pen


joint election race by attacking globalisation. Her support base have


made her so popular and put the and enviable position and it reminds us


of how you keep managed to appeal to a desperate group of people. --


Ukip. She is saying she is freeing them of globalisation, Islamic


fundamentalism and European Union. What is at stake in this election is


that the continuity of France as a free nation, the very existence of


our people. She is reaching out, you were saying, you have a sense of


what is going on on the ground whereas I reading what is on the


papers. People say she will win in round one but not round super you


are saying in the central parts of France people feeling more connected


with her? The equivalent of the rustbelt where the old industrial


Park, new industries came in at the end of the wall, an interesting


survey in the New York Times in the international European edition,


going through a number of towns and cities and small villages, very


mixed but the swing was absolutely palpable of traditional,


conservative supporters saying she is the one. Watching the television


footage of her rally, she had written across the screen the simple


slogan - in the name of the people. That is Trump, that is Nigel Farage.


Very successful, charismatic banker but will be much together and it is


not the same thing and he is part of the elite she is talking to,


Emmanuel Macron. She is saying the use of the failed by Muslim women is


a threat to French culture and values. That is nothing new. It is


not that it is not going to unify everyone. She once the distance


herself from her father, the founder of the party. She is reaching out


beyond that and looking at the footage from the BBC coverage, who


was in the audience? Students, teachers, private and is. They are


saying this is the woman who can take us through. -- private and


public set this. Now the reason the scandal by Francois Fillon. He is


fading away and that what you have is the outsiders coming forward but


they are both political... They have been around a lot and they are


coming forward. Is her thing about the EU and she is saying she wants


French citizens to feel French again, she wants the European Union


to be a union of Nations, very much in the John Major, David Cameron


view and Emmanuel Macron says, no, we come together, the big project of


the ever coming together and I think that will be a real division and you


are getting a big swing away. Before the Brexit debate, according to an


analysis, more French were opposed to the EU than in the British


electorate so watch out. Yes, she will win first round and lose on the


second, do not count on it. You heard it from Mr Fox, remember. In


the Times, one in six wards facing axe to try and save some money which


is extraordinary how overcrowded some hospitals are. It looks as if


they are trying to look to rebalance services but at the same time they


are saying to close a hole in the budget as well. It is a big hole. It


is but more and more money has gone in. It seems to be demand is


outgrowing the extra amount of money. Whether it is people's


expectations, people living longer, the pharmaceutical industry, what


ever it is, we need to look at it. Instead of a tribal divide, people


are saying what are we going to do. In more recent years, the actual


amount of money spent on the NHS has gone down. Slightly more than the


GDP we were spending before. The amount NHS England said they needed


was handed to them when David Cameron and George Osborne came in.


The next ?20 million was given to them. Foreign patients to pay up


front for NHS care. Hospitals will be legally obliged to try to recover


this money but if somebody comes in and really need attention, do you


present them with a credit card machine? Exactly. It is so


difficult. With so many of these ideas, one understands why it they


are saying it but it is a question of enforcement. How are you going to


check? Emergency care is something different, surely. From the


Telegraph, a black all of 22 million. But 500 million in The


Times. It you do not pay into this in system you cannot expect to be


using it. We do not know because nobody has ever been a really


questioned at the front desk. It could EA significant figure. You


have the said proof of eligibility is needed. People pay. People having


hospital treatment delayed or cancelled and somewhat coming in


from abroad is taking their place. Lots of inequality. People will have


to pay. In the Daily Mail, this idea, the emphasis being on renting


rather than home ownership. Downsizing revolution. The desperate


minister saying you will be given incentives to free up your homes -


what incentives? Exactly. He doesn't sound pretty desperate. The quotes


are not really fit what he seems to be trying to say. The Housing


Minister saying to people like me, you do not have your children at


home but you may have other things, squirrels in the roof, a computer,


you have to downsize. What is the incentive to get out? To go into


sheltered accommodation! A healthy sector should nary an aura even in


the 80s, that is a fully shut statement. --A healthy 70-year-old.


People live much older. Many of us can expect to live into your 90s and


you are suddenly expect that with horrendous daily deals. Is this an


end to the conservative mantra, almost, home ownership for everybody


is gone for good? Everybody still despise to home ownership but what


we have got is not a single silver bullet to solve the problem on


housing affordability. 300,000 extra people coming in a year. We have to


house of them. We have said for years we need to build more homes.


Not enough houses and inbuilt. Most people in their home have thought


about downsizing if they can release the money. You have to help with the


rent costs. Build more housing. That is the only way forward but Margaret


Thatcher... It has moved on. A different solution. It is a


different country. Rebel attacks and all sorts of ingenious amendments


tabled to put a spanner in the works? Over 100 amendments and some


of the ones where people are trying to apply - one that Brexit can be


treated as if Cardiff airport. People have said we want Brexit...


That people have spoken. Like any other democratic vote, the majority.


A slight margin. What about the minority? Do we not have a


democracy? You are all Remainers said he did not quite get... I... I


agree with you but this marking around with amendments is complete


nonsense. What are these people, they are growing smoke... Do not say


that word. This is where our Prime Minister has to say, we need to see


what is going to come out in the detail, it is the devil in the


details. Sorry to coin and other... Thinking of Marine Le Pen and the


elections in Europe, Europe is going to be a very, very different place


by the end of the year. I can with cliches but not vulgarities, even at


this time. I apologise. We are sensitive, aren't we here at the


papers! All the front pages are online.


Each night's edition of the papers is posted on the page shortly after


we finish. No excuses for not being up-to-date. Coming up next, The Film




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