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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are The Daily Record's Political Editor Torcuil Crichton


and Joel Taylor, Deputy News Editor at The Metro.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with


the Telegraph - Theresa May's victory is historic,


it says - with her Brexit plans getting overwhelming backing


from MPs - also looking there at Jeremy Corbyn's problems


with another front bench resignation.


It focuses on the next stage, the Lords, saying they're


being warned not to thwart the will of the people.


The Metro is looks at the early death of Tara Palmer Tomkinson,


the original 'it girl', it calls her.


Then the Times - Brexit pushed off the front page -


it has a story about big brands apparently unwittingly funding


Islamic extremists through by advertising on their websites.


The i zooms in on the resignation of Clive Lewis - Corbyn abandoned


We are going to look at Labour's problems in a second. But in the


Daily Telegraph, MPs finally back Brexit. A journey of 1000 miles


begins with one step and that step begins tonight. A big endorsement by


the House of Commons. A stonking majority. 52 Labour MPs voted


against. There will still be trouble within the Labour Party. Now we go


to the House of Lords which, people suggests, it should get through


without too much. They will be Archie bhaji but they will sign. --


argy-bargy. You surprised not a single amendment got stuck to this


thing? I think it is too giant leaps. It is a free to trigger


Brexit when ever she wants. The government whip Cleverley made the


rebels non-... 79 competing against her Article 50. This is about an


historic journey out of Europe fall written. Some of the focus turns


back on to Labour and DK is it has been left in. -- the chaos. Tonight,


you only have 122 MPs who are defying the will of the people. The


48th % of Remainers Iniesta B. Clause 57, chine to guarantee a


right of residence the full European National 's already here failed.


There a note preconditions going into these talks are the lender once


she put in herself. The Telegraph story is quite good. With such a big


majority,... There is no way they will tinker with this. They did a


great job. Tory peers are bound to not leave England. There is no doubt


Theresa May not dealt a bad set of cards when she became Prime Minister


that she has played them very cleverly. She is in a position of


strength, albeit still in a position of unknown potential. She does not


know whether she will come out with anything successful or it turns into


their disaster some suggest. 27 other countries involved in these


negotiations. The I mentioned Labour, key Corbyn ally quits in


Brexit rebellion. Very close, Clive Lewis, to Jeremy Corbyn. Diane


Abbott was not sick this time and she is closer still to Jeremy


Corbyn. She was not sick but she looked sick! LAUGHTER. She felt


sick. She probably went off and was sick after having to vote for these.


Clive Lewis is of Corbyn's side of the party but possibly a better


popular touch, a better man a. He has already been talked of as a


potential challenger as leader. Someone suggested this evening that


the shadow cabinet was not in a reshuffle but in a permanent


revolution. LAUGHTER Let's see how it plays out the next few days. The


Labour Party is unrecognisable. Unrecognisable in the polls as well.


True. Even the hardened supporters are beginning to recognise he's


making any progress and they may see Clive Lewis as the new messiah.


Right message, wrong man, is what they are beginning to think. Clive


Lewis has stuck to his constituency is, stuck to what he believes is


best. Position himself well to inherent what Corbyn may give up.


There was a buzz today because the result of the vote was known but


everyone was focusing on what Clive Lewis and Diane Abbott were going to


do. Corbyn had a ready given his departure dates to his inner circle


was one claimed. The story ends tonight with a new messiah. How long


does live Lewis stay of the frontbench, until Corbyn leaves?


That tackle was just a little bit too high, Clive, you are off!


Someone as talented as these guy, others who have had to vote with


their conscience and have had to leave, in posed by a man who has


never hit a whip in his life. Is that it until Corbyn goes? It could


be. A permanent revolution, as you say. The last reshuffle has not


ended yet. He did not feel a lot of those spots, oh, dear. Plenty of


people busy at it. Diane Abbott's reputation. She voted tonight not


last week. Has it sunk, her reputation? Is she still the


rocksolid person? Corbyn will need to rely on Diane Abbott from now on.


She was obviously torn. She looked deathly afterwards. She was clearly


very unhappy. Jeremy Corbyn tweeted after the vote that the real fight


starts now. To which Nicola Sturgeon tweeted, you have just lost. Lots of


people saying I voted for you and you trade me. He may have lost some


of his core support. It was historic tonight, but also the Labour


Party... 48th % of people want to remain, there is a market out there


for people to rally around somebody who sticks up for them. Corbyn was


supposed to feel that spot but he has less credibility now, trying to


reach out to these people. Brexit cannot be over quick enough for


Labour. And neither for us. Foreign aid to fraud without batting an


eyelid? It does that an eyelid. This is an investigation into different


budgetary funding. Only 0.03% it spends goes to fraud. That has been


widely ridiculed. The Treasury itself, trying to keep a hold on the


money, 3% of their budget is fraud. Something like 0.7%... 0.03%... That


is a pretty good? No, it is of rubbish. They have created a fraud


team in 2000 ten and that one person is doing a fine job. One person in


the fraud squad. This is the kind of thing that wind people up a lot.


With these foreign aid, in any case, it is going to be hard to say this


was the money you spend and this is what we produced. The idea that


there is only one person supervising to make sure the money is not taken


by despots is pretty absurd. Finally, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson dead


at 45. She admitted herself why she was getting all this attention. She


was candid about her problems with drugs and that candour was


refreshing for a lot of people. They think she got the attention because


she was young, will connect to it and beautiful. -- well-connected.


She was the modern-day version of a debutante. I never met her but by


all accounts she was a lovely person and very talented. Very musical,


artistic. In a way, it is sad that somebody's life is detected only in


appearance. She had a great life though, she did not regret that eggs


she had done full obviously her drug addiction was a huge problem or her


but it is very sad. All the front pages feature the death of Tara


Palmer-Tomkinson. Good to see you. A little bit delayed because of the


football, Leicester finally getting it right. Champions and they are.


Thanks again for watching. Good evening, we are going to be


plunged into the deep freeze with cold weather on the way. Not


necessarily crisp weather with blue skies, a lot of cloud around as


well. And as we go through tonight the


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