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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Finally! Hello and welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will


be bringing us tomorrow. If front pages then in English. The mail


warns of council tax rises comes most areas face increases of 5%.


Greek's finances are the FT's top story. The mattresses problems


facing the NHS are even worse, reporting the 25,000 people at


waiting for cancer treatment. And the mirror reports on the lowest


rate of NHS spending in history. The Guardian says the Prime Minister


faces a rebellion from your own MPs to end the child migrant scheme. The


Times claims taxpayers and charities are fuel and the surge in fake news.


And the express reports on the number of people trying to enter the


UK illegally and speculates about whether Tom Jones and Priscilla


Presley are an item! That will not feature in what discussing. It is


not unusual! Let's begin with the Daily Telegraph. Council tax rises


for millions, households across the country facing higher bills, not


just council tax bills, but the parking as well. We knew council tax


rates would go up because we always do, particularly when the government


is short of cash because the force local governments to raise more


money. This is a local government information unit survey and they


have surveyed councils in England and Wales and 94% of those councils


only have said they will raise council tax over the next year by up


to 5%, and that may also include additional charges for parking and


waste disposal. The accusation here then is the raising charges they do


not necessarily need to raise under the banner of social care costs


going up. Yes, but councils say we do need to do it, and that is


because of the rising cost of social care. I will move us because we have


got so much to get through. Up to 150 MPs support a motion to oust


John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, who was very partial about


Donald Trump and he is supposed to be impartial and some MPs have taken


exception to what he has said about him addressing Parliament. It was


another Trump story because it is regarding the state visit the


president Trump is to make, Theresa May gave that invitation to the


White House on the Queen and it was accepted by it President Trump. The


criticism is not that the Speaker of the House of Commons said he was


against the visit, it is the fact he went on to say it was racism and


sexism, that is the particular parts that some MPs are unhappy with,


amongst them a Conservative MP and former Foreign Minister who has


tabled a motion of no confidence. He did that today. After the Speaker


said... He wanted to bar the US president from addressing


Parliament. Although there are 150 MPs, the vote will not be binding,


but it is considered he would be in an untenable position if a certain


number of MPs were to vote against him. If it is 150, that is getting


on for a quarter of MPs. Liam, help us out with this one, financial


Times, Greek debt sell-off. This is all to do with the dire straits the


Greek economy and banks are in. For the last year, 18 months, this


notion of problems in the Eurozone has gone quiet, but the problem is


still there. Greece is still basically bankrupt, reliant on a


rolling bailout from the IMF and European Union jointly. The ECB.


Every year or so it has to be renewed and there is a lot of


political argy-bargy. Greek bond yields have spiked and investors are


losing confidence in Greece. There is a row between the EU and the IMF


as to who will actually showed the losses the Greece will impose and


the timing of this means that it is particularly tense because ahead of


the Dutch and French elections, there is a lot of very tense


politics and the Eurozone. If the idea spreads that they may actually


let Greece go bankrupt, there will be fears about other countries going


bankrupt. The Eurozone will have lots of turmoil and contagion.


High-stakes stuff. Normally, we get to a cliff edge and in the 11th


hour, a deal is done. You might feel you are over the hump and not at


all. Angela Merkel gets tough on asylum seekers is the picture on the


FT. Another asylum seeker story. This is that increased cash payments


says the FT for those leaving Germany voluntarily and of


repatriations centre to handle difficult cases. These are among


some of the proposals of the German Chancellor just a few months ahead


of the election. 1.2 million migrants were welcomed and accepted,


invited indeed by Angela Merkel, but in the light of the terrorist attack


by a Tunisian 's asylum seeker, plus the fact she is facing a lot of not


just rebellion but problems within her party. She is really feeling the


heat. Particularly also we have to remember alternative for Germany and


how these parties doing. There are problems now that Angela Merkel and


doubts about her re-election. This is different from how welcome


policy. It sounds so nice and French. Cannot compete! I don't have


to compete. Nothing like self-confidence. The Guardian,


someone else feeling the heat, rebellion threat... Oh, you caught


up finally, well done! Rebellion threat grows over may's bar on child


refugees. 3500 loan child refugee children were meant to be coming to


Britain and only 350 power. This goes back to the dubs amendment, a


Labour peer highly regarded. The informal limits for loan child


refugees that Britain would take every year was around 3500 and the


government is saying it will be 350 and you have got the Archbishop of


Canterbury weighing in now to this debate, saying he is saddened and


shocked by the decision to limit these measures to only 350 children,


saying it is regrettable. Some MPs will not let that go. The word


close, the Guardian Singh close but Amber Rudd in Parliament said they


are not closing it. Words matter. They do, thank you for clarifying.


The daily Mirror, a couple of health stories... No, just the one we're


doing now. And it is spending back to the 50s. Can you explain this?


Health spending is increasing in real terms, it is not keeping pace


with demand though. This is the distinction between levels of


spending rates of change of spending. Health spending goes up


year-on-year. What the mirror are pointing out though, they are not


fiddling the figures, the growth of health spending, 1.1%, is very low,


and it is not keeping up with demand. But as they also point out,


they have done really well. They have had a statistical story across


two pages here, it is also a chart saying that as the NHS tries to do


with 1 million patients a day, A numbers are up 33% over the last


decade or so, they are also showing that the UK, even though health


spending has been going up, we are spending less than 1% of our GDP. It


is worth pointing out. How preoccupied are the French with the


spending of provision? Worried because there is a different system


but it has its financial problems. I was in Paris yesterday, chairing the


conference, and I had some of the most eminent European specialists on


health. The state the obvious, what is not mentioned in this is very


much the fact that our populations are ageing and we have not planned


properly for this. This is not an overnight occurrence. This is


something that is totally predictable and needs to be


addressed. It is clear that in the United Kingdom, as we are now


discovering because we are hearing all kinds of stories about people


kept for six hours on trolleys, four hours before they can get into A,


ambulances having to wait, and this is not just a winter problem, it is


becoming an all year round problem and it is not for the lack of


courage, dedication and above the call of duty and nurses and doctors.


That is before we even talk about cancer treatment and social care.


Public cash paying for growth of fake news. This is a really


interesting story by the Times. It is obvious that it is happening.


Government bodies advertise, charities advertise. And when you


advertise virtually, online newspapers and publications, Google


will take the ads and put them elsewhere for a fee and that is how


are curated and spread around different websites. You are now


getting government and charity backed adverts appearing on websites


that deal with fake news. Which seems to legitimise the story. Some


of these websites are nasty. They are anti-American, they may incite


terrorists, violence, extremists. But this is what happens when your


adverts are curated by the huge search engines and social media


companies. You lose the control of the ability to choose where your


brand is advertised. You do not set the parameters. The Select Committee


is looking into Google's roll anyway. The chairman intends to hold


senior advertising executives before MPs to explain how adverts are


placed online sites promoting extremism, violence or news. And


when you see a household name or legitimate business, you think this


must be a pukka website. They have not chosen to advertise there. It is


just how it has worked out. A consequence of fake news and how


we're having to be vigilant about sources of news. A new phenomenon.


No adverts here. Except for you! The's finish with a little story


about some famous people having babies. George Clooney and his wife


are having twins apparently. What are we meant to say other than, we


wish you well and get used to sleepless nights? Possibly, if you


can afford it, hire a nanny. Certainly for the first few weeks.


But they will look great. They will have loads of help. Will George


Clooney get up in the middle of it to do the feed? He might, don't


sexist. I am not. That is it for The Papers before we dispatch anyone


else. At this time of year, the battle


between winter and spring


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