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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Rosamund Urwin, columnist at the London Evening


Standard, and Martin Lipton, deputy head of sport at The Sun.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The i leads on the Government's decision to shut down the unit it


set up to investigate allegations that British troops abused local


people while serving in Iraq, saying it's cost ?60 million.


The Daily Mail, which campaigned on that story, says the witchhunt


against British veterans cost ?60 million. The Mirror reports that a


fundraiser who collected thousands of pounds for The Sun of the rugby


is in court accused of keeping the cash. Overstretched NHS hospitals


are paying doctors ?4000 a day, according to The Times. The


Telegraph says the Apple is demanding a campaign against fake


news, which it says is killing people's minds. The Guardian claims


the government has abandoned the idea is of Donald Trump addressing


both parliaments when it comes to Britain for a state visit later this


year. The Daily Express says that the EU wants to hit the UK with a


bill of ?49 billion as part of Brexit. There is a lot to keep us


busy. And only 16 minutes to do is turn. We will start with The Daily


Mail. At last an end to the witchhunt. This is a long-running


campaign to say that these trips have had these allegations held over


them for a decade and nothing has come of it. They had put it on their


front page because they consider it their victory, although other papers


have been campaigning as well. They mention a lawyer who has been struck


off over his tank chasing tactics here. This has been something that


has put a lot of pressure on veterans who avoided been through an


awful lot. The government is the same label nb claims brought against


veterans from the Afghan conflict. This is a very popular move across


the country. Yes, there may have been things that were wrong but


where other word criminal acts they deserve to be investigated properly


and we have had cases where service men have been jailed for what they


did, which was wrong. A lot of these issues clearly were not and there


has been significant investigation that has found no basis to the


allegations made. Now they are talking about the closure of this


ongoing investigation. 3600 claims were looked at by the Iraq historic


delegation team and that will be down to 20. The most serious cases


need to be investigated, but this constant number... It has turned


into a cash cow and that is what is worrying. It has gone on for so long


because of the situation with the lawyer that had to be dealt with. We


have been talking to the former head of the British Army and he says that


we should go back to the old system and someone who understands the


military should be the first people to investigate. It would make sense.


You would want the police to look at things that go wrong in the police


and the army to look at things that have gone wrong within the army. You


would hope that they have significant sense of independence


within the organisation to judge themselves. If you really believe


that the army had batted them and they deserve the trust and respect


they get them, they have to be able to make those decisions. You have to


wonder if there might be some kind of compensation for people who have


been put through this for all these years. It has been hanging over them


for so long. Some health stories in The Times to end the week. We have


belittling at the NHS in great detail on BBC News. Hospitals pay


law comes ?4000 for a day off work. A local is a stand on Doctor who


does not have a substantive post in a hospital. They come to fill the


gaps. They can almost name their price. Hundreds of locum doctors are


paid ?100,000 a year. We know the contracts which the doctors have


been as to sign or of great concern. We have a significant issue within


the NHS which is causing problems. I sign an interview with Jeremy Hunt


where he talked in great terms about the situation and people will wonder


how it can come to this and why we cannot have a more sensible system.


We could see ?300 million a year being spent on temporary doctors.


There are massive gaps and wrote us, as any doctor will tell you, and


they have to pluck them. The alternative is that they do not plug


them with anybody. I don't think we should pay 4000 staff but we should


have sufficient staff that we don't have these gaps in the first place.


It takes years to train doctors will stop six or seven years. I have two


doctors who have gone to Australia and New Zealand and that does not


help. It explains how terrible the circumstances are. The pressure


thereunder. And sure they did not want to leave Britain necessarily.


Some will always leave but you do not want to train people and invest


in them and then they think their best option is not to stay in the


country. We need a health service we can all believe in and that is the


duty of government. At the moment there seems to be a lack of faith in


the delivery of that service. GPs add to strain on a knee by failing


to open all day. What does that mean? Most surgeries seemed to be


open from morning to evening. Less than eight hours here. Again, GPs


are incredibly stressed, all the ones I know, and people are leaving


general practice, so something does not add up here. Clearly we need GPs


to be open and we need them to be seeing elderly patients and they


need to go to their GP quickly. Otherwise they will end up in AME.


-- in A My sister-in-law is a GP and she tells is often of this sheer


demand on her time will stop it seems like there is never-ending


expectations. Lots of GPs go out to the community, not in every place,


but some of them go, and some of them are doing business but the


surgery would not qualify as being open. Jeremy Hunt says that he


recognises things are unacceptable... He has been in


charge. What about Andrew Lansley. He said it didn't help hospitals


cope but there were other parts of the system... Is it another cunning


plan the government have come up with? Be no funding to the NHS, as


much as they claim it is increasing, it is not. Maybe it is not


increasing fast enough to keep up with demand. Flexibility of demand.


Social care is another issue. Fake news is killing mines, the head of


Apple, Tim Cook, demanding a drive to educate against the scourge of


misinformation. The problem we have is that the whole concept of fake


news has now been debased by the fact that anyone who comes up with


information which is contrary to your opinion can be demeaned and


denied and branded as fake news. When you have a representative of


the most important government of the world talking about alternative fax


your going down a rocky path. Links CNN fake news to undermine them. --


calling CNN. I think what he is suggesting here is necessary. We


need to educate the people. They had a left of the top fake stories of


last year and one of them was that the Pope had supported Donald Trump,


which was complete nonsense. This is the social media echo chamber,


people that are repeating things that are nonsense because it is what


they want to believe. Is this not just down to critical thinking,


which we need to learn in school? I think there is something about being


presented with a new story that makes people think it is credible.


But you don't think... Am a journalist. But that is about being


a critical thinker. We could teach that in schools. I think it is


asking people to confront its. Sometimes people just want to


believe what they see. When people are being funnelled into a


one-dimensional view of the world, irrespective of that view is


correct, you're going to have problems. People want to believe


things that coincide with what they believe. His argument is that if you


tell children not to believe everything, they will go home and


said the same to their parents. I think that is an interesting way to


think about it. It is like children telling their parents to recycle.


The Express, the EU is warned that they will not believe us. Brussels


once ?49 billion. That sounds expensive. When you leave a club,


you have to pay leaving charge. What is it for? One of the things it is


covering is making the MEPs redundant, so that includes Nigel


Farage who want to be in Europe and is still receiving a salary. Perhaps


he won't take the redundancy... He claims his expenses and takes a


salary. Why would we pay? We have to. MPs all used to pay something if


they lost an election, and I think that has been dramatically cut. I


think we can cut this. If you are due, irrespective of Brexit, you


will want the UK to pay a heavy price for leaving to stop anyone


else going down the same pattern. Therefore, they are going to extort


as high a price as they can. We need to find a way to counteract that. Do


you charge extra for speaking French on this programme? Not with my


accent. On page ten of The Mail, no estate agents make buyers pay ?1000


reservation fee just to take homes of the market. If you find a home


want to buy and you don't want competition you pay ?1000 and no one


else can find it. Critics have understandably labelled this another


property rip-off. Because people are so desperate to find a house want


the property to come off the market, they are being made to pay this fee.


This is not in Scotland, I assume. It is banned there. I believe they


have a system without gazumping. It is a simpler system. Lots of people


want England and Wales to copy Scotland in that regard. There are


estate agents who are charging a couple of hundred pounds to sell


your home. My theory is that the market is slow at the moment though


there are not many properties coming on the market. Prices are not


falling but there is an expectation that they will stagnate. You get


desperate sellers doing it, but that means there are not many properties


which means fewer transactions and estate agents are finding other ways


to make money. Also there was the competition but the online estate


agents who are charging much less than the established estate agents.


They have no overheads. Very few anyway. On page three of The Times,


here comes red-hot TV. This is the end of those Scandinavian series


where we bought the jumper. It will not be dark, it will be warm and


bright and still murder. These are television as well are famous in


Brazil. They also pick out Narcosis, a programme about the Colombian drug


trades which is just completed its second series. There is lots of


drama. I think it is inevitable that we get a bit sick of the same


stories. There is always a missing child, a cop who has problems, so


there comes a time when you try to do the opposite. There are hardly


uplifting. One top alert in Brazil is about a serial killer thing that


with police. It is in a nicer location. One uses a honey making


businesses a front for a male escort service. Another one is about a


young couple that befriend their neighbours with disastrous


consequences. Have got time talk about the back page... We do. We


have one minute left. Which one are we looking at. The Times. This is


going to hurt, Wales against England on BBC One. It is a proper game.


England played badly and one last week. This could be the defining


match of the Six Nations. If England when they will look very strong. The


Welsh are determined to send them back with a fully behind their ears.


-- a fleet of time. Wales are the underdogs and they like being the


underdogs. England do not do well in Cardiff. It is going to be a great


battle between two good teams. England are the favourites but it


will be on the edge. It will be brutal. I would like to point out


how our papers have neatly been stretched across the desk. You can


see the front pages online. It's all there for you,


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