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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Conservationists in New Zealand say another 240 pilot whales have become


stranded in a remote bay on the South Island -


in one of the country's biggest beachings for 100 years.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Jo Phillips, the political commentator


and Nigel Nelson, political editor of the Sunday Mirror


First up the Observer - it's reporting what it calls


unprecedented criticism by a group of leading retired bishops over


the Church of England's stance on lesbian, gay


While the Mail on Sunday looks back at a supposed exchange


between Diane Abbott and the Brexit secretary David Davis -


that's said to have happened after the vote to trigger


The Sunday Telegraph focuses on Commons speaker


John Bercow and his controversial comments about Donald Trump's visit


- also mentioning there that the President may go to areas


of the UK that voted heavily to leave the EU


The Sunday Express is also looking ahead to that visit


and says Mr Trump will 'speak to the people' at a stadium rally


with the proceeds going to the Poppy Appeal.


Domestic politics take the lead in the Sunday Times -


it says secret succession planning is under way for the next labour


We can't really get away from Donald Trump. Kick yourself. What is the


Express revealing. When he comes here, he wants to do a major rally


so for ?10 ahead, you can go and see and do whatever he is going to do.


Not quite sure where it is going to be Birmingham, Cardiff, Wembley


Stadium. The clever part of it is he will give all the money to the puppy


appeal. Very good politics. Suggesting he is coming towards the


end of the year and certainly the word around Westminster is not


before the end of August, probably in the autumn at some point.


Conveniently when Parliament is in recess. Then John Bercow can't ban


him. That brings us neatly from the Express to the front of the


Telegraph. John Bercow, and not just the remarks about Donald Trump. Just


a couple of days before he made that rather astonishing outburst in the


Commons chamber, he was talking to some students at Reading University.


He revealed that he had voted remain and that he was quite open and frank


about his views on Brexit on all that. Is a parliamentarian. Probably


a very good and interesting guest but very strict but rules governing


the speakers state that they should not be politically partisan. Which


is why the Speaker never votes. You don't see them campaigning in


by-elections. Some think it's great, some are upset but this I think is


probably more damaging because it does suggest that he thinks he is


outside the rules that govern the Speaker. It is a very important


office. Even though many think it is rather old-fashioned. It is the


division between Parliament, the monarchy and the state. Famously,


speakers lost their heads for daring to defy the will of the king. Which


is why the Budget is always delivered by the Deputy Speaker. The


speaker can't have his head chopped off by doing it. That is a tradition


from the old days. Curiously, I'm not sure I quite agree with the


seriousness. It is a minor thing to say to students who asked the


question however, when you think about the absolute power that the


speaker wields, can you imagine the Queen turning around to students and


saying, I prefer remain. What surprises me is he gets caught out


by something like it. I don't think it is a huge deal and it wouldn't be


on the front page of item is outburst earlier in the week against


Donald Trump but it's a silly thing to do, just like the outburst was


silly. An error of judgement. Then you get the whole point about


judgement and the authority of the speaker. It is not a capital crime.


Not at the moment. Who knows? Let's move on. The Sunday Times. Talking


of people who might be about to lose their heads, at least according to


the newspaper, Jeremy Corbyn's prospects are looking less rosy.


Less rosy than what? As his supporters keep telling us, he has


won all these local elections and is still leader of the party. Lets talk


after the 24th of February after the two by-elections. This is described


in the second, what do you call this sub headline? Subject. Who said the


show wasn't educational? Party faces poll disaster. That doesn't surprise


in the slightest. I am astonished. It is now not secret that Labour has


been searching through Gerry Micawber in our there are so few


people to choose from now he has managed to alienate much of the


Parliamentary Labour Party. He has been nice to them. Even Harold


Wilson, didn't he once say a dog is allowed one bite but then the owner


might consider putting it down. Very unusual you would have a three line


whip on a boat like this and they keep their jobs. Given Jeremy


Corbyn's own background, serially defies the own whip. It astonishing


he allowed them to keep their jobs but is it -- but it is a human


resource issue. Is the Labour Party Mac was is -- is the Labour Party's


problem Jeremy Corbyn or is it fundamentally more? I think it is


Jeremy Corbyn but the reason he is there is because of the problem of


the Labour Party and I think, in a sense, is probably exactly the same


thing the Democrats are going through in America right now. There


is a sense of, it's fine, it's been great, we can carry on like this. Ed


Miliband didn't quite cut the mustard. We will carry on.


Everything else has happened with Brexit and David Cameron going.


Jeremy Corbyn really has not quite cut the mustard because I think the


Labour Party has been, but too long, in denial about the threat to them


of Ukip. They have been in denial about Brexit. You scouting around to


create a shadow Cabinet. People, you have frankly never heard of. One of


two of them, two women, may end up being his successor but I presume


that will be decided later. Isn't that the fate of opposition parties?


When William Douglas Smith was leader, members about the shadow


Cabinet you have never heard of an interviews later, they won the


election, those people are Cabinet ministers. People have forgotten


that they used to be a skewer. There is always a bit of that but this is


more than that. I have been in the House of Commons for more than 30


years. I've never seen of the political party has polarised as the


Labour Party is. When you see stories like this about the


succession to Jeremy Corbyn and suggestions he might jacket in. Most


of it is wishful thinking. You can't talk to a Labour MP and ask how they


are without them telling you, I am awful, I'm a Labour MP and then


going for a diatribe against Jeremy Corbyn. Its public to the stage


where he can't be defeated in an open election, as we saw. As a


result, Labour MPs who oppose him hoping something else might happen.


Jeremy Corbyn is Britain's most unpopular party leader behind the


SNP and Ukip. Yet a leading Britain's biggest political party.


The front of the Observer now. Above bunch of retired bishops are


lecturing the current bishops about handling gay rights. You didn't make


a great job of it. It is a bit like elder statesman. The Church of


England's ruling body, in Parliament, meeting this week. 14


retired bishops. They are significant bishops. It's anyone who


is listen to radio forward heard. Peter Selby, the former Bishop Paul


Worcester and Richard Harriss Boxford, they are saying, you are


talking the talk about LG BT rights and stuff but you're not walking the


walk. I don't think for one minute we are suggesting there should be a


change. It would be good. It would help the church if you could somehow


coming to the age that the rest of us live in. The 21st century.


Sometimes it feels like we are moving back into the 20th century.


Particularly when you look at the left hand of the Sunday Times.


Russia's Cold War style. This is genuinely serious. What the


intelligence agencies seem to be talking about is that we have been


penetrated like never before. We really are up to dealing with the


Russians and Chinese who are both trying to into everything. What the


Telegraph is saying, 60 significant cyber attacks a month. The Sunday


Telegraph are talking about 3000 attacks a day. There is an awful lot


going on. Our security is very bad. Ministers are putting it at the top


of the agenda. This has fallen to the Chancellor to do that. A major


conference coming up this week. It is a serious issue and thank


goodness it is being addressed. Is it because we haven't taken it


seriously before? One of the things that is interesting is what Nick.


This is fake news. News website that is based in Edinburgh. It is a


Russian- funded site. This help they can use stuff, it's all part of the


whole thing. The story on the front of the Sunday Telegraph. Hackers


targeting kettles. Apparently, Nigel Wyatt -- Nigel and I were discussing


it earlier. Why would you need a computerised cattle? You can boil


water from the next room. If you want to boil water from the next


room. You might as well make yourself a thermos flask. There is


so much effort going into these. Then you can have computerised


bridges. They will sort out the ingredients. You can programme it


from outside. Why are we bothering? Why are people worried about things


like this? People are so dam lazy. What it does mean is that the


Russians and the Chinese were just talking about it, they can


conceivably hack into the whole Wi-Fi system. It's an intriguing. I


thought wonder at the Russian samovar would be a lot easier. Joe


Phillips, Nigel Nelson. Maybe something a bit stronger than a cup


of tea when you get home tonight. It is good to see a boat again. The


paper review is on line. We will see you again. We are here every night.


Thank you very much your company. More news at midnight.


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