18/02/2017 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me is the political commentator, Vincent Moss


and the broadcaster, Charlie Wolf.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with:


The Sunday Times' front page says a head teacher in Oldham fears


for her safety because of an alleged plot by Islamic extremists to take


The Observer leads with a leaked report warning of chaos


for EU nationals living in the UK after Brexit.


The Mail on Sunday reports of child sexual abuse claims against former


The Sunday Express carries a story about young children of alcoholics


calling a helpline and asking to be read bedtime stories


The Sunday Telegraph reports that Russia plotted to remove


the government of Montenegro and assassinate its Prime


Those are the front pages. Let's have a more in-depth discussion.


Good evening to you both. Shall we start with the Observer? Another


Brexit story. Their Brussels's correspondent has part of a leaked


report from MEPs in the European Parliament that suggests there is


doubt over the fate of EU citizens living in Britain, what happens to


them once Brexit is underway. They will be end and a legal no man's


land. Will there be a cut-off date if you live here as an EU citizen?


When will that be? What will happen to British citizens abroad. It is


one of the thorny problems Theresa May has got. If you are an EU


citizen living in Britain, I think you would be worried about what your


status would be. There should be a grandfather clause. If you are here


legally originally, you should have a right to stay. I think you have a


right to have time to leave, I cannot see this country just kicking


them out. I cannot see it being physically done. It is one of those


semi-scare stories. Our immigration records are not particularly


brilliant so the status of certain people won't be that clear. It


almost works in their paper. Potentially. If you haven't got the


paperwork, you might have a problem. We did have a story earlier in the


week where Theresa May had said she was confident there wasn't going to


be an issue. But it wasn't clear. Exactly. There will be time to go


through Brexit, like a two-year process, so people should have been


a warning at some point as to what is happening. C, do you want to pick


up the next one, the Sunday Times. It is more Brexit. Tim Shipman in


the Times. Downing Street officials believe part of Britain's annual aid


Bridget should support a new deal for countries in the European Union,


including Poland and Hungary. I have heard this story in the past, these


are countries that are more amenable to as leaving because they


understand how we feel. Having been under the grip of communism.


Essentially they are saying, let's pay them. Let's give our aid budget,


tell the European Union where we will send our money, which I don't


think Jean-Claude Juncker would be happy with. Those people will of


course negotiate on our behalf and within the EU for a better deal.


There is fights over this money within the UK Government, because


this department is saying this is our money, not yours. If it will


stir up Brussels, it will have to work. They are looking at this as a


sweetener, giving these countries, the likes of Poland, Hungary


elsewhere, the Baltic areas, this cash as a trade deal sweetener. Also


it plays into the conservative agenda, they don't want it going to


India, Africa and other such places. They would rather see it in the UK,


but if not, close to home. So another Brexit story. Which leads


nicely onto the front page of the express, India and foreign aid.


Vincent, they are saying they never asked for it in the first place?


This is an interview with the Indian High Commissioner over here. He said


we never asked for any foreign aid. Britain just gave it to us. India is


seen as having a lot of wealth in certain areas, but not in other


areas. But the High Commissioner says very nice things about England


and the UK and says it would be a winning situation, relations are


very good, we both excel in high-tech technology. We all get on


very well. But there are questions as to why we are sending this money


to one of the world's wealthiest countries. This money has to be


given away, if they want to get rid of it, PO Box 238, small bills only.


But it is the silliness of how this target driven thing is setup. They


have tonnes of money they don't know what to do with. I know what they


could do with it, send it to me, but hospitals, the police and things


that need to be done in this country, they cannot spend it here.


Referring back to the last story on the European story, even that, the


OECD tells this country where it has to send its money and they cannot


send it to these countries to Poland and I think Albania was mentioned as


one of the few that qualifies, which isn't in the EU. I find it amazing,


it is this country's money, but they cannot be told how and where to


spend it. Go figure. Go to the Telegraph. Russia plotting to


assassinate the Prime Minister of Montenegrin. Great old-fashioned


Sunday newspaper story. Saying the Kremlin was plotting to oust the


government and kill the Prime Minister on a planned coup on


election day and it cites it was one of the most blatant recent attempts


at Russian meddling. It is sourced from Whitehall sources, so something


going round the MoD and the Foreign Office. It plays into that broad


theme that Putin and Russia are meddling all over, certainly parts


of Europe, if not the world. But it is a great old-fashioned story. Here


is an opening scene from a James Bond movie. The pair that were over


their setting things up, spent months overseeing the recruitment of


a small force of Serbian nationals and to arm them. The plot was to


kill the Prime Minister and the Kremlin strongly denies this. But at


this level, they say Putin had to know of it and have do approve of


it. This is going into the Nato argument. You have Michael Pence,


the vice president talking to the security meeting today about Nato,


saying listen, you need to give up the cash and hit the 2%. Germany


doesn't want to. They are calling it a holdover from the cold War and it


throws up new arguments. Without having to take over a small country.


Vincent, it is interesting they used British intelligence on this, to try


and unravel the plot? Yes, Whitehall sources and British intelligence on


the Russians is good. Sometimes it is not so good in other parts of the


world, but Ben Farmer has good contacts in that area. It isn't a


movie yet, but it probably will be in the next couple of years.


The The Mail, this is a story that has been rumbling for a while. This


police operation was set up a year ago. It is surrounding Sir Ted


Heath. What the Mail on Sunday is alleging, the police chief in charge


of this enquiry quotes him as saying, a source close to him saying


the Wiltshire Chief Constable is 120% sure there is some truth to the


allegations. It is based on the fact that one of the reasons around Ted


Heath said he couldn't have been involved because he couldn't drive a


car, didn't have a car and he was always chauffeur driven. The Mail on


Sunday has produced photos showing Ted Heath in a car. That means he


did have a Kaka so there could be something there. It is a very long


read, and there have been allegations around various people,


but nothing is definitive. The police investigation continues. They


are pursuing leads and I have looked at these stories, there are a lot of


allegations, some from decades ago. It is hard work for the police to


get to the bottom of this. When testimony from victims, many of them


from people with incomplete recollection, and an area when there


was no CCTV. Sitting in a studio with a lawyer, I wouldn't want to


base my testimony on he said, she said, or, he was driving a car. It


says the police are refusing to call off the dogs on this. A Tory MP said


if Edward Heath was a child abuser, then I am an aardvark. Do you think


we will get to the bottom of this? I don't think it will go away any time


soon. The idea of a conspiracy involving a Westminster elite will


rumble around for years to come. Quickly, let's go back to the Sunday


Times and the Trojan horse makes a return. The Sunday Times, a school


in Oldham and the headmistress is saying she is being pushed out. Give


us a summary of this. It is another chapter in the idea there is Islamic


infiltration in schools. It is the latest twist written by Andrew


Gilligan. A teacher said she is concerned for her personal safety.


Oldham is an area of high Pakistani community and these allegations are


around. We are just getting one side of the argument, I am sure the


people involved would say it is not the case. Sorry to cut in, but we


want to cross to Florida because Mr Trump, I believe is now speaking, or


about to speak at this campaign style rally. That is Melania Trump,


his wife. It looks like she is opening proceedings for him. A lot


of people have been describing this as a reset rally for Donald Trump.


He hasn't had the easiest past week, but the last month has been a


turbulent one for him. Just recently, his national-security


adviser, Michael Flynn, had to quit the job. Interviews for that will be


taking place tomorrow. But this rally is seen by Republicans as


getting Mr Trump back to his true support base. It is very similar to


one that he attended and held in Minnesota during the campaign trail.


Very quickly, whilst I have got you here, what do you think about this


rally, tying it in with the last week's events? He realises he's us


communicate very successfully and efficiently with the public and the


press are an obstacle to that. At least, in his eyes. Not much they


don't cooperate, but they take a cynical view. He wants to talk


directly to the people. President Obama did it frequently. Maybe not


necessarily at rallies, but he would find ways of soft interviews, going


on the Tonight Show and he is employing the same tactic. Let's


listen to what Melania John Harris to say. And where all Americans can


work and succeed. A


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