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That was in it sets like Reagan. We have part of a wide shot. He is


making it sound so easy. If it was so easy, why hasn't it been done so


far? We had his supporter who came up on the stage. Not at all


scripted. I am sure it was all unscripted! He was overwhelmed! He


said that he knew Mr Trump would deliver. To be fair, the guy has


only been in office for one month. It is a four-year term. He is trying


to get people behind him. But you look at that and I am sure to some


Americans and, without trying to start a war between our countries, I


shall most Britons would have looked at that chap and thought, they would


have raised an eyebrow or sniffed at this guy. He was a happy looking


chap and Trump was happy to bring him up and let this average looking


guy, he had no idea what he was going to say, be his spokesman and


he was the stronger spokesman he could have had. He keeps talking


about fake news. BBC News have carried his speech unedited for


about 40 minutes, so no one is twisting his words. It is the first


sign of a dictator when people talk about fake news. What's fake about


carrying his speech unedited for 40 minutes. That's one of the big


problems. He is in a position now where he is starting... It is only


one month in, he will have to start delivering on some of these things.


It is all very well to talk about the healthcare than solving Middle


East problems, but it's that tough line on immigration, which works


well with that crowd. He was in his home territory. But there will come


a time when we will have -- it will have to start delivering on his


promises. I think again he has brought forward solutions, even some


as simple as the pipe. It seems something only a businessman would


have notice. This is a non-partisan sort of divided. The us and them,


blue-collar, average worker versus Leeds. He said he demanded the pipe


was built here. That's hitting it out of the park. Talking about


negotiations, he also brought up air force on. As I was listening to


this, most people understand why you need two planes and you have someone


as important as the president of the United States. Did think it was


right for him to bring those negotiations out of the public? He


says he is the businessman, he does the deals. It is all very well doing


some of those things, like the deal with the Prime Minister in Japan,


people like that language, but it is very hard to translate that to


geopolitics and all of the big structures. He picks on this little


emblematic things. What he will have to start doing the things. The


Middle East solution, he says they will build safe zones, but that's


impossible to do. Simplistic lines like, we will get rid of all the bad


guys. I'm going to end drugs coming to America. Well, good luck with


that. The businessman, the instruction is always to say, of


course I can, then figure it out later. You can sell that stuff but


you could say the same thing when John F. Kennedy said, we will put a


man on the moon in ten years. That was an ask and they did it. At least


he has the impetus and the push forward to motivate and to change


the level of confidence in America and I think that's part of what


being a leader is. Again, Reagan wasn't necessarily thinking about


the plans himself, he had people to do that, but he could get up in his


Uncle Ron sort of way to explain these things. A different style, but


it is very Reagan. He referenced wrecks it in his speech and as


example of people taking back control. -- referenced Brexit. Some


people might think Brexit is a long way from being under control, as


there is a lot of uncertainty. It is interesting. One of the most


interesting thing is the idea of that you can't trust anything you


see on TV and the news. He kept saying they wouldn't pan around at


the crowd, but of course not as they will focus on a man the speech. He


is very focused on the crowd. I mean, the whole world is watching


him. The world is watching this man. 35% tax on goods. He was talking


about industry in the country. What did you make of the language that he


used? Slightly threatening perhaps? They will pay a big rise if they


leave. The interesting thing, and I speak to a lot of people in business


and trade and they do have worries about protectionism. But I don't


think he will be protectionist. What he didn't say is that the stick, but


for most of these companies the main thing is he will bring down business


rates. The highest in the world, about 35%. He was about 15%, which


is still a benefit for most. So most of these companies will want to come


back. He is the type of guy who will bring back... The official estimate


is about $3 trillion, it could be as high as $6 trillion that sitting


offshore. So as Obama did before him, he is using it in his effective


way. If we could lower taxes in a way that brings all of that offshore


work back on great, but I think that's very unlikely. By lowering


taxes he lowers the revenue he will need to create some of the things he


wants to do, like we build the military. It is the argument where


on the one hand he says he will cut taxes, but on the other hand he


promises all of this sort of infrastructure. Just because we need


to go onto the papers, what do you make of your standing on your


president of broad? Because you are abroad. The reaction to him.


Europeans will never understand him and will look down on him, just as


the elites in America look down on him. When he comes over here he will


be one step below Hitler and the world's most hated man and it really


doesn't matter because it doesn't bother him. In some respects, and I


don't want to sound arrogant, but it's a sovereign country that


considers itself to be exceptional and always has been. We do try to do


the right thing. You know, we will do what we think is right. Shall we


go back to the job that we brought you into? That was a distraction!


Will start with the Observer. You can lead us, Vincent. The main story


is chaos looming for EU citizens who want to stay in Britain. This is a


leaked document from Euro-MPs in the European Parliament and they say the


trouble is that when we finally have Brexit, the status of the EU


citizens in Britain is uncertain. We already know this and Theresa May


say she will solve it. It is still quite unclear and the MPs say that


we do not have good emigration records and what will the status of


these people be? The suggestion is that many EU citizens living in the


UK, possibly millions of them, will be in a stranded illegal no man's


land. This is some of the problems that people like Donald Trump and


who wants to take back control, the Observer is saying control is


lacking. And I say fake news. I do think we have had all of these


Brexit scare stories and for every story that goes this way it could


also go that way. Immigration was never the problem for me. I know I


was fought along those lines but for me it was about having control over


immigration not the EU Commission. This is something that will be


sorted out. I'm not worried about the people who are already here.


Most of them fall under a grandfather clause, if you are


already here you should still be entitled to that and we still have


two years to work out Article 50. I can understand the problems but if


you were worried about every obstacle, then we would never put a


man on the moon. Let us stick with Brexit because in the Sunday Times


they link at Brexit with foreign aid. What is this? This is a Donald


Trump out of the deal. The ministers are at war over plans to divert


foreign aid spending from wherever it goes to Eastern Bloc countries in


the EU. We were talking before, Poland and who else? Hungary? But we


want to buy off our friends within the European Union to make it so we


have people on the inside helping us negotiate our way out and who knows?


We could be speeding along the exit of other countries. You never know.


This is an internecine war between departments. You can't use this


money to spend in Europe, it needs to go elsewhere. Many people


listening to this are wondering why we would centred elsewhere. Why


don't we use it and keep it here? That is the purest version of the


article, that is what people in the UK want. Cash that is prompting to


wasteful products as referred to. You get into an argument about


whether or not you have foreign aid, is a better spent in Asia and Africa


or somewhere like India which has a fast-growing economy or should you


be putting it into eastern European countries where you can love rigid


trade deal. And the point of this story is that officials in Downing


Street and we can use it to get a good trade deal. Money spent should


benefit this country. Countries work on their own self-interest. There


have been stories in the past of deals gone awry because there is so


much cash to get rid of we don't know what to do with it. They have


to meet funding goals so Germany will not spend 2% on defence towards


Nato will hearing today but meanwhile we have cash rolling


around under a bomb with the 4 billion years to help Iranians.


Sitting there on the at an airport. It makes you wonder. In talking


about foreign aid, India says they never asked for it but they were


given it. Yes. This is the Indian High Commissioner and his wife. They


say they never asked for foreign aid, is said they were thinking. Why


does India get it? They have a fast improving economy. He does say that


is a win-win situation for them and the sky is the limit for the two


countries together. So it is a very positive interview but it is used by


the Sunday Express rather sceptically about how the money is


spent is another example should this money really be going to India?


India is quite a balkanised country in many ways. There is a huge middle


class and a huge amount of money. But there are still extremely poor


areas and there is still an argument for spending international aid. I


think the Institute of economic affairs points out that it is money


that goes from our poor to their reach. The money always goes to the


wrong places. Best aid is people coming to this country and working


and sending a portion of their hard earned money back home. For things


that they care about instead of just being dumped without any idea of


where it is going. Russia is allegedly involved in an


assassination plot. This one is just amazing. To the point where we need


to queue the James Bond theme. The Kremlin, according to MI5 or MI6...


MI6. And people in the United States have researched this. The Kremlin


had plotted to oust the Montenegro government, kill the Prime Minister


and take over the Parliament. And this is the opening scene of a Bond


film. They had a pair of people who are setting this up and had spent


months organising it. The two people spent months is overseeing the


recruitment and equipping of a small force of Serbian nationals to attack


the Parliament building disguised as a local police and an kill the Prime


Minister. I mean that... And not just on any day, but on election


day. So despite the difficulties with and assassinations, they were


going to do it on a particular day as well. They are trying to deny


that they are not making a good president about it are they? The


heart is about Russian meddling. Talking about the Defence Secretary


were they won about a change in the way the Kremlin medals and


countries. It feeds into that broad theme of meddling across Europe and


across the world. An increasing sense of alarm amongst government


sources because of the closeness of America to Vladimir Putin as well


and that is one of the problems. Where it gets interesting is that


Vladimir Putin is making the argument that this is a form of


expansionism. Nato... That is the moral equivalent that does not


equate. Countries joining Nato for their own defence. This is markedly


different from expansion of the Russian Federation. Did we point out


that the reason they were doing this, allegedly, is because they


were not too happy about the plans of Montenegro to join Nato? Exactly.


Vincent. Take a screw the story dominating the front of the Mail on


Sunday? A couple of pages inside as well. More on the allegations


against the former Prime Minister Sir Ted Heath. He was accused of sex


crimes. One of the many people in the Westminster release was put in


the frame for this. It seems largely to centre on the fact that police,


the police chief who started this enquiry about a year ago is


convinced according to the source, that Ted Heath is 120% guilty.


People around him said he could not do these crimes because he could not


drive a car yet photos have emerged of Ted Heath posing in a car. It has


reignited the idea of these allegations and the Mail on Sunday's


line is that it is a witch-hunt. We saw in Britain and we have seen it


before. The same territory here. The question we are being asked is


assured these allegations still be being investigated by police at a


huge cost? I will jump in there. I would like to really touch on the


link and story. Do you have the sport pages? In the meantime, off


the back of the story, there is a statement that has been released


now, a statement by the Wiltshire police and I will go through the


main lines here. The chief Constable states in an open letter published


back in December 2016 that it is his role to ensure the investigation is


necessary. If abuse has occurred then it remains relevant to support


those affected and to seek to bring to justice any person still living


who may have committed associated criminal offences. It is important


to identify any vulnerable individuals who require


safeguarding. The role of the police service is to impartially


investigate allegations that without fear or favour and go where the


evidence takes us. We'll see where this goes but it is sorry that was


ongoing. Now, Lincoln City. I would like to recuse myself. I may not


understand this. It is just a massive story. A huge story. The


argument that a nonleague club could do so well. And the back of the Mail


on Sunday, is that it is Linc-possible. Leicester City is


out, isn't it? Yes. They are out. They are not having a wonderful


season. So you are in the final eight? The quarter-finals? Yes. A


few games away from the final. Our chances of winning are slim but the


chances of them getting this far with slim. We love these fairytale


stories from the footballing world. It is nice to see a change about in


big names are a lot of people. And especially for the fans. I should


have put a bet on. That would have been better. I did not put a dent on


Trump either so... Charlie and Vincent, thank you very much. -- did


not put a bet on Trump either. You can read a detailed review of


the papers on our website. Seven days a week on BBC .co .uk. We have


each night's edition of the paper posted on the site shortly after we


finish. Thank you very much to my guests and stay tuned here to BBC




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