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Hello and welcome to our Sunday Morning paper review.


With me are the Sun's Deputy Head of Sport,


Let's have a look at the front pages.


plot by Islamic extremists to take control of her school.


leads with a leaked report warning of chaos and uncertainty for EU


nationals living in the UK after Brexit.


reports of child sexual abuse claims against former


The Sunday Express carries a story about young


children of alcoholics calling a helpline and asking to be read


bedtime stories when their parents are drunk.


reports that Russia plotted to remove the government


of Montenegro and assassinate its Prime Minister last year.


The Sunday Mirror claims a convicted rapist who claimed a


?2.5 million lottery jackpot with a deliberately damaged ticket


had bragged to his friends about the plan beforehand.


The Montenegro plot. This is clearly sourced by Whitehall. The Russians,


her friends in eastern neighbours, tried to subvert the Montenegro


Government and ferment and violent overthrow the state with an attack


on parliament and a planned to assassinate the then Prime Minister.


He has no stood down and been replaced by his deputy. There is a


clear worry from Moscow that a lot of satellite states will become more


westernised and Montenegro are one of those. It is the process becoming


a Nato member and seeks to become an EU member. At this very detailed


report in the Sunday Telegraph and appears to show the sheer scale of


the Russian involvement and they have form. Look at what is happening


in Crimea and think a lot of the sphere of the next step will be


similar sportss plots in the Balkans, in Estonia, Lithuania and


Latvia with the Russian minority might be used as a pretext for


something else. It is was like fiction but it is fact. Martin is


right. That is formed for this. But also not to support Vladimir Putin


in any way are endorses worldview, but from the Russian perspective it


will of course look very threatening that Montenegro wants to join the


EU. That it has application in play and also wants to be part of a call.


It will see it as a European judgment on its territory. --


encroachment. This idea of a Russian plot led by two intelligence


officers to lead a revolt against the democratically elected leader.


This is from the United States textbook on the CIA was involved in


all sorts of plots to do the kind of thing. It even had a school of the


Americas which is a school for political clues.


-- coups. We see what has happened in the Ukraine with the Orange


Revolution and the pushback and people being thrown in jail because


the opposition leaders. Russian opposition leader suddenly had these


investment charges against them. And clamp-downs on the free press and


the authoritarian measures. It is then a stark context because we then


have this between Trump, which is to be the bulwark against Russia, and


Moscow for whatever reason. These things of piquancy and Westerners


for us in Europe. -- resonance. We're talking now about business


rates. Everywhere I go, every shop I going to be talking about business


rates. Completely. People are really worried about losing the premises.


In my area it's all independent retailers like the dry cleaner and


the grocer who have petitions that say these business rates are going


to force us to close and that does seem to be the picture across the


UK. You say that all the papers have done pretty solid reporting from


high street talking to retailers. This is the first time in seven


years in business rates have been recalibrated according to property


rises. The disparity in the rates is what is causing so much concern.


Some large businesses such as sports direct who were named in one of the


papers the other day, it is facing a cut while smaller and independent


businesses are not. I think that is a genuine fear that the old fashion


high Street is going because I will get is a homogenous situation when


every turn looks the same. You end up with nothing that differentiates


one time from another. And some other things that my paper covered.


Changing the rates for the football clubs. And if you're an Internet


business you do not have a building. Not only is it completely


unaffordable but it will force them to close. Set against the giant


packs that corporations seem to benefit from and this thing about


not being enough our being able to avail themselves of tax loopholes.


To not pay what you think would be an appropriate level of tax. It is


hitting the national supporters of the Government. -- natural. You know


that MPs are worried. This online from the Government saying there


will be no U-turn which means they will make a U-turn. They will then


say they have listened to the people. The Observer raises concern


about EU citizens after Brexit. This is EU nationals who are now in the


UK and have been for some time. That thought to be 2 million. They have


lives and families and children and work in school and the rest of it.


Their features completely uncertain because they are being as pawns in


our negotiation about withdrawal from the EU. On top of this there


has been a leaked report that says because there are weaknesses in the


British immigration system and the way that charts and processes of


non-British citizens and it is just not up to the job of being able to


filter carefully select should be here. That is adding to the


uncertainty. A previous court case for many years ago would have it


they would say that, wouldn't they? It is interesting that one of the


pieces in the Observer suggest that had much scheme for the National ID


card been approved ten years ago this would have been an issue that


could have been avoided. The problem, it is claimed here, is that


there is no real logging of people coming to the country. The fate of


British citizens in Europe is also uncertain. It is interesting now


that the trigger for Article 50 leaving the EU is going in front of


the House of Lords, this issue is one that might be sent back to get


an amendment is slapped on it. It is causing a lot of distress and I


think a lot of the Lords have a political freedom and political


space to be able to look about best cleanly and say this is just


completely ludicrous. It is not fair to do this to people. There has been


inconsistency. Affordable to those clear a lot of Brexit ears were


saying there would be no impact on foreign citizens are British living


abroad. -- Brexiteers. One would hope that could be a sensible


solution probe could say this is where we stand. People are rightly


fearful of where they're going. The Sunday Times has an article about


what is known as another Trojan horse plot. This is an old term with


a a primary school sent an e-mail to a local council to say that she


believes there is a plot to force a particular conservative branch of


Islam onto the school. -- Oldham. There were issues in Birmingham and


Tower Hamlets and Luton. This is one of the journalists hobbyhorses that


you can see why there are issues there. She is claiming she has had


death threats. It is a very strong statement, an e-mail sent to her. I


have very strong reasons to believe this is happening. I am the subject


of death threats and aggression to my car and a verbal abuse and


attacked physically by a parent. This goes back to 2013. It will


concern people. The Birmingham are quietly went on for a long time and


while some of the claims were dismissed the thrust of them were


our peril. -- where upheld. There were cross-party concerns in the


city as well. The danger is you end up branding everyone is a


fundamentalist and trying to attack and destroy what is the norm in this


country. It is an issue that has to be looked at. It is an issue that


needs to be reported responsibly and I'm not sure that this front page in


the Sunday Times achieved that. As you rightly said the Trojan horse


plot, number one, in Birmingham was not as big as people thought. There


was an official Government cross-party enquiry into it that


concluded that a lot of the fears were unsubstantiated. None of that


is to take away from what this headteacher has experienced and her


concerns for our own safety which is an incredibly frightening. But we


are in a context where the Muslim population in the UK is very


besieged and it has become acceptable to scapegoat and demonise


that minute in a way would not do it any other community and I think that


needs to be care in the way this is reported because the impression


created is that we are dealing with Islamist extremists and conflating


that the religious conservativism which acts which different things.


And making much more about the naturally is the case. I want to


look at the mail On Sunday briefly. Allegations against Edward Heath. We


have known that ever teeth and others have been accused for some


time of widespread paedophilia. Lee and Britain died just before he was


officially cleared. His family blamed the failure to exonerate him


as a contributory factor in his death. Another Lord was also


accused. A lot of the allegations have been viewed as being fantasy,


basically. This one particular called Nick who has been seen as a


source of a lot of his allegations. However this is the Chief Constable


of Wiltshire Police who is investigating. It is sources close


to him. They say he is 120% sure of the allegations against Edward Heath


had totally convincing. The rationale for the stories he did


drive a car. One of the claims made by those who supported Heath and


dismissed the allegations are that he could not have driven to commit


these offences because it did not drive. He was always driven by the


Government driver. There are photos in the story of him at the wheel of


this rubber 2000 car that he bought. -- Rover. Other witnesses talking


about him say that he did drive a car. Maybe it is a little chink of


light for those who believe in it. There are a long series of quotes a


from the source. Close similarities to accounts given to those who have


come forward with same names and times and places and incidents


coming forward. Stories and details dovetail. Contains disturbing stuff.


Investigators have been shocked by what they have learned. Fast Edward


Heath cannot reply and respond to these now. Rachel, do you like


football? Like underdogs winning. Should we say "bigly"? The FA Cup


has been fantastic. Yesterday was a bigger shock of the lot. Lincoln


City going to bodily who play pretty much a first-team. -- Burnley. The


first time in a hundred years and non-league side is whose last eight


of the tour. Satellite playing Arsenal Monday night. Millwall won


yesterday. That was lost, there victory over the champions. --


Sutton. They would all want magister united away. It would be all over


television and the biggest payday. -- Manchester United. They probably


would not want Millwall home. We take a look at tomorrow's front


pages every evening at 20 to 11 here on BBC News.


We have a westerly breeze today. The best of the sunshine will be across


more sheltered eastern parts of the UK and signs of cloud breaking up in


Suffolk earlier on. Grey skies in Cheshire River could find some


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