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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Ben Riley-Smith, Deputy Political Editor


of The Telegraph and John Crowley, Editor in Chief of


Tomorrow's front pages...starting with...


The Daily Express leads with a 'new tax on inheritance'.


The paper says a "death tax" is among policies being presented


to Theresa May to help combat the cost of caring for older people.


The lead story of the Telegraph explains that scientists have


successfully created an embryo using only stem cells


The Mirror leads with a report which reveals four in five


Guardian has an exclusive interview with the head of MI6. The Daily Mail


leads with the plague of the fly-tippers, an epidemic.


Snap's debut on the New York Stock Exchange is the top story


It says shares in Snapchat's parent company soared more than 40per cent,


'Pay as you learn' is the main headline in The I, which says some


schools are asking parents to pay ?600 to cover costs for course


The Times says British taxpayers will help to fund a private army to


protect NEPs as part of a record spending spree by the European


Parliament next year. What will we go with? The Tories said Nicola


Sturgeon should face bigger loss and second referendum. The suggestion is


from Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, that


if she pushes ahead with the second independence referendum, they will


lose even worse than they did before? We don't quite know what


basing this on. The Pauling doesn't suggest that? It doesn't. I don't


think she will be disappointed to hear this because she's taking the


battle on their ground. This was supposed to be put to bed fairly


generation in 2014. Two or three years later and here we are talking


about a "I don't think Nicola Sturgeon will mind the Conservatives


saying this. Brexit has opened this can of worms again, but Scottish


voters will probably have to look at the maths of the currency and


economy even more closely because they are not part of, leaving a


country that has already left the European Union. Absolutely and that


is sought-after till really second referendum would move up because it


is moving so swiftly right now that the Unionists would certainly say,


listen, 2014 when you lost you said you had billions of pounds of our


money and no you don't have that revenue, you said you were going to


be able to keep Scotland in the EU, we are leaving the EU but do you


want to break up a whole other union? Things have deteriorated in


Scottish finances over the last couple of years and those problems


remain the same, what currency would they use? What will happen on the


border where trade passes so freely? Those unanswered questions just a


significant. Does the possibility of a second vote figure in any way high


up the agenda for Theresa May, when she's going through the


negotiations, is that at the back of her mind? Possibly not high enough.


Theresa May says the first thing I did when I became Prime Minister was


go straight up to Scotland because I believe in it so much. When you talk


to Theresa May's ministers, very really do they bring up the fact


that they need to think of Scotland's interests and the


Scottish angle for every one of these moving parts, so they would be


but that, but you don't get that feeling walking around Westminster.


Artificial life created in the lab. Cracking story on the front of the


Telegraph. Probably scary for some as well? Yes. This is about managing


to create, and this applies to mice, a leading mouse embryo without using


spare or an egg, so a petri dish, even moving beyond spare and eggs


vary your fusing together sells, so what is interesting is that


currently leftover embryos must be destroyed after 14 days. This raises


the notion that if this is being done on an industrial scale, and it


may be an opportunity for the scientific industry to investigate


more, but it raises moral questions about life so it may be saving lives


by a world we want to? Exactly, because the ethical considerations


in all of this, scientists can do amazing things and the life without


sperm and eggs, but it raises so many more questions? It is mind


boggling so I will not be able to shed too much more light but judging


by the people quoted, this is a breakthrough and science at its


best. Cambridge scientists. Something hugely significant this


year and at the end of the article it actually talks about how good


Britain is that this kind of thing, we were the guys who created Dolly


the sheep and last year British scientists were given permission to


genetically modify human embryos, the first in the world. Something


fantastic. Scientists and priests may have something to say about it.


The story is getting hotter than America with the US law chief forced


out of enquiry into Russian links. Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General,


said in a confirmation hearing he hadn't had contact with the Russians


and it transpired he has and he has had to recuse himself from the


investigation into the links between the campaign and Russian... Spies,


ambassadors. All the above! It is an interesting story and reason so many


questions about what those links exactly are between the tram


campaign and Russia. Another of those jaw-dropping moments and at


some point you think the bandwagon will have to calm down, possibly


less conciliatory speech was the moment, and then this phenomenal


point where Jeff Sessions, his Attorney General, first under oath


when being tried out for the Yule said he hadn't had any contact with


senior Russians. Now it has emerged these two ambassadors he has had


contact with, he said he will recuse himself from any investigation into


the tram campaign, but interestingly he didn't say it was because he had


links, but because I was part of the trompe campaigns or should step


away. It feels like one who will run and run. You have got an alert that


plays the Star Spangled Banner whenever Donald Trump tweets and he


hasn't tweeted on this? He hasn't, and maybe that is the lack of


support you may looking for and we were looking and the way to check


that, has he tweeted it out? What was interesting about this is he


stood traditionally in front of a podium. Tonight. Donald Trump would


have done that, gone on to Twitter and shouted down, so 40 days into


Donald Trump's rain and it feels like a state of permanent resolution


where he is fighting battles all the time! First-day lead yesterday. He


has given up for Lent, that is at! That is he hasn't tweeted! Jesus


walked in the wilderness for 40 days, you have a president with a


messiah complex staggering from one thing to another. There is a


metaphor somewhere! You have it here first. In 40 days each week but you


might be late. Still with the Guardian, the new MI6 boss, less


white and less like James Bond. This is good. This is a very interesting


piece from the Guardian where they now think he should be able to do


the tap on the shoulder, but they want to get away from those Oxbridge


types in the old days. Now they want to broaden the Tote to the wider


community, and a good thing too. It makes perfect sense and the diverse


workforce is by a lot of measures very productive. Two really


interesting bits, the first is not saying they need to become more


diverse, he is actually seeing our normal system applications isn't


working. We need to go to wonder you tap people on the shoulder. Target


people specifically. The quote and not wanting these James Bond types


to come. He says you're getting this surge of people based on the James


Bond fantasy, he says they may well be witty as a revolver but that is


not we are looking for. People are coming up. As long as we still get


to have gadgets and use them. You can't be aspired not have an Aston


Martin! Onto the times. Taxpayers must fund Brussels Private army. A


spending spree, from the times, when it comes to Brussels. Before the UK


exits they want to get a bit more money out of this. That is the


implication. Estimates seen by the Times show the parliament budget


rising to, what is that figure? 2 billion. Above inflation increase of


3.3%, so you can imagine with 52% of the population how that will go


down. Indeed. We still face a bell. 40-60,000,000,000. That is what


Brussels are asking is for. They have left open the possibility we


will continue to pay something into the EU to get some kind of access,


so the idea that the minute Article 50s triggered we stop paying, that


will not happen. Even when we're out of the EU we may still be paying


and, her only demand that it will not be vast amounts. It says private


army, is that what they are really talking about. In-house unit of 46


bodyguards and security personnel. Hardly a private army. Sounds more


like a security unit. An entourage. The EU army is such a red flag!


Incredibly loaded. Onto the Daily Mail. Plague of the fly-tippers!


Cases cost ?1 million a year. Dumping on an industrial scale. It


is a very Daily Mail story. It is a scourge on the country and I don't


think you will find anyone disagreeing. There is another issue


where collections as well, every two weeks. Getting less and less than a


lot of people complaining about councils that when you want to drop


things off the not picking things up so people are falling back to this.


Onto one of the other red tops, I suppose. The Daily Express, a new


tax on inheritance, outrage at plans to help solve the social care


crisis. The Daily Mail with its little investigation and pet peeve,


the Daily Express with its own as well, this idea of a death tax.


Knocking around for a couple of days, something Gordon Brown pitched


in the 2010 election. How do we deal with the social care crisis? That


when a loved one passes away you can use some of their property and pay


back the social care they were getting before the Tories


successfully done this a death tax and hammered at home on the doorstep


and help them get over the line. Seven years later, the social care


crisis still remains unsolved. One of the idea is supposedly being put


to Theresa May is that possible you can do something in this bulk of


cash, but ultimately it is left behind when somebody passes away.


The idea is being put to Theresa May. I can't see the government... I


would be amazed at the Treasury is suggesting it. Certainly not on the


front of the Daily Express, the world's greatest newspaper! The


Financial Times, with two little boys snap chatting. Good headline


would have been snap, crackle and pop. Maybe not in the Financial


Times, but its IPO today, 40% leaked, everybody rushed in, so the


lady that looks after my children, in her early 20s, she sent me my


first snap chat last year, and we went OK, what do you mean by this?


She went, that is the message, it is the picture. We think in words and


they are sending orgies and emotions and it is all about images, and the


reason why everyone is piling into this is because we have seen 150


million people around the world you snap chat every day. 10 million in


the UK. Advertisers desperately want to get words in front of them. It is


losing money hand over fist but the idea is that then the line it will


make lots of money because young people are into it. It is losing


money every day. On the first day of Twitter's IPO they jumped by 73% and


they have fallen a lot more since then. Remember Bebo, that was the


great thing before Facebook. MySpace. I like old punchy


typewriters. Can't go wrong with that. And it doesn't disappear after


ten seconds either. Good to see you. Thanks for that.


Don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online


The winter months were quite dry, the 1st of March is trying to turn


that around and for Friday, rain spreading north to most areas as the


day goes on, looking pretty unsettled,


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