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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the former Trade Minister, Lord Digby Jones and


the Broadcaster and campaigner, Henry Bonsu.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Metro leads with defeat for the Prime Minister


after the House of Lords votes to amend the Brexit Bill.


The Telegraph says Theresa May is determined to trigger


Article 50 in two weeks, despite the setback created


The Express says the House of Lords will fail to derail the government's


plans for a hard Brexit. The Times, record highs. Markets on both sides


of the Atlantic after President Trump's first speech to Congress.


The I has a warning about the "perilous" state of policing -


which it says is on the verge of a national crisis


Daily Mail taking up that issue. Claiming tens of thousands of


criminal suspects are on the loose because of substandard policing.


Any one place to start. Brexit. You were in the Lords, you were voting?


I obviously voted to ensure we get too March 15 with the service of


article 15 notice for the country to start the process of leaving the


European Union. You voted against the amendment? I wonder why it is


that people think they can firstly overrule the will of the


democratically elected House, but secondly trying to tamper with the


will of the Democratic expression of the people? Vivre moaners and the


seven tours are not stopping. What I find so strange about it. They would


be absolutely condemning anyone saying no, no, this is the voice of


the people. In case you forgot, it was a narrow victory. An


-- it was a narrow victory. It was not a landslide, millions of people


alarmed by the kind of Brexit. A lot of the speeches made in the Lords...


If I can finish the point, that is why it is useful to have a revising


chamber, not trying to thwart the will of the people, they are saying


to the elected House we think you should think again. These are


mature, experienced people. Lots of people. You, for example. What I'm


saying, people who have lived, who have experience. Who are going to


bring their experience to this. Very interesting that the government was


defeated in this particular endeavour. We are talking about an


amendment to try and guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK. On


the point about the EU citizens: do they not need reassurance? Wouldn't


this give them reassurance? I would go further, and I will come to that.


You did interrupted me, but... I am so sorry, Digby. The House of Lords


is like a nonexecutive director of the country. It revises, advisors,


kicks up a stink. It must not overrule the executive committee


democratically elected parliament. The legislature. It must not do


that, it is getting perilously close. I was in there last week


hearing the speeches. One after another, paraded out the same way. I


will respect the will of the British people, Bert. The greatest lie I


have ever heard. You have just done it now, it is the sort of Brexit. I


want a soft Brexit. You're saying I want to stay in the single market.


How do you know? If you want a soft Brexit, what you are after is


staying in the single market, that means accepting free movement of


labour, submissions to the European Court of Justice. People voted yes,


no on a simple question. The detail is coming through. It is very


important, and I'm delighted that intermittently telemark


independently minded peers are saying to the government on that


question, the rights of EU citizens, and that is what the government has


been defeated on. They will go back to the Commons and the put through


unopposed. You will be happy. The Telegraph, which we are reviewing,


it will go ahead. Theresa May will still trigger Brexit in two weeks. I


think it would be very good, the traditions of this nation to say to


citizens here. Worrying, you will fined here -- you will be fine. Did


you vote for that amendment? No, I would not overrule the Commons. I


would not fetter the power of the negotiating power of our government


in negotiations. Why aren't you all saying to the French, give us the


right for our citizens to live in Europe? People have been saying


that. The European Union has said they were not discuss this until


triggered. Why are you asking us to do that? Britain talks about being


in splendid isolation. Moral leader in the world. If you really are the


moral leader in the world. You want to cut down our negotiating power.


If she loses the negotiation, you will blame her. Come on, you lost.


If she is going to lose, she will lose many other things, but not


this. We need to move on to something that is not Brexit. Not


immediately to do with Brexit. Donald Trump made the speech in


Congress. Hailed as his most considered very and presidential to


date. As a result, the stock markets hitting a record high. Are you


surprised? It is all apple pie at the moment. Donald Trump very good


shaping the narrative, linking himself to Brexit, talking about a


guy who loves America, where the previous guy did not. He will be a


president for business. Some economic forecasters calling it a


fragile bloom. Talking about spending money on roads, gas


pipelines, increasing the defence budget by $54 billion. It sounds


great, but somebody has to pay for it. People are still spending on


both sides of the pond could, but Andrew Milligan, head of strategy at


standard life investments, investors remain concerned over the


affordability of tax cuts, spending booms, and the consequences of


protectionist trade. This author spending, something you might say


she had with Democrat? He's not really a Republican, he is his own


man. He was promising to spend on infrastructure, everybody in the 50


states knows it is crumbling. He's doing what he said it would do. This


is all tonal, because of the tone of the speech, so much more moderate, I


want to bring people together on this great adventure. Two people


have responded, Congress did, Congress intimating he will get his


tax cuts pushed through. Secondly the markets respond. I would hope he


would start engaging the brain before opening his mouth and


pressing text button. He has suddenly thought to himself, when


I'm a little bit more measured people do things I want. I hope the


penny drops. The bar is set so low, that is why people are delighted. We


haven't got time for you talk so much about Brexit. Do not start that


again. A company bosses quitting amid claims of profit chilly


profiteering. This used to drive me mad. This country has committed 0.7%


of GDP, 14 billion, I'm sorry, 13 billion. Regardless of where it is


spent, anything else, we are closing libraries at home, we will spend


this money. Of its own, not a bad idea. The places and the way they


are spending it is a waste of money. What it is doing here, the aid


budget has doubled on what they spend on consultants. Not giving


money to help starving kids in Sudan, ?1 billion a year increase


since 2012 on consultants, paying themselves. I agree with you. The


money is not going to people who need it in the nations we hope to


trade with post-Brexit. People in Britain. Next time people in the


Daily Mail complain about the aid budget, that at British companies


making money off the back of it, not people in poorer countries. Since


you mention the Daily Mail. Talk us through the front page. Policing in


meltdown. Tens of thousands of crime suspects on the loose figures of


near perilous policing. Lots of different ways of slicing it. The


police do not know what they are doing. Inexperienced people running


constabularies. Or the natural consequences in police budgets. It


might be both, the devil is in the detail and confiscated. 46,000


suspects now on the police wanted database, 343 sought for very


serious crimes like murder and manslaughter. This is the reason why


the Daily Mail see fit to put on the front page. It is a bit of both.


Inefficiency and poor management, it is low morale, that is leadership,


low morale. And it is going to be a lack of money. You put the three


together, you get that. It is worrying. All right thrust in the


studio talking about it. What about if you are one of the victims of the


1012 rapists. I'm sure you enjoy talking to each other! I can't


believe Digby is leaking what happened in the green room. That is


against the rules. Many thanks. That's it for The Papers tonight


before you go these front pages have Don't forget you can see the front


pages of the papers online It's all there for you -


seven days a week at bbc dot co uk Jimmy say, well done on the board.


ABC News Channel of the year at the Royal television Society. A


privilege to be with you. Good to talk to you, we will see you later.


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