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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are The Chairman of the Political arm


of Bell Pottinger and former Conservative MP, Tim Collins


and the Deputy Editor of The Guardian, Paul Johnson.


The FT leads on the story that Sir Philip Green has agreed to pay


The i also picks up the story, saying the news


The Telegraph claims that children as young as four could be given sex


education to warn them about the dangers of the internet,


The Times reports at the inquest into attack on tourists in Tunisia,


with a former Tunisian minister telling the paper the attack had


Also picking up on that story, The Guardian reports that families


of the deceased vow to sue the holiday company


A new study linking obesity to 11 types of cancer makes


The Metro reports on a trial into whether a cancer surgeon removed


Claims that the government is revisiting changes that would see


drivers insurance premiums go up by several hundred pounds.


He says sorry and pays ?363 million, that is 10% of his net worth. It is


also worth bearing in mind the 500 million that he took out of the


business ten years ago. It was making a profit and that he had


stuck that into a tracker fund it would have doubled by now, so people


saying he is paying back almost all the money he took out. He probably


pay them off a lot more -- made an off a lot more. At the moment


nothing he did seems to have been unlawful, questions over whether the


law should be changed for the future, but he probably didn't need


to hand this money back and that is hanging onto his knighthood that


probably incentivised it. Those campaigning on his knighthood have


possibly secured the victory. Maybe it was just as well he had alienated


after all. Somebody should tell David Beckham that is so much united


costs? If you are asking the question what is at worst, it looks


as if it is 363 million to Philip Green. Presumably he is anticipating


getting his front row seat back at London Fashion Week. And going


around in his yacht he won't be bullied by the media! The deal


question is whether the Daily Mail insist on calling him Sir Shifty.


Shuffling through no! We haven't got one! How annoying is that? The one


night we actually wanted to see the Daily Mail and we don't have it!


This has been awful. He buys it in 2000 ?41 and sells it in 2015 to a


racing bankrupt the times. In light must have gone on in the background


and meanwhile 11,000 people have lost their jobs and 18,000


pensioners living in anxiety. But they are getting something, 88% of


what they would have got otherwise but the factors, if I was a private


citizen who had a company, the company is in dire straits and they


can sell it for a quid tomorrow and off-load the pension fund and not


worry about it, the same thing could happen tomorrow, normal rules have


been changed. And there's a question that the law should be different, it


wasn't changed unbearably Labour Government the Tories, so all


parties have some sharing keeping the law as it is. They are in the


case for changing it but the power of the shame, the media, and we


often have stories or whether it is a good thing that the media can be


quite so intrusive. This is how it works. If this had been reported in


almost any other country in the worldly person could have just


bought soft but because it is the British media they held him to


account. It also illustrates way political parties can be held in


thrall to money. Tony Blair are given a knighthood for services to


industry. David Cameron gave him a job looking at government spending.


If only there was another issue we are both David Cameron and Tony


Blair were on one side. What was that? You can laugh now. The


Guardian, Tunisia. There was only ever going to be one verdict from


the coroner, unlawfully killed, the question is any culpability


potentially that the two operator might have. That is the way some of


the families are going now. The coroner was very decisive and didn't


mince words on this. He said the response of the security forces was


shambolic at best and currently at worst, which to the survivors and to


the relatives of those bed must come us an awful shock to hear that. They


are now turning their attention to the company to see if they were


negligent. It revolves around quite complicated advice to the Foreign


Office. They do three levels, read meaning don't go there and Amber


meaning of it is essential and green, look up the advice. The tour


company didn't tell people to walk up the advice and the advice would


have said there is a high level of activity. But to be fair, the


company did say it was in the literature but it was on leave is a


page of all the confirmation notes that were given to all of the


travellers and you don't need a visa for Tunisia! It is horrific, the


Guardian front page has the photographs of 30 victims and that


is a striking way of bringing home that these are not numbers but


people, loved ones whose lives have been devastated, and we always have


to remember that human side of it. The difficulty also with that


although I absolutely agree that the coroner has done a splendid job, he


was very stark and some of the things he is saying, we have to be


careful that we haven't County Council determines to blame the


police and Tunisia and the tour company that might have provided


better advice, we mustn't forget that actually the person responsible


was the terrorist, who was himself shot at the end of it. The question


is whether others could have done more but the real blame lies with


the terrorists and those who radicalise them. Tourism now down


95%. Let's go to the Telegraph. Children aged four to learn the


perils of the intranet. And this is the sort of story I think will make


difficult because you want your difficult because you want your


children to be protected and have proper advice. The actual meat of


the story is about saying that every school in the country, whether local


authority or free school or whatever, will be required,


certainly at secondary level to have proper sexual education and teach


children about relationships. That I think is uncontroversial, but the


difficulty is some parents will be uncomfortable about the idea of


children as young as four black being taught anything about sex. On


the other hand the headline captures that children that young and younger


are going to come across stuff which is often very worrying and confusing


to them and they need to have somewhere to turn, so it is not easy


and those who say that on the one hand children that young should be


kept away from sex education, but equally those who want to expose the


genuinely childlike and innocent do things that they don't need to see,


that would be wrong as well. We have to find a way through the middle.


There has to be a holistic approach. It has to be everybody's


responsibility, not just at home and the parents but the school as well.


Children spent two thirds of their time at school so as a result those


institutions have a duty of care. The form of the headline slickly


dramatic but there was a time that the question was do you learn from


teacher or parent, but the answered is no invariably from the web. And


there is a graduated response, sex education is only compulsory in


locally run schools so this is now broadened it out. If you're talking


about the perils of relationships and aggressive relationships and


what does consent mean, if you talk about the whole are of things we


have become so aware of and worried about then this is surely a very


creative and sensible way of going about it. But controversial and I am


sure the story will run. Staying with the Telegraph, I am turning


straight to you on this. Douglas Carswell in talks to rejoin the


Conservatives, would you like him back? That would be over the dead


body of quite a lot of people. An extra notch on the majority? To be


clear, it is no surprise to you I supported leaving in the referendum


and I thought Ukip were more responsible than anybody of turfing


me out of Parliament and I think Nigel Farage deserves to get a


peerage and 4 million voters should be represented better than they are,


but if you defect from one party to another I don't think you have the


right to defect back. The only one I can think of as Winston Churchill


and Douglas Carswell is no Winston Churchill. Despite that's staggering


thing from term advising Nigel Farage should be made a peer,


Douglas Carswell couldn't get him a knighthood. He thinks Nigel Farage


is a bit of a joke and is worth only an MBE, meanwhile Aaron Banks says


he is going to take on Douglas Carswell on his own constituency and


force out. Nigel Farage of attacking the current leader, Paul Nuttall,


and Paul Nuttall, he has gone missing. My favourite line in this


story that continues inside is that Ukip have contemplated taking leave


whip away from Douglas Carswell but they can't do that because it would


require the vote of the parliamentary party and he is! Ukip,


they are quite frankly, in achieving their name, the most successful


political party in this country at the moment. They add in complete


disarray. And yet, if we believe the opinion polls it has made next to no


difference to their support whereas Tory and Labour support has gone up


and Ukip supporters at the same level. There are 3-4,000,000 people


who still think Ukip is closer to them than anybody else. This is the


sort of calibre of some of the people who have got as to the edge


of the ruinous Brexit we're about to enter. Anybody would have thought


this was planned. Just as well be about to go onto a story. I want to


start with Paul on this. Dyson challenges tech giants with huge


investment in Britain. She supported it. Sir James Dyson, to you. He is


investing in this country and saying Brexit will be our success and it is


dodgy lefties like you who want to knock it over! We will forgive him


the tautology, well done. The balance of BBC presenting has been


tipped over the edge. Lots and lots of movements going down, so any


inward investment is judged a triumph, and any? That stands


dubious, so what we have had in the last few days is the possibility of


the Many going to Germany and question marks over Nissan


investment and mixed messages from HSBC, and the warnings from


investment companies and insurance companies over Brexit itself. We're


in a very perilous situation. The story, Dyson is investing in


Britain. Billions of pounds. Facebook is invested, Apple. The tax


revenues we get from them will be... Given they have created thousands of


jobs all those people will be paying taxes. Some may be even enough to


buy the Guardian! Given away free now? This is an investment but Paul


points out that dodgy right-wingers like you... Got the balance! They


are just a little bit too sunny. We heard John Major point out that the


truth needs to be told. First of all I am delighted having spent 20 years


in the Conservative Party where we were accused of doom and gloom, I am


glad people think the right is sunny and cheerful and talking about how


wonderful the world those. I am an optimist and I think the world will


get back. During the referendum campaign last year, we can all agree


there were some fairly large porky pies told by people on both sides.


One person who clearly told the truth all the way through was James


Dyson and I looked him up two weeks before the referendum and he said he


voted for Brexit jobs and would come, and he has done his bit.


Talking about porky pies, to the express and Donald Trump gets


himself a C for communication. The fact judges have thrown at his


executive orders is nothing to do with being unconstitutional but it's


because he didn't sell it properly. That is one way of looking at it! I


am thinking he could slide 20 letters in the alphabet. I wonder


what he gets himself in diplomacy, diversity. Foreign aid,


environmental programmes, the list is getting longer, but the A for


effort, it is his self-analysis. So he just needs to tune up the


messaging, he should talk to you. He probably is! A first services to


twitter. Barack Obama's memoirs, he is selling them for 60 million quid.


Someone in London must be looking at that money and feeling very sick.


David Cameron! He didn't quite get the millions he was looking for. He


is a bestselling author anyway. We will have to lend it there. Many


thanks for that. That is that from the Papers, thanks for watching and


you can see the front pages online on the BBC News website. Seven days


a week. If you mist the programme any evening you can watch it on BBC


I player. Thanks for coming in and still you are watching.


We are about to head into March so time to look back at February may


not come as too much of a surprise that February was warmer than


average as confirmed


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