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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment.


Barack Obama's spokesman says President Donald Trump's accusation


that his predecessor ordered his phones to be tapped


Sinn Fein describe the Stormont Assembly elections as a watershed -


after coming within one seat of drawing level


Clearly, the unionist majority in the Assembly has been ended


and the notion of a permanent or perpetual unionist majority


There are fears for the future of Vauxhall plants in Britain


after a French car company which produces Peugeot vehicles


reportedly reaches a deal to buy General Motors' European operations.


Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine in the Marvel blockbuster Logan. We


will hear more about that in the film review.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the broadcaster Charlie Wolf and the Chief Political


Commentator for the Independent, John Rentoul.


Welcome back to both of you. Firstly, let us have a look at the


front pages. Beginning with the observer who says that the UK's


River is the watchdog is launching an enquiry into how the data of


voters is being used during political campaigns. In Sunday


Telegraph, allegations from President Trump that Barack Obama


orchestrated an illegal Watergate style phone tapping operation at


Trump Tower. Meanwhile, the Mail on Sunday says that Tony Blair attended


a secret meeting at the White House to discuss working for Donald Trump


as a Middle East peace convoy -- envoy. The Chancellor will use the


budget to build up a war chest of boost Britain's post Brexit


resilient. The independent leads with its own poll suggesting the


majority of the ukase against government plans to cut corporation


tax in favour of the money going towards the NHS. And, finally, the


Sunday Express claims that nearly ?150 million from the health budget


was spent on overseas aid last year. So, those that were just some of the


front pages this morning. We have a selection we will be discussing.


John, Charlie, why don't you start us, Charlie, with the front page of


the observer? By my standards this is amazing. When I first started in


journalism, we used to have scammers in America to Hibberd calls of


police departments. And these days, we just get tweets and Twitter. This


helps us see what Mrs Donald Trump is coming out with. And this morning


it was a doozy. He has launched a verbal assault on Barack Obama


accusing him of a wiretap in his office in New York. This is almost


unprecedented. I won't say it is totally unprecedented. If you think


back to, for instance, Clinton and George W Bush Bush. They made a


mess, they trashed it. A couple of days ago, however, Trump said that


when he took place over it was a mess. Instead, he is finding stuff


that is going on. I guess he had a meeting with one of these people


over national security that said we have been bugging you. What


happened... That is not what they are saying is that. They say he


simply read something, a news article. I'm not sure. We don't


fully know this. He is not providing us with evidence. But it is possible


that he could have been wiretapped in that the FBI and the CIA... This


is something you may have had mentioned after 9/11, when the


Patriot Act was being discussed. That would be the way for the CIA if


they wanted to investigate suspicions of possible terrorist or


something like that. As I understand this, the CIA and FBI went to this


man, were rejected and came back. Trump is essentially saying that


Barack Obama was behind it and... I guess I would have to surmise,


again, this is speculation, if the FBI were to do that because they


felt there was a Russian connection of some sort, I would have thought


that something of that importance would have to go to the top. I just


cannot see... Can you imagine the Home Secretary here? This is a


paranoid fantasy of Donald Trump again. Shades of that, yes. But I


think there could be more to it. You would imagine, even, most democratic


countries you would have to have probable cause before the wiretap


was okayed. Absolutely. If the FBI were doing it officially then they


would have had to have announced it during the election campaign as they


announce their investigation into Hillary. If they did it


unofficially, then all sorts of things might be going on but... Did


you read that, you know, is such a serious allegation that it has


warranted a response from President Obama he... I don't think anybody


would suggest that Obama himself would have ordered it. But it is


unprecedented, what Donald Trump has said. Then again there are many that


think that Barack Obama has been doing things, if not by himself but


through his minions are getting things to happen such as, come these


meetings the town meetings that senators returned to where they are


facing protests. This is unusual. There are probably people there who


are Republicans who are mad at senators over healthcare. But there


is... One man wrote about, for instance, you go into a town hall,


there are only a handful of view. You sit separately and looks at the


whole hall is... There are shades that may or may not be true. It is


also fair to say that Donald Trump has been hamstrung. He does not have


a full cabinet yet and the Democrats have been obstinate. Maybe he is


putting two and two together, possibly not getting seven but at


least getting six. John. The Mail on Sunday. Tony Blair has been in the


Trump White House meeting Jarrod Kushner, the President is's


son-in-law to discuss the Middle East and trying to broker some kind


of peace settlement which is what Tony Blair was involved with is


representative of the quartet for some time until he stood down. An


extraordinary story. It does... It's a sort of explain why that


remarkable coincidence occurred when Tony Blair was in the same


restaurant as Kushner just after Donald Trump's election. The really


does seem to be something going on there and it is interesting because


Jarrod Kushner and his wife do seem to be the sort of moderate centre of


the Donald Trump White House and if you could get some kind of progress


in the Middle East and would come from that source. Interesting to


know if his side issue here. He will come into contact with Ivanka, who


is friends with the former wife of Rupert Murdoch. Eyebrows at the time


I believe were raised. Rupert Murdoch read a lot into it. How is


Tony Blair regarded? We know about his special relationship with


President Bush. How was he regarded amongst the encircle? Again, I


think... If Nidal Nigel Farage can be well looked upon, the way the


Americans look upon it is that these guys who seem to have knowledge


about what they are talking about. Trump likes Nigel because he has the


sense of thoughts on Brexit, etc and he likes people who seem to have


some subtle level of experience that could help him. Yes. Tony Blair


knows a lot about the Middle East. Unquestionably. And, yes, he is


extremely well-known and well appreciated in the United that. We


will not hang him out to dry as they try to do here. So, Trump thinks


that dogmatic black and white level. I can seem very much, you know,


taking Tony Blair on. As I said earlier, Donald Trump worth $12


billion is probably the only guy who could afford Tony Blair. Let us look


at the Sunday Times and the two stories there that caught our


attention. The first of which is the picture. Tells the story behind the


picture. I stared at this for sometime I first saw it. I'll try to


work out why Donald Trump had a slab of wax stuck to his head. It is a


map of Palestine. A map of Palestine. It is actually his tie


which has blown up in the wind and you can see it as Sellotape on the


bottom, which holds it together. What a treat. I need to learn from


that because my tie always looks like MSN splits at the bottom. What


I obviously need a Sellotape to hold it together. Shops are about to run


out of tape. You are stealing all our secrets. In the model world, his


wife and daughter would have done just that, they take the back of a


jacket to make things fit. Ukip surprisingly, Charlie, with your


knowledge of women's undergarment stop they do take down bits. I know


that. Let's move on. Sunday Times and the stay with this. The UK story


at the Chancellor's ?60 billion Brexit fighting fund. This is the


advance spins at a budget from the Chancellor. This is Philip Hammond,


the straight no spin Chancellor who is preparing the ground for the


budget which is... Fake news! They can use! Is shown to lower the


expectations of people because financial forecasts suggest he has


more money to play with the new 40 at so he says we cannot risk a


spending spree. I take that to mean he can risk a small spending spree.


Perhaps he can put money into the NHS and into social care which are


the pressure points. He does not want to get people carried away with


the idea that he has plenty of money in his back pocket. The question is,


of course, when he gets the $60 billion. People say there will be


cuts. That exactly the forecast surplus that he may have in 2020 it


is not actually real money that he has got yet. That will be a chest


mark. OK. -- chestnut. If you asked people what they would do on the


money they would tell you... This is, again, not fake news, this is


manufactured news with all due respect to this very fine newspaper.


They have done one of these opinion surveys, a slow news day, again. An


overwhelming majority of the British people want Theresa May to stop cot


to corporation tax -- to stop cuts to corporation tax and give the


money to the NHS. This is according to an exclusive poll for the


Independent. The problem with this again is, yeah, you asked people and


they would give you an opinion and it is just that. I do not fault them


for that. But sometimes it is not as simple as that. For instance, the


cry you normally get from the anti-war people, about how all much


the cost is. You can't use our money for other things, does not work that


way. Manufactured news is an unkind way to describe opinion polls.


Newspapers often do that. This is actually an important story. There


is no question that the British people do feel that the NHS is


underfunded at the moment. It is in a period of crisis. It had several


years of smaller increases than it needs and this is a big test for


Philip Hammond in the budget, how much it will give to it. The


suggestion in some of the papers are that he will kick the can down the


road to use an American phrase, and try and solve the problem in the


autumn. I need to bring this to a close. John and Charlie, thank you


so much. Do you know what, let's just stop here and head to the Film


Review. It is lovely to see both of you.


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