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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are political commentator James Millar.


And editorial director of the Sunday Times, Eleanor Mills.


The front pages. I was going to tell you about the Sunday Times but that


is the Observer. We will be talking about their story


in our review. The Sunday Telegraph, Trump accuses Barack Obama. And Tony


Blair's a story about a secret meeting about being a Middle East


envoy. We are back to the Sunday Times. Stop business cuts to save


the NHS says... Theresa May has been warned. And the Sunday express


newspaper claims nearly ?150 million from the health budget was spent on


overseas aid last year. Let's begin. We might have more


success talking about it than watching the graphics! The Sunday


Times. A traditional Sunday before the budget, hand-out from the


Treasury, as to what they will do. What they are not going to do. The


Chancellor Philip Hammond, it is looking like a fairly dull budget, I


would say. 500 million for skills, which I do not think is terribly new


and 1.3 billion to combat the social care crisis, which I think probably


a lot will claim is not enough, all of which will be funded by Mork ats.


How much room does he have to manoeuvre? Because the economy is


doing better than people thought it was, he has a bit more than he


thought stop he has 27 billion he thought he would not have and he


said he will build up a war chest of 60 billion said that if there is any


turbulence when we come out of the EU, he has a fighting fund. He wrote


an article for the Sunday Times in which he talks about what he is


trying to do. Saying after we leave the EU, we will need more skilled


workers in the UK, we won't be able to import them. This is part of the


big package about the other big story today, about T-levels, a


replacement for A-levels. In his article in our comment pages he


talks about how this is skilling up the nation and having a war chest in


reserve. The piece is full of all those lovely cliches Chancellor 's


love. Such as an economy that works for everyone. You could do


Chancellor bingo. Also, I want to ensure the next generation is


equipped to take advantage of opportunities. And he talks about


needing an economy that competes with the world on the basis of


superior talent and skills. I wanted to pick up on the T-levels. When I


was young, you had a choice, to go to a technical college all the more


academic route and we had lots of people the skills and we have lost


that. What is interesting about T-levels, it is not a new policy and


it shows how little he will announce because he is re-announcing this and


giving it a new title of T-levels. They think they will pay people to


stay in technical education, that now you get help from the government


if you go to university and a loan, and people who stay doing technical


qualifications until they are 19 will get the same financial support.


There is a shift in emphasis. Our technical education is a joke and


always has been. The fact they realise it will be crucial I think


is important. They are talking the talk. I spoke to the schools


minister and Labour front bench about this issue which is why I know


it is not new. The question with this is you can talk the talk, you


have got to walk the walk and that will cost cash. It does not happen


tomorrow. You could put the exams in next year but it will take years for


the young people to go through. I want to go to the front page of the


Mail on Sunday newspaper. Tony Blair and a secret summit. I am going to


spoil it for you. It says Mr Blair has made no such pitch to be the


President's Middle East envoy neither has he had discussions on


taking a role for the new president. He has been working on the peace


process for ten years and does it in a private capacity and will continue


to do it that way. That is a spokesperson for Tony Blair. We were


discussing before we came on air. James said, where is paragraph 24


when they say, not sure. It is not in the story but it has come later


but still something interesting. What is interesting is the contacts


between Tony Blair and Donald Trump's son-in-law. Ivanka Trump is


friends with Tony Blair. They are part of a circle. There has been a


series of meeting, definitely. This statement is interesting. It would


make sense for Tony Blair who has been leading a Middle East policy


for seven years to be briefing the person who will be leading on that


for the White House with the Israelis. And this man of courses


and Orthodox Jew. It would be understandable for him to speak to


Tony Blair about what is going on. If you look at the rebuttal by the


spokesperson and the language, he has made no such pitch to be the


President's Middle East envoy, neither has he had discussions about


taking such a role. It does not mean... The meetings have definitely


happen. Contacts are being made. It does not fit with the big speech he


made about Brexit, saying populism is on the rise and he will stand up


for anti-Brexit, and now he is trying to be friendly with the


Donald Trump White House when Donald Trump Brexit are often bracketed


together as manifestations of the same food on -- same phenomenon.


Blair was speaking at a big liberal elite powwow where George Osborne


attended. We have heard about the manoeuvres by George Osborne and


Tony Blair to maybe set up a more Pro-remain party and so it is


interesting in the residue. We heard about the big beasts out of office


who are now back in. Tony Blair loves America. He has always been


slightly dazzled by America. Not just America. American presidents.


He loves a bit of the west wing. The Telegraph, are the -- the ordering,


he says, of the tapping of phones before the election in October. This


is Donald Trump on Twitter. On a Saturday morning. Really early in


the morning. Every Saturday morning. Manna from Heaven for the Sunday


papers because we know every Sunday there will be Donald Trump on


Twitter doing something amazing. This time he accuses Obama of


tapping phones in Trump Tower. There is a slightly weaselly denial from


Obama's Lott saying presidents can never ordered directly wiretaps, not


saying it. It is a judicial issue, tapping wires. Exactly. He will not


say where the information came from. The Obama team have a solid defence.


Saying the president cannot do this. It is not up to him. It is not to


say somebody didn't approve it and it did not happen somewhere but


Obama seems to be in the clear and the bottom line is, if you look at


Obama and Donald Trump, who would you trust? It is pretty


straightforward. I read the only possible place it would come from is


Breitbart News. Trump was reading a story on Breitbart News which is


when he started tweeting. The background is Donald Trump and his


people are furious at what they see Obamacare's or the Democrat


influence in the security services linking this stuff about Russia.


Donald Trump did not endear himself to the security services when he


arrived. Probably a mistake. I think we said that at the time. With what


is coming out it invariably turns out to be true and people need to


know. He has lost his national security adviser and his Attorney


General is having to retreat. Trump had a tantrum in the oval office


according to a report because of that. How could he have an Attorney


General scene to be not telling the truth on over? We could do the whole


half-hour on Donald Trump. The Observer. The watchdog probe over


data misuse. A hot topic. Is this exciting enough to be a splash? Do


those stories get you excited? Particularly the way it is written.


It is obscure. It is a bit wonky. A quick summary. The Observer have


followed this, a company who they say make grandiose claims. To be


fair to them it is often the Observer making grandiose claims. It


is the idea that to hoover up all your Facebook likes and online


activity and they can work out what sort of person you are, how you are


likely to vote, and what messages you are susceptible to and they


pushed the messages to you. That is the modern world. It is a bit of


that social media, be afraid. I do not think they can change


people'sbrains via the media. But there are issues about data


protection and issues that need to be investigated. If you like


something on Facebook, should the Donald Trump team, the Tories,


Labour, whoever see that? You get things popping up because you looked


at a holiday somewhere. The Times newspaper had a story about those


adverts popping up on all sorts of things, car videos, Islamic State


videos. The way you are tracked around the internet is fascinating


but I do not think it is good on that that where the Observer has


been good is analysing the ecosystem of fake news and how they drench the


internet with right wing propaganda and fed it. Most people, I am


thinking about my mother, they would not know that is being thrown up. In


journalistic terms, the case of the presentation of this, it is as clear


as mud what they are after. The key to Facebook and the reason people


believe the stories is it becomes from friends and family, not because


it is a computer saying this is a story you are interested in. We are


in trouble. We need to go to Facebook! The Sunday Times. This


will provoke a lot of comment. Jenni Murray said changing sex cannot make


a real woman and the quote, too many men who changed sex model themselves


on the male view of what a woman should be. I'm sorry, I am the


editor of the Sunday Times Magazine and it is in my magazine today, by


Jenni Murray, the trans, be proud, but do not call yourself a real


woman is the headline. It came from a discussion we had when I was on


Woman's Hour. We were talking about this. There is disquiet among quite


a lot of women about men who change themselves physically into a female


form and then claim to be women. What Jenni Murray argues in this


piece is there is a history of becoming a woman which is often


about being treated as a second-class citizen, not having the


same rights as men, being judged on your appearance, not being listened


to. She says when men transition to become women, a lot of them, not


all, have no idea about the sexual politics, feminism, some of the


battles women have had to get them where they are. She mentions female


vicars and a man who had been a vicar who became... Had a sex change


and became a female vicar and who paid absolutely no attention, did


not pay tribute to the women who campaigned hard within the church to


allow that to be possible. She is not saying they should not change.


She is not being like Jermaine Gray, saying they are fake women in that


rather crude way, she goes out of her way to attack that -- Greer. It


is talking about what it means to be a woman and how you get there and


how these men do not necessarily understand. It will be interesting


to hear from these men if they feel that when they become women. A lot


of the men, in the magazine piece, they do agree with Jenni Murray and


say having lived as women they understand there is a whole thing


around being a woman they have not understood, which is why it is an


interesting piece. Transgender people do know something about


struggle. A different struggle, but I don't think... You certainly have


to be careful about dismissing the unique problems they have is a


community and in terms of getting to where they are now. Jenni Murray is


not doing that, she is saying a lot of the men who transition do not


have a particularly good understanding of a lot of women's


issues and she is specific about what she is talking about. We will


leave that because we want to get to the big story of the morning. The


cauliflower! This is exciting new and it has excited me because I like


cauliflower. Do you, James? Take it or leave it but I don't like farmers


having to plough up the field because the cauliflowers have not


been eaten. This is the cauliflower fathers of Thanet. -- farmers of


Thanet. They said they will have to plough their lovely cauliflowers


back because there is a glut of cauliflowers because it has been so


warm. Lots of cauliflowers from -- on British shells from Spain. This


is a plea for British people to buy British cauliflowers and eat them. I


did not know I was not buying a British cauliflower. I am from


Northern Ireland and we always eat local produce. We have had the issue


of the lack of courgettes because of the weather in Spain. Swap the


courgettes for a British cauliflower. Cauliflower cheese.


Cauliflower rice. Cauliflower pizza. Our resident cauliflower expert. We


will leave it on that note because Twitter will be awash with


cauliflower recipes. Thanks for joining us. We look at tomorrow's


from pages every evening on BBC News Hour. And let's look at the weather.


Here is Sarah. It is a mixture of rain and hill snow across many


parts. We have


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