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Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine. We will hear about the other cinema


releases in the Film and Review. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are the Mirror


columnist Susie Boniface, and the Telegraph


columnist Tim Stanley. Tomorrow's front


pages, starting with: The FT says the Chancellor's


due to unveil tax rises in Wednesday's Budget,


as he looks to protect the country from "unexpected


challenges" from Brexit. The Times also looks at the budget -


and it pictures French presidential candidate Francois Fillon


and his wife at a rally in Paris, amid calls for him to quit


the race after fraud claims. The I says Philip Hammond has


been told by doctors that the NHS needs


billions of extra pounds. which claims more than 600 bosses


are earning six-figure salaries, as the health service


struggles with its finances. The Metro has a warning


about the mental health of university students,


reporting that suicide numbers The Express reports research


claiming a Mediterranean diet of fruit, vegetables and oily


fish could slash the risk of breast The Mail has an investigation


into abortions, claiming some doctors have


signed them off for women The Guardian investigates


sexual harassment and misconduct claims


in universities, saying cases Let's begin. Times' main story. The


Chancellor talking about tax rises as he looks to the budget. A bit of


a surprise Mr Mark tax increases? This is his first proper budget


since he has become a Chancellor and he has got to do a couple of things.


The politically expedient reasons, he has to find money for social care


and offer short-term relief for small businesses, many conservative


that voters who will be hit with the changes. He says there will be


higher taxes and lower spending to cover that. The problem will that


is, economically speaking, it is very easy, especially for us


journalists, to tell the public that it is not like household budget.


Actually that is not quite how it works. If a government spends on the


right thing, that generates further income because it generates tax, it


generates wealth of people that can be taxed. If you spend on the


correct things, in theory, you should be generating more cash. Kind


of the Labour Party's position. Kind of. If you spend more money from


pensions, you can generate that much money from that but if he says we


are just going to contract, basically, and we are not going to


spend, we will have high taxes, we will penalise people more and that's


how we will build up a war chest for Brexit further down the track. And


who will be hit by the tax rises? This was a broadcast. A broadcast on


behalf of Milton Friedman. A Conservative one. Stick with us. You


could spend and invest in infrastructure. You could also


choose to cut taxes for people in order to give them greater Pac


take-home pay so then they can spend and that will help the economy as


well. --A greater take-home pay. He is trying to go the opposite


direction and build up a chest. This is the consequence of a manifesto


which the Times reminds us pledge no national insurance. When you do that


and you decide you want to save money for the future, where do you


get the money from? Stealth taxes which the Tories always used to


accuse Gordon Brown. Here he is looking on taxes on the


self-employed, taxes on drinkers, this is what happens when you commit


yourself not to raise the general taxes. And the self-employed.


Entrepreneurs who we should be encouraging? Yes, you would have


thought. 4.5 million people are self-employed including, I think,


most of these people around the table but most are not journalists,


they do proper jobs. They are going to be paying a higher national


insurance rate in the budget, we think, to pay for some of these


things. Some of the things we just saw Phil Hammond talk about how he


already spent a billion on our current borrowings, why are we


spending interest on our borrowings? Not try to sound like Donald Trump


but can't get a better deal? It is expected that government borrowing


is down but one could argue his forecasts are a bit pessimistic


about the impact of except when it also see that the budget is also


expected to show that it has had no impact on growth whatsoever. The


government is saying it will all be good and we can go our way through


Brexit and on the other hand he is saying well, we don't know what is


going to happen and that sounds a little contradictory. Let's move on.


The Telegraph. Tim, your newspaper. They all have this story in one way


or another. Obama faces Congress wiretapped enquiry. This is Donald


Trump's early-morning tweet. Yes, suggesting that Obama had wiretapped


him in Trump Tower. The press secretary said that he bade them at


the Congress investigate. Will that actually happen? That is the


interesting question. This is extraordinary. We are talking about


federal agencies, if this is true, talking about federal briefing


against the president of the United States who himself is breaking


protocol, of course, by briefing against a predecessor. It doesn't


normally happen. We are walking into a sort of chaotic situation. But


there are reasons behind this for Donald Trump? His side has too many


Russian dealings, it was said. The principal reason of this is that he


is sending his early-morning tweet when he is on the toilet. Let's not


imagine it. He is listening to the radio, he is watching Fox News on


his bathroom console and full tweet whatever is popping into his head.


But yes, this is how he got into power, deflecting any kind of press


and bringing in something new. Bring out another rabbit out of the hat


creating theatre and drama which does not move things on very much


but moves people 's gaze array from the central issue which would be


Russia and his contact with it. But even for Donald Trump, wouldn't it


be silly that he has done something that there is no evidence for? It


might turn out to be an little bit of... Deporting 11 million people


who are a fundamental part of the economy? There are lots of things


Trump has said and done that which are mad if you actually think about


them logically, they are not going to work but it is not go to stop him


saying it. Its deflection. The press cannot ignore this because it is


very big and you just can't walk away from it. While it is done,


other stories get eclipsed. Sometime this weekend, it is looking that he


is cutting the climate change budget within the EPA by up to 70%. That is


a serious policy. Him going on Twitter and saying that the previous


president is an alien who abducted him and talking to Mars, it is


headline grabbing and we can't ignore it. It's not as important as


actual policy that every time Trump does something like this, it


eclipses what is actually going on. That's why the space to ignore him


sometimes. In France, it is so we can look at the Times which has as


photographs of the central figures. Francois Fillon, candidate for the


presidency, and his Welsh born wife Penelope. What is Francois Fillon


trying to do? What is he trying to establish? The French residential


election system is different to ours. What happens is there is


essentially a run off so there is a final to that go through the city


election. The other favourite at the moment is Emmanuel Macron who a


centrist socialist type figure. Not a normal politician in the sense we


do not have a lot of outside politics coming in at the moment.


And let's not also forget Marine Le Pen. The thought is that he -- if he


and Marine Le Pen are in a final run-off, there would be a coalition


among voters, right and left, to vote for Emmanuel Macron. Voting


against Marine Le Pen. What Francois Fillon is doing by standing, despite


the fact he is my inner scandal which makes him unelectable, a lot


of his support has drained away over the past few weeks, he is trying to


ensure that he gets into the run-off and then the presidential election


is between left and right as opposed to centrist and far right. He is


trying to get through for the conservative vote. This picture of


this big rally, it was important that he got in with the big numbers


of people, like Donald Trump. I think the weather was bad. I saw


footage of people covered in rain. He estimated that 100,000 people


turned out. It is estimated the area that he was in good contain about


35,000 people. Did it extend as far back as the Washington Monument? One


white --1 reason why Francois Fillon keeps going in is because he has


discovered a constituency. That constituency is Conservative


Catholics who have not mobilised behind candidate like this in a long


time. They are reluctant to lose him as the candidate because the


alternative is a lane should pay or Emmanuel Macron. He has had some to


say about the Algerian war which believe it or not is still important


in France. Francois Fillon keeps on going because there is enough people


to want him to keep on going. And a lane Juppe has something to say


tomorrow. He will indeed allow Francois Fillon to go ahead. --A


lane Juppe. Let's go to the Guardian. This is their lead story.


Epidemic of sex all harassment in universities. The Guardian has dug


up all the figures here. -- sexual. It is being claimed that a


significant number of allegations of being made in the last few years are


of such a great number, at least 169, that it amounts to an


"Epidemic" of sexual harassment amongst education and what is


described as gender violence. These are very serious accusations. They


must all be taken seriously and anything that occurs should


absolutely not be tolerated. One however might raise questions about


the language of the report. For instance, the use of the word


epidemic the described sexual harassment. It is not like a virus


or a cold that people catch. Do they have some comparisons? They seem to.


169 allegations against, this is university students complaining


against staff, although that seems a small figure, they compare it to a


survey in the States which found that reporting rates are low and it


is about 7.7% of the total that actually got reported. Even so, 169


allegations in five years would equate to less than 18 day. One


sexual harassment bidet. If it were only 7.7% of the total, it would


still only a quake 26 sexual harassment cases per day. -- equate.


So we are saying the Guardian is making a bit too much? In terms of


an epidemic, I do think this is the cancellation is there. Furthermore,


I worked occasionally as a lecturer in London. -- substantiation. The


university hierarchies, all these people, are incredibly concerned


with student welfare at all times and I can't really imagine, if


anyone were to complain, even if were -- it were to be looked at in a


certain way, it would be reported on. It is down to people being


willing to report in the way that they may not have in the past. Very


quickly, British politics. Not quite so raucous as other places. But


Susie, there is a story here on the front page about Jeremy Corbyn and


his tax returns. Bless him. He has managed to punch himself in the face


again while tried to make someone else look bad and it has failed


miserably. He was supposed to release his tax returns to bring


some pressure on the government and taxation and so want. He has


actually managed to release it. It turns out he has not declared


?40,000 incomes on it tax return which he did take and was taxed. It


was taxed but wasn't on the form. This is not a memo he has just put


out. This is his actual declaration to the taxman. He has not turned out


-- -- told the taxman. What does Jeremy Corbyn know about running a


country? But if after a life in politics you are making ?36,000 a


year in pension payments, I would say actually he is very well


qualified. It seems to be making some smart investment himself. -- he


seems to. I am astonished and impressed. My late father made


something like 12- 15,000 in pension by the time he died. Jeremy Corbyn


has done twice as well as that. Della Mackie is not wealthy, of


course. Not a wealthy man. We need to stop there. -- he is not a


wealthy man. Coming up next is The Film Review.


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