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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me will be the former Labour Party adviser and comedian,


Ayesha Hazarika and the Conservative commentator, Tim Montgomerie.


The i says National Insurance rates could increase


for self-employed people as the Chancellor Phillip Hammond


seeks to raise up to three billion pounds to fund social care.


The Financial Times leads with comments from Peugeot's chief


executive, who said a 'hard Brexit' that incurs import tariffs could be


a 'nice opportunity' for the company to develop their suppliers


Scientists could be able to develop a single pill to help


regulate blood pressure, The Express says, after their


research showed a link between the brain and hypertension.


Theresa May announces new grammar school plans in the Telegraph,


that will help to end what she claims is the 'brutal


and unacceptable' truth of selection by income.


The Guardian has the same story. The paper says some free schools could


opt to select pupils based on academic merit. The Daily Mail says


there will also be funding to help some children from low income


families to travel to selected schools. The row between President


Trump and the former FBI director James Comey, who is still the FBI


director, by the way, over wiretapping allegations, is the


front page story in the Times. And front page story in the Times. And


the daily Star reports that three televised jabbing slick football


will soon disappear as beauty sports Centre 1.2 billion deal to screen


all matches. Champions League football has disappeared from


Manchester United. That was cruel. You will be back.


The express, may warns Lord not to wreck EU deal. She turned up last


week, was at last week for the week before? To make sure that


understood. She sat there in the majestic glory, casting an eye over


them. This looks like a pre-emptive strike against the Lords who might


well give another defeat and they are trying to send a message saying


do not mess with us because this could mess up the deal. I think that


is a bit outlandish. The idea that giving more scrutiny, that


parliamentarians would want to vote for a bad deal for the EU, I think


that posturing is a bit much. Even people who are very strongly remain


would not want to go against the best interests of the country and I


think most people have accepted Brexit is happening. It is more


complicated, because if there is a mechanism whereby the deal can be


rejected, then Theresa May is saying that gives Europe and incentive not


to give Britain a good deal because if they give Britain a bad thing it


is more likely to be rejected and so they have the incentive to cooperate


in the negotiations. That is why and the idea that the Liberal Democrats


are proposing of a second referendum actually undermines, potentially


fatally, the negotiating position. What happened on the article 50


vote, how many people went against it? A very small number. The truth


is, most parliamentarians, even though the might not personally be


comfortable with it, they are democrats and that food should they


would not go against it. Apart from the Democrats. -- Liberal Democrats.


They are quite small. Nobody really knows how the negotiations are going


to shake down and everybody is doing a lot of speculation, if we do this


and that they were sent a bad signal and they will use that against us.


The will use lots of things against us. That is the cut and thrust of


negotiating. Let's move on. If you should achieve different kerchief


pledges to deepen UK presence. Pearce is the French company. They


have taken over. There is the fear that they might decide to cost cup


and, as a result, some British jobs will go. The suggestion is a hard


Brexit might make things more interesting. You should clearly and


kicking quite a bit of public relations hearing. There is a big


worry at the top of government about the car industry after Brexit. We


have had Apple, Facebook, the technology firms, investing and that


is an industry we can be confident has a good future whatever


negotiations have transpired. The supply chain for the car industry is


spread over several countries and people are worried it could disrupt


the supply chain is a Brexit negotiations are doing well. Peugeot


are saying they are committed to Britain. Because they are committed


to Britain, they will invest in the component chain in our country. Even


after a hard Brexit. Peugeot even if they played however, they could get


if few sweeteners. Nissan did. That is what they are hoping for. People


are optimistic, but that is concerned about what happen after


2021 when they decide about where the new generation of cards will be


manufactured. Also, I think what Tim said is right about the car


manufacturing industry, because these companies like Facebook, the


big trendy tech companies, they don't like they are comfortable


here, but there is a political message the government will want to


get out these blue-collar jobs, the manufacturing jobs they are saying


we will try to be a country that build things again, it is perverted


back control. It will a shiver across the country if it looks like


some of these manufacturing jobs are at risk. They will do everything


they can to show that is not the case. Our tax system, Labour laws,


the skills of a lot of our workforce, in the released in


particular, they have been making cars to a high standard for a long


time and any fractures are comfortable with the expertise of


the British Labour market. Uncertainty is happening because of


Brexit but sometimes undersell ourselves as a nation and some of


the qualities that we do have. You also have elections in Germany and


France and you will have trade union leaders and others in industry in


those countries lobbying prospective candidates to say Peugeot, do you


know? The pressure will be there. Mr Trump, you cannot get through The


Papers without talking about him. His new travel order bans citizens


from six Muslim nations, Iraq has been taken off the list. The


suggestion is, from the administration, that they will get


this through the courts. It is difficult to see what has changed.


They have taken Iraq of the list. Interestingly, Saudi Arabia is still


not on the list and that is a huge generator of terrorism and they have


said they will be more security for people who have visas and green


cards and they will give people ten days to start preparing for it. I


can see this being accepted without any pushback. I think they will face


the same judicial resistance to gain and the same civil disobedience as


well. I think this will be Muslim and Mark two. The problem is that he


has is that he said on the campaign trail, barn and some have suggested


Muslim Kim stood before the word ban were in the same sentence. Those two


words were there. He simply cannot say I am going to make the vetting


of Maastricht. You cannot simply say I will make it tougher for these


people, he has to have the word ban in there. He has painted himself


into a corner. He will insist, because he needs to get this through


the courts, but it is not a Muslim band, radio Giuliani said to him


that Donald Trump wants is a Muslim band so how does he make it legal?


The courts are not stupid. They will note that evidence and they might


well strike it down. There will also be an awareness, as much as some of


us worry about what this means for relations between west and the


Muslim world, this is a popular policy amongst the people who voted


for Trump. This is exactly the kind of policy that they wanted when they


put in the White House. Regardless of the fact that the flak he will


get from governments around the world, he is committed to this.


There is a suggestion that his popularity has come up amongst


Republicans as a result of this. Could this be different this front


page of The Times. Trump hits out FBI. Yes, the party faithful will


love him bashing President Obama but said the president and the FBI acted


illegally, that is a whole different kettle of fish, isn't it? I am more


interested in how Barack Obama looks like he walked out of the net in


70s. He looks like he is in a 70s cop show. It is amazing. That is


what happens when you have to worry about is what shade of leather


jacket you are going to wear, rather than what to do about Kim Jong Un. I


was in America last year for the times and the number of times Trump


said something controversial under the bus is it, you cannot accuse


John McGinn of being a failure because he was a prisoner of war.


When he mocked the disabled reporter. My mum would send me to


bed without such a thing without key. Making up a claim that Obama


wiretapped does seem like a step too far, but as President... He is


saying that the FBI is lying and you have the head of the FBI, James


Connolly, sent this did not happen. He is basically saying Trump made it


up. I think the cost to Trump of this is that there will be a moment


of national emergency when he will lead people to rally around him and


trust in to make a difficult decision and people would give him


the benefit of the doubt for I don't think it will hurt politically


amongst his supporters because they accept that most politicians I


exaggerate. They just think Trump does it in a more celebrity way.


They give him the benefit of the doubt on the politics of it. I will


never forget the Bush administration official in 2000 for telling a bunch


of us journalists that the problem with the journalist is he exist in a


fact -based universe. We make our own facts. I didn't really


understand what they were saying. I do understand that now. This is the


incarnate of all of this. Come on, this is the president now. He has


not changed from the street fighter on the campaign trail to the fact


that he is now president of the United States and that is something


that his fans will like. One gets the impression he is doubling down


on shooting from the hip, sent by the likes. He has advisers who go


out and say we are briefing, not wrong facts, alternative facts. That


is the world we live in. With Hillary Clinton, the through and


through mud at the fact she was a terrific criminal, you are going to


jail and it stuck. I think, as much as we think the Obama thing is


crazy, I think they will double down on this as a strategy and they will


want to tarnish his name. They will have two because he said Obama


bugged my place. The budget tax rise. Only a couple of days before


the red box is opened. The big story in the budget is going to be social


care and how we try to blog plug the gap. It looks like Hammond is


planning a tax rise on the self-employed and it looks like it


will be difficult for him to push politically. I have already seen


stuff in the sun about how he is targeting the white van man, the


honest person with the small business, why is he not gone after


the fat cats? He will have to be careful because it could be a bit,


remember the past the tax? It went badly wrong. I think this could give


them problems. We are running out of time. Onto the Telegraph. Don of


grammar schools, paperback. We were talking about this before. I thought


Theresa May had concluded on this. It was a big part of her early term


as Prime Minister and it wasn't received especially well by a lot of


Conservative MPs and there were worries about whether she could get


it through Parliament and that she was backpedalling, but the


suggestion in The Papers is not at all, some serious money will be put


into free schools from independent schools that parents and others can


set up, but these would be allowed to become selective and therefore


grammar schools. She is gone ahead. Also in the Telegraph, Hague urges


early election. This is fascinating. We have been speculative about


whether this would happen. There is an irresistible urge for Theresa May


to call an early election, especially because Her Majesty's


opposition is having a slight moment. It is opposing its self at


the moment. Hague is urging this, but I think


Theresa May is a woman famed for her caution and I think she will not


want to get trapped in the Gordon Brown thing where you get hair is


running about an early election and it kills you. I would personally


have an early election because wipe-out when you have Jeremy Corbyn


as Leader of the Opposition? The difference is if the Lords or


someone like something that matters, if she has a pretext, she will go


for it, but she doesn't want is to have left the door open to it and


people are just speculating about when it will be. Once the


speculative starts it is uncontrollable. Finally, the daily


Star, 1.2 billion pound snatch of the day. BT paid ?1.2 billion the


screen the Champions League games. Terrestrial TV viewers cannot get


it. It is a shame. What beauty are doing is they are copying sky. This


guy, nobody knew how they would work but the exhibited. It was live


football on Skype that made the satellite channel survive. BT, they


are fighting for their survival as well and they are using the


Champions League is this vision. I don't care. I only care that BT was


investing in interesting content and it has pulled all of that to buy


football. OK. Good to have you in. Thank you for joining us. You can


see all the front pages on line on the BBC News website. It is


therefore you seven days a week.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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