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that is all the sport. Now the papers.


Slightly intimidating... Hello, and welcome to the look ahead at what


the papers will be bringing us today.


With me are David Wooding, Political Editor of The Sun


on Sunday and Yasmin Alibhai Brown of the i newspaper


The Mail on Sunday continues its campaign against videos


on Google and YouTube which show violent or terror related content.


This morning's front page highlights a video showing how


Britain's airports and nuclear power stations need


to tighten their defences against terrorist attacks,


according to a story on the Sunday Telegraph's front page.


British passports could soon be returning


to their former dark blue livery following Brexit,


the news that some peers are claiming thousands of pounds


worth of expenses for attending the House of Lords,


despite making little contribution to debates or committees.


And the Observer highlights pressures being put


on the government by some cross-party MPs who want


to guarantee that EU nationals would still be able to work


Let's begin with this story, airport and nuclear power stations on terror


alert, when were they ever knocked on terror alert? LAUGHTER


I think this is a good bit of journalistic thought. Clearly, the


Sunday Telegraph have had a look at the story we had a few weeks ago


where passengers boarding aircraft from certain countries were banned


from taking laptops, they have done a little bit of digging around to


find out why, and it seems Islamic State have found a way of making it


possible to put a bomb inside a battery compartment of a laptop.


Thereby, triggering explosions. They have gone even further to find that


using cyber technology they could get inside nuclear power plants and


cause greater devastation. There is the start, the knob, probably only


scraping at the surface. Massive investigation by security services.


-- the nub. This was one of Donald Trump's bright ideas, and of course,


I am very wary of the US Department of Homeland Security beginning to


feed what seemed essentially like a mad idea, of Donald Trump's, there


is a threat, always a threat, the threat is getting worse but the


threats we are facing now are those which we saw on Westminster Bridge.


It is the idea... Very low-tech, very immediate, you can't prepare


for it because you still have to go out and cross bridges... When you


look at it, one of the former FBI agent says, we had the shoe bomber,


then we had this bomber, exactly so, these were low-tech people connected


to organisations or not. It seems to me that this is kind of misguided...


We don't know half of it, the security sector will not show their


hand... Or they may not tell us the truth. As a frequent flyer, I would


feel a lot happier if everyone was not able to carry their laptop and


it caused me in convenience but I knew that I was safer. But the truth


is, we do not know. Interesting, the case in Egypt, the bomb was in a


laptop, the laptop was in the hold, it still brought the plane down.


Some will be a bit sceptical saying, you have to ban things


completely...? There was an explosion in Mogadishu, Somalia, a


year or so ago, which probably triggered all of this investigation.


Interesting, some question over... America was doing a version of this,


we were doing a slightly different version. Countries adopting it. Some


suspicion was that it was about an attempt to damage Middle East


airlines, that American companies have complained have been getting


undue support from their governments, so there may have been


a bit of politics in this. As well as legitimate security concerns. I


don't trust any of it, partly... We have to be intelligent and think...


There were a couple that you mention, but actually, is this where


the threats have come from? This great terrible tragedies? No, it is


part of a political agenda, as well, Donald Trump's political agenda, a


political agenda of the right, and this is in the Telegraph, which


makes me doubly suspicious, sorry! LAUGHTER


Perhaps we will check out how it is reported in your newspaper. Staying


with the Telegraph, second story, great headline, Gibraltar not the


sale says Boris. As soon as the letter was delivered and answered,


Gibraltar came up, 93... 94% of whom wanted to remain in the EU. But of


course it is owned by Britain. Barzagli, part of the South West of


England, according to political sources. Are we going to go around


bombing Spain, this is what... Margaret Thatcher's popularity was


really down, then the Falklands War. She did have to wait for Argentina


to invade it, to be fair to her. Spain are doing this for political


purposes. If they want to remain in Europe and feel passionately part of


this country, what are they going to do about it? Special dispensation?


The interesting thing about this story, Britain was warned that Spain


would try to hijack "Brexit", to reclaim the rock, and they


apparently warned Theresa May that she should put it in her Article 50


letter, a 7-page letter in which she mentioned all sorts of things


including security and intelligence but did not mention the rock. Lo and


behold, the minute Article 50 is triggered, Spain bowl in and say, we


want the rock as part of the negotiations. The EU have been a bit


out of order in involving this, it is a bilateral issue involving


Britain and Spain, nothing to do with the EU. It is time history was


laid to rest, this is not a fashionable thing to say but these


were places taken during the great imperial age, we are not in the


imperial age, and I think the unthinkable should be thought,


actually, what is the point of hanging onto something that actually


physically is not part of your boundaries. What I would say to


that, try going to Gibraltar, and saying that to the people of


Gibraltar, they don't want to be part of Spain. But I want to be part


of Europe. Again, another version of the debate over Northern Ireland.


Whether you can have secure border, that allows you to say, we no longer


have free movement, but how do you enforce that, if you want to allow,


for example, free flow of goods. The Gibraltan issue, they have


criticised it as smuggling tobacco in at a lower rate of tax. In


Northern Ireland, part of the Good Friday agreement, reunification of


Ireland. These are interesting, unexpected dramas. Many more will be


thrown up as we move into "Brexit" which we have not even thought


about. It'll be interesting to see what from week to week is the latest


controversy and the latest row and potential compromise. Moving on to


the mail on Sunday, very... I would like a flatter tummy in just six


weeks, but I haven't got time to read that, let's stick with Google


blood money, web giant cashing in on file videos showing how to Pierce


stab vest. Terrible death ten days ago, PC Palmer. Suggestion that no


damage had been done to the stab vest. -- pierce. What can Google do


to stop this? I don't understand, is that my ignorance? The Internet has


clearly made our lives better, we can access information, we can have


friends on Facebook, but we have fake news as well, we have


pornography, and we have hate and terrorism using Whats App and


Google. Now, this comes at a time when certain vested interest,


celebrities, for one, politician, want to gag the press even more,


which is regulated to hell. We have some of the strictest regulations of


television and newspapers in the world. And yet, the Internet is a


wild West. And here we have, we have an organisation called stop funding


hate, Google, putting up... Putting up videos... -- Stop Funding Hate.


They have taken it down but it took a long time. I am so stupid


sometimes about these things, I agree with Amber Rudd when she


made... When she attacked some of these Internet giants. And then I


had all this really intelligent young people saying, that was stupid


because actually, practically, it cannot be done. I just want to


educate myself about what exactly Google can do. I would say, in the


same way that a newspaper would not print many stories, and believe


me... You know this yourself, so much does not get into the


newspapers now... Masses of information. Clearly, there must be


some kind of algorithm, I think is the word, where they can... Better


than a hashtag. Where they can find this stuff when it comes up. Another


interesting aspect to the story, this idea that people are


effectively, have turned this kind of thing into a full-time business,


because you get some very small financial comeback from the number


of people who look at your video or you choose, potentially, this guy


has given up his job and is making fake news -- is making this. These


how-to videos. Weapons expert. He can make them for next to nothing


and put them up on the website and get lots of hits and get money. If


you want to stop this kind of thing, you have to find a way to stop the


money. There have been cases of major companies have stopped


advertising on YouTube, in protest at this. That is the way, money will


talk, if we say, we will not advertise, or, Google can become the


biggest employer, ever... You know... 100% more employees, young


people, give them jobs, to give them exactly what they want. As you say,


massive system... That game, you would hit one on the head and


another would pop up somewhere else. That is the problem they are


struggling with. And politicians struggling with the problem of how


you legislate for something that is international in a national context.


Sunday Times, lovely picture on the front here, Johanna Konta,


celebrating this great win at the Miami open, cannot quite believe it,


maybe fans of women's tennis in Britain cannot quite believe it


either, it has been a long time since Virginia Wade. Old enough to


remember her in 1977. When they were called ladies, now they are able to


be women players, treated as equals. In terms of the impact. Has captured


the second where she realises she has done it. A story which looks


rather more familiar than great British tennis success. Lord Paul,


he was involved in this, he was... He was suspended. Old story,


according to the Times, some newer naughty peers... Including Lord


Evans, a Labour peer, crossbench, a former Tory peer, Lord Hanning


feels, who also went to prison. And Francis to Susa, former Speaker, who


was herself caught up in an and expenses row. Here is what is my


suspicion, the Lords is resisting some of "Brexit" speed, and the


simplicity that Brexiteers would like. -- Lord Hanningfield. I think


there is something about discrediting the Lords, I think that


there is no other reason to have that here. There is 800 of them,


what is different in this, it is the Sunday Times relaunch today, which


you may see, it has a slight tweak, it has a slightly different look


about it, maybe only a trade journalists can spot it, but a


slightly different face a stories are shorter and a bit more readable.


I quite like it. -- Frances D'Souza. As part of that, they have done an


investigation to give themselves a different property. The new line,


Richard Pearce, people who are already wealthy in their own right,


are... We know this, it has happened before, if they had a front-page


story saying, interfering with the will of the people, and their


arguments are wrong, that would make sense. This recycling, to have


people lose faith in the Lords. Suspicious of the motives. We did


something in the sun on Sunday if you weeks ago, these figures,


?40,000 in expenses, tax-free, must be worth a bit more. And they do not


need it. -- Sun on Sunday. It is all very well to pick out the wealthy


peers, but they do this, there is not a salary, this is what they live


on, basically. Whether you think that is right or wrong, that is


true. And some of the best peers are some of the best scrutinises we now


have. And I think it is very important... The richer the people,


the more greedy they are, what is new there(!) the Observer. As ever,


from now on, not every story but quite a lot stories will be coloured


by "Brexit", one way or another, whether it is lobbying to say extra


help, because of "Brexit", other people saying, what will we do about


getting staff, this is interesting given all the other questions the


NHS is under. It is the wallpaper, everything we do it is there,


"Brexit" is the backdrop of our lives, this is a hell story about


"Brexit". The suggestion is that there will be an exodus of NHS


staff, we do employ a lot of Europeans in hospitals, and people


from all over the world, worried about whether they will be able to


state post "Brexit" and leaving... Some of the figures show, last year,


17,000 EU nationals who left the NHS, compared with only 11,020 14,


2348 doctors left between July and September, that is up from 1200,


same period, 2015. Yes, 80 something percent rise in the number of people


leaving. Here it is, the immigration promise which was made carelessly


and manipulative league again and again and again is not going to be


possible. And we have now got even people like David Davis, Liam Fox,


sorry, saying that immigration will not go down. A lot of people voted


because they thought foreigners would leave, and whatever. So it is


going to be difficult for them to politically manage this. Yes, in


fact, one of the few points Labour did well on raising was the NHS


during the referendum campaign, obviously, now, Article 50 has been


triggered, one of the priorities will be to get a deal on EU


nationals living in Britain, and British nationals living in the 27


EU states, that is a priority. There is a cartoon, he has a lady coming


back on her own... She has been on holiday in Europe, she says, the


Europeans are holding my husband hostage because of the "Brexit" mid


Ocean oceans(!) it is going to be interesting to see how many of these


industries or areas of business... The care sector, with the ageing


population, it will just shuts down. Because... Almost all their workers


come from somewhere else. On a brighter note, the front of the


express, Tom Jones, how singing save my life after the death of my wife


last year. I am about to renew my passport, we will look at the


passport, I will probably get another EU passport, until we get


through passport, I have no opinion either way, red or blue, I am


colour-blind! The true blue passport, the dark blue colour


coming back. I don't want it, I want my European passport. I had such


problems with my blue passport, always interrogated! Always made to


feel like a second-class citizen, only when the red passport came,


nobody asked me any questions. At the time you got it, your family was


out of Uganda by Idi Amin, 40 years ago... We loved it then, but we had


a special stamp, D, and that meant that you could not freely come even


though you had a British passport. White Zimbabwe and had C and they


would come. Labour passed the law in 1968, a deeply racist law which they


passed. So I did not care for my blue passport, made me feel


unwanted. Deeply the study, GB stickers on the back of the car,


that will come back as well. Look, they do keep redoing the passport


every so many years, to stop forgeries, and this is a ?500


million contract that has gone out on a government website, and the


Sunday express, like some others this morning, as they collected that


there may be a return of the blue passport. The Royal Standard will


stay on the front, yes, we all want that on the front of it, European


Union coming off the top, not a lot to change anything else. Do we have


the right to keep the European one? We won't be citizens of the European


Union... All the recognised the back passport recognise the sovereignty


of the individual nations, there is not such a thing as a European


passport, as such. My my view is that you have to get the


passport of your own nation. We will find out this week. Bats we can find


out more over the course of the coming days, perhaps we will speak


to the passport office. I'm sure it is something that will be asked


about in the "Brexit" debates. Thank you both very much. Always a


pleasure to have you here. Don't forget, tomorrow's front pages


tonight, 1040, you're on BBC News. -- 10:40pm. We will be back with


more news at the top of the hour. We have a nice day on the way today,


better than


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