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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment -


The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has cancelled


a planned trip to Moscow on Monday, in the wake of this week's chemical


He said the UK deplored Russia's continued defence


Firefighters in Hertfordshire have launched an investigation


into what caused a fatal blaze at a residential care home.


Two people died and 33 others has to be rescued


at the Newgrange Care Home in Cheshunt this morning.


Norwegian police say they have found a "bomb-like


device" in central Oslo, and a suspect is being held.


Swedish police say they're increasingly certain that the Uzbek


man they've arrested is the one who carried out yesterday's


attack in Stockholm, but they believe others may also


Workers at three rail companies have been taking part


in a 24-hour strike on the day of the Grand National race.


The action, involving Southern, Merseyrail and Arriva Rail North,


is part of a dispute over staffing and the role of conductors.


An lead the author I will speak to the author Scarlett Thomas about her


switch to writing for children and the creation of a fictional world


full of magic and danger. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are the broadcasters


Penny Smith and Charlie Wolf. Good evening to you both. Before we


speak to them, let's have a look at some of those front pages, starting


with Boris Johnson's decision to cancel his trip to Russia, that the


lead in many of the papers. The Mail on Sunday says the Kremlin


has "slammed" Mr Johnson The Sunday Times says Britain


and America will directly accuse Russia of complicity in war


crimes in Syria. The Sunday Telegraph says


the Foreign Secretary's cancelled trip -but the picture that dominates


the front page shows the owners of the Grand National winner,


One for Arthur. And The Independent has it's


own interview with the EU's chief Brexit negotiator who wants


Theresa May to consider a plan to help British people


who want to retain EU citizenship. So let us begin. Penny, would you


start us off? Newspapers full of the stories about Syria. The Sunday


Times, Russia accused of complicity in Syria war crime and Boris is not


going to Russia. Complains of Russian complicity, a Russian drones


flew over a town before one of the warplanes dropped that gas bomb


which killed around 80 people if a Russian aircraft bombed a hospital


later to destroy evidence. A picture of a chemical weapons container from


where the attack was launched. Russia accused of complicity in


Syrian war crime and Boris Johnson... The US did Boris Johnson


because of his notorious Florida language. Tim Farron also coming in


saying the Foreign Secretary is a poodle of Washington, echoing the


comment on Tony Blair, was having his diary managed across the pond


and think it's pretty shameful when even Trump judges you to be a


buffoon. OK. Charlie, what can we talk a moment, that is going to


happen, Rex Tillerson the Secretary of State, he is going to have to end


up going to Moscow. The talk in the last couple of days is if the


Russians would refuse to have him over. That's not the case, he is


going over. He has a serious message. I don't think Boris Johnson


is a poodle, I didn't think Tony Blair was, to be honest. I think


it's important in a situation like this, maybe they need to be


co-ordinated and have one man do all the talking. The country that is


taking the action, the United States, it seems it's only right its


Rex Tillerson that does the speaking. You are often in a


position to explain Donald Trump. It looks like a massive flip-flop in


his approach to Syria. What do you make of it? I think this is called


leadership. Yes, he had a position that was noninterventionist, I don't


want to be the world's policeman and so on. When you sit in the chair...


A couple of times a significant, the first time when you get the first


briefing when you've been elected and you are the President-elect and


you get the first CIA NSA briefing, that's a pretty heavy duty meeting.


Then you sit in the chair for the first time on the 20th of January.


You are sitting there and you realise, this is in the national


interests of the United States, and national security issue. The point


is... They have this tweets in the Daily Mail. We should stay the hell


out of Syria, the rebels are just as bad as the current regime. If are


going to continue to be stupid and going to Syria... Whatsapp and now


though is they've had an event and he's been sat down with his advisers


and they are the one saying, if they get away with using chemical weapons


here, they will use them elsewhere and produced within the United


States. This is some other as to be held to account and that's what he's


done. Moving on, it got a mention before but let's pick this up, this


business about Boris', Boris Johnson's role in all of this. It is


a bit curious. On the one hand I think you are saying he's a serious


player and so on, but it does look as though people said, come on,


whoever they are, the Foreign Secretary would probably be told to


stay out of it at the moment, it's an American affair. I think it


probably is at this juncture. It was America that launched the missile


strike, not Great Britain. It is Donald Trump in the position of


being the leader of the biggest country and strongest democracy on


the planet. I think it makes sense. Again, I don't see working together


that it makes you somebody's poodle. I think Boris Johnson sees the


importance of what's going on and agree to it. What I do find


interesting, the Sunday Times article, the Defence Secretary


Fallon talking about a regime change, if I'm reading it right.


We've heard that before. Normally it's our government that talks about


regime change. They've backed off of that, haven't they? The Mail on


Sunday has a lot on the inside about all of this, various things, talking


about Ivanka Trump,... She's the one that treated saying it made me cry,


because of the children involved. And as I mentioned, we have the


whole of what Donald Trump hazard. This is a president who lives on


social media, isn't it, really? We have all these other things. In the


past, when Obama talked about chemical attacks but backed off from


attacking anything in Syria, the president Musket congressional


approval before attacking Syria. Big mistake if he doesn't. That didn't


happen. I was talking to Richard Kemp, in Washington on the way down,


neither of us experts on this, but I think he would have it being of the


national interest, the use of chemical weapon, he'd have the


authority, be it Obama or Donald Trump. In fact, I would maybe


suggest, and not an expert on this, maybe because President Obama set


the red line, President Wright could almost use the authority of that.


Say that was the Red Line. There is one other thing, a little box here.


When we are looking at the Mail on Sunday, about somebody working for


Jeremy Corbyn. That will annoy some people if it's right. Stupid is as


stupid does. There's always a man in the crowd that has to come up with


some statement and put their foot in them up. This is Murray, a political


adviser to the Shadow Cabinet who basically said we are baby killers.


I guess we're just as bad as Assad. Basic moral relativism. It's


unfortunate when a missile strike kills civilians that weren't


intended, but that's a big difference between those, going out


using chemical weapons to kill innocents on purpose and


indiscriminately. OK, let's go on. I think we can look at Stockholm on


what's going on there. That is another thing. The Sunday Times. I'm


hunting around for it. The Telegraph I think. The bomb on the hijacks


lorry failed to go a terrible situation, echoes of what happened


at Westminster bridge. A lorry that ploughed into a Stockholm department


store and killed four people was carrying a device that failed to


detonate. The terrorists responsible had actually been on their radar,


the police said. This is a migrant Brie labourer. A bit scary, even


with the Westminster story the words, the perpetrator was known to


the police. I am not holding the police necessarily to account, but


it makes you wonder. A little bit scary, there are many creative ways


to kill people. In the past I've had people going on about, we don't want


America with all the guns another thing. It's not the guns, anything


as simple as a knife, a vehicle... And a bomb. You come back to the


statistics about the fact you are more likely in America to be killed


by a child with a gun than to be killed in a terrorist attack. I


suppose that's a side issue, isn't it? They've discovered already that


vehicles are extraordinarily effective. And of course you don't


have to, you don't need a bomb. Obviously that would have caused


even more, terrible devastation. Indeed. We have the news tonight the


police in Oslo appear to have found a new device of some sort cordoning


the city. Now to a domestic story on the front


page of the Sunday Telegraph. Scrapheap beckons for council tip


charges. I think Penny, you said to me, I feel strongly about this, do


you, what's it about? I do. I'll tell you what I get really annoyed


about, fly-tipping. It destroys so much. There are certain areas,


beauty spots, which are just covered in rubbish, because somebody... You


pay somebody to take away your rubbish and because of the fact you


have to pay to have it disposed of, they going tip it any old where. As


we know, B gets later, and I know that because I've done little


experiments near where I lived. And if you leave a bit of rubbish where


it is... By the time... If you leave it, by the time you walk back from


the shops, it's got new friends with it. It sounds like the broken window


syndrome. It is. I will tell you what I've noticed since owning a dog


in the last year, the amount of burger wrappers what scares me


chicken bones. If the dog gets close, can kill them. Human


detritus, Eder wannabe any more descriptive map. -- I don't want to


be any more descriptive than that. I watched undercover costs the other


day, in Utah, where I used to live, very nice neighbourhood. This wide,


clean, you could eat off these streets. I'm thinking, North


Finchley are supposed to be a somewhat salubrious area, and it was


at one point. Even in nicer areas, St John's Wood, I've walked around


areas and there are burger wrappers. This is about saying... They are


saying charging at all for taking your rubbish to the council tip is a


bad idea. Exactly. And eventually it ends up with stuff... They should be


paying us. Go and do some up cycling. It's a way of local


authorities raising money. If they can't raise it this way, they will


find another way. There is an interesting supply and demand


argument. I went to the tip on Thursday to drop off some cardboard.


There was about half an hour queue in business hours. If it's a product


everybody wants... I say, charge them, there is a market. There's


money in garbage! Pictures on a lot of the front pages, two very happy


ladies. Who wants to explain why they are happy? Charlie? I love this


story, don't we? What is it about? You've been having it on your sports


news. This is about the two owners of the Grand National winner, which


is One For Arthur. They bought this horse because their husbands play


golf together and they are always off on the golf course. Two golf


widows, debutants, and they said, it's just been brilliant. Our


husbands play golf together, we wanted to do something, the plan was


conceived after a lot of gin at Kelso one-day stop and that's what I


love about jump racing. This is not the only story of this type. As


someone that sees an old nag in the field... I don't think it's an old


nag! They see a horse in a field a thing, we could train that up. The


National, of course, I missed it today believe it or not and I didn't


have a chance but the money down. It's the one race where form doesn't


matter. It's not how good... Nicholas Owen could be the horse in


front of us, we could be the star horses, you fall at the fence and


take us down with you, the two winners. Nicolas, were you in the


Grand National again? What's going on! We won't discuss how Mrs Owen


handed ?10 to a bookmaker this afternoon never to be seen again...


You didn't back the 14-1? That is it for the papers this hour.


Thank you Panny and Charlie, you'll both be back at 11.30


for another look at the stories making the news tomorrow.


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