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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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This week on Meet the Author macro, I will speak to the author of


Scarlet Thomas about to switch to writing for children and her


creation of a world filled with magic and danger.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are are the broadcasters Penny Smith and Charlie Wolf.


A quick look at some of those front pages.


Boris Johnson's decision to cancel his trip to Russia


The Mail on Sunday reports the criticism from the Kremlin


as well as Liberal Democrat MPs here.


The Sunday Times says Britain and America are preparing to accuse


Russia of complicity in war crimes in Syria.


The Sunday Telegraph says Vladimir Putin will be told to pull


troops from Syria and drop support for President Assad in a UK-US plan


The Independent says the European Parliament's chief


Brexit negotiator wants Theresa May to consider a plan to help British


people who want to keep their EU citizenship.


The Sunday Mirror's leads with a story about the former Spice


And the Observer leads with a story about Len McClusky,


the leader of the Unite union, who wants the Labour party


to investigate MPs who he says are plotting against him


Let's begin. Charlie, can you start us off? The Mail on Sunday has what


many papers have. As Johnson was meant to go to Moscow next week and


has now cancelled for Rex Tillerson to go over. People are now saying he


is now America's poodle. Yes. It's as he pulls out at has launched a


furious attack on Boris Johnson after he cancelled his Moscow


summit. They have accused the Foreign Secretary of making up


excuses, making way for Donald Trump's diplomatic drive. I don't


really see if there's a big problem with this story. If he wants to work


with the Americans and let them handle this and I think it means he


is a poodle. Except there is a suggestion in the Mail that Boris


Johnson said he shouldn't be going because they were the people who did


the bombing, so we would just be the hors d'oeuvre before the main meal.


That thing about the poodle, the Lib Dems leader has also echoed that


remark. I guess the Lib Dems, that's still where they have to reach two.


Moving to the meat of the story itself. There is the suggestion that


we and the Americans will say, this is what you will do, Mr Putin. They


say he should withdraw military support from Damascus and begin a


transition to a new regime, which is of course also a change. This change


of regime, which has been off the table for a while. This claim of


Russian combo city rests on analysis that a Russian drone flew over this


town shortly before 1-off Assad's warplanes dropped a Serengeti bomb.


They are investigating whether a Russian plane of the hospital. --


sarin gas. Different from the days where you could tell Mr Putin after


the election that he could be more flexible because he doesn't have any


more elections to fight, as he told I think it was the Prime Minister at


the time. That famous quote. I think this is Russia and Assad and others


who will have to do some recalculating and that's a good


thing. They are going to say, we have a president now who they may


have written off as a foolish game-show reality star, property


developer, but this is a guy who gets pretty serious about something


and... Also a president who changes his mind pretty dramatically. He has


done a complete reversal of what he said before the election and


afterwards. In the Mail they suggest he reacted to a tweaked and that's


what changed his mind. I'm sorry to have some effect on him emotionally,


but at the same time when you are sitting around the cabinet table and


you have your head of the department of defence, General Mattis, and your


other advisers saying they were horrified by what has happened, it


isn't enough to trigger what happened. People will also say that


it's about him getting the people to stop talking about how close he was


to Russia. That is another aspect. The one thing that will help the


relationship between them is I think Putin at least has respect for


someone who has power and know-how is to use it. They may not like each


other in the end but at least there will be respect for the man that


wasn't there before, we respect he didn't have for Obama. Presumably


they realise they can't predict what he will do. And it will be


interesting to see whether this does prompt any peace talks. After all


that is what we want to happen here. We want the situation with Serie A


to be sorted out. And diplomacy only works when it is backed up with


force. Can you get us started on a follow-up to the Stockholm, the


awful thing that happened there. They talk about the bomb that fail


to go. They found a device this morning and that adds a whole new


dimension. It is bad enough that someone could kill you with a car.


When the police went to investigate, a bomb could have gone. It is a


horrible thought, but killers can get very creative in what they do


and how they kill people. These are the sort of people, without making


excuses for the IRA or defending them, at least there was some sort


of an endgame, where there are certain things they wouldn't have


done because it wasn't in their interest. The sorts of people we are


dealing with now, there isn't any endgame, other than wanting to kill


Westerners and expand the caliphate. It seems to me that we are dealing


with people who may not even have a coherent idea as that. They just get


attracted and they are the most days people of all. There was an


interesting article recently saying that this is really just about


gangs, an excuse to kill. And I suppose the sad thing is that we are


talking about car bombs and lorry bombs, which is a fact of life in


certain places in the world. Let's stay on the Sunday Telegraph front


page. Keep charges. -- tip charges. Explained to us what is proposed and


why. Councils are to be banned from charging DIY enthusiasts to dispose


of their rubbish. Some councils are still charging unfair fees of up to


four quid, despite Whitehall trying to stamp out the practice. This is


because of the problem of even a small charge deterring people from


going and getting rid of this stuff, so they keep it in beauty spots,


parkland, anywhere. The end of the street. Anywhere. So they are


saying, really, we need to stop charging for it. Sorry to correct


you, but in a sense the real story is the fact that councils don't seem


to have enough money because of what is being put on them, social care a


prime example. They are trying to figure out ways to raise funds


because they aren't getting it from central government. I'm sure you


would find the same with And I'm Lebo Diseko in -- with Labour. You


rely on the state more and more and it's a black hole that can't be


filled. To be clear, it isn't just general waste, it is quite specific


things. Things like soil and DIY materials, it's a grey area, isn't


it? The sort of thing I would get rid of. You take a whole lot of


shells down and think, what am I going to do with this? You put up a


few of them and then you think, that looks rubbish, take them to the tip!


We had a major clear out the other day. To be fair, there was a


half-hour cue getting into my recycling centre the other day. I


actually cut someone off because I thought they were parked at the side


of the road and I didn't see all of the other cars! We've heard that one


before! I appear to have jumped the queue! Very quickly, Labour MPs


accused of dirty tricks in union votes. This is the Unite union Len


McCluskey. I think he is the guy who owns... Well, his union contributes


quite a lot of money. Yes. Anyway, he is accusing... There's a group of


people made up of people in the right of the party who are using...


They say they are using the dark arts. In order to do what? In order


to elect his opposition, the opposition... There's another


gentleman. Mr Coin. He is saying that... Remember those people who


are running the campaign, the dark arts is in their DNA. Normally with


political elections it is unique they have brought this in with the


trade unions and he says they are trying to get Jeremy Corbyn out.


They say what is most likely usually happens. In this case it may be the


fact that Jeremy Corbyn isn't that great leader, unfortunately. You


mentioned horses. The Grand National is coming. A wonderful story about


what happened, the winner. Who owns the horse? Two owners, they are


widows and they decided to come together, they have a spare ?60,000.


They bought a horse. They said a lot of gin had been quaffed. Their


husbands played golf together, hence the name. It is just a lovely story.


Everybody is so chuffed. The funny thing is, my uncle bought me one


when I was young, and his name was Arthur. The Grand National is


something you don't vote on form. It's always that this one is an


outsider. The one I would have backed! How many times have we heard


that? Once I put a fiver on a horse and it came in as you -- and I got


something like 870 quid back. That's The Papers for this hour. Coming up


next, Meet the


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