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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the Daily Mirror columnist Susie Boniface


and Steve Hawkes, Deputy political editor at The Sun.


I'll start again... Deputy political editor at the sun. Two red tops.


Good to see you. I will try and read this clearly and enunciates


properly. The Metro leads with the Russians


accusation that the UK are threatening the peace in Syria


to stay in with the Americans. The FT focusses on the low


OF Russian and American relations, but also run a story about how


Brexit has effectively frozen British companies out


of the EU space sector. The Times lead with its own


investigation into potentially illegal images on Facebook and


features at picture of Rex Tillerson who has been in Max go. The


Telegraph leads with a warning from Scotland Yard over as sharp increase


in gun and knife crime, pointing to a reduction in resources as a


reason. The Guardian also leaves with this.


which hits graduates with a steep rise in interest rates,


And the Mirror leads with the ramifications of the attack on the


permissive Dortmund team boss saying that security has been tightened


back in England. The express features a story about migrant


workers saying that official figures reveal a 19 people working in the UK


migrants. OK, we will start with the times, to ignores US call for fresh


start and backs asset, no surprise. Not really. Putin and Trump have


fallen out and have retreated to opposite sides of the playground.


LAUGHTER Luckily we have some ownership of Rex Tillerson and his


Russian counterpart who appear to be grown-ups and talking in the way


that you expect credits to talk Tillerson says that this is the not


the way nuclear superpowers would behave. Let's leave their children


to one side and let's mean you have a chat about this. It is reassuring,


frankly, considering you have someone in Donald Trump who appears


to behave in a different way depending on whether or not he was


allowed as can touristy. I am heartened by the fact that Tillerson


is in Moscow, that he is talking to the Russians who are talking back to


him, if not necessarily politely. This was an camera, for the sake of


the journalist in our look outside the room and once anyone leaves the


room it is what matters inside the room. It is interesting that Putin


said that he was not aware that it was possible for the Russian


American relationship to deteriorate under Obama, and he is now saying it


is really bad, considering he went to so much effort to fix the US


election, you must be really annoyed. It is like you're watching


a film. This is, we're laughing about it, but this is serious, the


US Navy, as Donald Trump says very powerful submarines, heading towards


the Korean peninsula, you have Russia America saying the one step


away from law. -- wanted away from the war. Now, it is all serious.


Luckily, I think Rex Tillerson, as Susie says, we have a grown-up who


says we have to find a way out of it. I think if you speak to the


Foreign Office they are convinced that America realises that all this


talk about trumping close to Putin, clearly not now. Britain are


relatively happy, Doris will treat -- Boris will speak to him tomorrow


morning and that should cheer everyone up. Whoa reasons to be


cheerful, number one, one of the first thing that Sergei Lavrov said


after meeting with Mr Tillerson is that they are going to re-establish


the protocols which mean that they will warn each other over the skies


of Syria is a Russian jet is there and an American jet is there. And


they will have those safety procedures in place will stop they


scrap those open to this meeting today after the bombing of the


airbase last week. So, they are co-operating at the shoppers and


that this debate. The people with the actual bombs are now talking to


each again. But last week they said, we are going to bomb that in the


ministry move your claims, that is how close this age. If one of them


had gone wrong and the Russian had been killed, we dread to think, they


are posturing, but there is a back channel the roof racks to lament and


we should be grateful for that. Let's go onto the Metro, Russia


pointed the finger at Britain. This is more of the same, I think Bush is


a night, I saw this earlier run -- Russia is annoyed. Perhaps public


posturing they have to be seen to be jabbing the finger at Britain. This


will go on a lot but never excrete a think we will see the Foreign


Secretary reconvening and Britain thinks they are closer to sanctions


then would believe. They just don't have the evidence. There is more


there than I think was reported, perhaps this is so it's getting to


Russia that has a good point, Susie, perhaps the Italians and the Germans


do not believe there is another evidence pointing the finger at at


Assad but this attack last week. But, the Russians are saying let's


have an investigation, that is what is needed and that is what


Ahmadinejad said today, yet there was a draft resolution at the UN


saying, we should compel. -- that is what Sergei Lavrov said today. We


should compel the in 2013 the last time asset gasped


some of his own people, there was a resolution and he opened up his


weapons for inspection he said he tend over all his sarin, and that


was not worth the matchbox that it was written on. But Russia was the


guarantor for that. This is to superpowers having it out with each


other using a smaller complex to express their point of view, same


with beer now and lots of other was, it has happened to our history.


While all this is going on talking about sanctions, Syria has had


sanctions before now, Bush and has had sanctions, this does not


necessarily tend to alter the actual situation, it makes things drag an.


It does not de-escalates. There is a huge allegation that so much of


Russian oligarch ill gotten gains are laundered through this place,


not the BBC! That would be a great story! You had that as well, do new?


Through London, that would be the surest quick weight quick rush in


where it hurts, with stick? You saw that with Ukraine, after the Crimea,


Downing Street's position that was for Bush or to go back to the naval


stations, then they went to sanctions. -- was all Russia to go


back to the naval stations. Assad's chemical weapons chief, his son has


citizenship. If we are that short on it we should clamp down on the money


as well. There's going to the Telegraph them, rise in violent


crime, Susie? Yes will stop there has been lots of decline imbalance


crime and the Metropolitan Police have reported this massive leap in


London. London centric story, but important. Good crime has gone up


43%, sex crimes, they have all increased. The Met says this is


because they do not have enough resources, they say they cannot do


anything, they have to deal with mental health cases because of


problems in the NHS, more people are ill and on the street, more people


are homeless, and also because child protection issues, there has been in


the wake of the Jimmy Savile is there's been more will put an


claims. Critics are saying comic you have also spent ?25 million chasing


journalists who paid sources, not one of whom was found to have done


any wrong doing, you spent years going at the bone hacking, going


after Westminster paedophiles that don't appear to have existed. You


are currently going after Ed Heath who is dead, whether he is a


paedophile or not will not affect anyone in the future. You are not


spending your resources on the right thing. The issue is, does the police


need more money or do they need to use its offices on the things that


affect most people's lives? Knife crime gun crime will make a


difference. Not to denigrate those victims of sexual violence. Of


course not. But, is that the government's argument that you are


not spending your money wise enough Mr policeman? If you look on twitter


people have been talking about this knife crime issue, and they would


happily believe this could have been sorted out ten years ago, the


government was too late to ban certain knives on Amazon, this has


to prompt a response. David Cameron looked it doing hello, he enacted a


law under pressure weather would be mandatory... Only a small number of


those people go to jail and they've is doing anything about this. 24%,


4000 knife incidents a year, ten a day. We see kids murdered in the


streets by knives, when will someone deserving about it? Onto the student


tax by stealth, millions of graduates who hit by steep rising


interest rates on their student loans? And you have to remember that


most will not pay that, it is the tax players being hit by this.


Everyone who has and more than ?10,000 a gear and is therefore


paying some income tax has to repay some of this eventually, if you do


not earn enough as a graduate to repay all of your loan, after 30


years it gets written nothing goes back onto the taxpayer 's debt on


our Bill. This is a system by which if you are going an awful lot after


you go trick, if your doctor or high-flying lawyer in make sense to


pay your fees in advance therefore you come from a wealthy family say


you will become a doctor or lawyer and you are, wealthy family


yourself. If you're going to go to W might not an huge amounts of money,


media studies or something like that, it makes sense to take out a


loan that you never ever pay it back. Except as a Pax player you


paid in general taxation and this all comes down on the end to us.


Although there were all the pancake, saying he had the paid the own


education fundamentally the way they have set up the tuition fees it


means the taxpayer pays most of it. You have to get a job you are a


student at the end of it to pay off the loans, your point, is that in


getting the kind of job that will pay off the lens is the difficulty.


There is two things. This is to do with the inflation numbers as


inflation creases up we will see a lot more of this, it is one of these


controversial things like train fares the government links the IPI


which has a high rate of inflation. The retail prices. It feeds


inflation it self. It feeds inflation and you see that in train


fare. I don't know why they put student loans by an RPI measure, it


is crazy. I think you will see a lot more stories as inflation creeps up.


We only have a few more seconds to go, financial Times, Elks. Just 24


bankers could not get any worse. The head of the major investment company


in Sweden is being investigating of driving a former finance minister


with an alcoholic. What else did you do allegedly in Sweden? -- women


help hunt. If you want to buy somebody in Sweden you to get them a


really good elk. If it was you it would be grounds suiting on the


moors, wouldn't it? -- event was here.


Don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online


evening you can watch it later on BBC iPlayer.


Quiet on the weather front the season. Not a lot change tomorrow.


In fact the rest of the worn up to Easter and the east of itself it


will remain cool. This satellite picture gives you an idea


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