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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are journalist and broadcaster


Helen Croydon, and business editor for the Independent, Josie Cox.


I will come to you in a moment. Let us start with a quick overview of


The Papers. We will start with The Mirror.


The Mirror says North Korea and the US are edging


towards a nuclear war as Kim Jong-Un threatens a merciless


The same story on The Times, with China warning that a conflict


The Telegraph reports on the warning from the CIA director that rogue


states should "take note" of Donald Trump's forthright


military decisions in Syria and Afghanistan.


The Premier League is set to announce a record loss due


to new accounting rules, and the fall in sterling


vote, that's according to documents seen by the Financial Times.


The Daily Mail says learner drivers will soon be tested


on whether they can follow directions from satnavs in a shake


The Daily Express leads with the tension surrounding


North Korea, with the country vowing to target American bases in


The Guardian reports on North Korea too but headlines the news that some


doctors are being offered ?95 an hour, that is not a shift, that is


an hour by hospitals that are short of staff. And the I says teachers


are stopping streaming. We will touch on some of those


stories. But which will start, Josie and Helen the with the times and we


have to go with what is going on in the Korean peninsula. It is scary


stuff, this, it all comes off the back of President Trump's Armada,


approaching the Korean peninsula, but now, Korea has reacted and says,


they have said we can bomb, if the US makes a emtive strike we can bomb


South Korea within minute, US troop bases are at risk in Japan, really


it is flexing its military might. And, the question is, you know, what


is Trump doing the right thing here, by flexing his military muscles?


What do you think? Do you think he is? On the one hand this is the


question, isn't it because Trump is Trump and he is highly whims sipical


and provocative. We have to be tough, it is by taking the softly


softly diplomatic approach to kind of military conflicts in the past,


that is how Russia has gained too much pour, we have to be tough. At


the same time, it is good to be tough if you have a strategy, so,


President Trump is whimsical and egotistical. We had the attack last


week on Syria and also yesterday, the big, the Moab bomb. He has had a


positive reaction to that, Republicans andcrat, -- Democrat,


they have said you did the right thing. That will make Trump happy.


What we have to hope is Trump is not going into North Korea, fuelled by


this hey, everyone thinks I'm brilliant because I'm going to a war


President. He has got good adviser, general Mattis, we have to hope


teleis a good responsible team behind him and is not just his Trump


being Trump. Josie, North Koreans have said there pre-emptive strike,


do you think that Mr Trump would do that or would they wait and see what


North Korea does? North Korea, we are used to the tests, I think, I


suppose worry is it could be their sixth nuclear test. Who do you think


will show their hand first? Well I think what we have seen over the


last couple of weeks is Trump is willing to act quite quickly, and


quite sort of instinctively I suppose, gut reaction, knee jerk


reaction and I think if he gets any excuse or if he gets any indication


from the North Korean side, that there really could be, you know, an,


a heating up even more of the situation. He is going to be the


first to act. Is Because in the past we have said it is North Korea, it


is blutser, sabre rattling, now there is reaction from, you know,


the US, that is saying something and the Daily Telegraph, if we turn to


the Daily Telegraph quickly, CIA, they are saying this is how we will


act now. That is interesting. This is the first time he has spoken


publicly in January and caused the CIA and Donald Trump didn't have a


great reaction when he was first inaugurated because of the


investigations into his links with Russia, now he is coming, he has


waded in and said this is the right thing for we have to do something.


This raises the question of why they are they only going in now? North


Korea has been a threat for years and years. The red lines. The whole


time the fear has been maybe they have got nuclear weapons but the


longer you leave it the worse that threat get, we have just got to hope


that they haven't got the capability to launch a long range nuclear


missile. But we don't know, at least with, you know, other conflict,


Syria, Afghanistan, we know what they are up to, we knew that Assad


had stocked of chemical weapon, we don't know what the enmany I is so


we have to hope... Equally we have to wait and sow what we are hearing


from the US and from Trump is just rhetoric or whether it is action and


whether they will put their money where their mouth is so to speak. It


It is not just horticultureia that the CIA are reacting to, they


mention Iran, you would have thought the tensions has stopped but they


mention Iran, as well, to take note. I think part of after that is to do


with the fact they are kind of, they have been fortified by what we have


seen with Afghanistan and Syria, and the response as you say internally


from the US especially that the trusm administration has got for


those actions and I think this is just kind of like a general warning


saying don't mess with us, we have the ability and the capacity to


retaliate, and equally at the same time North Korea is saying, if you


mess with us you will probably regret it. And Iran is going to side


with North Korea. Mr Trump was never a fan of the deal in the first


place. I would like do you pick up Josie, we will turn to the FT, and


zero hours contracts. In the news yet again. That is is right, yes.


There you go. So this is a story in the FT, it is


an interview that they did with Matthew Taylor who was Tony Blair's


former policy chief, and he was basically given the job by Theresa


May back in November to look a the changing face of the labour market


and specifically the rise of what we call the gig economy, the zero hour


contract, people being on working in jobs where they don't know in the


morning whether they will be called up and say yes, we need you to come


into work, no we don't need you. What he is saying or proposing is


that temperature minimum wage is topped up for these kind of jobs to


provide a premium, and the idea is that this would discourage employers


from taking advantage of the gig economy workers, and yes, so it


would be provide the best of two world, provide flexibility for


people in the jobs and it would ensure that employers can keep zero


hours contrajts on their books. I am not sure that a minimum wage, you


know or rather a surplus on the wage is the right way, the minimum wage


debate is about is it great in it offers flexibility and certainly as


a freelancer and lots of people in the media are freelancer, I like the


idea of zero hours contract but does it make workers very insecure, so


that is the debate. I think a way to get round that, because, one of the


problems, of this, is there is a report highlighted by one worker


saying that they... They are told to be ready at seven. Then they got a


phone call says we don't need you. I think a better way of tackling is is


what about bringing in minimum notice period. Then they would have


to pay half, you know, because by introducing a anyone mum wage, for


skier row -- zero hours contracts, what the employers will do is reduce


the base minimum wage and add the surplus on top. There is a question


whether it is enough in the first place. We will stay with wage, turn


to the Guardian, and how about ?95 an hour, an hour. But, Josie you


were saying if they are short and we are talking about the NHS here, they


are going toing to pay. It is a hospital in Peterborough City


Hospital, which apparently is offering doctors ?95 an hour, as


this staffing crisis in the NHS has escalating, and, yes, it is an awful


lot of money, we were working out a ten hour shift, you were pocketing a


grand, but ultimately there is no-one viable to do the job. They


point out it is A It is A It is yet another headline that is


telling us, screaming in our face, that the NHS is in crisis, something


needs to change an my concern here is, that this, this is is a vicious


cycle. This is going to, the more stories that come out like this, the


fewer people are going to want to pursue a career in the medical


tracks by. If they are giving ?5 an hour maybe they will. This is great


investigation, they have highlighted e-mails that have come from admin


staff going to medical staff, and highlighted the urgency in the


messages which demonstrates how desperate they are. In one say it


says sorry to send so many messages I am practically begging at this


point. That was one from the John Radcliffe Hospital. There soot one


saying can anyone help, it really is a matter of keeping the department


safe, so, I mean that just really raises questions of whether it is


safe for these do, to be working, if they are calling on people who have


weekend plans but they are being incentivised. They are crossing


their fingers. Easter is crunch time with with the holiday. OK very


quickly this made me giggle. The Mail, drivers must use SatNav to


pass the test. I often shout at my SatNav, so I am not sure I would


have passed my test if I had to use this in my test. What do you make of


this? No three point turns. It is great. It is, time change, so the


tests were set in the time when cars were different, so every time I a


drive a car, I don't own one. Aren't the roads the same? You need the


same skills? You don't. Because the cars are automatic, power steer,


they say we won't have the three point turn, we will have to the


learn how to use a SatNav system. That is a sensible reflection of how


cars are changed. You don't need to learn thousand use a three point


turn. I did do them. I can't drive. When I do pass the test I think I


will be happy I don't have to do a three point turn. Reversing round


the corner is the killer. It has become a multitasking. There is so


much technology in cars that part of the skill of driving is to learn to


multitask, you have to listen to your SatNav and drive. It is right


they test that. Maybe the test should be avoid your phone while you


are being tested. Introduce the distractions. I wonder if we can get


one more in, talking about car, and, they are saying that car loans could


be, could equal or have echoes of the subprime mortgage crisis, that


is worrying. This is a story in the Telegraph saying that the amount


being or borrowed to buy new cars has trebled in the last eight years,


to ?30 billion a year. Adds you say, echos of the subprime crisis, and it


is scary, this is getting out of control and I think the issue is we


are forgetting what the subprime crisis was like, and what damage


that really did cause. Our memories are fading. Unlike, in a way it is


worse with cars because you can never pay it off. If if they were


over-11ing with houses you would pay it off, but a car depreciates, you


still need another car. Would you stretch yourselves? The past we


would stretch ourselves for a mortgage, would you stretch yourses


for a car? No. Financially? No. But I live in London so I don't need a


car. It would be different for someone who doesn't have the


transport link we have and do need a car to get round. We will end it


there but the Bank of England are investigating this, because there


are huge, huge concerns, but you will be back in half an is now yes.


For our final Payners. Please do Helen.


That it is from the Payner, we have the headlines coming up and of


course, another look at The Papers at 11.30. Stay tuned. This is BBC


News. Quite a cool day for most us today


and chilly in some parts of the country. And this isn't


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