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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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life murder conspiracy that absorbed 1920s America, and in particular,


the young J Edgar Hoover. Hello, and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are Nigel Nelson, political


editor of the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday People,


and the political Lovely to see you boit. We will look


at some of the stories in a moment. Tomorrow's front pages,


starting with... The Mail on Sunday leads


with the continued rising tensions around North Korea,


and the threat to wipe out The Sunday Times, also


leading on North Korea, says President Trump is prepared


to strike Korean nuclear sites. The Telegraph goes with


the potential threat to America It says that North Kreoa


posses the capability The differences between


the two countries is summed up in The Express,


who call it the Deadliest Stand-off. The Observer leads on an education


story, and says that free schools So that was just a taster of those


front-pages. A more in-depth natter now with my


guests and goodness, we have to start off with North Korea, don't


we. . We do. What do you make of this? The Sunday Times in particular


is the most worrying of The Papers tonight. Because that seems to sort


of take war a step nearer. What the Sunday Times is saying is that their


quoting general McMaster, Donald Trump's national security adviser


who is saying that the America has the capability of taking out with


conventional weapons the entire nuclear arsenal of North Korea, this


is high stakes stuff, that the first question is what if they haven't got


the capability of doing that? What happens next? The second thing is I


can't see it happening really on the basis of South Korea, the first


thing that would happen is there would be an invasion of South Korea,


and you get a feeling it is like two pugnacious schoolboys squaring off


in the playground. Both knows if one throws a punch they will get hurt,


however you look at it. Certainly we are dealing with unpredictable


people and the worry is that someone will do something really stupid. Jo,


a lot of people saying that this is just the US trying to nudge China to


actually do something. Yes, it is, but the whole relationship between


America and China is not helped by where China sits on the question of


Syria. I mean China has previously gone along with Russia, on UN votes


and things, last week it abstained rather than veto the UN vote, but I


mean, certainly what is happening, and you know, you have got huge


American warships arriving, or heading towards the Korean


peninsula, you have real pressure on a quite untested and inexperienced


team of foreign policy people, not least of all Secretary of State Rex


Tillerson dealing with as Nigel says unpredictable people, but in


difficult area, you know, you have China on the one hand, you have


Russia in the background, always. You have got North Korea, and you


have got where do these rather unpredictable and men who want to


make a show, it is, I have more bombs than you, your bomb is bigger


than mine. At one point is one going to go let's show them who's boss? I


think it is really very worrying. What is interesting is you have Mike


Pence the American Vice-President. He is going to South Korea... Today,


later tomorrow for talks. He is going there to have talks with them,


and back home, in what seems a bit like the vicar at the Tea Party


saying I am sure we can come so some arrangement Geoffrey Clifton Brown


is trying to get a sort of all party support together, although I am


being solutionly facetious, it is that level of bringing together


common-sense and looking at the options, we don't know what North


Korea has got. We have seen what they have shown us, but we don't


know how real they. You I don't know if you have seen the satellite


images. Yes. It is based on the movement of earth. The tests take


place under groan, so this is where they are going, this is where they


are saying there is something coming... You need, certainly the


institute of strategic studies, who know something about these things,


some of the analysis they have done is interesting. What they seem to be


saying is look, we are not sure about the delivery systems, whether


they are capable of doing the a long range launch or anything like that.


That. What they are more certain about and it comes back to the


original point we started with the Sunday Times, the medium range


missiles, they can use, now obviously, that puts all of South


Korea and some of Japan, within striking distance, so that is the


kind of danger. I mean I was sceptical when I saw the stuff on


the parade today. These missiles that can go 7,000 miles and hit the


west coast of America. This is what the Sunday Telegraph is talking


about. We never saw them. They were in their cases, for all we mow they


could have been empty. Obviously, we were meant to think that is what


they might do, but I mean, I am more worried about the ones he has tried


out and work. Yes. OK. We will see how this goes, we will be interested


to hear what Mike Pence does say, of course. Let us go to a football


story now, on the front of The Observer, this is our third story,


Jo, do you want to pick this up? So this is the story about as you refer


to earlier, Everton have banned, Everton football club have banned


the Sun, banned some reporters from being at training ground or maps at


things because of Kelvin MacKenzie 's, the former editor's column.


Which not only cast a slur deeply offensive racist slur on Ross


Barkley their midfielder, but it was also that sort of casual sort of


pugnacious, unpleasantness about people in Liverpool, that frankly,


you know, I would have hoped had died out an awfully long tiling a.


The Sun has a traditionally, it has got a historically appalling


relationship with Liverpool. What do you think of the timing? It is


ridiculous. With Hillsborough anniversary it is crazy. Has Kelvin


MacKenzie got a free rain to do what he wanted to do. Why was there no


editor? Someone saying this is is a bit near the knuckle? Let us put


aside this allegation, of a racial slur, so there was an alleged racial


slur, let us put that to one side and look at the columnist's job. The


columnist's job, particularly a tabloid cluckist's job is to provoke


people, to get people talking, -- columnist. As a tabloid columnist, I


don't see it as provoking necessarily, certainly to get people


talking, to try and give a different way of looking at something. Kelvin


is the master of the insult, and what happened here was that was as


gratuitously insulting as it was possible to be. That is old


fashioned journalism. I am amazed the Sun re-employed him, however,


they did. The bit I am unsurprise Iingly, I don't like the idea of


newspapers suspending their columnist if they don't like


something they write. I don't like football clubs banning journalists


from covering matches, or going to training session, it seems we have a


new kind of reaction to things we don't like, we say well ban that,


shut that person up. Sepsis the casualness, -- sepsis the casualness


people say it is just a bit of harmness bander. It is not harmn't.


Unless people say this is harmless. You know, obviously, it is now that


matter for the police to decide whether or not there is a


prosecution. Put that to one side. It's a is slur on the people of


Liverpool about what he said about people... It is amazing, that Kelvin


MacKenzie of all people, would have put anything in his column about


Liverpool but a he knows the reaction there. The relationship


isn't the best. We must point out at this point, that Kelvin MacKenzie


denies that there was any intention of a racial shrub. So we will make


sure that is, that is stated because there is a police investigation.


Yes, absolutely. All right. Well, let us move, we will stay with The


Observer, actually. The EU Crown Jewels, we could lose them. Did you


know we had them for a start? So, these are the European banking and


medicine agencies, otherwise known as the European banking authority,


and the European Medicines Agency. They employ between bun,000 people


and they provide a hub for businesses in the UK and are based


in London. But according The Observer report, the EU is set to


inflict a double hue my Asian on the Prime Minister -- humiliation,


stripping Britain of its European agencies within weeks and basically


holding a beauty contest to see which city gets them, whether it is


Amsterdam, Frankfurt Milan or Paris. They are regarded as among the Crown


jewels, I am sorry, I find that a bit hard to... Maybe going a bit


far. According to The Observer, it is worth 1,000 jobs in this country.


We don't want to lose these thing, but then again, what do we expect?


If we are leaving the EU, these things, they are regulatory body,


they can't stay here, they will have to go to an EU country, so whether


they go now, or in two years' time, seems to me a bit irrelevant, and I


could, we are going to get a lot of this, the EU will make sure we are


punished for what we are doing, and this is the start of the punishment.


They are going to hurt us. Yes, we will get a good spanking for this.


OK, The Independent and I notice the story earlier today, actually, this


new poll giving Tories an historic lead over Labour on the front-page


of The Independent. Still bad new, not doing very well in these polls.


Labour is not doing very well at all. The poll is one that said even


something like 45% of Labour voters don't think he is a very good


leader, but this is the first time since a government, first time since


1983 when a government in power has been so far ahead of the opposition,


that was Margaret Thatcher, just before her second victory at the


ballot box, so this is a poll conducted by come Perez for the


independent, gives the Tories are 46% of the vote share so that the 21


points ahead of Labour. 11% for the Liberal Democrats and 9% for Ukip. I


mean it is damning for Labour, but I feel like we say that every week.


Afraid so. I am sure if you are a Labour MP you probably feel that is


what people say. It does say, it does say that some of Mr Corbyn's


policies, including free school meals and forcing private schools to


pay VAT enjoy public support but you could argue that the weather


forecast for the Bank Holiday Monday would enjoy support and we have more


chance of getting that. We have a real poll with the local elections


coming up, let us see how he does there is this How do you think he


can fix it. I am not sure that it is actually fixable. That the Labour


Party, there are two Labour Parties in Parliament, there is the Jeremy


Corbyn wing, and the provisional wing which is the other Labour MPs,


I am not sure that is fixable, if, they are beginning to up with policy


for the first time. We have seen a raft of them. Let us so if the


public like it. The only way things can improve if he improves in actual


proper votes, we get... Does he want to fission it? I get the impression


that he is so arrogant, despite this image of humility and authenticity,


whatever that means that you wonder whether he does want to fix it. Like


any opposition minister I think he wans to be Prime Minister. Do you?


That is the impression one gets from him, now, the question is will he


make it to 2020 when the elections comes up There won't be a leadership


challenge this year, there is no question after the debacle last year


they can do it. They are working on a possibility for 2018. . He might


not make the chance of getting to a general election. ? You wonder


whether there is going to be pressure on Theresa May to call an


election. You think he should. I do. It St what did for Gordon Brown, he


didn't have the man Tait, that he was crowned rather than Oman date.


He succeeded to power rather than won it. If she went to the country


with this sort of lead, she would most likely increase her majority,


which then at least she can say, I now have a mandate, and that gives


her a mandate. It means she can in a way silence or at least neutralise


some of the critics in our own party on such a slim majority, I it would


help the country because it would force Labour to do something. She


said she won't do it, which is the first thing and the second is I am


sure she is conscious that political parties get punished by voters if it


likes like they are doing it for their own narrow interests. It


wouldn't be, she would argue it was for the public interest and it would


be... If she changes her mind that is how she would argue it. Quickly,


let us finish off with an amazing discovery. I think this is my


favourite story. It is fab isn't it. Back to the Sunday Telegraph. This


is some workmen working at Lambeth Palace and they discovered the tombs


of five former Archbishops going back to the early 17th century. They


found it because they put down a mobile phone, and they discovered


that there was a hidden stairway, and beneath that was a brick lined


vault and in the brick lined vault were all these led coffins. It is


amazing, the really good thing I think is so fantastic is the details


have been kept secret up until now, to make it all safe, to make the


vault safe, because the museum is going to have a grand opening next


month. A great line from the site manager, he says we see lots of


bones but we knew this was different the moment we spotted an


Archbishop's crown. On that note, we are finishing off on the Sunday


Telegraph there, I hope you will join us in half an hour, for our


fine the Paper, coming up next, it is Meet the Author. Stay tuned


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