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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Chian Broadbent and Charlotte Rampling star in this film. We will


have our thoughts coming up in the Film cut Mac review. -- Review.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Nigel Nelson, political editor of the Sunday Mirror


and the Sunday People, and the political commentator


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with


The Mail on Sunday leads with the rising tensions around


North Korea and their threat to wipe out the United States armada.


The Sunday Times, also leading on North Korea, says President Trump


is prepared to strike Korean nuclear sites.


The Sunday Telegraph goes with the potential threat to America


It says that North Korea possesses the capability to strike


The Express calls it the Deadliest Stand-off.


And the Observer leads on an education story,


saying that free schools will benefit wealthier regions.


Good evening to you both. Our final look at the papers. We are starting


off at the mail. North Korea. Looking at all the papers, it seems


to be and not a very happy Easter kind of message. The mail has done a


good analysis of the weaponry we saw being rolled out today in North


Korea. They are talking about such things as the Japanese are thinking


of drawing up plans to take 57 thousands of their nationals out of


South Korea. If they are doing that than they are obviously taking that


seriously. The interesting bit that they do mention is the


intercontinental ballistic missile. The ones that can go allegedly 7000


miles and hit the West coast of America. One of the points they are


making is that even if these things exist. If you remember, they were


just in case things, that may be all there is to it. The one thing we do


know is that they are yet to be flight tested. That seems to be the


big problem they have. They may have the warheads and have the nuclear


stuff to put on them will stop however, they are not quite so sure


about the delivery system. That obviously questions how much this is


going to be possible. That's how tensions drop rather than rise


because Arsenal might not know where it's going. When you look at the


fact the US have moved so close, they have moved into the Korean


peninsula, I think this is what has made people jittery. What you have


to remember is that you have two men who are perhaps not of their equable


temperament. Wouldn't say they are both completely bonkers but I


wouldn't want to be stuck with them in a lift, would you? In North


Korea, he can do whatever he likes. Interestingly, Donald Trump has been


very quiet on Twitter and has dispatched Mike Pence to South


Korea. But it does, as you say, it is built... And the fact you have


the American armada heading towards the Korean peninsula. You have is,,


hauled missiles, you have quite a lot of stuff that means this is that


crisis that is very choreographed. You are saying it choreographed


display in North Korea that you also have the choreography going on


outside in the waters and the oceans. The world is watching and


waiting. The terrible fear is that if this North Korea really sticking


a stick through the bars of Donald Trump's cage to try and force him to


do something? In actual fact, this parade turns out to be empty


canisters of nothing. He mentioned Donald Trump on Twitter -- you


mentioned. His last tweet which is pointing towards what's going on in


North Korea. "I Have great confidence that China will probably


deal with North Korea. If they are unable to do so, the US, with its


allies, will. You as a." Maybe it's not so much North Korea sticking to


stick at the US that maybe the US prodding China. -- USA. Of course


they do. He was meeting with the Chinese leader last week but you


also have the problem where China sits on the UN and the problem when


China sits in relation to Syria which of course is of huge


importance to the world that is also of huge importance in American


diplomatic relations and a lot of this. We are talking about weapons.


We are talking about force. But actually, nine times out of ten,


these things are resolved somehow or other or dealt with through


diplomatic channels. You have pretty untested and inexperienced foreign


affairs team in Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, who is a


businessman. He is good at doing deals but whether he can do a deal


with China over something like this. Who knows? I suppose the times are


going with these pre-emptive strikes. --I suppose the Times. The


Americans no sweat these missiles are being constructed and kept. They


want to knock them all out. That is the basic message coming through.


Interestingly, the Times also makes the point that you have just made.


This may be a just a bit of rhetoric to try and get the Chinese on side.


The Chinese are pivotal to all this. What you need to do is get them to


put the pressure on chairman to stand down. We just need to see if


they can do that. The other thing the Times reports, going back the


point about tweets, the chief of staff of the US air force general


David Goldstone, tweeted a picture of American War plays and the words


"Fights on". It doesn't seem to me like somebody waiting for a


diplomatic solution. It's not particularly helpful. The problem


may have, if Kim carries out the test, it will be a six. Has been


five where we made all sorts of threats, we tried sanctions, UN


condemnation, none of it works. What do you do next? I understand that


Trump team to temperament he has, he wants to actually do something the


idea of an actual pre-emptive strike, hitting first, seems to me


inconceivable. Is interesting, isn't it, that we are having international


diplomacy and headlines with war in them and it's all been taken mostly


by Twitter. That's why it's shocking. That's the new world we're


living in. Let's move on to the Sunday Telegraph and again, its


career. -- Korea. The only reason America was interested in this now


is because it can hit said Shaw. Mr Trump might not be wanting to be


involved in foreign affairs any more. He seems to have changed his


tune in the last week. He has changed his tune completely. I don't


know how many days we have had now off -- off of Trump. The things he


had bombed so far, I never thought I would be in agreement of that I


have. The one thing he has been making if there are red lines. When


you cross the red line like using chemical weapons in Syria, there


will be a price to be paid. He then hit Syria with 59 cruise missiles.


Isis move into Afghanistan and try and destabilise the country hugely


and again, price to be paid. They drop a big Allmond them. None of


these things seem to be about being at the moment. I'm not sure you can


play the same trick the third time with Korea, though. Today they


attacked Korea, they have lawful lot more to hit back with. A lot of


people are saying that North Korea wants some respect. This is why they


are carrying all this out and they want... Perhaps we should have


stopped with taking the Mickey out of Cymmer's a cut. This poll is very


interesting. -- Kim Jong-un's. Their greatest leading government since


1983. This is the Independent. A poll conducted for the Independent


which gives the Tories a percentage over Labour. The greatest leap since


1983. The highest lead of any party since May 2009, in fact. What is


really interesting and right at the bottom of this article, the last


paragraph, the poll also discovered as significant support for a new


political party in Britain. 41% of British adults agree there is a


space for a centre party. That will give a lot of food for thought to


the people in the Labour Party. They are probably looking into going into


oblivion with Jeremy Corbyn if this is to be believed and also the Lib


Dems. Myself and Nigel remembered that SLP and the SNP that went


before it. That went to be a busted flush. Charly Williams is still a


round, actually, I think you'll find. But the party isn't. At its an


important point. I think it's really important. What this shows is that


one of the other things is that the Conservatives are probably going to


take a lot of votes from the UKIP. They will be the real losers in


this. Lim what they have here is that three in ten of people who


voted for UKIP it the 2015 election are now saying, according to this


poll, that they would vote for the Tories. There has been talk between


the Tories and some Labour MPs about the formation of another party and


that will probably be Labour joining with the Lib Dems and make a third


centre-left party. The problem is that I think the Labour Party is to


tribal. When it comes to it, Labour MPs are not going to jump ship. That


is one of the problems they have had with Jeremy Corbyn. Even those who


most oppose him, the last thing they want to do is leave the Labour


Party. It's just the nature of it. The idea of a third party coming


from nothing, I don't think it's possible. Who would be an


alternative to Mr Corbyn within Labour? Any names spring to mind?


No, they will not challenge now. They will not be any challenge until


2018. If you are putting money on it, ... Is it an egg hunt or in


Easter egg hunt later today? This is Theresa May, Prime Minister and


Vika's daughter... And an Easter Rex Hunt. -- vicar. Tony Blair said "We


don't do God" unfortunately, he did do it. She has come out and said it


is a robust defence of the right of questions to speak about their fate


following controversy about the Easter Rex Hunt, as you mentioned.


-- faith -- Easter egg hunt. People will stand up for those who openly


support their fate. It is a personal video message. She is putting her


money where her mouth is. Issue was prepared to carry this out,


tremendous. The whole thing is that Joe Joyce complains that they don't


get involved in debate or whatever. -- is she was prepared. It is


lagging 25 years behind the people they seek serve. Let's stick to the


Church theme and turn to the Sunday Telegraph. Ready to put those


archbishops? How could you forget that? This was


a builder 's accident that turned into a fantastic discovery. They


were doing some work. They've been doing big river management for a


museum. They went through a wrong bet they found what seemed to be a


hidden chamber. -- big refurbishment. This is the ultimate


selfy stick. They could turn a mobile phone into a whole, and


discovered a hidden stairway, and in the stairway... There were 30 lead


coffins. And these are quite a lot of Archbishops of Canterbury, dating


back to the 17th century. How could you misplace your archbishops? Thank


you for that. That is such a mystery.


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