23/04/2017 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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There's a Royal send off for tens of thousands of runners,


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Rosamund Urwin, columnist at the London Evening


Standard, and France 24's UK Correspondent, Benedicte Paviot.


She has had a very long day. She was on the Andrew Marr show this


morning. We will prop up up. Tomorrow's front pages


starting with... The FT leads with


the French elections. And former banker Emmanuel Macron


going head-to-head against the far-right leader Marine Le Pen


in the race to become The Guardian says Macron is now


favourite to win as they say the result redraws


the French political divide. The i features the former


Labour Leader, Tony Blair, telling voters to put aside party


loyalty for the sake The Daily Telegraph questions


Labour's debility on defence as they say Jeremy Corbyn ruled out ever


using the nuclear deterrent. The Daily Express claims a foreign


aid row broken out over claims taxpayers' cash was being given


to a government which And The Metro carry the story


of a Navy veteran, who was hit and killed by burglars


driving his car. Let's begin. If you heard a rustling


of papers, it is because Peter dashed in with a copy of the


start with the FT and a couple of start with the FT and a couple of


on the front pages. Defeat to the on the front pages. Defeat to the


established parties as Macron and Marine Le Pen


extraordinary. Two radically different visions of France and the


future France. You could have thought Macron was a socialist but


he has made a big point saying he is not from the left or the right, he


is a centrist. This is a political earthquake which we have witnessed


tonight. He has never held elected office. It is extraordinary. Since


we have a centrist, who, it is not a party he has foundered, it is a


movement, En Marche, barely a year ago. Marine Le Pen, like a father,


has made it through to the second round, as predicted by many polls.


It is done. This is a huge achievement for her as well.


Radically different visions for France. Mr Macron very pro-EU with


open markets and Marine Le Pen wants immediate ceasing of immigration and


has a very different vision for France and we will have to see the


debate. There be a face-off on French television and it will be


fierce. Another photograph of Marine Le Pen accepting a vote came. It


will be interesting to see either of them tried to put an Administration


together, given they do not have form in office. Of course, Macron


does have the support of the more established parties. Marine Le Pen


might sound like he is after a revolution with something new and


something fresh but look who is behind him. We have Francois Fillon


who has been beaten. At some point he was the prime contender. We have


had him come third and immediately get behind Macron. What is


interesting is they have done it that quickly. The Socialist


candidate, the official Socialist candidate who has done so badly,


which is a real knock-down for the Socialist party. I should also


stress, and this is not appreciated perhaps in the United Kingdom


enough. 39 years old, unelected office. You are really, possibly,


probably going to be the next president. 20 years younger, apart


from Marine Le Pen. This is extraordinary that he is pulling


this off so far. When he says, this is a very grave moment in the


history of France, a historic moment. He is really needing to show


that he has that gravitas, that he has what it takes, he has the


solution is full that he has a lot of people to convince. One


accusation as he tends to say one thing when speaking to one person


and then he says another thing. That is what Marine Le Pen will be


attacking. Tonight, Le Front National is livid whether it is


Francois Fillon, the centre-right candidates saying he would vote


Macron and he is asking people to vote against Marine Le Pen. The euro


has gained a bit in value. There was concern about the integrity of the


European Union if it were to be Marine Le Pen who wins. Of course


also she is completely Eurosceptic. The idea that there could be a


breaking up of the year union. Eurosceptic against Europhile


railing. A crucial election for France. It is not over. There is a


second round on the 7th of May. It would seem to be at is all there for


Mr Macron. There are two weeks to go. Let's see what happens. Be you


tonight is relieved. The unit is looking at France. If there were to


be a win for Marine Le Pen this would have huge imprecations for the


United Kingdom and for Brexit. She has said she would put it to the


people and, in the end, it would be the French people who would decide


that. Sighs of relief and a huge tension around France. There are


some clashes with people not happy about the results. They have


radically opposing views. Not to downplay the 19.5, 20% and the 19.5


that Jean-Luc Melenchon on the far left got. That is a very divided


France. How that is healed we will see. Let us look at the Daily


Telegraph for a British story. We cannot offer such lovely language


but Labour's nuclear implosion. Labour's debility on defence in


tatters as the Daily Telegraph. I do not think the Daily Telegraph would


ever have thought that Jeremy Corbyn had much credibility on defence.


Jeremy Corbyn went on the Andrew Marr show this morning and he ruled


out ever using Britain's nuclear deterrent. He also refused to back a


strike to kill the leader of IS. Hours later, the Labour Party has to


have clarification saying, of course, that they do support Trident


as the nuclear deterrent. I was thinking back to Labour leaders who


have said this in the past. It is not without precedent. I think, if I


remember correctly, Denis Healey, the Labour leader who never was, I


think he also said he would never have hit the button and sent nukes


back in return. It is not completely... We all knew that


Jeremy Corbyn thought this. It makes it difficult him same. A number of


former military figures having their say and saying he cannot be trusted


with the security of the nation. What a Prime Minister does, as


Andrew was pointing out, you get locked away and you write letters.


In those moments, it will be a very short letter and it will be very


clear what your instruction to your military commanders are. Of course,


I think some concern because, if you want to be the Prime Minister of


this country, you must be very clear in your thinking, clear in the way


you express what you think, and certainly, in a short letter like


that, it is crystal clear so there is no hesitation as to what those


instructions are. Let's have a look at the eye. Here is a man we all


know well. Forget party allegiances, former Labour leader says to put


aside loyalties and vote for anybody who is anti-Brexit all want a softer


Brexit. Then suggesting he is tempted for a political comeback. He


did not quite say that. He might look at France and think a centrist


leader is doing terribly well. The comparison some people in British


politics have made is that Macron feels a little bit like Tony Blair


in certain ways. Probably a lot of people think in the last thing we


need now is Tony Blair. There will also be people thinking, actually,


elections, three general elections, elections, three general elections,


for Labour. How keen Jeremy Corbyn would be on that, you wonder. It is


one thing to think you might want to go back. As you say, where and doing


what? When? And how soon. Very quick look at the Daily Express. Fresh


calls for funding for authority that pays terrorists. This plays very


much to those who want to reduce the amount that is given to foreign aid.


Theresa May immediately, very early on, came out and said she would


support the .7% target of GDP that would go towards aid. Many people


thought she would go back from that. It was very much David Cameron,


fresh face of the Tory Party together with the green stuff that


got dropped. What our aid money is going to is much more about building


future markets for us. Before it was not so much about that. She has


committed very on to keeping it full studies is incredibly popular with


readers of the Daily Express. This is about a mentally ill Arab, says


the Daily Express who killed a British student and is in line to


receive a salary from the Palestine authority which receives ?25 million


a year from Britain. A lot of talk about foreign aid quite rightly is


about soft power and particular leak in relation to Brexit. The huge


necessity apart from the humanitarian aspect of it. With good


governance and checks and balances. That is why it is so important, to


convince people and taxpayers that there are those checks and balances


and that government is really carefully monitored. That's good


back to the Daily Telegraph. 40,000 people ran the London Marathon


today. Nobody around this desk did. Bryony Gordon, the economist for the


Daily Telegraph, she is featured hugging her little girl at the


finish line. What a feeling he must have! In particular, mental health


charities have really benefited this time because of the support by the


Royal family. The Royals have come out to tackle an issue which should


not be back has been controversial. It is really lovely to see this


picture. That has been her work and it is fantastic. A lot of money from


the marathon is going towards mental health charities. That is a real


achievement. She will be writing about her experience in the paper.


How she got the strength to even type I do not know. Do you fancy it?


When I was in New York, I used to go and see them. It was astonishing. I


love that feeling when you run. I have great admiration for people who


do that. I cannot see myself doing it. I think it is an incredible


accomplishment. What I also admire hugely is people who wear these


costumes. I have done it. The rhinos are the fittest people because they


are carrying around this enormously heavy thing. There is a bit when you


go in a tunnel and he had to call on his knees. I think he was faster


than me. There are amazing people. You are quite right. It is


extraordinary. They make so much money for charity. The other thing


doing it which she realise, the crowd gets you round. The crowd is


the most amazing thing. These unbelievably generous people come


out and give you Arab oh as he go around. Other suites are available.


They give you sugar. Well done to you. There was me saying nobody


around the table has done it this year. We will be back at half past




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