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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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scored his very first international goal... My boy! That is all from Sir


Rod and all from Sportsday. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Rachel Cunliffe,


Deputy Editor of the Political news website Reaction,


and Matthew Syed, The Telegraph reports that


Britain will be paying into the EU until 2020 -


a year after the country officially A high tech plastic bag that


could save the lives of premature It reports doctors could be using it


on babies in three years. The I leads with the a survey


which suggests that voters want the Prime Minister to take part


in TV debates, Tomorrow's Daily Express has


Madeline McCann on its front page as the paper marks ten years


since her disappearance. The Daily Mirror also leads


with the anniversary, reporting a senior police officer


claims there's a new Criticism of free schools funding


is the big story in the Guardian. The paper also features a picture


of President Trump's The Times shares that


image of Ivanka along with Christine Lagarde


and Angela Merkel, but its lead story claims senior Conservatives


want to sideline Boris Johnson Quite a nice mix of stories. Rachel,


let's kick off with the story in the Telegraph. Yet again, a story about


how much potentially we will be going the EU or how much the


unreasonable EU is demanding of us, and this time the key number is 8


billion, but we have had numbers in the millions and billions, this is


not a particularly new story. What is new is that there are now reports


that this is being considered as part of the negotiation on the


British side to help us get the transitional deal which I think will


probably make some hard Brexiteers very upset, that we will continue


paying the EU bill until 2020. There is a case that this is money we


committed. The EU budget frameworks are seven years so this is money


that was allocated to these projects. It is definitely showing


that one of our key negotiating chips is going to be our


contributions. We have the money, they need the money. So I think you


can put a fairly positive spin on this. So it will be about the bill


versus the trade deal we get as a result? It will be the opening


gambit in what will be an extraordinary, complex, multifaceted


deal with lots of moving parts masterminded by David Davis if the


Tories win the next general election. This shortfall in the


budget is causing anxiety on that side of the channel and it is


clearly a bargaining chip if we want to get really privileged access to


the free market, which is crucial to our economy. But I think you are


right, the really hard Brexiteers who would rather crash out... They


would rather be left today. Exactly, they are anxious. I think Theresa


May will be less beholden to the hardline Brexiteers and may allow


her to go shoot a hard ish Brexit. You mentioned Theresa May which


takes us onto the I. We want Theresa May in TV debates, say voters. Who


are these photos? I would agree with voters to say we want to have her


in. You can understand her reluctance, she is way ahead of the


polls, everybody expects her to get a three figure majority in the House


of Commons. There is a downside risk that she will go in and stumble,


Jeremy Corbyn will shine, Tim Farron will do something remarkable. Do you


remember when Nick Clegg popped in, and everybody agreed with Nick.


Absolutely went sky high in the polls. Having said that, I think


these debates will make a tiny difference but I don't think in this


particular election they will make a difference. Is the appetite there,


do you think? It says 54% of people said they want to see Theresa May in


the debate, I certainly don't. You would rather have them than not,


wouldn't you? I think the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn shouting at an


empty chair is a lot more entertaining than Theresa May.


Injecting some humour and entertainment into this otherwise


rather boring election campaign. It wouldn't be the most distracting


piece of television if you had a group of senior politicians standing


round in a circle and an empty chair, I'm not sure you could take


the debate seriously, could you? Of course not, you can't take it


seriously. They say Labour accuses the Prime Minister of running


scared. I think the only thing she has to be scared of at the moment is


what you will do with her massive landslide victory when she gets it.


I do think she should be tested in a debate. The democratic duty almost.


I do think that. It's become part of the tapestry of American politics.


No serious candidate wouldn't be able to take part without a debate.


And I think it's possible Theresa May will be dogged by the idea she's


a bit of a bottler, and the pressure might get too great. It really


depends what happens in the polls. If this reluctance to take part in


the debate makes an impact on the polls, maybe she will buckle. Her


biggest problem right now is stopping Tory voters from getting


complacent and not turning up. Rachel, staying with you and the I.


As their is a photograph of the wife of Emmanuel Macron. Yes, the


potential future first Lady of brands, and a bit of a scandal in


that she's 25 years older than him, I think 64 years old, and she was


headteacher at school when he was 15. Obviously this is France and we


don't care about that. She could potentially be the first lady. I


think the age difference has been commented on a lot, I'd like to make


the point it is almost exactly the same as the age difference between


Donald Trump and his wife. Is this a debating point of significance? I


think the love story between these two is extraordinary. They met when


he was 15 and she was teacher as you rightly say. She was married, and


with the daughter. But she was won over by this 15-year-old who would


read extracts from a play that he was about to act in, and she said


the weight of his intellect that she still doesn't feel she has fully


probed, on their long walks by the river she fell in love and he said I


will marry you. It took until he was 29 before he popped the question. It


is remarkable. And remember French presidents often have rather


remarkable love stories. This seems like a true love story. He mentioned


Donald Trump. Ivanka appears on the front of the Guardian. She had a bit


of a hard time at this event is because she was asked about her


father 's attitude towards women. On his presidential platform is


promising to give maternity leave it for the first time in political


American history, but this was met from giggles in the audience. She


was asked about his attitude towards women in his private life, of course


the comment made off-the-cuff in the campaign. She obviously loves her


father very much, respect him hugely, and defended him rather


well, I think. Even though I don't agree with Trump's policies or his


actions towards women, I think he has a pretty solid family life. I


don't feel sorry for her. She is the Golden girl, one half of the power


couple potentially taking over the world. If you look at the continuing


deals her husband and she is doing on behalf of trumps other


businesses. I'm a little bit torn by this story because as you can see in


the picture they are all smiling and there have been reports that she and


Angela Merkel have very good chemistry, which is in contrast to


when Donald Trump met Angela Merkel and it was all very awkward. She


asked for a handshake and he pretended not to hear her. If she is


away for the leaders to get their point across to him, it is good


there is somebody. But at the same time what has she done, she a


jewellery designer on a stage with two of the most powerful women in


the world, the head of the IMF and the Chancellor of Germany,


pretending she's there on her own merit. At the same time Hillary


Clinton is getting a huge amount of attacks and really vitriolic


responses for the fact that she won't say she went for Congress


clearly enough. I agree with you on nepotism, it is a good point. I'm


going to go to the Metro. This is an extraordinary image, grow bags for


babies. It is an artificial womb that has been tested on lands --


lambs. It is a pretty fantastic technological innovation. Isn't it


brilliant when scientists come up with something that can change


people's lives. In three years they think it will be ready to deploy on


premature babies whose chance of survival will be massively


increased. On the ... It says they grew bigger, and


opened their eyes, which is incredible. And we have the hummus


crisis on the front of the Telegraph. Yes, this bad tasting,


metallic hummus. I found out a presenter had it for lunch, but you


bought it from an upmarket supermarket. I bought it from a


different place mentioned here. Other supermarkets are available. I


don't know much about this story apart from that in one Sainsbury's


store where they were totally out of stock, where the hummus use to be


very advertised a recipe on how to make it yourself with directions to


the ingredients in the store. That is all for The Papers tonight. Thank


you to Rachel and Matthew. Goodbye. Good evening. Another cold and


frosty night lies


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