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Hello and welcome to our look at the papers.


With me are Miranda Green of the Financial Times


and Christopher Hope of the Daily Telegraph.


We start with the Financial Times which reports on the positive


reaction from the financial markets to Emmanuel Macron's progression


to the second round of voting in the French election.


The I reveals Labour's plans for Brexit, including assurances


for EU nationals living in the UK The Daily Express claims a study


shows just 45 minutes of exercise a day can prevent dementia.


The Metro says a law firm used legal aid to pay for bogus claims


The Daily Telegraph leads with comments by the head


of the university admissions service that students shouldn't


worry about finding jobs straight after graduation.


The Guardian reports he remained at a campaign group is targeting


parliamentary seats currently occupied by pro Brexit politicians


with an army of half a million supporters. The Times says there


will be a bill of 2 million euros. And a report that GPs are not


spotting cancer symptoms in patients with some being sent away three


times before being correctly diagnosed. That is in the Daily


Mail. Around, we will start with the election. The I unveils the Brexit


strategy. This general election has been called by Theresa May for


tactical reasons. She wants to increase their majority in the


Commons, partly because she wants to deal with Brexit. Labour is pleasing


neither levers nor Remainers. They have to come down on one side or the


other. A few nights ago we had the extraordinary spectacle of the


Shadow Foreign Secretary saying to the BBC Labour has not decided which


side of the fence it is an in terms of Brexit. Pollsters are watching


this group of voters who they are describing as I am normally Labour


but. Unfortunately for Labour people in both the Leave group and the


Remain group are not supporting Labour. It is not clear to the


voters because they say they want to safeguard the good things about the


EU like workers' rights which are very important to Labour voters, but


actually, they will not go against the results of the referendum. I am


not massively wiser tonight about which side of the fence they have


decided to come down on. It does talk about Labour wants to safeguard


the rights of EU nationals living in the UK. It says that as Miranda was


saying, they accept the referendum results, but they want to safeguard


workers' rights. There is no mention on the front of the paper about


immigration. It does still seem a little bit muddled. Immigration is


not mentioned at all. It is all too well the EU national issue, that is


across the House of Commons. Theresa May's position is pretty reasonable


on that, she wants to make sure the rights of Britain's overseas are


also looked after before sorting out the EU nationals here which is fair


enough. It does seem, I think it is an attempt, they are going to repeal


this Great Repeal Bill but re-badge it with something else. The concern


is they are going quite far. There may be a way of justifying a second


referendum. The big issue on this is they are trying to go towards the


Lib Dem and SNP position which is more pro-EU. If you believe there


might be a minority government at the end of this with Corbyn as a


Prime Minister, which is a possibility, then maybe this puts it


more in the ballpark. I am not entirely sure that will happen. The


French polls got it right last night, bang on. In France. We have


said all the non-Tory parties have said they will not do deals. To be


fair to Labour and this is an important point, it is the most


recent party when it comes to Brexit. All the others are fairly


united generally so they have a difficult thing. It is a genuine


dilemma. The clear thing they see if they would not accept no deal as a


serious option,... Unlike Theresa May. So a clear demarcation there.


Christopher, the front page of the I as well, Ukip are targeting Muslims.


They want a ban on the Vale and this is being seen as frankly targeting a


particular section of society. This is their social integration


announcement today. Peter Whittle was the deputy chairman and Paul


Nuttall was there today. It was a bit of a messy press conference.


They were trying to say they wanted to ban face coverings. I said does


that mean beekeepers as well. If you are walking into a big public


building in a beekeepers sit? That is a face coverings. You were being


facetious? I was just trying to pick apart and they said no, it is not


the case, so it is about going after Muslim people rather than


beekeepers, that was the point of a question. It became a bit of an


issue. It is quite divisive. There are a small minority of Muslim women


who wear burqas and they are saying it is an issue in some communities.


Does Paul Nuttall have a point when he says a majority of Muslim women


who wear these veils, they are the ones who do not necessarily speak


much English, they are the ones who do not have good job opportunities,


it is a way of opening up their lives by removing this barrier that


he feels is an important and good thing? It is a really complicated


issue. I am no fan of the Vale as it happens, but what you found in


France is if you ban the veil, attacks on individual women who are


walking the streets become the target of vigilantes groups who feel


they are defending the values of the native population against Muslim


values. It is not the way to go. You can have a debate about the veil.


Banning should be an absolute last resort. It is a personal liberty


issue. And deciding to fight your culture wars through what women wear


is very disgusting. Paul Nuttall thinks he is ten years ahead of


everyone and we will all catch up with him. Who knows, it may well be.


Page five of the Express. Ukip vows to fight extremism with sharia law,


they want to get rid of the local sharia courts in the UK. Corbyn has


just got backing from the Communists for the first time in years they


will not feel any candidates. This is the story on the right,


rock-solid Labour set to crumble in Wales. This is fascinating. Since


the 2015 election, one of the things we have all noticed is politics has


become much more complicated when you have different things happening


in different regions of the UK. This is the first poll of what will


happen probably in Wales, and shows a real collapse for Labour support


in Wales, and the Tories are likely to pick up ten seats from Labour.


Wales has been voting quite a lot for Ukip in recent years, and if


that is replicated in other places as well, if all the Ukip voters


bleed across to the Tory party in this coming election, that will


hugely boost tourism in seats where they are fighting Labour and the Lib


Dems. -- it was hugely boost Tories. This poll which shows a good result


for the Tories is actually something which means good news for the Tories


in other areas as well where Ukip support is going down. Wales voted


overwhelmingly to leave the European Union, so perhaps given Labour's


thinking on how to deal with the Brexit question, the poll may not be


much of this prize, but Labour have dominated every election Wales says


World War I, since 1922. For them to lose now, earthquake. It will be. We


have these local elections which everyone forgets about next month


which gives us a feeling for where it is going. The Tories are chasing


votes in the North of England. When you look at how Labour has been


wiped out in Scotland where it was once totally dominant, if the same


thing happens in Wales, the poor Labour Party, this is a piece of


political history being made if it ends. But as you say, the polls.


There are six weeks to go, let's not forget. A lot of campaigning. A


Remain group seeks to oust pro Brexit MPs. Tony Blair pitch rolled


to use the jargon in the world at one yesterday. He wants to get


people who are anti-Brexit to tactically vote and try and throw


out the Brexit MP. It is launching tomorrow. This is a Guardian


exclusive. They say they will hit 20 seats held by big names like Iain


Duncan Smith, Theresa Villiers and Kate Hoey. This is a real chance to


use their numbers to reshape Parliament and take away the Brexit


MPs. We will move on because there is quite a lot of papers to get


through. Let's go to the Telegraph. Pictures of smiling Marine Le Pen.


She is stepping down as the leader of the front National to say she is


the candidate for all citizens and not just representing this one


political outfit. Marine Le Pen is the daughter of John Marine Le Pen.


So the name might be tricky to distance herself. She has been


trying to leave the party behind. The origins of this party were with


the Vichy collaborators, or with the Nazi regime. They have a past which


is anti-Semitic and racist and about how France got out of our cheery


which -- Algeria which was considered a betrayal of pride.


Marine Le Pen has been trying to leave that image behind her. She has


fallen out with her father. She is saying I am no longer Front National


I am standing as an individual. Of course, they will still be the


policies of the Front National. What happens now is crucial about whether


both these candidates Micron and a pen can gather enough support from


outside their natural support base to be victorious in the second


round. 15 years ago, her father was blocked because that tactical vote


worked. She wants to avoid the same fate. We know which candidates the


-- we know which candidate the financial markets are happy with, Mr


Macron. The FTSE and the DAX and other markets are all up. He likes


free markets, he lacks the European Union, he likes free trade. It is


the tonic they need. They cannot believe their luck. This could be


the end of the Brexit revolution sweeping through Europe. Look at the


money going up. Massive rises. Also, what they are saying is if the


political dangers can be put to one side, some of the economic


fundamentals in Europe and eurozone are looking more cheerful so allows


people to make judgments on the economy again, not on political


risks and that is one reason why the markets are going up. The euro zone


economy has been doing OK. The Daily Mail briefly, GPs failing thousands


of cancer patients, Christopher? It is alarming. GPs pick up these


issues before they have to take them on to consultants in hospital. There


are saying some are not being caught. This is what GPs are for.


Unfortunately, it really affects survival rates because if you pick


up cancer earlier, there are avenues of treatment. I would say no


election. On the front page of the Daily Mail. They are the biggest


selling middle market paper and they think the election is not selling.


Interesting. The Daily Telegraph thinks it does sell. We know what


our readers like. You are on the ball, Christopher Hope! On the


bottom is the cartoon which we will bring up briefly for our viewers.


Drum roll, drum roll. Here it comes. It says, in the event of nuclear war


we must immediately declare a bank holiday.


What is that a reference to? It is funny! Matt always finds a charming


way to bring the stories together. This is the idea that has been


wowing between the Labour Party and the Tory party about whether Britain


should keep the nuclear deterrent and also Jeremy Corbyn's main


election idea so far that there would be extra bank holidays. He did


say he would keep the Strategic Defence Review if he became Prime


Minister. He did. Don't forget you can see the front


pages of the papers online It's all there for you - seven days


a week at bbc.co.uk/papers - and if you miss the programme any


evening you can watch it I will be back with more news at the


top of the hour. Miranda and Christopher, thank you. Goodbye.


Good evening. It has been turning colder through the North today


today. It was cold enough in northern Scotland to see some snow


lying on the ground. Not unusual for


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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