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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment.


Theresa May plays down talk of a landslide general election


victory after the Conservatives made major gains at local elections.


Campaigning in the West Midlands, she said she was taking


Labour will pledge not to raise income tax for those earning less


Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell will say it's part of a "personal


The French election commission appeals to the media and the public


not to pass on documents obtained by hackers who targeted


the presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron.


Voters will go to the polls tomorrow for the final round of the contest.


The Islamist militant group Boko Haram releases more than 80


schoolgirls it kidnapped three years ago.


A Nigerian government official said their release followed


Three men appear in court charged with the murder of businessman,


Guy Hedger, who was shot dead at his home near Ringwood in Dorset.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Katy Balls, who's a political correspondent


at The Spectator and Nigel Nelson, political editor of the Sunday


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with -


The Observer headlines on Labour's plans to increase income tax


for people earning more than ?80,000, if Jeremy Corbyn


becomes the next Prime Minister the Sunday Telegraph has that same


story and also reports that the European Commission's


own lawyers say a suggested 100 billion euro Brexit divorce bill


The Sunday Times says the move is in a bid


to shore up Labour's core support - as a new poll suggests the party has


The paper - which is publishing its annual rich list -


also says Brexit has seen the combined wealth of the country's


The Sunday Express says Theresa May is to unveil a set


of manifesto pledges which will serve as Labour's death


And the Mail on Sunday criticises a controversial drama to be aired


The BBC has defended the production as a 'critically acclaimed


and fictional play' which the Mail has described as astonishingly


and there we go. Astonishingly good, our reviewers of the newspapers as


they will prove for you. Let's start with the Observer. This promise we


will get from Labour to tax ?80,000 a year earners or, if you want to


look at it the other way, not to tax 95% of people who earn less than


that. Exactly. We knew this policy was being mooted. They were trying


to work out what action accounts is being wealthy and they were around


the 70,000 mark, they said that 80,000 elite is not inflation,


indecision. Already online we have seen some labour figures quite happy


with the depiction in the press. They say the focus should be on the


95% who will not be taxed. What do you think about, Nigel? Is it that


the newspapers will focus the this is a tax rise? It depends which


newspaper you read tomorrow. The Observer seems to be general on


this. The Sunday Telegraph is a bit more aggressive, as you would expect


with their politics. Two things here, first of all we do not know


how he is going to do it. It will possibly bring in a new tax rates


say at 45% which is currently only paid people earning over ?150,000.


And up them to 50%. The other thing we don't know is how much it is


going to make. The one problem about taxing the rich, while I am in


hugely in favour of that as a principal, it probably does not


raise a lot of money because there are not many of them. It is the --


is it electorally significant? Many people think it is a lot of money


and think they should be taxed. A poll in the Sunday Times said that


voters think that 100 K is what counts as being wealthy. Some MPs


may have a difficult time with this policy as they are in wealthy


constituencies because it may seem like politics of envy. Whatever rate


you have, you don't think is terribly wealthy and then somebody


else on the rich list actually looks hugely... The Liberal Democrats


today have said they want an extra penny in the pound on tax to pay for


more spending on the NHS. That seems to be a sensible idea that people


are prepared to pay extra tax if they know it is going to someone


like the NHS. Although when the lid Democrats turn tried that with


education, the voters were turned off. Back to the Telegraph. The


divorce bill for the Brexit. 100 billion euros we may have to pay or


that they may ask for. This story is saying that, actually, the European


Union could not even legally enforce this according to their own lawyers.


This bill has been steadily going up. I would not be surprised that


goes up any more before the negotiations begin. David Davis says


he will not pay, and the European Union lawyers have admitted that


they cannot enforce that but the most illuminating thing in this


story is the fact that Downing Street have called an international


peace negotiator who played a key role in ending the 52 year civil war


in Colombia. Just in case you did not think that was civil... If you


need a peace negotiator to sort this out... It seems to be, we would not


have paid, we would have paid that. It is quite good to know that this


is right, that it is not even legally enforceable by Europe. Will


this end with a bit of old-fashioned haggling? You start off up there, we


start down there... So we will up somewhere in the middle. There will


be a bill to pay and, in fact, as David Davis says we will do that


because our international reputation would be zero if we did not. But it


will not be like this and right now just arguing over money. Some


Brexiteers say we should not pay anything. But if Theresa May gets a


big majority does that make it easier for her to compromise? If she


has her own mandate and majority she will be left held to account by


either side of the party. She will be able to make a deal and the rest


of the party will have to go along with that, the majority, anyway. Was


that her motivation for calling the election? To free herself up and


make itself more independent from both wings of the party? I think she


hopes that was the result. I think the motivation was that she thought


she could win. On the Brexit front, clearly if she is not interfered


with by Parliament, she can then get on with the negotiations herself and


you can understand that she will want a clear run at that one hopes


then that commonsense will come into play. He not look like it when you


stood at the steps of Downing Street and it accused Europe of sabotaging


the elections. Hopefully that peace negotiator can calm things down. The


Sunday Telegraph... Because we will soon have the manifestoes, they have


a story that Theresa May is promising to terror the present


mental health act if the Tories are re-elected and mental health first


aid as will be provided for all schools, apparently, in a proposed


overhaul. Theresa May has spoken about how she wants to break down


the stigma around mental health. I think there was a survey yesterday


which said that two thirds of adults suffer from mental health problems.


By targeting them as children you can hopefully deal with things


before they become a problem. I think this will be one policy which


will be very high for anybody to disagree with. The mental health act


is outmoded, it goes back to 1983, it basically locks people up and it


is locking people up a vulnerable do not need to be locked up. Sometimes


in police cells because there is nowhere for them to go. The idea of


redrawing that is sensible. The second thing that she intends to do


is use the equal opportunities legislation so people are protected


in the workplace. At the moment, if you have a mental health condition,


it you only protected if it continues for 12 months. What this


will do says the mental health conditions come and go, we will


protect you when you have it. Many things you sound quite good. And


mental health as an issue is suddenly being that goes in a far


more positive way after Prince Harry spoke about his grief over the death


of his mother and so on. We have seen the Royal family and their


Heads Together campaign which has had a massive effect in getting


young people to talk about it. It is a timely policy and does not time to


be doing it. What else do we have? We have the Express. They have more


on the Conservative Party manifesto which, when do we expect that to


come out? Nigel, you either in the know. We expect it to come out one


week on Monday. But who knows? And the Sunday Express, that manifesto


will be a June revolution, do you get the headline? We have the out of


hours GP surgeries, more doctors for that. Well, they do need more


doctors, we knew that was Jeremy Hunt idea. The mental health policy


coming in, that will mean 10,000 more NHS nurses, another good thing.


Don't know how that will be paid for. But I tell people were getting


fed up with this election, but not the readers of the express because


that story covers four pages. And one of those promises of every child


attending a local grammar school. The mental health policy in the GP


policy are widely popular with both the party and the public but the


grammar school is harder because this is something that Theresa May


specifically wants. She has raised at the foreman was not a manifesto


and she had opposition from her party. She will be hoping that her


own personal mandate will mean she can follow through on this plan for


every child to have the chance to attend a grammar like she did. So


this puts her stamp on this Conservative government in changing


and losing some of the things that she did not agree with that in the


Cameron government. The things that should go for she could not get


through Cabinet, she now may be able to. I do expect to see some MPs will


not be happy about this. It should have a big majority which is what


many of the polls and the pundits are predicting, are you one of the


people who thinks that would not necessarily be healthy? I think


there is unhealthy. A small majority of is the way to run a parliamentary


democracy. You make people actually fight for it. You also get the


proper scrutiny in about legislation that you do not get when you have a


thumping majority. I think it is unhealthy. But it is a democracy. If


the country vote Tory in huge numbers then you get a strong


majority. What is wrong with that? Well, that is democracy, you are


right. Interestingly, with the voting system which encourages


things like this to happen, under proportional representation you get


Ukip MPs the last election. An not certain that heading towards a


1-party state is good for the state. We have seen large majorities that


have been overturned so there is still at chance for them to be held


to account. The Sunday Times have their annual rich list which they


bring out every year, telling us about people who have an awful lot


of money and how often they have even more money than they had


before. Apparently because of Brexit, according to the Sunday


Times, it has been a bonanza billionaires. Richard getting richer


because of Brexit, it has given a boost. You can't see all the people


at the top looks so so it is hard to how it is helped. A third helped


because stock market shares have gone up because the pound went down


after Brexit. People who have shares are richer, basically. It does go


down as if the world was going to end after Brexit and the end of


civilisation... It is not going to Lalit badly for a few people. Forget


the ?80,000 people, these are seriously rich people. So they will


be in John McDonnell's tax bracket? You would hope so. And someone who


is quite well off ears... Well, we will show you a picture can probably


see it. Can our viewers get to this is? She is not looking like she


normally does, to be fair, that is Adele. To mark her birthday she


decided to dress as a Nanna from a sketch comedy show. Ageing with


grace. We do not understand why. It does not explain why this is


happening beyond that was the way she chose to celebrate her 29th


birthday. Good luck to her and her ?125 million. When you have that


much money, you do not need to explain anything. Lovely to see you


both as well as Adele. Thank you very much indeed. That is it for us


as our will. Coming up next it is time for meet the author.


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His first book, 'Absolute Power', became a bestseller


and it was turned into a film, starring


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