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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment -


Theresa May says she is taking nothing for granted


after the Tories' success in the local elections.


Campaigning in the west Midlands, she urged voters to give her


a strong mandate to negotiate Brexit.


Labour are pledging not to raise council tax dashing contacts for


those earning more than ?80,000 a year.


The Liberal Democrats say they would put a penny in the pound


on income tax to go towards the NHS and social care.


Party leader Tim Farron said politicians needed to be honest


The Ukip leader Paul Nuttall urges his supporters to "stay


on the pitch" despite suffering heavy losses on Thursday.


He said voters would return if Theresa May failed


The French authorities warn the media and the public not


to spread documents hacked from the centrist candidate


Emmanuel Macron's campaign team in the run-up to


At least 80 schoolgirls who were kidnapped by Islamist


militant group Boko Haram in Nigeria more than three years


A government official said their release followed


A has-been actor best known for playing an actor in the 80s is


called in to help catch a serial killer. Find out about cinema


releases in the Film Review. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Katy Balls,


who's a political correspondent at The Spectator and Nigel Nelson,


political editor of the Sunday The Observer headlines on Labour's


plans to increase income tax if Jeremy Corbyn becomes


the next Prime Minister. says the move is in a bid


to shore up Labour's core support - as a new poll shows the party has


fallen 19 points behind the Tories. The paper - which is publishing


its annual rich list - also says Brexit has seen


the combined wealth of the country's The Sunday Express says -


Theresa May is to unveil a set of manifesto pledges -


which will serve as And The Mail on Sunday criticises


a controversial drama to be aired The BBC has defended


the production as fictional. So then, let's kick off with the


Observer. Katie, that promise it seems from Labour we will fund


spending by raising tax on ?80,000 a year earners. We have heard Labour


were planning something like this, they have been dithering between


what counts as being wealthy, it was 70 K now they have settled for a TK.


The Sunday Times has a poll suggesting voters think 100,000 is


what counts as wealthy so interesting to see who agrees with


Labour. What is Rich? I put this question to John McDonnell last week


and he was hovering between 70 and 80,000 mark and now he says


absolutely you're richer of you are in over ?80,000 and he will tax


those people. What we do not know is the real detail of it, quite how


this will work, does this mean we will have a new tax band over


?80,000? Does it mean the 50% tax rate Labour are brilliant for owners


over ?150,000 will be reduced to hit people at a lower level? We will


have to wait for the manifesto to find out those details but we need


to know how this tax system will work. We know Labour have a mountain


to climb in this election campaign, disappointing local election


results, is this the sort of policy you think will appeal to their core


voters? Yeah, I can see why it would appeal to many, ?80,000 to seem like


a lot of money and if you are earning ?80,000 there is a high


chance you have to pay more tax no matter what happens because Theresa


May has suggested they will break the tax Lock promise so it is not


looking good but you are still earning 80,000. We are still waiting


for the manifesto promises, what you think Labour have got to do in the


next few weeks to try to turn their fortunes around? The local elections


were not as bad as Labour thought, but they are pretty bad. You cannot


start losing over 300 seats like that and did not have an impact.


Policies like this I do thing work. ?80,000 is to most people are huge


amount, what John McDonnell says it is 90% of people will not be


affected by labours tax plans so that leaves 2 million people who


will, they are the 2 million people but never voted for them anyway so


what they have to get back is those voters in the middle and the big


issue for them is whether or not they feel Labour can form a


competent government and that is the key to doing well. And also whether


various pressure on the Conservatives to spell out their tax


plans more because we know they do not want to give as many policies or


pledges but interesting to see if Theresa May can explain how to make


a fairer society. I want to say that last night one of our reviewers said


the Conservatives had taken Glasgow when they meant to say they had


taken more seats on the council, the Conservatives now have eight seats,


an increase of seven while Labour lost overall control of the council


and the SNP is now the largest party. Moving on to the Sunday


express, and their headline is made's June Revolution. Is it a


revolution, they say it'll be labours death warrant. It is quite


rare thing, I policy from the Conservatives in this campaign. We


have heard a lot about Theresa May's plan to bring back grammar schools


and it will play a big part in the Tory manifesto, every child with a


chance to attend local grammar school and that is not a policy that


is completely popular in the party but if may get a stonking majority


the MPs who are unhappy will have to put up or shut up. Is the whole, if


she gets this stonking majority, is she completely free? Completely


free, that is the most worrying part, regardless of whether you are


a Tory, Laybourne Lib Dem voter the real problem will be if you are in


talking about a 200 overall majority, it seems to be slipping


back recently that kind of thing she can do what she likes, she can have


an idea in her head and Teddington into legislation. People say a


landslide, 1-party government but we have had landslide governments


before. Not like this, if you talk of over 200, it is more than


Margaret Thatcher would have got, more than Tony Blair ever got in


1997 landslide so you are nudging 1-party state and I think the voters


ought to think twice about allowing something like that to happen. What


about labour in 1945, massive majority. OK, long time ago. Tony


Blair had some big majorities. But if the polls are right, she will


outstrip Tony Blair is 1997 majority. I do not think a huge


majority is a terribly good idea. It is something voters ought to be wary


of and also some of the promises she has made have proved not to be worth


trusting so you have to also think about whether or not you want a


Prime Minister who can do anything she wants. A quick look at the


Sunday Times, one story which is interesting is attack dogs would be


used to protect Parliament under plans being drawn up after the


terror attack on Westminster a few weeks ago, attack dogs to guard


Parliament. Yeah, dogs at the gate. They have been trying to come up


with ways to make sure Parliament as a fortress but still a Democratic


building. It is a balance. They do not want all the shutters up and I


think this is one way to do it but whether having Rottweilers at the


door is going to... The dogs in the House of Commons are cute and sniff


for bombs. They are lovely. The idea of Rottweilers I'm not so happy


with. The main stories about their rich list and the thrust is Brexit


has brought about a bonanza for billionaires because of the stock


market really. Yeah, the rich are getting richer because of Brexit,


apparently. For some, despite Brexit but it appears to be because the


stock market but it is hard to know because we cannot see or the


figures. I guess time will tell. If Labour gets in, they will be poorer.


What you think of the rich list, is it something you enjoy reading? You


always want to know about other people's wealth. I think so. The


idea JK Rowling has made 650 million according to the latest rich list


out of writing. It gives us all hope. I think it is more on a


gossipy level, does not mean a great deal but it is a fun read. It is a


slight form of escapism. You plough through the rich list and see what


everyone...? I wonder if it is a healthy thing to be obsessing about


what individuals are? Some people would say it is aspirational,


especially with this current list, lots of self-made millionaires, not


much inherited wealth and that is only a good thing if you can see how


people have come from little to get a lot. Is Brexit going to create


more wealth? The suggestion is that it is a Brexit bonanza but we do not


know that. It is coincided with Brexit. Because the pound has fallen


down the stock market has gone up. We looked at the various people to


work out who will have done well out of exports or whatever and who are


not quite sure can find any. What we can take from it is these people who


said it is economic disaster, it has not been for these people. Well, one


person who is on the rich list and is worth approximately ?125 million,


let's show you the photographs. Can view is guess who that is? It is


Adele, the singer. What has she done to herself? A bad hair day. She is


addressed as man from Catherine Tate's comedy show, proving that


even if you are a multimillionaire you can still be have a sense of


humour. Do you like this picture is? They look dreadful. I do not think


she is trying to be. I did not recognise her so I had to look at


the caption to work out who it was but OK, if that is how she wants to


celebrate her 25th birthday, K. Do you use these apps that make your


face do different things? No but you do like the rich list. Many thanks.


That visit the papers this hour. They will both be back with me at


half past 11 for another look at the stories making the news tomorrow in


the papers. Coming up next, the Film Review with Jane Hill.


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