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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Oliver Wright, Policy Editor at The Times


and Katie Martin, Markets Reporter at the Financial Times.


I will attempt to stretch the space time continuum.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Times leads with the local elections, suggesting the Tory


victory could be repeated in next month's general election.


The I describes the Conservative party's win as a "blue tide".


"A reunion of The Right" is how the Telegraph


The FT reflects on the losses of both Labour and Ukip.


"Theresa on the march", declares the Daily Mail.


The Guardian quotes Jeremy Corbyn saying Labour faces a historic


challenge. "Theresa on the march",


declares the Daily Mail. The express calls Theresa May the


new Mackie. First, let's look at the local and


mayoral election. Let's look at the Daily Mail. The reason on the marks,


you get wiped out and labour buried in their own backyard. It will come


on the weather weakens safely extrapolate this to doom the aids in


a bit, but Theresa May -- to June the 8th in a bit. Theresa May not --


careful not to overestimate these games? They're worried about turnout


in June. It's not about whether she will win, it's about the size of the


majority she will get. What the Conservatives are trying to do is


take a whole bunch of seats off Labour which in 2015 would have been


considered safe. You look at some of the majorities, particularly in the


mayoral races, they were quite tight. As few hundred thousand


votes, will mean a lot. Labour have the opposite problem. They are


saying we can still make a difference and get the vote, we have


a few weeks left. It's interesting, this divergences in the major


parties. The Tories are the only ones that are trying to downplay the


significance. Everyone else trying to say, it's fine, it's a flesh


wound, it's going to be fine, the 8th of June. The Tories are saying


let's not get too ahead of us all. It's interesting to see the pan out.


Let's look at the Guardian. Many crushes Ukip, it says. As Corbin


says we have a historic challenge. Paul Nuttall, the leader of Ukip, is


saying we are a victim of the own success. We have got out of the EU,


we've done our job and now people don't see the need for them, it


seems. It's a little bit like, you know the campaign for real ale, and


now that everyone is drinking real ale in hipster pubs, they've got


nothing to do. It's similar with Ukip. They had one job. They've done


their one job and now what are they for? This interpretation is


interesting, that Theresa May crossed Ukip. But is that really


fair? It does seem to be slightly, not the other way round but Ukip is


clearly infiltrated the Tories. The one-liner like this is the idea that


Labour voters switched to Ukip and now this time around, they're going


to the Tories. The Guardian discovering that Ukip as a gateway


drug for the Tories so Labour voters go to Ukip and then think, I like


Theresa May, although far instead. I think there is some evidence that


there is truth in that. The eye talks about a blue tide. Tories


sweep Britain in local elections. But also, these metro mayors. Not


everyone wants mayors. But they have after these elections. They tried


for many years to prevent it that there's got it imposed on them. The


compromise that has been done is they haven't taken powers away from


local council. They have devolved powers that will currently run by


Westminster or an elected authorities and handed them to


please mayors. They have powers of budget and transport and perhaps


police. That councils in Birmingham, Walsall and commentary will continue


to have their powers. But the fact the Tories have won in West Midlands


is striking. It may only be by three or 4000 votes, but you look at


places like Walsall which is pretty solidly Labour, Coventry,


Wolverhampton, they are doing well. That doesn't bode well for Labour in


June. We have heard all along that the Conservatives are aware that


Theresa May seems to be the one figure that people like to see. So


they are pushing her towards the front of the campaign. Very much so.


The party has been absent from this. It's all been about the reason may


and her strong and stable leadership. My local team.


It's rather presidential. It's not just the West Midlands were the


Tories have done well it is also Tees Valley, places that are solidly


Labour and have been for years. Although there is a blue tide, the


Labour Party can point to successes in Manchester and Liverpool, they


are making as big a deal as they possibly plausibly camp of their


successes there. There is now addressing this up. The Tories have


done extremely well in areas that Labour has traditionally been able


to count on. The Times front page says may cause the landslide, heavy


losses for Labour and Ukip. -- Theresa May on course for landslide.


We mustn't extrapolate but one is round the corner and we do it


anyway. Let's do it. What can you safely conclude? One can safely


June. That is fairly obvious. June. That is fairly obvious.


Sticking your neck out here. Personally, I'm sticking my neck


out, I don't think it will be the 140 or 160 margin some people are


saying. I think it's more likely to be around 80 or 70. Actually, if you


extrapolate out the local election results, they did slightly less well


in the local election results than some of the polls would suggest. Is


that it is clearly going to be a pretty sizeable Conservative


majority. We must mention the Lib Dems, they are happy with their


share of the vote this time. But not with the number of seats that


they've got. So that's the perennial problem for the Lib Dems. It has


played at in local actions as in national action. They have not had a


good time, and again they are trying to put a brave face on it and say,


we have five weeks, we can do this, make a difference, we the credible


opposition in England and Wales. But there is little evidence for it.


First past the post doesn't suit them. Daily Express, the reason, the


new Maggie. There will always be some who won the next that, but


whether that is helpful for the wider population, people unsure


about it. They are both women. That's an irresistible comparison


for parts of the right-wing press. You know, I'm pretty sure that the


girl. Not handbags this time but shoes. It's not handbags but shoes.


She has a firmness of character that I think is making it a reasonable


comparison. But I don't know, it doesn't really work for me. Very


different backgrounds. She apparently has the comparison. You


can see why, but she stuck with it. This is very meant to be flattering


but I take your point. Let's look at the front of the Scottish Daily


Mail. If the different front page from the other one.


Conservative the fixer to roost's Tories does and SNP. She came to the


forefront in the debate. In Scotland, the Tories have had such


an impossible time of it until it started to be turning round. Is it


down to her? They are the second largest party in Scotland now. How


did that happen? Imagine saying that four years ago. The tide of the SNP


appears to be stagnating, certainly they are down seven. It's about


Labour's much as the Tories. That is about the unionist vote going to the


Tories. It is about her. She is the plausible face of the junior and


Labour aunt. She is plain speaking isn't she. You know where you are


with Ruth Davidson. The assertion of the Scottish Daily Mail that the SNP


have plummeted is, I think, something they would argue with.


They have not managed to take Glasgow as they hope to. That is


quite a thing. The Tories have taken Glasgow? If you had said this to me


two weeks ago I'd have told you to have a nice lie down. Clearly, minds


have shifted in Scotland and clearly, there is a large number of


voters who just don't want another independence referendum. That seems


to be the key message that Ruth Davidson was putting forward. And


that the Tories put forward in Scotland and it's resonating. We


don't want any more votes about anything ever. We've got one coming


haven't we on the eighth? Before that on Sunday, the French go to the


polls to choose between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. And his


party which he only set up a year ago. It's starting to look clear,


grow clearer now. The first round looked a bit hairy. But opinion


polls can be wrong, but Macron has a 60s to -- 62% in the opinion polls,


Marine Le Pen has 30%. Even if it is wrong, it will be an unprecedented


scale for this to be wrong. There is wrong and there's wrong. And should


be a shoe in for Macon. The markets are saying this is our guide, we


don't think we'll have Marine Le Pen come in and threatened to dismantle


video row. But he hasn't got any MPs? No. That will be interesting.


His job and 50% of his new party who has never served as MPs before and


the other 50% will be people coming in from the other parties to join


him. Two questions, what are they made up with and what is the


calibre? And will the right and left of their people or will they go to


or marsh -- Macron's party. The months ahead will be interesting. He


so polished on the TV? You heard speak. Last year I went to a talk


with 40 people. But I've never seen a politician in this country like


it. The charisma is extraordinary. And of course, a sigh of relief


across the EU if it is him. Enormous. Marine Le Pen would be


disastrous for the remaining EU project and for the kilo. -- dogear


row. They've been explicit about backing


Macron. Even Barack Obama, who is explicitly that out of video backing


Emmanuel Macron. It's a mutual friend and external -- it's unusual


for external parsed additions to get involved. When Barack Obama did that


with the referendum, it didn't go down well. Not terribly well. A


different story. To almost finished. Motorway speed limit faces cuts to


60 mph. This is a suggestion for how to tackle air pollution, which has


suddenly become headline news. There are parts of the country that are


reaching European guidelines on air quality. Presumably, we would be


subject to these European air quality regulations two years from


now. Nonetheless, the government is keen to stick to these European


regulation. They then told that got to? Yes. It's a serious issue, it


kills 40,000 people each year who wouldn't necessarily otherwise die


of respiratory diseases and so on. There are a package of measures


would have been suggested including cutting speeding limits on


motorways, but I can't see going down well. There was a potential


programme to scrap certain kinds of diesel cars. That it's unclear how a


lot of this will be funded and it seems like a lot of the nuts and


bolts of rubble to be done is pushed back. The scrappage game could cost


up to ?80 billion? It's huge. The government didn't want to publish


it, they wanted to publish it back until after the election. The Graco


push it back. It you wonder if it had been pushed back, it could have


been more radical. It is tinkering around the edges. They are not


specific amount how it works. The councils to do something, but


perhaps they shouldn't. It is one issue when the proposals, they may


be more radical than they appear now. You mentioned councils as well,


it seems then that if these clear as Jones are brought in, it will be up


to a local council to do it? Yes, they must produce plans. This is the


Times reporting, two were produced -- reduce air pollution in the


shortest time possible. It's ambitious and there semantic John


McEnroe objection -- some objection from


environmentalist to this. I think this won't please anyone. The


hard-core environmentalists say it doesn't go far enough. The business


could say is Draconian, the councils say it's not fair to be all on us.


People will like getting rid of speed bumps. Switch enough, they


keep spare saying as well. We'll back to the time for a bit of fluff,


really, quite literally. The sheer variety is the headline 30 alpacas


in Cirencester in Gloucestershire has been given unusual hairstyles by


the owner. Helen Kendall Smith, all to celebrate ten years of breeding


them at her farm. There's got either judges with six or 1970s rock star


mullets. It looks like Crufts? They're supposed to look like


boodles or dinosaurs. -- poodles or dinosaurs. They don't click map


massively like either poodles or dinosaurs how does one even see? Has


like to see all 30 of them together. Wouldn't that be a site out in the


Gloucestershire field. I'm impressed by your background knowledge, Katie.


we have these guests in, they have we have these guests in, they have


such hinterland. That's the papers to much,


Don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online


It's all there for you - seven days a week at


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