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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the political commentator, James Millar


a counter-terrorism chief refuses to confirm whether the attackers


were were already known to the police or intelligence services.


The FT focuses on Theresa May's plans to review existing police


and security powers, increase pressure on tech companies


and introduce tougher anti-terror laws.


The Telegraph claims counter-terrorism officers have been


monitoring an alleged extremist cell in Barking since March and secretly


recorded individuals plotting a van and knife attack in London.


Quoting Mrs May's phrase that "Enough is Enough",


the Express vows to support the Prime Minister's plans


for what it calls "tougher action on terrorists".


The Mail also leads with that quote from Mrs May, adding that


all of Britain was echoing her sentiments.


The Mirror leads with the heroes of last night.


It said policeman and members of the public fought off


the attackers with batons, chairs, glasses and their bare hands.


Police fired an "unprecedented" 50 bullets at the attackers to bring


them down within eight minutes, the Metro says.


And the i calls the police and public response "defiant"


The quote, "Enough is enough", on the front page is quite few


newspapers, including the FT and she vows of war on extremism but there


is no clarity on what that really means? The Financial Times says Mrs


May's responds marked a sharp escalation in rhetoric and actually


that is all anybody can do. We all agree enough is enough and something


has to be done but the question for Mrs May or for any politician is


what can you do? There are questions about what police knew, what


security services new but what can you do? We know young men sent to


prison are quite often coming out radicalised when they did not go in


radicalised so increasing jail terms does not seem like quite a good


idea... Before anybody climbs all over that,, that does not mean that


they should not be sent to prison. No, of course not, but there are


things like whether we go back to control orders, which we had now we


have the prevention of. ... The exclusion orders on people who have


been abroad and come back. What the public will probably find unsettling


is that in this attack and the attack in Manchester two weeks ago,


people claimed to have reported their neighbours all the


perpetrators. We do not know. -- or. I think there has to be a bit of a


PR exercise to save we are following these but look at the scale. The


police, the authorities, contrary to what American media believe happens


in our country, we do go along with what they ask but do not report


everything because it could compromise the investigation. We saw


the aftermath of the Manchester attack, the Americans willing to


share everything was only when they should not have done. The FT story,


Donald Trump talking of rhetoric... Said he criticised the Mayor of


London for sane people not to be worried. It took that out of context


saying that Sadiq Khan said people should not be alarmed. I'd should


could drop shot for calling the US President what you did. You know I


have a job to do. The Guardian, again the quote from Theresa May,


"Enough is enough". A few things to discuss, notably the photograph


appearing on a few front pages. But arresting, no pun intended, not the


kind of thing that we are used to seeing but the other story on the


front page, Labour attacks PM for presiding over cuts to police. We


are now on to Monday so the election campaign is officially back on. A


slightly odd one. The Guardian says critics have accused the Prime


Minister of politicising the atrocity and the next paragraph


Jeremy Corbyn saying may implemented 20,000 police cards. There are


questions to be answered about police cuts but two were those cuts


have fallen and how much they would have impacted on this because anti-


terror police are quite well off. Of course if you do not have bobbies on


the beat to spot the first signs then... We have not had bobbies on


the beat for quite a long time. You can always have more resources but


resources going into this sort of terrorism has to be much more


Internet based. It is not necessarily about walking the


street. I am sure it is a mixture of both. But it is about listening and


infiltrating an interesting that Jeremy Corbyn to the campaign last


night, Sunday night. Nobody should be making political capital out of


these but we are three days away from an election. It raises this


question of suspending the campaign. After Manchester it was suspended


for four days. This time 24 hours. Ukip did not observe that


suspension. Was it the right decision? It is hard to say. But


there is an election this week so you cannot suspend campaign. In the


Telegraph, YouTube link to the terror attack. Officers recorded a


cell talking about how to use a fan to attack London. Basically similar


to the same thing that happened on Saturday. Is it the same plot? A


year not entirely sure. It is not cover where you chip 15 but it fits


into the idea that the Prime Minister has put out that the


Internet has to be policed and clamped down. Sites like YouTube


need to be more if. You get into the argument of what is free speech,


what is hate speech? Absolutely. She raised it at the G7 and there are


people within the industry beginning to address it but it is impossible


to police. It is a monster that is created because it just keeps


growing and whatever you do to police, there is a dark Web where


people can find things. People will talk about free speech and


censorship. What you have to do is somehow or rather get to these


people who are not representative of Islam or any religion or political


cause, they are people who are incredibly disturbed and intent on


evil. Yet to be careful of focusing on the Internet too much. I do


journalists so I am cynical about what goes on on the Internet. The


has to be some sort of human interaction as well. Yes,


persuading... It is easy to bleed into the Internet when there are


other parts of the puzzle. This is the picture of the two attackers


when... Assuming at this point that have been shot by police who arrived


so incredibly quickly, and we then eight minute they were dead. For the


people involved those eight minutes must have felt like hours and hours


but it is incredible because we know but it is incredible because we know


there are more armed police on the street and visible but they are also


working on the periphery but to come and to deal with it like that and,


as we know now, these were fake suicide bombs before the officers


involved they must have thought they were really charged. The venture has


a close-up version of that same photograph. Police fire 50 bullets


which is set to be unprecedented to cut short the terror rampage. You'll


be skidding about the use of a photograph like that? It is The


Metro, a free paper all over buses and trains in London and lots of


people, including children, will see it. It also gives the attention


profile, often with the sort of attacks they are carried out to


achieve a profile. The comparison is high school shootings in America


where there was a spate of them because every time what happened,


the person who did it, invariably male, was put on the front pageant


sometime he became an outlaw, an era to people simile disturbed and they


saw they could get their own five minutes. The media looked at how


that my have been responsible for some of those attacks and pull back


on the coverage. Last night, there were people on social media saying


why are you giving these people are the oxygen of publicity but we have


to report the story. Nothing will go on the BBC radio or television


without being weighed up and conceded. Hopefully. Broadcasting is


much more regulated than newspapers. The problem I think comes back to


the free-speech and the Internet, is that people who are taking these


photographs - we do not know if they are from professional journalists


all of the public - but editors sometimes not as strict as they used


to be in saying, actually, we're not going to publish that just because


it is all over social media does not make it acceptable for our readers.


I completely agree with James. It is a free paper. In the corner, a


picture of Ariana Grande, a joyful reaction to this, why not put a


picture of her on the front. an bully can she seemed. I heard her


singing somewhere over the rainbow, which was amazing. I am familiar


because I have a young daughter. The Daily Star, no trouble with this


front page. This is a photograph that is a very


good photojournalistic front-page. It has real people, it has the


journalist, Jeff Ho and Gerard, who have become celebrities really,


three girls at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester and then the


emergency services that do all this stuff all the time and keep doing


all a brilliant job. There's all sorts of words that get bandied


around, nobody ever uses the word cowed except after a terrorist


attack, heroes could also be applied, these people, the


ambulance, the police, they are genuine heroes, they ran to war


space... While telling everyone else to runaway. -- towards this. There


are stories who were caught up in this, the eight minutes must have


felt like Florida, waiters, waitresses, bar staff, customers,


people instinctively to do the right thing -- felt like for ever.


Amazing. The Daily Express, exclusive picture of the attackers


walking through Borough Market. Presuming this is after they abandon


the van. Then they are in Borough Market. They are walking calmly.


They aren't running. They looked like three blokes walking along the


road and from the earlier eyewitness reports, after having jumped out of


the van... It is the Express who will support the Prime Minister on


her tougher action on terrorists, whatever that might mean. Will


strangely one of the interesting words here is the van mounted the


pavement, that is the kind of thing that will be thought about at the


very bottom level of this, raising pavements, how do you change the


street verges so you can't get a van onto the pavement to run people over


and hopefully the action will spread up to Prevent and what happens in


government. We've already seen it in Westminster long before this with


the cordons and the much stricter access in Downing Street. I'm sure


they're thinking about that already. How do you protect every road? All


of the arteries across the river, it is such a difficult job. It's not


just London, as we know, from Manchester, or Paris, or Nice.


Munich, everywhere! Let's have a look at the i, finally, another


pictures pictures of these armed police officers, and a dog, coming


down the escalators, so incredibly heavily armed. Like something out of


a movie, it really is, will we aren't used to seeing that in this


country thankfully. Defiant is the word, it has been used quite a lot


this weekend. It has. On the front page also pictures of the young


girls at the concert in Manchester, they are equally defiant as the guys


in the main picture because they made a choice, they were caught up


in something horrific and they made a choice to go out and go to a


concert and they won't be cowed. A concert that would normally take


months to prepare. It is extraordinary. All of those stars


who cleared their diaries and made sure they were there. It is great.


These are predominantly younger else, young people who will have


been incredibly upset and affected by everything that happened


understandably and I think that this... For them it will be part of


the healing process to use that term, but that is more important


than defiance. It is going back to... It is the power of pop music,


which is nonsense most of the time, but for these girls it means


something to them and it helps them. Pop music's Craik. Ariana Grande,


23. She is a great moral model! -- pop music's great. That's it for the


papers. Don't go anywhere. Don't forget all the front pages are


online at the website where you can read a detailed review of the


papers, there seven days a week. We are there as well. Each night's


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iPlayer. Thank you very much, nice to see you.


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