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Hello. This is BBC News with Martine Croxall.


We'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment,


first the headlines at just after 11pm.


Theresa May battles back amid speculation over her leadership


a full five-year term as prime minister, and says it's time


What I am feeling is that actually there is a job to be done.


And I think what the public want is to


ensure that the government is getting on with the job.


Meanwhile, he's back in the cabinet -


Michael Gove returns in a reshuffle, a year after Theresa may sacked him.


Police investigating the Manchester concert


bombing say they're now sure the attacker, Salman Abedi,


And further success for France's Emmanuel Macron


as his party looks set to secure a huge majority


in the country's parliamentary elections.


Still dizzy from the experience of an hour ago, hello and welcome to


what to make our look at what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


With us are Yasmin Alibhai Brown and Economic Adviser for Arbuthnot Ruth


Lea. Welcome to you both. Rebecca Hunter and an Jarran Reed


believe you should have your own show! There you go! Let's begin.


Tomorrow's front pages starting with the i...


It leads with the news that one of the big hitters of the Leave


campaign is back in government as Michael Gove is made environment


The Metro uses George Osborne's description


of the Prime Minister as a "dead woman walking" for its headline,


with the former chancellor saying she could be out within days.


The Express focuses on Boris Johnson's plea to the party


to get behind the Prime Minister over fears Tory infighting


over her leadership will damage the party further.


The Telegraph's reports that Michael Gove has been drafted


potential leadership challenges, the paper claiming it's


the Prime Minister's way of showing she can work with her critics.


of Remainer Damien Green to First Secretary of State


is a sign her position on Brexit is softening,


with a possible rethink on remaining in the customs union.


The Guardian says the Prime Minister plans to win


back support from her party by adopting a more collegiate style


of leadership following criticism that senior colleagues had been shut


And the Daily Mail says she will go even further,


throwing out whole chunks of the manifesto in a bid to keep


The Financial Times repeats George Osborne's claim Theresa May


is a dead woman walking, signalling that business leaders


will take her weakness as an opportunity to push


for the softer Brexit the City favours.


Nods and shakes of heads? It is all very balanced around this table.


Let's begin with the Telegraph. Just because you have somebody inside the


current ten doesn't mean that you can keep them in line. No, but you


can keep your eye on them. I'm surprised that she brought in some


DeLaet Michael Gove, who has betrayed everybody in the party.


But, as an interesting set of decisions, there were certainly no


changes. -- like Michael Gove. I think she is trying very hard not to


make any new enemies. He is a good communicator, though, Michael Gove,


is he? I am a big fan of Michael Gove. I think is terrific guy. It is


interesting the Telegraph has put the headline here, but it just sort


of confirms in my view that I think Theresa May's and to be Prime


Minister for some time yet. I don't think there is any eminent challenge


to her leadership. -- imminent. They need to get the Queens Beach out the


weight, the Brexit talks under way, and see how it goes. I think the


other aspect that is interesting about this story is that the


promised brings in others in this reshuffle. -- Queen's Speech. The


Telegraph, perhaps because this is its wish list, says that coming back


in. If we look at the times, it is the opposite. Yesterday, at Gavin


Barwell, who lost the seat, Croydon Central, on Thursday, he was a


remain, he has been pointed chief of staff days we -- been appointed


chief of staff at Downing Street. Yes, this is interesting. The two


major papers disagreeing with each other. I personally believe that


Theresa May set out her stall on negotiating stance when she wrote to


Donald Tusk, when she was triggering Article 50, at the end of March. She


said out of the single market, after the customs union, and of course,


having a close trade relationship, a free-trade agreement, and eight


close agreement on security, and I personally believe that is right.


And I don't think that Greenies make a big difference. It is not just


Green. So Michael Fallon said, and I wash it, and it was an interesting


moment, he has been very loyal, that he is now shifting and now saying


that he is after a more business friendly Brexit. -- Green. Do you


know what? Economists are not always right. They are. I am. Please give


the talking stick to Ruth, just a moment. I am not always right, but I


write most of the time. I am more right than most economists are. But


I think when I said, you that Theresa May wanted a close trade


relationship with Europe, I think that is what Michael Fallon is talk


about. And I would like to see a continuation of tariff free trade.


If we are at the customs union, Art of the single market, I think there


will be some control of immigration from the EU. Full-back for a moment,


because much earlier in the evening, we were asked why it you are so


convinced, as an economist, that being outside the EU in the hardest


Brexit will not be a problem for Britain? -- out of the single


market. I would like a free-trade agreement. There are some people who


are harder than I am. They don't want any free-trade agreement at


all. I don't think that would be optimal. But having a trade


agreement, I don't see really why our trade should suffer from that.


And if you think about it, they're actually quite a lot of countries


that trade with the EU that are not even in a trade agreement with the


EU. And you know how long it takes them to negotiate? Stop, stop, stop.


They are not even in a trade agreement. And the fact is that


trade is actually flourishing. Look at new Chinese trade. Look at EU


trade with the US. But even that the point that if we're talking about


happy to have a trade agreement, it could take years to negotiate? I


think with the EU, it could be done within two or three years. I love


you dearly, I really do. You are some of the love talking to. You are


taking this country down a line which, when things fall apart, are


you going to take responsibility? I will have to admit that I would have


been wrong. That will be too late! People will be lose their jobs! It


is going to happen. Brexit will happen. And I hope that I pray and I


do believe that there will be a very good trade agreement between


ourselves and EU and the UK. Because it is in the EU's interest to do so?


Absolutely. They have the greatest trade surplus with us. Key pledges


being axed as the price of Cabinet support? It will be interesting,


Yasmin, to see what she can go through with, given that she doesn't


have a majority? I think the policy that really got the Pensioners will


go. I your pension? Yes. OK, that is to us. -- are you a pensioner. She


will please the Daily Mail. But now she is going to care that... I think


we would now get a much shorter Queens Beach, one that will focus


more on Brexit. I don't think she will dare. They are all furious. But


in the as much time all leadership. At a national do this. In a way, I


feel for her. Have anything about Brexit, and happy to think about a


fast put together manifested. I don't know how they will tell. I


think it was a pity that it was released. I know I was here we go,


and will tell me the attack on pensioners, and I was being slightly


facetious, but more to the point, it looked like an absolute attack on


the core vote. Can Sergio Mattarella I so agree that a policy. That was a


thing. But that was great, because we're getting far too much money as


pensioners. -- can I tell you something? I so agree with that


policy. It was toxic. And as for foxhunting, why on earth do they


mention that? They can come into my garden, because I have a fox with


Main Beach -- with mange. Let's not get to gain on local issues. Here we


have a call for unity with the Foreign Secretary. How old is he


now, at 45, 50? Is that all? Ye has more than that. He should be around


for sometime yet how long, I am not sure. But they are distributing


myself now. I they just want to let the dust settle. In my repeating


myself? Just like me, repeating yourself. I can't help it. His 53


this month. Can you imagine Boris Johnson being our Prime Minister? --


he is 53. Did or they talk about his period as Foreign Minister. --


do you know what they talk about? His period as Foreign Minister. I


don't think this is imminent, whatever happens. I don't think


anyone in the Conservative Party would've wanted him as primers,


surely. Nobody but Boris... Let's look at the ie, at the bottom. --


the i. We have had the idea of the hard Brexit, the soft Brexit, a red


white and blue Brexit, and now the open Brexit. What that mean? I was


Kertes a god only knows. I think Ruth Davidson is terrific. She had a


fantastic, fantastic election. She and Jeremy Corbyn were the winners


out of this. And she stood out well in the referendum debate. Yes, she


did, and she was a manner. I think when she is talk about the hard


Brexit, here, there are perhaps two things. Firstly, she doesn't want us


to walk away from the EU. Either one that neither does Theresa May. The


second point is she is just sort of saying I am here, and I want to be


involved, and I think she should be involved, because she is a success,


and is one of the Tory's raiders access at the moment. -- Tories'. --


greatest assets. The DUP, which, as we know, is going to in to some sort


of relationship with Theresa May... They talk about it on Tuesday. But I


agree with you, they're no deal is no deal, because they want at the


very manner in some agreement over the border. So just walking away


from the EU is not acceptable to the DUP. They are very sensible party.


I am going to go on the demonstrations, being 21. The


demonstrations against their recognition -- position on abortion.


That won't come into play with this confidence and supply arrangement.


But when you make them your fundamental allies, there are people


who are upset, including Ruth Davidson. You can have a protest


but, so what? In present-day Britain, our youth vote... I have


never protested in my life. You must come to a demonstration with me. I


would like to be there when you make your placards. I have been on 45


protest in my life and stop good God. Jeremy Corbyn saying he could


be Prime Minister in months. Either the Conservatives need to fall apart


or he can try this hand as a minority government. How likely is


it? Anything is possible and likely now. That is the great thing. Just


like in France we thought nothing was possible and what I love now is


that the possibility of possibility has been opened up. So, who is? If


Theresa May fails... Is she fails they will be an election within the


Conservative Party and then the question is whether the government


will come down? Probably not. He did quite well in the campaign, nobody


disputes that. But is still well short of the 326 he needs. If you


take that current configuration with a shocking results for the SNP, he


would have a long way to catch up, if he really wanted the prime


ministership. There is a narrative doing the rounds that you would be


mad to want to take on the Brexit negotiations given that the members


who want to stay are not going to make it easy. Let them have a go at


it... It is interesting because he has not come out... And I was angry


with Jeremy Corbyn because it did not, properly on a position on


Brexit, remain or otherwise. Nor did Theresa May. They both played quite


quietly. I think he would have a problem with negotiations because he


would have to take a tough position. But he does have had good people on


his team, such as Starmer, a professional man who knows about the


law and deals. But I think we are in such a different political


landscape, this man was written off even two weeks ago and we're not


talking that any more about him. But he is a politician and politicians


like power. The Guardian. Donald Trump delaying his state visit over


protest fears. Downing Street said it still going ahead but Mr Trump


wants us to like him. He does not want people protesting so we must


not go on protest. Would you? Of course I will be. I have special


protest shoes that I where! -- that I wear. Why shouldn't he have a


state visit? Here's the elected head of one of our biggest allies. Yes.


But the majority of the people in this country do not want this to


happen. We live in a democracy where the will of the people matters and I


think it will come from quite visit that if he wants to sit in a golden


carriage! You remember the Chinese visit when Prince Charles acted up


over it? You want to know why we were entertaining these people. It's


not as if we have always welcomed everybody here. I know there is a


petition not wanting him to come. But then there was a petition that


said he should come. I signed that once. Put your fingers away, please.


But he is the head of state. Why should he not come? There are things


happening in America at the moment... In America they are not


moving on. There are many things happening. Many Americans are


against their own president. You know what? At the end of the


election Americans always come together as a people. They have not


been able to do that. He may not want to come. He may not want to


come as he sees protests. Finally a different story in France. While


things are a little tricky here Emmanuel Macron seems to have gotten


everything stitched up. The first round of the parliamentary


elections, heading towards a land lies for a party, or a movement,


that was only set up one year ago. Quite an extraordinary political


journey. It is. He has caught the mood of the country and it says


something about the established parties, be it the socialists or the


party of Sarkozy. They must have just lost all credibility. The


socialists in particular of expected to do quite badly so that is a


summing up of the views of the French people. Marine Le Pen will be


a marginal group in Parliament as well. I think it is connected in


many ways and I am not suggesting that Ukip are the same as the


National Front. The people really thought that Ukip would get a number


of seeds because millions voted for them. -- a number of seats. We


thought we were drifting rightwards and now there are all sorts of


surprises happening. I'm not an expert on Emmanuel Macron or French


politics but it is amazing what has happened and then there is another


election coming up, perhaps more crucial to us, the German election.


The turnouts at this today was very low so the idea that his movement


has re-energised politics may be hollow. It seems... I think some


people think the business is done now that the President has been


elected. Even to get so many candidates in place in quite a short


time is a feat. An indication of how he will approach Brexit, he does not


want to give any quarter to Britain. Well, do they want to sell us wine,


or don't they? I would like some wine. But, also, there is another


site. We need them as much as they need us and that has been a problem


with the Brexit argument. I know you are going to accuse me of repeating


myself, there will be a mutually beneficial agreement, I am convinced


about that. It is in the interests of everybody. These are our friends.


They don't look at it like that, the way we spoke about them during the


campaign. The debates we had were shocking. They were terrible. But


bygones are bygones. Now, they are not. Placards again? Could you bring


your? I have 45. I will choose the best one. I reuse them. They recycle


them. They are such good things to go to. You must come with me. She


does not look convinced. Ladies, lovely to see you both to thank you.


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