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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment -


Theresa May reinforces her intention to serve a full five-year


term as Prime Minister, despite losing the Conservative


She says it's time to focus on the job at hand.


What I'm feeling is that actually there was a job to be done and what


the public want is to government is getting on


The Prime Minister's former rival for the top job, Michael Gove,


makes a surprise return to cabinet as Environment Secretary


Police investigating the Manchester concert bombing say they're


And further success for France's Emmanuel Macron.


The president's party looks set to secure a big majority


in the first round of the country's parliamentary elections.


I'm terribly sorry, we seem to be having all sorts of issues


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Economic Adviser for Arbuthnot Ruth Lea,


The I leads with the news that one of the big hitters of the Leave


campaign is back in government as Michael Gove is made


The Metro uses George Osborne's description of the Prime Minister


as a 'dead woman walking' for its headline, with the former


Chancellor saying she could be out within days.


The Express focuses on Boris Johnson's plea to the party


to get behind the Prime Minister over fears Tory infighting


over her leadership will damage the party further.


The Telegraph's reports that Michael Gove has been drafted


in to protect Theresa May from any potential leadership challenges,


the paper claiming it's the Prime Minister's way of showing


The Times claims the promotion of Remainer Damien Green


to First Secretary of State is a sign her position


on Brexit is softening, with a possible rethink on remaining


The Guardian says the Prime Minister plans to win back support


from her party by adopting a more collegiate style of leadership


following criticism that senior colleagues had been shut out


While the Daily Mail says she will go even further,


throwing out whole chunks of the manifesto in a bid to keep


let's begin. We'll start with the Financial Times. Showdown for


stepping up a push he couldn't avoid a certain amount of schadenfreude,


not just today but also when George Osborne was part of on he was


looking terribly tragically upset. Was he really looking no. Not at any


point? But this is there was a bit of regret in his voice but is unsure


what must have been going through his mind was: if I had stayed in


politics I could have him there, I'm sure he could is probably getting


last year. The Tory party will want to settle down and let the dust


dramatically to change the way in dramatically to change the way in


which the governed. The gruesome twosome have gone, Nick Timothy and


Fiona hill. I love the shambles but for the sake


of the country, we need the House to it is quite intelligent, her enemies


an Damian I was looking at the BBC interview earlier, she has learned


nothing. Her apologise for her mistakes,


sound like a human being. She is the personality she is and but she does


have to change the way she governs which is to Iraq a


Key Tories are apoplectic at what has happened. I am convinced she


will stay for a while, let the dust settle and then they will take it


from there. Will she not stay until they can replace her safely? I think


she will wait for the party conference. I cannot see that she is


learning anything. Those two people she brought in were advisers and it


is so easy to blame them and the sack them, but actually the


essential problem is within her own personality. Jeremy Corbyn changed


even within a couple of weeks, he understood how he was presenting


himself, how he came across, why can't she change? It was one thing


to run a department the way she did, where it was thorough and the


methodical but you can't run the government the same way, that's a


huge adjustment for anybody. The Home Office was the same story.


There were so many people. I know a couple of people who left the Home


Office and there were no sense that a civil servant could contribute to


her thinking. The thinking with Margaret Thatcher was, I wasn't a


Thatcherite but... Won't you? No. Believe it or not. But she did know


how to work with the best brains of this country. Whether they were


academics of civil servants, she knew had to use them. Theresa May


doesn't. She will be there for a while. Let's look at the express.


Boris says Tory MPs must back in May. There were couple of her


clients money, Yasmin, that suggested that Boris were either


being encouraged or running towards Prime Minister. People get crossed


that he is reduced to one lane. -- one name. He is responsible for


all sorts of tricks Yunis. It is a bit like a Shakespeare play, you


have to read into the words and into the opposite of the work. I think,


this is the problem. Boris or Reza? Who would rather... Goodness,


Theresa May any time. You don't need any challengers at the moment do


they? You have the 's speech next week, Brexit negotiations in nine


days' time. The same day as the Queen's speech. You don't need any


more upheaval. No. I will repeat what I have said, she will be there


for a while, let the dust settled, let the Queen's speech take place,


get the Brexit negotiations get going and the European Commission


has already to go. They are ready. We will get but going. I can only


repeat that. She will stay for the time being. Her stance on Brexit


will have two softened. We will see. Damien is not a hard Brexit. He is a


Remainer. It depends what you mean by hard Brexit. What's Theresa May


suggested when she sent her a letter to Donald Tusk worksheets


50 was out of the single market. We want to be able to negotiate our


trade deals and Liam Fox would have a job. Economically, that is a


mistake. We need to be able to negotiate our own trade deals with


parts of the world. She said that but she did say she wanted a close


trade relationship and security relationship with the European


Union. But it's not up to her is it? It has to be negotiated. There was


one cycle of the EU and the other side called... It's Michelle who is


acting for the EU 27. I don't think it will shift. Are you a May-ite? I


want to leave the single market and the customs union. You're wrong on


three towns! -- free listen to other countries drifting.


Soft Brexit is the way forward. You don't dismiss the single market. Why


should we stay in the single market? Is because we get so much trade. We


can have this argument in a second but you can't decide that those are


the ways that are best for our country. We have at the hubris of


the Conservative Party, including new, it has to be tempered. You


can't tell me we stay in the single market. We will still trade with


them and have access. They want a trip with us... Kenya motorist


Jeremy Corbyn... We also -- can you imagine if Jeremy


Corbyn... We are so weak now... It's going to be a beneficial


negotiation. I wish I wish to speak to you a year from


now. It's great, I've got nothing to do tonight. The IRA.


The i say Michael Gove is back in the Environment Secretary. That is


quite important. And please is back because he's a good communicator and


I saw he was doing the rounds on Thursday night, he's been very


loyal. I'm glad he's back and obviously Theresa May might have had


to appoint a bit of a sacking in of the cheeks, if you get my drift, but


he's now back and we Elizabeth Truss, Liddington, a new DWP


secretary. Damian Green has gone to be Deputy Prime Minister. He's a


done does -- don't underestimate. He's a nice person. As for gof, I


wouldn't put on that side of the category. I think she's brought in


people she doesn't trust which is quite clever. Isn't it a bit of a


taste of your own medicine when Boris Johnson was made Foreign


Secretary, you've helped create some of this uncertainty is to help tidy


it up. On the front page of The i, I'm looking to this. I think Ruth


Davidson... Are we moving onto the next story: Psycho if you want to


see what if you want to see what a good Tory


leader sounds like... Her name is Bruce. I can spell it. -- roof.


Kind of Brexit is she talking about? And open Brexit, what does that


mean? I think what Theresa May suggested with a close free trade


agreement plus an agreement on security was a sensible way forward.


But we have had this argument. You don't think that's the end of it?


What can I say about Ruth Davidson. She is very feisty, she's terrific,


she won an expert of seats in Scotland, can you imagine what would


have happened with 306 as opposed to the arms and eight? And she's cross


about the DUP deal? That's partly her personal life. She is the story


of the modern age. I have a huge amount of time for Ruth. She needs


to be brought into the tent, involved in the negotiations because


she is their staff. Love bond? Love bond. When people are nice to you.


That's not a word I expected you to use -- love-bombed. She might be


leader of the party one day but she'll have two be in Westminster


not MSP. The other thing on this front page, confusion reigns over


controversial DUP deal. We talked yesterday evening doing my shift on


the news channel that the DUP had in principle agreed an outline


arrangement of confidence and supply, and then in the car on the


way home, it said it's not the case at all. You wonder how that could


happen got so wrong. It just won't work. You have Sinn Fein. Although


I'm on the left, I do find it shocking that Sinn Fein receives


salaries for not doing the job. They've got to do this. They owe us


all. The parliament into which they are elected. They can't just sit it


out. The whole thing, the game between them and the DUP which is at


a crucial stage in Northern Ireland, power-sharing. It's going to break


apart. That was based on the idea that the British Government was


neutral. If we go back to the controversial DUP deal. Isa is that


what is happening is the DUP is wondering what is the mount is going


to be. And it's going to make demands because even with only ten


seats they are the kingmakers. They went from having a minority


government to be a quasi majority government. I am thinking, what do


they want? Tories will think this is a bad idea? Gordon Brown for the DUP


were OK? I'm not Gordon Brown. It's a bad idea. For Theresa May... Our


values and their values are at odds. For Theresa May it is the least


worst option. Like I said, the Sinn Fein situation... The Good Friday


agreement. You can't stuff all that. Let's look at the Metro. Corbyn says


he's ready for another election, looking relaxed this morning on the


TV. He had a good campaign, did he not? Eventually. An excellent


campaign. This is well going to agree with Yasmin. So be careful.


Should shake my hand now. He had a terrific campaign and yes, he did


change terrain but even so, he's a natural campaigner and he played to


his strengths and the manifesto played to Labour's friends. There


was positive, the future, trying to be all-encompassing. It was the


opposite of the Tory campaign, which was wooden and negative. So I think


Ella fantastic campaign. Whether he's ready for another election, I


don't know. What will it be like being in power


negotiating Brexit with its complexities? It's a good question.


Answer it. It depends. This is going to change our story and our history


forever. So you could say that there hasn't been a better time. For our


leader to make our mark on history. This is the time in history changes.


But they didn't win. He said himself. Any reader. Talking to


Andrew Mark this morning, Corbyn said I didn't win. He didn't have


the numbers. Compared to what he might have got, it was an


extraordinary result. But however they build on the momentum that they


had I think some of the sulking new


Labour MPs had better get out of their boxes now. They will. They


dissed it and dissed it and lots of people are apologising. I Watson


what Jones. He apologised. Maybe there will be a party coming


together. He had a terrific campaign that is dull and that with 262 seats


it is well short of a majority. -- campaign that was excellent. They


won Kensington. Kensington! That was the last one and it had endless


recounts. It was still 262 seats, even if they went along with a


Coalition with the Liberals, who only got 12, SNP had a disappointing


night with 35. That would only make 309. Even the prospect of a


Coalition of chaos or what we want to call it, the truth is, he's a


politician and politicians want power. How quickly might be and that


with an election? This year? I think so. The chaos is within the Tories,


now. It's a mess. They have to find a way of sorting it out. Do voters


want to go to the polls again? Attic people are fed up with it. If the


DUP deal sticks, it was a confidence and supply deal, if there's a


no-confidence vote than the DUP will support the Tories. Under those


circumstances, if that works, this government could continue for some


time. Do you know there are so many national protests already building


up against the DUP deal? Even so, I think it will go ahead. You


mentioned Sinn Fein, the fact they don't turn up as useful. I hope they


turn up, it's time. They're not going to. Who wouldn't want that


job? You get paid every year. And they're sitting there doing nothing.


I'm sorry, time to come and do a job. Meanwhile, on the other side of


the Channel, Macron is set for a second landslide in France. Low


turnout but it could be heading for somewhere around 440 seats out of


577. From a party, Ruth, that was only formed a year ago. It's


staggering. It tells you how we'd all the other parties are, the


traditional parties. And the Socialist Party has almost been


blown out of the water. Because of an appalling president, I don't


know. Macron has picked the moment right. That there are times in


countries where they say, this is the man to take us forward. And


Emmanuel Macron seems to have picked up moment. And he's a centrist. He


is a mixture. In some ways, he's quite like Tony Blair. He pleases


various wings on the spectrum because he's not a socialist. He was


in the Bosworth the government? he's a global capitalist, all those


things. You said that with almost... I wish I was 21 again. I never grew


up from 21, hate it all. But the problem. That's why we're pleased to


see you. I am a capitalist. No shame capitalist. I think he's managed but


the good news is he's a total EU believe. And he's saying he doesn't


want to see any concessions to anyone who leaves. They tend to


forget it's not on our hands. The other thing is, when we thought the


neofascists were going to take over France. I never thought the


neofascists would. You don't have to talk about the pen do you? -- Marine


Le Pen do you? There will be negotiations had greatly beneficial


agreement made. But the established parties are saying he's not


democracy if it's not a landslide. They are not happy. Because they


can't be held to account. Because you want to I think the shift in


Europe is important and are hoping the good news from Germany doing the


election. It felt like the extreme right was sweeping. Merkel will win.


I hope they stick with the six principles and don't give us an easy


ride but other thing we understand. In the words of my colleague, Mishal


Husain, please stop talking. That's it for the papers. All of them all


online, you can read it seven days a week. We're back at 11:30pm. I'm


going home. No you're not. Bar the door.


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