17/06/2017 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Robert Fox, Defence Editor at the London Evening


Standard and Rachel Cunliffe, Comment and Features


The Observer reports that the government repeatedly


failed to act on fire safety warnings before


The Express leads with the Queen's respond to the fire,


praising Her Majesty for calming the nation.


The Sunday Telegraph says Theresa May could face a leadership


challenge from within her own party if she waters down Brexit.


The Sunday Times reports that senior Conservative figures have told


the Prime Minister she has ten days to improve her performance or face


Let's have a closer look through the papers. The Sunday Telegraph, which


of course all the papers are focusing on, the tragedy that


happened in North Kensington. The Sunday Telegraph, the inferno


response, not good enough, and admits the PM. Obviously reflecting


on her statement. Just saying that basically it wasn't good enough,


Robert. It is her body language, I think they are all talking about, it


isn't manoeuvring adroitly enough, to get up to see the victims. She


does feel very deeply about this, ironically, but finds it difficult


to get her feelings across, as her great friend, faithful first the


tenant Damian Green has been saying repeatedly through the day, she is


distraught about it and I have no doubt about that but it is so odd,


go back six weeks ago, the election was getting underway, it was seen to


be a huge advantage to her, she was on top of the game and Corbyn


wasn't. The contrast that ran throughout the reporting of the


Sunday papers, and we've got quite a good sample in front of us, he is


body language is better for this and it is more confident. It's not even


a left and right thing, it's the Ronald Reagan feature of I feel your


pain which seems to be getting across. And we have the


extraordinary intervention of the Queen with her message on the day of


her official birthday. But back to business, mostly the Conservative


newspapers we are looking at, like the Mail on Sunday, they are reading


directly from the inferno at Grenfell Tower, which she has no


involvement in, she couldn't have seen it happen, it is becoming a


very important catalyst in her political future, the future of a


government which has barely started. This is part of the churn that is


going on. In about three of the papers we've seen so far there's now


a question over Queen's speech, the programme on the 28th of June, this


is becoming a confidence issue now. This is why the Conservative papers


are so worried about this and they are mailing it to the performance in


the aftermath of Grenfell Tower because what I think they are all


sensing, the response wasn't good enough, and they know this isn't


going to go away. It will go into the winter. This is a big turning


point. In one constituency it has shown the contrast between rich and


poor in Britain today. It has put a magnifying glass, hasn't it? She was


there initially but she was just meeting the emergency services. Why


is that? I wonder who is giving her ad vice and the moment. -- who's


giving her advice at the moment. She isn't overly charismatic, people


seem to like that and she has always been a little bit stiff and not a


David Cameron kind of Prime Minister and that was working but her


complete inability to show emotion where it matters has really hurt her


and directly wonder, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, who is giving heard


this ad vice, not to them meet the victims, especially when they saw


Jeremy Corbyn, who played this fantastically, coming across as


somebody who actually cares. I completely agree with you that she


has been unlucky, she was not directly responsible for the fire


but this has become a symbol of the Tories against Labour, the rich and


the poor, a man who is going to make the victims and a cold woman who


won't. That message could have been avoided. We have this now, the


Sunday Telegraph talking about this stalking horse leadership challenge.


Not a difficult week for her, obviously, but this idea of her not


being able to water down Brexit. We don't know who could possibly be the


challenger. This story, if it were not so serious, could be very funny,


the way it has been written. Mate facing the threat of a stalking


horse leadership challenge. The assistant political editor of the


Sunday Telegraph says that this has happened in the past, figures from


the past, like the challenger to Margaret Thatcher in her pomp, but


name names, Ben, who is it? And he can't. This is becoming quite a


story. The Eurosceptics have warned that any attempt to keep Britain in


the customs union and the Single Market, any leeway from getting out


of the European Court of Justice isn't acceptable. Well, actually,


those items, per se, were not on the referendum paper. I recall my days


on the Telegraph, Michael -- might colleague, William deeds, he said to


me about 22 years ago, he thought that the European issue, this was


post-Maastricht, is going to split the Tory party and he asked whether


it would survive. I hope he's listening up there because it is


really a very big issue. This is the issue, where Mrs May is in great


difficulty, she cannot curb the hard isolationists, as I call them, who


really wants to... It is more than the tail wagging the dog. This is a


real problem for the Tory party because as long as this goes in they


will be in a poor state to fight a general election and that won't be


in five years' time. Can we have another so soon? The Sunday Times


suggesting that the Tories are giving her ten days. Yes, if you


read the story about the backbench MPs, the shadow leaders who are


secretly pulling the strings come at the 1922 club, it seems that they


have run out of patience with Theresa May. Quotes like she is


making the party more toxic, she needs to stop feeling sorry for


herself. They have a problem here in that they don't want another messy


leadership challenge. Who do they have? Michael Gove, equally toxic.


David Davis, chief Brexiteer, but not really Prime Minister material.


People talking about Ruth Davidson coming down from Scotland. She isn't


an MP and I think she is incredible but she is a Remainer, so if the


Eurosceptics want a Eurosceptics that isn't her. Who are we left


with, Boris Johnson. That is a prospect that is the only thing


stopping those Tory leaders from ending her prime ministerial career.


They are waiting to have somebody viable to replace her and they


don't. Between a rock and a hard place because the observer is saying


that business would like her to rethink a hard Brexit. What is she


going to do. The Observer is the cheerleader of the soft Brexit.


Talking about no deal, no Brexit immediately. If things go the way


that Angela Merkel fears in Europe over the next year or so, that may


come to pass. Mrs Merkel is preoccupied with things like


migration, the viability of the Eurozone and Italy above Brexit. And


her own election as well. That is less of a worry than it was. Working


in the continental press, it is amazing how the gap isn't just the


channel, it is several Atlantic oceans between perceptions in


Europe. What is going on in Brussels and London. I think that the opening


of the Brexit negotiations will be a formality because they got to work


out what they are talking about because both sides seem to be


talking past each other. I think there is a lot going there. It is


led by my great friend William Keegan, who has a business column


which is always saying no Brexit. We were discussing the other day, I'm


going to charge him for plagiarism, because I gave him the line that the


poverty we could face could be worse than anything, possibly worse than


austerity. And there I see it in the Observer! The serious side of it, I


think that business really hasn't spoken yet and I think we're going


to hear a lot more of it as we build up to the party conference season,


which is when it will really come out. That is the point, ten days to


go but nobody is actually handling her, in the old metaphor, the pearl


handled revolver. Some big names being mentioned in the article, the


big beasts of business. It is an impossible position, isn't it? It is


something we are covering a lot, what business wants from Brexit.


Businesses have been making preparations for hard Brexit but


there are so many considerations that aren't on the table at the


moment because the rhetoric is all about migration, sovereignty and it


hasn't moved on to what we want. What's clear when you look at the


juxtaposition here, the Sunday Telegraph saying that you had better


not soft on Brexit, everyone is taking this as proof, whatever they


wanted, whether it is Jeremy Corbyn or the hard Brexiteers, that this


shows that people are with them. This result, which is... I think


everyone lost, that is my evaluation of the resort but everyone is taking


it as a sign that they were right. It is so I'm clear and it is totally


up for grabs. This proves that I was right. It shows what a lousy is


Gelant a -- lousy instrument a referendum is. The Sunday express


says that the Queen is calming the nation. We saw her with volunteers


on the front line. Again, arguably, perhaps a suggestion that it should


have been Theresa May but we have the Queen stepping up. Her


appearance shows that Theresa May's line that she didn't meet people


because of security concerns, caught out there. The Queen has shown


phenomenal leadership, as she has threw her career. She has been a


unifying figure, in the context of the fire and the election. It is at


times of political uncertainty, like 2010, there wasn't a clear


government, that this monarch that we had in the background who looks


nice on banknotes has a very important constitutional role and


people look to the monarchy for leadership. In one sentence, you


would a code that? Yes, it is turning what we saw in the movie,


the Queen, on its head. Somehow they have grown an emotional quotient


that is lacking in the political leadership at the moment. We will


have to leave it there. Don't go away. We will be going back to have


another look at the papers in about half an hour's time. Stay with us


for that. Now, the weekend weather. It has been the hottest


day of the year so far, temperatures reaching 30 degrees


in a number of spots


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