16/06/2017 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the playwright and novelist Bonnie Greer


We just want to bring you news on those honours. First of all... The


police officer tragically murdered in Westminster, awarded a medal by


the Queen, recognising actions that save lives. And awards going into


the pensioner Bernard Kenny, went to the aid of murdered MP Jo Cox and


the main who killed after the -- helped after the Tunisian attack.


Billy Connolly, knighted, jury Walters becomes a dame. Sir Billy,


CBE in 2003. Said he is pleased and a little bit embarrassed to be, a


knight! No need to be embarrassed. We start with The i,


which carries a large picture of the protests earlier today


at Kensington Town Hall, reflecting on the increasing anger


among residents and those affected The Mirror contrasts the separate


visits to the scene today by the Queen, who met survivors


and volunteers at a makeshift shelter, and the Prime Minister


who made a private visit The Daily Mail also features


a picture of the moment today when demonstrators made their way


in to council offices to demand answers, with the paper noting


many protesters called The Times says the Prime Minister


had to take cover as she was jeered and called a coward as she left one


of the churches co-ordinating The Daily Telegraph claims


the protests today had been organised and co-ordinated by left


wing militant groups and that the man who led


the demonstration had once been arrested, and released without


charge, for terrorism offences. The Sun echoes claims by protestors


and those caught up in the tragedy, that the victims were murdered


and that the council had The Guardian said those calling for


potential to offer guarantees to people made homeless, would be


rehoused. And fire safety experts want the cladding used at Grenfell


Tower to be banned. The Mirror... Four Theresa May,


brutal reading? We have both talked. Just two stories. Each of them,


cover them except one. One of the stories, the Prime Minister. I am


not a judge of a person's character, but the demeanour, and appearance,


less than required. People are asking serious questions about her


empathy. Can she actually do this job? It takes just a teeny bit of


humanity, as the Queen exhibited, to actually talk to people. She is bent


in. Talking to people. Somebody coming out of the Paris knows how to


talk to people. And the Prime Minister was being held back. The


human question, why? What is she doing? It is a political crisis that


could end her career. It seems as though she is struggling with every


single aspect of her role, trying to get the former government and


knowing what is going to be said in the Queen's speech. She does lack


that ability to talk to people, look at ease in situations that we


require politicians. Would it have made a difference that she had gone


to the scene quicker? After news had emerged? Certainly. We have got


different expectations of what politicians should do, and we want


them to demonstrate how much they care. That is the point. A new age.


You have got to be faster, respond, and with social media people are


talking to each other. Politicians have often said they do not want to


get in the way of emergency services. The Queen just walked into


this situation, does the job. Great juxtaposition of how the pictures


can tell the story. Does this represent the politics eyes --


politics of the disaster? It has already been about the politics,


because of the decisions made, about renovating the spot. It was a series


of decisions that are now being called into question. Rightly,


called in question? It is political. This is social housing. Related by


the Council for people. It is political. If you can use the world


existential, the people are deciding what destiny is going to be, shaping


it, as fast as possible. This political party, the Prime Minister,


not moving fast enough to address this. Another front page. Along


similar lines. The Times. May takes cover. Again, from her point of


view, brutal reading. Advisers will be dismayed. She is the Prime


Minister. She used to be the Home Secretary. I understand that she


needs security. At the opening gesture, it should have been that I


need to go there. Get me there. She went today. Promised ?5 million.


That seems to have been rushed aside. The story has got momentum.


It seems as though nobody in government seems to be able to get a


grip. Not even the ministers, talking about the enquiries, the


nature of that cladding. But it seems as though it is a great storm,


around this. Paralysis. One of the ladies from the gathering, when she


was told that the Prime Minister had come up with this 5 million. She


said I do not want the money, I want her to explain to me what is going


on. If you can imagine these people... Going to be in shock, and


trying to find loved ones, no homes. This is just basic human stuff. The


Prime Minister does not seem able to deal with that. Interesting, this


irony. The man who unified Germany, died. He knew how to bring unity.


The juxtaposition of this, interesting. Theresa May has talked


about representing every community. We can move to the Telegraph.


Looking at this from a different perspective. Some of the


demonstrations, particularly Kensington town Hall, stormed...


Militants, they said, hijacking the protest. This is not the front page


story. The Sun and Mail, no friends of Labour, Corbyn... It is about the


rage of the people. The Telegraph is leading with rumours. This about


Jeremy Corbyn, at the bottom, this is what should be inside the


newspaper. It gives something authenticity if it is on the front


page of a newspaper. It is social media rumours. I like a newspaper to


tell me what has happened first, then possibly say there were people


who were using this for political ends. But I want to know what is


happening, what people are talking about. Why has the Daily Telegraph


done this? The i... This same sort. I was there yesterday. You could


sense the mood. Yesterday, that grief turned to anger. Today, more


so. What about Jeremy Corbyn's handling. He has been applauded,


even by critics. Jeremy Corbyn, the Queen, Prince William, have done


human things. And the mayor. Just go in there. Just see what is going on.


Nobody knows what is happening, but address people, hold hands, talk to


them. Do you think the Prime Minister was worried that she would


be jeered? The Queen was shouted at. Prince William. Jeremy Corbyn. This


is the political leader of the country. If she cannot take people


shouting at her, in the wrong job. I am hoping this is going to be the


construction disaster that gets this country thinking about the quality


of what we build, renovating existing buildings and that really


lessons from this disaster. You always hear we will learn,


recommendations that sometimes get implemented. Sometimes get lost.


What this cladding on the exterior of the building had caused problems.


Other countries do not have it. Let's learn from this, for once.


That is one of the things that the protesters have said. We want


answers. But enquiries can take time, really thorough. That is going


to take time. This catastrophe has been a huge national metaphor. I was


once a resident of Kensington and Chelsea. The richest borough. 1.4


million average. And you get the story about this estate. How it


happened. We saw this on television. It comes together. A big moment. The


political leaders need to understand. People have had enough!


And all of these newspapers, reflecting anger. Sun, no different.


Murder! And our banner, from the protesters. -- a banner. Just


reiterating the minimal savings, made by using this cladding. 5000,


6000. It is how this was managed that seems to have galvanised


opinion. It is different for anybody to be able to talk about anything


other than this at the moment. We are going to show you some of the


other front pages. Inferno. Anger erupts. The protest is, storming the


town hall, and going past Downing Street. The Guardian, similar.


Grenfell Tower fury on the streets. And one of our story. All of the


broadsheets and tabloids, united. It is not often you get the newspapers


doing this. Got the same music. And what is going to be said next


Monday, when we start to discuss Brexit? Before the Queen's speech.


That is what should be dominating the news. The Financial Times also


have one of our story. Amazon on Whole Foods. Extraordinary.


Purchasing this market grocer. A pay cheque. That is how much it costs to


use this place. Amazon into physical stores. Moving into a sector that


they do not dominate. Stores are dying in the US. Malls are ghost


towns. That is what this is about and that this won't is going to


happen here. We are not going into shops. Going to be keeping those


open, but are not distributing outlet for services. Does that worry


you? I think it should worry us all, but it is the financial might of


Amazon, the deal-making. Retail lives are changing. It is going to


affect jobs and communities, depending on these. Owing to be


gone. And it is not afraid to go upmarket. We have all got to grocery


shopping! Go rear out of time. Thank you. It was lovely have you in the


studio. You can see the front pages online, on the website. And if you


have missed the programme, you can watch that on the iPlayer. Thank


you. Good night.


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