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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Laura Hughes, Political Correspondent


at The Telegraph, and Randeep Ramesh,


The Metro leads on the news that hundreds of tower blocks need fire


checks after 11 high-rises are found to be clad


in combustible material identical to Grenfell.


on the tens of thousands of tenants who could be living in unsafe


The Daily Telegraph concentrates on Theresa May's


promise to other European leaders that she'll let millions of EU


citizens stay in the UK after Brexit.


argues mass immigration has contributed to the sharpest rise


Russian internet hackers have been selling the passwords


The Guardian also covers the frantic testing by councils


of their tower blocks along with a picture of the Exeter


boys protesting that they can't wear shorts by wearing skirts.


And finally the Mail looks at Theresa May's plans to protect


all EU Nationals who came to the UK before Article 50 was


So let's begin with the mirror and a really striking front-page image and


a reminder of the fact that this story expands well beyond those


tower blocks in west London. I was in the briefing when the Prime


Minister's spokesperson said 600 and there was an audible blast from


journalists are just a shocking misses and it is no wonder it is


dominating every single front page today. It is this idea that this


will continue for a long time. It comes because the government sent


out a letter on Monday the councils across England, asking them to


report back on whether or not they think the tower blocks are safe.


Questions will be asked, why was this letter sent on Monday? This


incident happened last week. Why are we going, all those buildings could


be affected? Thousands of people will be wondering whether they are


safe at home tonight or whether they will have to be evacuated. We have


had days for councils to actually get their act together but the


government has taken this long for them to do that. If we look at the


front of the Metro, we have got 600 danger towers and you can debate


whether that number is fair. But even so, that number is out there,


the ones that are least up to be checked, and here we see panels


taken down in north London, one Council acting in immediately. I


know the 600 figure is up there. I think there are now 11 buildings


identified by local authorities. It is the fear factor and that spreads


through everyone. The outstanding question is, how did they clad the


stuff? What was in gaps and regulations that allow people to


think this flammable panel was something you should put on a tower


block? Campton is saying, the reason we have taken this panel down is


because they were not contracted. With some of the contract they are


saying, but we did comply with regulation. There is least an


ambiguity. Downing Street has repeatedly refused to clarify


whether they believe it is illegal. The suggestion is we will hear


something from the police and Fire Service. The other interesting point


is this debate about whether the decision to allow developers to self


certify their own safety standards, a decision made 30 years ago, might


also have had an impact on this, we will find out. Let's talk about


Theresa May. Daily Telegraph front-page, the publicity photo


that, were those union flag is not union flags, she may even want on


her publicity cards. She looks very regal. It has been an awkward day


the Theresa May because she thought she would be going to this meeting,


this summit, with a pick-up copy majority and she could go in and


command the authority and actually what diplomats are saying behind her


back is, will she last? Will she stay? Could this whole thing fall


apart? Which is why she is putting forward this very generous offer, on


the surface. And that is what the story next the photo is about. Even


too much of a surprise because she always said she wanted to do this.


This is a way of kick-starting the talks with goodwill. Of course this


deal needs to be reciprocated for the 1 million British citizens


living in Europe and there is one small bone of contention which is


that Theresa May is saying they will give the citizens rights, but those


rights will be judged in UK courts, not by the European Court of


Justice. Do you think that will have to fall away in the course of the


negotiations? She went in hoping for a strong hand and ended up with a


weak hand. If you fall like a lion and end up looking like a clown,


people will take you for the full view appeared to be. Europe is in a


stronger position and she has had to give ground, even this offer is more


generous than the hard breaks offer. It is a slippery slope for her. They


know she is squirming. The only thing they cannot do is Pina lies us


because that would play badly. The mail is putting the best possible


gloss on it, saying this offer is made but it has to be reciprocated.


If anyone is good to be grown-up about this, nobody wants countries


engaged in tit-for-tat expulsions. We end up being a rogue state on the


edge of Europe. I heard we were going to be a Buccaneers state! The


independent has got an intriguing photo of Donald Tusk, European


Council president, and Mrs May, and he is quoting John Lennon lyrics.


Forgive me, it is Macron. His name is written underneath! I love the


caption, whisper you don't have to leave. And some in Europe may be


thinking, you don't have to go now, anything can happen in politics. She


is rather hoping it refers to her rather than Brexit. Please don't go,


stay as Prime Minister, letters get through this. His election has


strengthened the EU's position, his alliance with Angela Merkel. He is


the golden boy at the moment. Once the framing changes, the last year,


when the referendum was happening, Europe was a mess, Greece was in


flames, the migrant crisis was terrible and populists were on the


march in Europe and we opted for Brexit, and the instead sought it...


All of a sudden, we are the ones that looked like the odd person out


in the party, the person no one wants to talk to, and unfortunately,


it has done for her. The Macron thing is the big unknown. He could


be the great White hope all he could fall in flames like both of his


predecessors have. Everyone remembers Nicholas Carr suckers but


not the reasons! The express. -- Nicholas cosy. Numbers rocket. --


migrant numbers rocket, and an intriguing photo on the other pages


as well, of the armed police officer with the Queen as. Ready to shoot


any horse that underperforms, perhaps! The times, what do you


think of this? This is the wild West of cyberspace, Russia hacking. They


seem to have got extraordinary details of ministers, Justin


Greening, Greg Clark, the personal details, even the former ambassador


to Israel. If you wanted to, you could find out lots about powerful


people. I suppose it just tells us all about our lives being online and


for sale. It is not fully with a lot of confidence that the people who


presumably are briefed even more as journalists about the importance of


security and preventing information or the information we hold of other


people, members of the public, contacts and all the rest of it,


they may not be as imaginative with the past boats as they should be. --


passwords. If there is anything embarrassing out there, he's very


powerful people can blackmail, people can say, I have got this new,


they could you get to the press, hack into loads of accounts, they


can get really secretive important information. It is pretty


terrifying. It says here, 1000 MPs and the staff. I mean... Never put


anything down and you would not want to be seen, that is the only advice


you can give. And finally, this lovely story from Devon and the


schoolboys of Exeter taking a stand even though they must be a bit


chilly because the temperature dropped just in time for the


protest. It was the principle they were making and they have delivered


us a really good news story and a talking point the day after all the


bad news. It filled me with joy to see these young men! It must have


filled the writers of headlines with joy in this story because they get


their teeth into it, boys skirt the issue, a couple of others, lots of


plays on words. It is great young people are getting political again.


These people could be new voters for an energised Tory or Labour Party.


I'm actually taking a stand on the issue, everyone seems to have got


into the spirit of it, and even the head might consider changing it. The


boys were saying, it's too hot, the girls get to wear skirts, can we


please wear shorts? The headteacher said, it is not in the rules, which


is absurd. You are welcome to wear a skirt if you like, and they took it


literally. But I think men been told they had hairy legs and could not


wear it... It is never put you what! He rather enjoyed the nice breeze


the skirt afforded him. That reminds me of one of those images we will


leave you with, carry up the Kaymer and the Devils and skirts, the only


way they could scare off the enemy was by raising their kilts. Do join


us again if you can. You can see the papers front pages online on the BBC


News website. If you mist the programme, you can watch it later on


the BBC iPlayer.


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