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on a mass scale in a country which claims to be a politically advanced


country. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Martin Lipton,


who's Deputy Head of Sport at The Sun and the journalist


and broadcaster, Rachel Shabi. Tomorrow's front pages


starting with... The Observer leads with fire safety


standards in schools, saying proposals to relax guidelines


are to be dropped by ministers. Prince Harry dominates the front


page of the The Mail on Sunday. It says he considered quitting his


royal role, but he stayed for the Queen. --


The Sunday Telegraph's headline reads "Blackmail fears after Mps


story on the Sunday Times, who say there was fury at the time


it took for the incident to be revealed.


And the Express leads with an image of Jeremy Corbyn,


saying he ignored Armed Forces Day invitations to appear


way will begin with the Observer and the ongoing concerns about fire


safety. Ministers and panic U-turn over fire


safety in schools, cost-cutting would have been a disaster. Yeah,


all source of things emerging about fire safety in the aftermath of the


tragedy at Grenfell Tower there were proposals to relax safety rules for


skills as a cost-cutting measure but it has now completely abandoned


that. The Observer says that it is more evidence that the government


has changed its approach, that it is less occupied with cost-cutting and


more concerned with health and safety, which obviously makes you


wonder why health and safety wasn't the priority in the first place! It


is odd, when you think that you have health and safety regulations, fire


regulations, building regulations, how flexible of a? What we have


first of all is a sense of innate chaos which seems to have taken over


the whole of local and national government in the wake of the


horrendous events of ten days ago in Kensington. I find it hard to


believe that in this day and age it was acceptable at any point for


safety measures not to be standard in buildings which people are going


to use. I don't know what sort of country we are in when this is


allowed to happen. The statement from this draft legislation that's


cool buildings do not need to be sprinkler protected to achieve a


reasonable standard of life safety -- that school buildings. Do not


meet that. Why? If you have children there, you would want to put things


in place. These housing blocks, there were no spin the systems. It


is astonishing. Some of it is down to cost, the retrofitting of old


buildings. Changes are made in good faith, and people discover that they


are not OK with tragic consequences. It is a coming together of lots of


different things. It seems to be motivated by cost-cutting,


especially if he's like the cladding. That seems to be becoming


a bigger and -- especially issues like the cladding. That seems to be


becoming a bigger and bigger issue. 34 blocks in 17 authorities. I have


heard that 100% of those buildings tested so far have failed. This is a


terrifying... It is a national crisis and what is worrying at the


moment is that the government is not treating it like a crisis. It has


not have Cobra meetings. Ed Miliband was tweeting earlier that when we


have things like foot and mouth, there were Cobra meetings and it was


coordinated as a national level. I want to look at the Sunday


Telegraph, they are saying it is not just about cladding, installation is


the real inferno threat. It will have to widen out the scope of the


investigation and maybe that will trigger these emergency meetings.


The cost of what will have to be done is now having a significant


threat to budgets of government, local governor and national


government. This seems to be an escalation. And it has to be done.


Nobody can be a cheapskate is now. In case something else happens. And


they were to blame. It is going to be an astronomical price to be paid.


And where is the money coming from? They have to find it from central


government because councils don't have the money. Experts are saying


that it is ludicrous that you are only testing the outer covering of a


building and not the insulating material. So again, inside buildings


is being looked at. This has come up before, that experts are saying that


it is the panelling behind the cladding, the material dues is


different in the UK. In the the US, they use metal, we use plastic,


which is highly flammable. In this report in the Sunday Telegraph, why


are you testing the outer cover and not the interlacing material? And it


can be the cavities left behind when you seal windows that pull the fire


up in -- inside the building. So councils are concerned because they


want to make sure that people are safe but also because they are


worried about how they will be able to afford to do that which is why it


needs to happen on a nationally coordinated level.


Let's look at some genuine party politics, the Conservative Party.


The Sunday Telegraph saying Tory plot to skip toxic generation and


install younger face as next leader. Who is this plot by and who is the


younger face? This is an inversion of the usual. Young cardinals like


having an old Pope but this time they are forgetting the old Pope and


the old cardinals and go for the Young Pretoria on guard. People like


Sajid Javid and Jessye Norman and uncle Tom Cobleigh and all! The


likes of Johnson and David and Hammond one has to assume are seen


as part of a bustard flush -- a busted flush generation. I'm not


sure this will be agreed by too many people within the parliamentary


Conservative Party. We are absolutely certain that any


political prediction is a legible twaddle because everyone but is


entirely wrong over the last few years. Well, yeah. Not all of us!


You said Brexit would win, Trump would win and Coleman would come out


as the top leader? I did not say any of that but I was more willing to


engage with possibilities of the Corwen leadership and to see that


there were political shifts that might create support for him in a


way that lots of people were very quick to dismiss. But you didn't see


it coming? Nobody saw it coming. Nobody's crystal balls are working.


The fact that you have clearly got factions and its use within the Tory


party are clear. You have a silly diversion stories. This one in the


Telegraph... Would you like the movers onto the Sunday Times? It


says ministers want spreadsheet fail. -- spreadsheet Phil Hammond.


So, apparently... Have you told us the headline? I just told you,


ministers want spreadsheet Phil Hammond as caretaker PM. And they


want an immediate usurpation of Theresa May. There should be a


double headed beast at the top of the Tory party which will be Phil


Hammond and David Davis, but only for two years. Would they want the


job, given what they have to do? I do know. It's a strange situation


for the Conservatives. In this case, the political editor has been


speaking to a lot of people, a serving minister who is on the


Hammond side, who says that the PM's brand is so damaged, it's painful.


The calculation that people are making is that she is so inadequate


we cannot wait two years. That is the Conservative's dilemma, she is


toxic as a brand, and yet they can't figure out who to replace her with.


When they do, they will. But Philip Hammond, what a turnaround for him!


This is a fellow whose budget unravelled in two days and he is now


supposed to be this safe pair of hands. He was sidelined during the


entire election campaign and was going to be dumped if she had the


majority that she expected. There's obviously a factional war going on


and he is the figurehead of the Remain side. But a minority within


the parliamentary party, a majority of those will be Brexiteers and even


those that won't have become such, even the current Prime Minister.


Let's look at the Observer. Corbyn tells Glastonbury, don't build


walls. Thousands chanting his name. A peculiar spectacle, not what you


expect at Glastonbury, to have a leading politician on the stage with


people cheering instead of throwing things at him. It is an


extraordinary thing. Full it is a phenomenon that I find hard to get


my head around, but it exists. If we have said this a few years ago, that


the Labour Party will have a staunchly left-wing leader who will


appear at a headline concert at Glastonbury to tens of thousands of


people who will chair his name and he will read Shelley to them, rise


like lines, you are many, they are few. If you said that that was going


to happen, if you years ago, right... The reason it is a


phenomenon is that he has tapped into a hunger for this kind of


politics. It has been there for some time, without somebody to articulate


it at a political level. He is the man that has done it. He has


catalysed this incredible movement around him. But the express and Mail


on Sunday both saying, why was he at Glastonbury and not at Armed Forces


Day which is where Prince Edward and the Prime Minister was. Some people


will say he should have been there, others will say he exercised his


democratic right not to be there. Whatever Jeremy Corbyn does he will


be criticised by some and criticised by others. -- praised by others. But


I don't understand where this phenomenon came from. It is clearly


there. Finally, the Mail on Sunday, I wanted out, says Prince Harry, a


reluctant Prince. He says he considers quitting the royal role,


but stayed because of the Queen. I am not a royalist, but I respect


what the younger generation of royals have been doing by speaking


so honestly about these issue is. He has spoken before about the


difficulty he has had after the death of his mother. He has spoken


of having mental health issues at -- as having all. They have tried to


promote awareness around mental health and I respect their efforts


in that field. I think it is important work and they are good


representatives for that conversation. If you step down from


the royal role, you would lose the financial support, you would have to


walk away from quite a lot of privilege. You would, you would have


to live by your own means. Clearly he is quite intelligent young man. I


am not entirely convinced by this argument, I have to say. Do you


think years lying? Are you calling the Prince a liar? It's easy to say


without necessarily going through it. We may talk about this again at


1130. It depends what Rachel decides we are going to talk about with you.


We will be back at 11.30 for another look at the stories


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