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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Laura Perrins, co-editor of the website


The Conservative Woman, and Torcuil Crichton, Westminster


Great see you both. Thanks for coming in.


The Metro splashes that many graduates can expect to spend longer


paying off their student debt than their mortgage with more


than 75% failing to pay back the whole amount.


The Guardian quotes a study claiming that students starting university


this September will emerge with an average debt


The Financial Times leads with takeover attempts by US firms


of the British payment processing company Worldpay following Brexit.


And the drop in the value of the pound.


The Express quotes an investigation by the British Medical Journal that


has found wait times for hip and knee operations have increased


The Telegraph writes that Communities Secretary Sajid Javid


is to force wealthy rural areas to build more homes in an attempt


The Sun headlines a plea by doctors in the US and the Vactican


That is after the public raised ?1.3 million to help pay for his


treatment. The Daily Mail has a 4-page spread dedicated to Charlie


Gard and his family after, it says, the Pope's spokesperson vote to


overcome the British court ruling. The Times says


the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, is to announce


a ?1 billion road-building scheme Starting with the big story of the


day which a number of newspapers are carrying, the front page of the


Times. Donald Trump calls for June Trace is meeting over North Korea.


They reckon they have the ballistic capability to fire a missile that


can hit anywhere on the globe. It is the worst that few people want to


see in a headline, Trump and North Korea. He has called her again


crisis meeting, a meeting of the United Nations Security Council


after North Korea claimed to have tested that intercontinental


ballistic missile for the first time. He has upped his response,


which up until now had been confined to tweeting, of course, the new tool


in the diplomatic armoury. And it is expected that that meeting could go


ahead tomorrow. Thank goodness he is going through the UN. And not just


through Twitter. A president of the US on the 4th of July. Again, from


North Korea, two fingers up. More than two fingers, though, this is a


serious bit of kit. It could hit Alaska if they sent it out... Donald


Trump did say... When was it, January or February, that he would


never allow this to happen. That went well. It is the Chinese that


good start that ever happening. North Korea as a client state of


China. It is up to China to do something and Trump is appealing to


China with his tweets and everything else. Keep your eye on this. We


should not just be reading Trump's tweets, we should be reading about


all the nations surrounding North Korea. In range of these North


Korean missiles. Chilean tonnes of gas and oil under the that everyone


will be fighting over. -- one Chilean tonnes. One wonders if we


have to get used to the idea of North Korea having nuclear weapons


and dealing with it on those terms. That is an idea that, you know, we


should not just surrender on. No-one knows the manoeuvres behind the


scenes in terms of what is happening with diplomacy but it is true that


China will want to contain this. Diplomacy has run its course,


really. But there is a school of fight that North Korea is defensive


and does not want to be toppled like it Iraq -- Iraq and Syria. This


headline, firefighter deal busts pay cut. Questions about the 1% pay cap


four public service workers. The firefighters apparently have already


busted this. Yes, this could be labelled another Tory surrender. If


they start backpedalling on the pay cap, which was put in for a reason,


not just the fun of it, it was to bring the public finances under


control. On the backs of the public sector. I will come to that in a


minute. It must be contained. And if they do not contain it, you can


expect it to unravel. In relation to public sector pay, the truth is that


after the recession, all P had fallen public sector pay rose more


than private sector. Public sector pay has fallen by far less than


private sector pay, having risen to a much greater degree between 2000


and 2005. But the reason for the pay cap is to deal with the deficit. We


have a lot of debt... We have a growing amount of debt. Past Jan


soils have been trotted out in last few days, Alistair Darling, Kenneth


Clarke, so on, they were fighting deficits in a different way. They


did it by listening the past rings. -- the purse strings. This was a


choice to put the birding on cutting spending. -- burden. I am just


stating the facts! It is easy to dress up what is essentially heavily


taxing a private sector worker who has seen his pay fault or greater,


or her pay fault, to a greater extent than a public sector worker.


It is easy to say, we will tax year to pay for public services. People


are happy to be fought public services but the pain is to be


shared across that the. It is private sector workers had the


greater burden. Finished? Public sector workers pay their taxes as


well. It is going to cost and it is going to unravel because the Tories


are just listening to what they heard on the doorstep and the


political fallout after the likes of Grenfell and London Bridge. Which


people very quickly connected... Not the immediate response, which was


fantastic, but the hysterical background and cuts that have left


us in this situation. The firemen have gone for 2%. He started as a


fireman on 21 grand, you might end up 136 grand. Inflation at 2.6%. The


front page of the Daily Mirror is a continuation of this. Cameron, it is


selfish to give our heroes penalises, it says. The millionaire


next premier who rakes in ?126,000 an hour for speeches. It says. What


is audience in Asia must have thought that he took potshots at


British workers... Cameron White to defend his legacy. He did not go


through that I remember the last time, during a


Labour Government in 2002, they got a lot less than that and had to take


changes in condition as well. OK, let's move on. The front page of the


Telegraph. Leftover women forced to freeze eggs. What is that about?


This is feminism coming back to inflict some pain on some alpha


females. It is an interesting cultural story. We have written a


lot about this on the website, actually. The numbers are


significant. Supposedly, there has been a fivefold increase in British


women freezing ex to about 4000 in total. -- freezing eggs. The


procedure itself is very invasive. We are told this is because there is


an oversupply of educated women and more women are going to university


than men, it seems there and all -- are no men for them.


Another hand, you could be going to university and leaving with ?57,000


of debt. This is a symptom of the fact that there are more educated


women than ever before. Six out of ten students are now women. The


education system is succeeding for the funeral population, because we


made that decision, but it is failing poor young white boys, to


quote the book from last year. Failing young white guys are not


getting into uni. There is a story behind that story. There is a whole


book on that. We have it on the website as well. Been there done


that. Front page of the Metro. Student loan was on a mortgage.


Quite a few stories relating to student loans and problems people


are having paying them off. The study says graduates from low income


families, the ones who really get to university, leave with debts of


57,000. That is since glands were replaced with loans. It says


graduates will be in a 50s before they pay them off. But the debate...


It is politically eschewed for Jeremy Corbyn to offer free tuition


for students, great political cell caused engaged the years vote. --


youth vote. But Labour that the wrong end of the debate. It is where


you are born into your bond a life chances. If you're born in a poor


farmer, you don't get support from the very beginning, before you can


go to school. You're less likely to make it a university and then go on


and make enough money to pay off listed below and if you do get to


university. I don't think 40% of people should necessarily be going


to university. A lot of people graduate with debt and are not


secure graduate jobs. Not all degrees of the same. Lumping them


all in one category is dangerous. Some degrees are useless. Name one.


Gender studies is a worthless degree and you should not be paying for it.


You're being generous with other people's money and asking other


people too... I love shaking that money tree. Love it. I can't shake


it enough. It's like when I used to go to church. Finally, I love the


story. This is the Daily Express. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of


the EU Commission, has gone to the European Parliament. Now want for


his arrival and that of the Malta leader. He got very agitated and


angry. He is like the old headmaster telling of the old schoolboys. It


was a classic Visa TV, I am told. The express also tells us that the


European Parliament, which will as we know is and democratic and Roger


has no power, costs us eight billion pounds a year. Another reason why we


should get out. One sentence comment. He is a notoriously


passionate politician depending on the time of day, so this might have


been after lunch. You know how we know he was angry? He gave his Thai


leader in English. So we know he was angry. -- his Tyler Reid.


Don't forget, you can see the front pages of the newspapers online.


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Thank you, Laura Perrins and Torcuil Crichton.


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