05/07/2017 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Caroline Wheeler, deputy political editor


of the Sunday Times, and Ben Chu, economics


"US threatens North Korea with force" is the i's headline


as potential military action is discussed at the UN


The Guardian leads on news that 13,000 nursing homes in England


are failing safety standards laid down by the Care Quality Commission.


The Telegraph has the same story, reporting that one in four elderly


The front page picture is of a swarm of flying ants descending


The Metro leads on what the paper calls the first jihadi


jail in a UK prison - it's aim is to try and to stop


dangerous extremists radicalising other inmates.


Volvo's decision to switch to electric for all models by 2019


The FT leads with a shake-up in the management of


The front page picture is of President Xi Jinping


and Angela Merkel at today's panda handover in Berlin.


And the new all-electric Volvos make the front of the Daily Mail.


Also a picture of a victorious Johanna Konta who won a hard-fought


match to get to the third round of Wimbledon. Surviving the flying ants


Hart let's kick off. This story about care homes in the Daily


Telegraph, dominating a couple of papers. Yes, the Care Quality


Commission's report looking at the standard of care in care homes and


some of the results are quite shocking. One in four of them seem


to have a disparity, some say it is one in three, saying that they are


unsafe and that poor leadership and staff shortages mean that residence


in a quarter of facilities are going weeks without being cleaned and are


served dangerous levels of medication which sounds particularly


shocking. Social care has been a story that has never been far from


the front pages over the last couple of months and years because there


has been an historic underfunding of social care. And during the election


campaign. With the dementia tax. One thing with this crisis, the


introduction of the National Living Wage which has put pressure on care


homes and has put a number out of business because they haven't been


able to afford to exist. Labour are going to play politics with the


report and say it puts rocket fuel under what they have said, that the


issue of social care and its funding is something the government is not


very keen to want to talk about given the dementia care row. It


needs to be addressed. The Care Quality Commission officials


advising people when selecting a care home to check the smell of the


home, that is rather alarming. Not what you want to hear. Caroline


Abrahams of the charity age UK is like -- says it is like playing


Russian roulette when you go to a care home. One in three, one in four


chance of getting a bad care home, it is actually worse odds than


Russian roulette. The financial stresses in this sector are huge.


The cuts that have been passed down to local authorities since 2010


because of the National Living Wage, the volume of older people in


society is putting huge pressure. It is becoming like the NHS, the


pressures are so big that they will have to confront it. This isn't a


job or a career that has been particularly loved and of course


there are a number of people who see it as a last resort rather than a


viable and exciting career. It is difficult to get the really


interested people in this sector into the jobs because there has been


no obvious career progression in the sector. Speaking of spending,


Theresa May defending austerity as she faces calls to keep the purse


strings tight. Also in the Daily Telegraph. Quite a cute cabinet


ministers seem to be pushing against austerity but now it has gone the


other way -- quite a few. Theresa May hasn't really talked about


austerity. There was a quotation where she said there was no magic


money tree to give people pay rises but that was quite rare, she wanted


to move the agenda onto her agenda but this is a switch back in Prime


Minister's Questions, recycling a lot of lines that she heard -- we


heard in the coalition under Cameron and Osborne say that if we don't get


control of the deficit we will be like Greece, the economy will spiral


out of control and we will have no money to spend on the NHS for public


services. Going back to the old line. It looks even more out of date


because few economists think we are going to turn into Greece overnight


with a deficit of 3%, which is lower than it was, and low interest rates.


Interesting to see if it works. Trying to stamp out the notion that


there is a row, whether it is the Chancellor who is pushing against


it, and where she stands in the debate and it seems that she has


come out and put her position on it. Number ten were trying to rail back


on this and say this was not a decision to be made for now, saying


that they would not be talking about this before a major fiscal event. A


lot of toing and froing but you wonder if this will be the end of it


or it will go to a second week. What about America, the FT have a story


about the American economy? The Federal reserve thinks that the


economy is strong enough to start withdrawing the monetary stimulus


whereas the debate here, whether Brexit can take it, America seems


confident it can. Already putting up interest rates and now they are


going to withdraw some of the asset purchases, selling back these


mortgage and treasury bonds that they acquired to boost the American


economy. They are going to wind it down. A bit of a split on the


Federal committee deciding this but essentially they are going to start


doing it. This will be a federal moment when they start winding down


the balance sheet. It will signal, if successful, that America is


moving out of the crisis are in terms of monetary policy. Talking of


America and crises, they are threatening North Korea with force


and the UN are meeting to discuss the whole North Korea launching of


that ballistic missile test. That's right, it is going to be a response,


there will be a world responds and we can expect to see more as Theresa


May goes out to meet with the world leaders at the G20 in Hamburg. The


US are saying they will respond with force but don't rule out other


measures. Interesting to see how the world is bonds, especially in


relation to China. We will see more in the coming days. In the Times


newspaper there is a picture of a very happy looking Kim Jong-un


celebrating the launch of the missile which he says was an


Independence Day gift for the United States. Very provocative and you


have to wonder who this general he is hiding is as enthusiastic as he


is. You have to wonder, given how he treats his staff. Although's


decision to signal the end of the road for diesel and petrol, in many


papers, and have a stolen a march on their rivals? I think they have, it


is very interesting. I think it symbolises the degree to which


battery technology, the costs of it have fallen, that they feel prepared


to make what is a bit of a gamble. The economics are working out in


favour of hybrids and public opinion against diesel, that is another


story, because everybody associates although with diesel cars, and for


them to make this move is quite a moment. We've been expecting it and


talking about it but this makes it more concrete. Especially on the


back of the VW emissions scandal and how diesel drivers could get


punished, especially in London, if they continue with those cars in big


cities. The Metro has the UK's first he had a jail but we don't think


this is a very new story? -- jihadi jail. We have heard about it before


but we understand it is the first one that people have been moved


into, in the last week. They won't actually named the prisoners who


have been moved in although it is understood that Lee Rigby's killer


is among them and suggestions that others have gone in. The notion


behind this is that you have a jail with those very extreme prisoners


who are together so there is less chance of them radicalising other


people. A prison within a prison, and this is in County Durham. That's


correct. Suggestions, concerns from the Prison Officers Association that


it will make it like the situation in Northern Ireland, by segregating


them, you glorify them to the other prisoners and it may backfire. We


must tread carefully, we don't want that but it seems to make sense, if


there is a danger of them radicalising others, to segregate


them, so let's keep an eye on it. Going back to the FT, they have this


story, bearing up, Angela Merkel and the Chinese president with a bit of


panda diplomacy, providing us with lovely pictures of pandas all day


but the serious point behind this is that this is a growing alliance


between Germany and China. They have always had strong trade links, them


German exporters are much more successful at getting into China


than the UK ones. China loves giving pandas to other countries. There


were more pandas in Scotland than there were Tory MPs once but that is


no longer true! It is a nice cuddly story, head of the G20 when it is


going to be tough, she will have to say uncomfortable things about all


manner of things. Do you think they are "Pandering"? I think so! And a


story about flying and is. Are you going to go to Wimbledon? I wouldn't


be worried. Interesting that Johanna Konta says she might have swallowed


some. She may have gone through to the third round so perhaps we need


to get more of them. Apparently it is a plague of them. Who knew, this


is known as flying and date, and it is a stage of their reproductive


phase when they leave their colonies and go all over the place,


apparently deciding to watch Wimbledon. Leaving the players and


fans travelling to concentrate. I'm not sure if they would stop you


concentrating. The you were trying to zone out.


Good luck to the Brits playing in Wimbledon. Thanks for being with us.


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