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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Michael Booker, deputy editor of the Daily Express,


and Jack Blanchard, political editor at the Daily Mirror.


The Telegraph reports that Britain's economic security


is endangered by an over-reliance on taxing the wealthy.


The Financial Times carries a portrait of the Chinese


dissident Liu Xiaobo, who died yesterday.


The Express claims there are new health risks


The Mirror reports moves to change organ-donor rules so that people


would automatically be considered donors unless they opted out.


The Daily Mail says people who suffer suspected heart attacks


will have to wait longer for an ambulance to arrive.


The Times leads with a warning from Scottish and Welsh politicians


that they will block Brexit legislation.


The Sun reports anger from the families of victims


of the Hyde Park bombing on finding out the prime suspect got legal


Stories that look at Britain's public finances. Firstly, the


Financial Times, the finances would fail stress tests set for banks, one


watchdog. These tests were put in after the financial crash, to make


sure that they could cope with further shocks. It turns out the


economy can't, and it is bad news if you are suffering from austerity


fatigue. They say that the Government finances would fail the


tests, that we can growth rates mean recession is inevitable. And


unsustainable path that we are on at the moment, it will cause chaos if


there are any problems. It is not great news for the politicians, who


are keen for us to start spending. We are told the Conservatives have


seen some of the ideas to get the young people on board from the


Labour Party, spend more money, on tuition fees and things like that,


from the state, but that will not help, according to this. It is not


great news for the politicians, but good news for Philip Hammond, as he


likes austerity. Spreadsheet Phil! Good news might be pushing it. If


you are the Chancellor, it is a long and terrifying report by the OBR, it


is about 300 pages, and anybody who has read the whole thing will be


broken! I have read the main bits. Not just the executive summary? I


could not possibly comment! But it is not good news for anybody. The


other important thing is that we are not in a position to deal with


anything going slightly wrong, and there is something going on at the


moment called Brexit, which may add uncertainty over the next couple of


years. If that did go badly, it appears we are facing another big


serious financial problem. Take us to the Daily Telegraph, the same


story from a different angle, it says squeezing rich harms the


economy. The Daily Telegraph, Conservative supporting paper, has


picked out part of the report and says that one of the findings is


that the country is very reliant on the richest people at the top of the


economy, which is risky, if something happens to them or to


their area of income, like what happened with the financial crash in


2008, it leaves the public finances vulnerable. The Telegraph says


Labour's plan to tax the rich more to fund public services is risky.


Talking about fleeing the country, there will be tax incentives for


rich people as well, especially after Brexit. But it stop mention


that the report also says the last seven years have not left the public


finances in a good place, and it is equally grim reading if you are a


Tory Chancellor as if you were a Labour Shadow Chancellor. It is a


sobering analysis. If you are not that rich and you are looking at


this newspaper, you will think, they have the world's smallest violin,


that is a point of view. Austerity will not end any time soon.


According to this lot. Contains a U-turn on Paris climate deal, here


are the first lady and the president of each country. They are having


dinner tonight. I wonder what they are having. He likes ketchup with


everything. I am not sure, the chef has won 21 Michelin stars. What has


been happening? The first time they met was awkward. But he has put on a


good show for him this time. They kept doing these funny handshakes


are trying to outdo each other, it was ridiculous. It seems to be more


about how they touch each other these days! It is a fascinating


first summit, they are chalk and cheese. Relatively new leaders. One


of them is this old crazy guy, you do not know what he will do next,


you did not know what his politics are, the other is a centre ground,


young, great hope for the Liberals of Europe. They are clashing


together in Paris, you would love to be a fly on the wall. The talk is he


is coming round to a U-turn on the Paris climate deal, but he will say


anything to anyone, just to get out of the room, then he changes his


mind. He thinks no body can hear him over there. Do you not think that he


is feeling isolated, potentially's I don't think he ever feels like that.


I think his ego is so big, maybe people say things to him and advise


him, but I think he quickly goes away... Last week he talks about


this brilliant trade deal we will get, but where is the meat on the


bones? Out of the country at that is it. We will see, but he seems to


say, however that room, just to get out of the room. He told Emmanuel


Macron's has -- wife she is in great shape. What a charmer. For a woman


of... I should not say that! Revolt over repeal Bill power grab. We have


got the bill that will bring EU law when we leave the EU into British


law. What is the power grab? This will transpose these European laws


back into British law so we can stick with them or not at our


leisure, there is not a sudden change on the first day, but what


has upset the Scottish and Welsh governments is that when we get


these powers back, they go straight to Westminster, and Westminster may


or may not deemed that Scotland and Wales can have the powers, and they


think it is unfair, we are supposed to be a devolved nation, there


should be a much more integrated approach to how we devolved powers.


If you are a Scottish Nationalists and you are keen to push the idea


that Westminster is taking powers of view, Theresa May has given them


another opportunity to do that, I put in this bill in this way, and


Labour have said, we don't agree, we think the assumption should be that


the powers are devolved to the administration is unless there is a


good reason. And there should be scrutiny in Parliament. You have a


two-year window where they can think with certain laws at their will. It


sounds like they are going to. On the one hand Labour and the Lib Dems


would think this is a bad idea and they are worried about the oversight


and whether the Tories will start fiddling with things, but at the


same time they were always going to have a go, because they see Theresa


May is weak, and they will keep going. They talk about a political


quagmire, Tim Farron is talking about how this will bring down


Theresa May eventually. With the best will in the world, you can see


it happening, to cast this will drag on. Whether we come out in March


2019, when you see how much they are trying to slow this thing down, I


would be very surprised. This is the first in a series of big Brexit


bills for a weakened Prime Minister who has no majority to get stuff


through, and Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP can chuck rocks at it,


and it will cause a massive problem. Do they then want to get the public


in flamed if they will do that at every single step? More and more


people will get upset. It is called sovereignty! Yes, but a lot of


people have voted for this. Taking back control for our Parliament!


Heart attack weight longer for an ambulance. A big shake-up of the 909


service, it will slow things down. 4 million calls a year which they say


will no longer... If you are unconscious or not breathing, they


will send an ambulance within seven minutes. In a way, you are hoping to


be not breathing, so you get an ambulance! A strange thing to hope


for! They say it will help target the more serious ones, cos at the


moment there is an eight minute limit. But they are doing is to send


out a motorbike in the initial incident, which gets there on time,


with a motorbike cannot get you to hospital, so they give you in


initial care in some cases, but they cannot transport you. This is a


function of cuts? They say not. It is backed by the ambulance Chief


Executive 's and the British Heart Foundation and the strokes


Association. The NHS have got these people onside before they have


announced that, because they knew that headlines like this... It does


not look great in a headline. We don't know yet what the impact will


be, but their assessment says it will save lives. If the call is made


and you are still breathing, but 30 seconds later you are not,... The


assessment is wrong. How is these are bribing shops to stop them


taking cash? They would prefer to get rid of cash. They say to shops,


we will give you this free stuff as long as you make sure there is no


cash anymore. They are doing it in America, handing $10,000 each to 50


small businesses. It will be coming here at some point, and you can see


how it is attractive to small businesses, but there are people who


do not lose -- do not use cards. We are not all as modern as you! You go


to a bar, you buy a drink, it is done. It is easy for you to take


your money. I want it to be easy. How do you put money in a charity


tin? Direct debit every month. An answer for everything! Very


benevolent! Finally, sport, Venus rising, Johanna Konta out, but not


down. Straight sets, Johanna Konta lost to Venus Williams. Venus


Williams is the favourite again now. Incredible how she is still so


powerful after so long. It is a lovely story for her to be back at


the top again, and for Johanna Konta, who has been on a fantastic


run. There was a point in the first set, a break point, if she had got


that then, it would have been very different. But in the big games, you


have to take the chance. Venus has come in under a cloud, after the


crash. She has had problems, it is good to see that it will be good for


her, and everyone is behind it. I printed up a load of Johanna Konta


Christmas T-shirts. You still have it wrong! I cannot shift them now!


Just change the date, next year. We got excited. You cannot get too


overexcited. I don't care much for tennis. She is in the top five now.


We still have Jamie Murray and Heather Watson in the doubles, with


their partners Martina Hingis. And the football season is only a few


weeks away! Every silver lining has a cloud!


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