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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Susie Boniface, columnist at The Mirror,


The Telegraph says people will be able to use voice mail and text


messages to make their wills under a proposed radical overhaul


The I says there's been a pensions victory for gay couples,


after a former Calvary Officer won a Supreme Court case


for his partner to receive payments following his death.


The Metro also headlines the story, suggesting the ruling could open


the floodgates on hundreds of millions of pounds of claims.


The Times claims that internet giant Google has paid British and American


academics millions of dollars for research that it hoped


would sway public opinion in support of the tech behemoth.


The Mirror splashes that the Royal Navy will source 65%


its steel from Sweden to build eight new battleships, much


The Guardian writes that the Prime Minister is facing


a revolt from Labour on Brexit, specifically her Great Repeal Bill,


if there aren't concessions on workers' rights.


The Sun leads with Johanna Konta's success at Wimbledon and it has


an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister,


in which she asks for enough time in Number Ten to complete Brexit.


Pensions victory for gay couples. Landmark ruling means the couples


have the same rights. We have civil partnerships, gay marriage, why has


it taken so long? You may ask that. That is what this former cavalry


officer was asking. Spending years, and lawyers racking up bills are


millions of pounds, including government lawyers fighting this,


and pension companies. Though we had civil partnerships, and gay marriage


introduced by the Coalition Government in 2010. If you have a


civil partnership or gay marriage after those dates, with a pension


part built up before those dates. In the 90s, your new legal spouse could


not receive that pension. I think I'm right in saying if you decided


to make the beneficiary on the pension documents, it would go to


them. In terms of it automatically going to your legal spouse, taking


in account, not legally possible. In a country where the government of


the day has introduced gay marriage, where previous governments have


introduced civil partnerships, you would think it would be fairly


obvious at the same time you would cross the Tees, dot the eyes, and


say you inherit your dead spouse's pension. Who else would it go to?


Obviously something where finance companies have put their heels in.


It will cost them a lot of money? It It will cost them a lot of money? It


should do. This is money someone has built up over their lifetime for


their family to inherit over the end of the policy. Someone to get a


pension can it ever so spouse of the same sex, they should be able to


leave it to them. Whether you choose to. We are all agreed on that one.


Not a very good argument so far. You did say you are willing to argue


with yourself. I will try. Another aspect of the whole story, in the


FT, the pension changes George Osborne brought in when he said


pensioners could draw down any amount of the pension they chose to,


without buying annuity from a a few years ago, they have all started


doing it. Shoots worry and concern. The pension pots are disappearing.


Daily Telegraph. Draw up your will in a text message. Law Commission


says outdated system of inheritance and must catch up with the digital


age. Like Alan Partridge walking around the Travelodge. The trouble


with this, you need to update the inheritance and will system. I have


had to update mine, I have a daughter. Gone through the process


of having written, which took a couple of hours of conversation with


alloy offers not something you can do with a text message. Go through


your paperwork. Best will in the world! You have to work out your


debts. I have not signed it off, costs three in Japan is for a very


simple will. I have been spending money on the star. The idea is, it


will have legal voracity admissible, legally watertight, you can do all


of this in a text message and leave it. Not legally watertight. What


they're trying to do, someone at the end of their life in hospital, more


able to speak, type, then right. -- than writing. If you were to


communicate another fashion, it would have legal basis was the Law


Commission said it could add to family arguments. People would start


churning things up. A well written in the traditional manner six years


before you got ill, on your deathbed a change of heart, sending a text


message to your wife saying you cannot have anything can you have


not visited me enough, I'm living it to the dog same. Comparing a text


message to a voice mail with a well written six years ago in a normal


fashion. Causing chaos. You have to update the process, find their way


to make it not cost three edge of pounds for a simple will. My lawyer


was telling me most people do not update their wills. People have not


updated their will for years. Not when they have got divorced,


children, ten years past. They do it once and leave it. When they die,


ups and downs. The scope for abuse is huge. If you can make a change,


potentially on a phone first a text message. How do you prove the


deceased person made it? One other proposal, lowering the age from 18,


down to 16. What is a 16-year-old going to leave? Debts. Leaving


behind your student debt. At 16. Continuing with the Daily Telegraph,


lack of leadership putting Brexit talks at risk says a watchdog. We


heard what the chief negotiator for the EU said. He is hearing the clock


ticking. En us leaving Brexit. The European Union. We have not got


anything discussed. National Audit Office producing reports saying we


could not even get a plan out of the Brexit people. They could not give


us any reasons. You have a departmental government. If you tap


it apart like chocolate Orange. Basically between the lines, because


Theresa May is lacking leadership herself. Brexit is lacking


leadership. Some issues in the white departments. Everyone is lacking


leadership, there is a Prime Minister, as we get to the Sun,


hanging below the water line. How will she have power, negotiating and


get us through Brexit. From picture of the Sun, nice move, let me do


Brexit. Theresa May appealing for more time to get us through this.


She is the Prime Minister, she should deserve this. She did get


13.5 million votes. She has had to tear up the manifesto. She has


already lost her mandate, you could argue. Everything in the text of


this interview, done by Tom Newton Dunn. Seems to have stalled, she had


the flashy wheel going around. She says even calling a snap election,


she does not regret it. Even though it is left Britain tumultuous,


Brexit clueless, and her unable to govern. She can see why some people


say that, did not quite go to plan. Doing his best to hold serve further


under the water line, Liam Fox. Saying privately, she has made it


impossible for him to negotiate properly. If she stays in place for


them next two years, as she is saying, the poor woman will get


blamed for everything. Who is she talking to? Who knows. The Sun


readership are not going to change in that opinion of Theresa May. Good


or bad. Must be talking to backbench MPs, begging them for time. They'll


be a Tory party conference in October, where she will be walking


into a bearpit, feels a conservative activists, constituency chairmen.


People who've had a tough time on the doorstep, if she does not do


better than this before October she will get eaten alive. I doubt the


Tories will allow that. They are saying they need and want to stick


with her. David Davis says there is no need for a contest. Google pays


academics millions for key support in British and American researchers.


Good bit of investigative reporting. Showing scientists who have done


studies into the effects of Google, how it operates. The tech companies.


They seem to have been funded by Google, not declaring the fact they


pay for the research. I was speaking to scientists. If you want to do a


speck of this piece of research. I want to prove why you are good for


health. You cannot get funding. You would have to fund it, saying I have


the money for it. The scientists do not get to choose what the study. It


shows Clive Mhairi will put 15 years you're like the watch him every day.


The science, which could still be true, it could narrow the focus down


to one bit. Makes the fund findings more significant. All BBC


newsreaders are good for health of you watch them all. For example.


That is a problem with funding this research. Narrow. We will have to


leave it there. We know that watching news channel is good for


your health. Thank you so much for taking and running the show. It has


been brilliant. For you watching, you can see the front pages of all


the newspapers online. It's all there for you seven days


a week at bbc.co.uk/papers. And if you miss the programme any


evening you can watch it


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